Jeffersonville Township, Clark County, Indiana

This cemetery was located in Grant 19 off Applegate Lane in what is now Clarksville at approximately the site of 1113 Applegate Lane. This cemetery was in existence until the 1950s. It is unknown whether the remains were removed and reinterred; we have found no records of such a move. However, as of 1997, there remains NO SIGN of this cemetery's existence.

Tom Kephart reports that Hezekiah Applegate, the father of Aaron Appelgate, was born circa 1750, probably in VA. Hezekiah died circa. 1820 in Scott Co, IN. Hezekiah was married twice. His second wife, Susan (Sarah) Brittain (b. 31 Mar 1766, d. 29 Nov 1829) is buried at the Old Ox Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Finley Twp. in Scott Co, IN. It is suggested that Hezekiah is also buried there, but there is no stone for him there.

Hezekiah Applegate is mentioned in the records of the Silver Creek Baptist Church as having become a member of that congregation on October 11, 1801 and requested a "letter of dismission" in 1819.  Nelly Applegate became a member in 1803, but was "secluded" for non-attendance in 1810.

Jane Applegate joined the congregation in 1859, followed by Samuel Applegate who joined in 1860.  Jane died sometime after 1861 as noted in a church membership roll and Samuel was "excluded" from the congregation for unstated reasons sometime after 1861.

Aaron Applegate (b. 6 Oct 1779 in Pennsylvania, d. 26 Sep 1863 in Clark Co, IN), was Hezekiah's first son. Aaron was married on 7 Dec 1799 to Mary Rebecca Ross (b. 15 Apr 1781, d. bet. 1850 and 1860). They were among the first settlers of Clark Co, IN, having come from Jefferson Co, KY in 1806. Their house, on Utica Pike, was one of the first two-story houses in the county, and they allowed its use as a meeting house for circuit riders. Both Aaron and Mary died on their home place.

Another source reports that Aaron Applegate bought land in Grant 19 in 1819 and built his two-story frame house there, just north of the family cemetery location in Clarksville.

APPLEGATE       Aaron                   b. 1779         d. 1855

                                                        or 1863

APPLEGATE       Sarah, wife of Aaron    b. ????         d. ????

APPLEGATE       Anne (headstone

                  seen in the 1940s)    b. ????         d. ????
There are a number of Applegates buried at Walnut Ridge Cemetery, but no stones have been found for any of the above individuals have been found as of 2001.

The grave of Elizabeth Appelgate, wife of Samuel, was recently found at the "Montgomery Cemetery" inside the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant at Charlestown. The stone is VERY old and the APPELGATE spelling is how it is found on that stone. All the stones at Montgomery Cemetery are very, very old and in very poor condition. At the moment, Elizabeth's is the only stone for which I have a name; I presume Samuel is buried beside her.

In addition, there is a Thomas Applegate, "consort of Hannah" (born July 5, 1785, died June 17, 1858), and Mary Applegate, daughter of Thomas and Hannah (born May 17, 1830, died September 12, 1845), buried at Hibernia Cemetery in Owen Township. [Sorry, no on-line index yet for Hibernia Cemetery]

I don't know what the connection is between Thomas and these other Applegates. I also don't know the relationship between Samuel Appelgate and the Applegates of Applegate Lane in Clarksville, but I'm sure one exists. As the crow flies, they are not that far apart.

Some of the above information came from Hugh Voress'
"History of the Applegate Family in America",
which can be found at:

I have no further information on this cemetery except that a descendant of Aaron and Sarah Applegate is still looking for the Applegate Cemetery.

The above index was obtained from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

E-mail: Dee Pavey

E-mail: Dee Pavey

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