Summarized marriage contract of Roelf Jacobs and Anje Pieters, Dec. 15, 1780:

To me, Jan Edelinck, ...etx. etc.,...appeared the Respectable Roelf Jacobs as Bridegroom and Anje Pieters as Bride to ...make a Marriage contract,...etc. etc.

First: [*See Jelle Jans and Anje Pieters certificate]

Second: [Dito].

Third [*Summarized: If the Bridegroom will die before the Bride, she has to pay the Own (movable) Property of the Bridegroom to his Heirs and extra 50 Car guilders.

Fourth: In the contrary way the Bridegroom will inherit and own the Half of their common Properties and have to pay the other Half, including her Own (movable) Property, to her Heirs.

Witnesses of the Bridegroom:

Jan Tockes and Reina Egtberts, married people, (step-?)father and full mother of the Bridegroom.

Jantje Jacobs, as sister of the Bridegroom.

Egtbert Jacobs, brother of the " .

Willem Roelfs, as uncle of the ".

Witnesses of the Bride:

Pieter Geerts as father

Roef Rotgers and wife Aaltje Jans as half-brother and half-sister

Aafke Alberts, as aunt by marriage.

Pieter Eltjes, as cousin.

Henricus Schenkel, as "voormond"

Roelf Rotgers as "sibbe " [*family?] guardian.

Lucas Claasen as [*second??] guardian of the [*under aged] Son of the Bride, procreated by the Deceased married partner Klaas Onnes.

Also made the 15 December 1780 [*16 days before their marriage in the church of Solwerd, Dec. 31, 1780].

Signed by me, The R. J. Edelinck, Mayor.

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