Anje Pieters, baptized October 26, 1755 in the church of Uitwierda, born to Pieter/Peter Geerts and Jantje Derks. Anje died December 17, 1821 in Appingedam. She was married three times:

First: October 2, 1774 in the church of Uitwierda to Klaas/Claas Onnes, coming from Solwerd and died before December 1780. They had one son, Onne, who was baptized January 31, 1777 in Solwerd. Onne died as an infant, before August 1784.

Second: December 31, 1780 in the church of Solwerd to Roelof/Roelf Jacobs (de Wilde) who died befor August 1784. They had one son, Pieter Roelfs (Mulder), who was born December 31, 1782 in Solwerd and died April 25, 1854 in Appingedam. Pieter Roelfs was married to Harmke Meertens (Luurtsema). They had Rudolphus, and unknown if others.

Third: On August 7, 1784, Anje married Jelle Jans, in Solwerd.

Father Pieter/Peter Geerts, may have married first of February 26, 1735 in the church of Uitwierda to Anje Alberts, (second?) on December 17, 1752 in the church of Uitweirda to Jantje Derks, who was the widow of Rotgert Roelofs. Jantje Derks brought to this marriage to Pieter Geerts, her son, Roelf Rotgers and, if they were still alive, daughters Lijsbet Rotgers, baptized August 9, 1740 in the church of Uitwierda, and Heilke, baptized August 11, 1748, in the same church. Pieter Geerts and Jantje Derks had one child, a daughter, Anje (Pieters), baptized October 26, 1755 in the Uitwierda church. After the death of this wife, father Pieter Geerts remarried for the last time, Elsken Hindriks, widow of Pieter Derks; Elsken brought ito this marriage her 6 children, all half-brothers and half-sisters to Anje Pieters. Anje's other step-brother, Roelf Rotgers, also was married three times:

First: Aaltjen Jans, widow of Jan Harms, of which she already had two living children: son Harm, born in December 1761, son Jan and daughter Grietje (twin?), both baptized November 15, 1767 in the church of Uitwierda (but probably later died in infancy) and son Jan, baptized January 12, 1777 in the same place. Aaltjen Jans died before August 1787.

On November 23, 1788 he married in the church of Uitwierda, his second wife, Trijntje Andries, coming from the neighboring village of Biessum. They had at least one daughter. Trijntje Andries died within 2 years.

At last he married Aaltjen Jacobs. On November 20, 1791 they baptized their son Jacob in the church of Uitwierda. After the death of her spouse, Roelf Rotgers, in 1792, Aaltje Jacobs remarried in the church of Uitwierda, Thomas Pieters.

Note A.G.: For 26 Febr. 1735 I found a marriage record of a Pieter Geerts in Uitwierda to an Anje Alberts; if this is the biological father of "our" Anje Pieters I have to research later: on the marriage record in the Uitwierda church book of Anje's parents Pieter Geerts and Jantje Derks there was no where written that Pieter Geerts was married before; just that his wife, who had been married before to Rotgert Roelofs.

Transcribed by Albert Geurink, October 20, 2004

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