Utica Township, Clark County, Indiana

This cemetery is located on Reservoir Patrol Road, inside Army Ammunition Plant. It is just east of Gate 9 and its stone fence is clearly visible from Highway 62.  Click here for a topographical map of this site, courtesy of

Though referred to as "Adams Cemetery" by the U.S. Geological Survey map, the "official" name of the cemetery per the U.S. government (former owner of the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant) is "Barnett Cemetery").

Barnett Cemetery was in excellent condition when we visited on 11/29/97 (see picture at left). The families buried here were among Clark County's earliest pioneers.

I particularly enjoyed my first visit to this site as I had seen it for so many years while driving on Highway 62 and was always curious about the people buried there.

The only index to my knowledge is the one below, for which I wish to thank Jeanne Burke for her diligence during the whirlwind tour of the ten cemeteries inside the Ammunition Plant on 11/29/97. The principal surnames found here include:

.               .                       .               .

ATCHISON        Marcus D. L., son of    ????            05/24/1868

                R. T. and H. A. (age

                3 years, 9 mo., 8 days)
ATCHISON        Phebe G., wife of John  02/27/1812      02/17/1842

                S. Atchison
ATCHISON        Ruth (wife of Silas;

                13th year)              ????            06/24/1844
ATCHISON        Ruth (58 years, 8 days) ????           

BLIZZARD        Ida May (daughter of    11/23/1854      07/??/????

                W. D. and M. S.)
BLIZZARD        James (40 years)        ????            08/23/1831

                [In 1997, the stone is

                half buried; dates are

                not visible]
BLIZZARD        Capt. John (husband of  ????            09/11/1854

                Margaret; 73 years, 9

                mo., 14 days)
BLIZZARD        Laura M., daughter of   ????            09/18/1855

                Silas and Rebecca
BLIZZARD        Margaret (wife of Capt. ????            10/29/1876

                John; 76 years, 6 mo.,

                4 days)
BLIZZARD        Phebe, wife of James;   ????            05/08/1867

                71 years, 11 mos., 22                   or 05/03/1867

BLIZZARD        Ruth E. (39 years, 

                1 mo., 23 days)         ????            10/10/1866
HILTIBIDAL      Adams M. (husband of    07/10/1826      02/20/1866

                Phebe A.)
HILTIBIDAL      Phebe A., wife of       11/27/1825      12/18/1893

                A. M.; died at her home

                in Oklahoma Territory
YOUNG           John W.                 12/11/1814      08/06/1854
YOUNG           Nathan A.               06/22/1817      09/24/1848
I presently have no further information on this cemetery. Additional information may be available from either the:
Jeffersonville Twp. Library     or      Charlestown Library

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