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Martje Alberts van Dijk, wife of Jan Jelles Pelmulder, baptized December 16, 1792 in the church of Tjamsweer as daughter and second child of the farmer Albert Stoffers, who was baptized November 13, 1746 in Tjamsweer and died there May 11, 1810 and Aaltje Hemmes, who was born about 1755 in Uitwierda and died May 1, 1810 in Tjamsweer. Her brother was Stoffer Berends van Dijk, who was baptized September 1778 in the church of Tjamsweer, and married December 14, 1831 in Appingedam to Lizebeth Alderts Noordhui, widow of Jan Hendrik Bolman. She brought to this marriage five Bolman children: Grietje, Trijntje Jans, Berend, Jan Hindrik and Hendrikus Bolman

Father Albert Stoffers (van Dijk), and his wife, Aaltje Hemmes, were married on May 1, 1776 in Uitwierda and had two children: son, Stoffer Berends van Dijk and daughter, Martje Alberts Stoffers van Dijk (above).

Grandfather Stoffer Berents, coming from Wirdum, married December 30, 1742 in Tjamsweer to his first wife Grietje Duirts, the widow of Garmts Jans, living also before his death in Tjamsweer.

The children of Stoffer Berents and :

Willem Stoffers (this is not confirmed, nor is there additional information on this person)

Berents Stoffers who married Trijntje Harms in April 1774 in Oosterwijtwert.

Albert Stoffers (above), married May 1, 1776 in Uitweirda to widow Aaltje Hemmes

Stoffer Berents remarried June 29, 1782 in Appingedam Aaltjen Derks who was the widow of Jan Beenes.

Great-grandfather, was probably named Berent Stoffers, married to Unknown. No other information on him available at this time.

Children of and Unknown:

Stoffer Berents (above)

Jan Berents who was married to Affeltje Thomas.

Children of Jan Berents and Affeltje Thomas:

Sons: Stoffer (Jans), Albert (Jans), Thomas (Jans), Berent (Jans), and Wolter (Jans) and daughters: Zwaantje (Jans) ans Stijntje (Jans).

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