Oregon Township, Clark County, Indiana

Notice that Sarah McClure was a "Civil War Nurse"
and her husband John was a member of Co. F, 81st Indiana Volunteer Infantry

This lovely little cemetery is located on Cemetery Road near Highway 3 and Highway 362 at the northernmost edge of Oregon Township, just inside the Clark Co./Scott Co. line and is near Nabb, Indiana.

Last summer, vandals did a considerable amount of damage in the cemetery, pushing over and damaging many stones.  Most of the damage has been repaired, including resetting a huge monument.

I just had to share this with you.  Below (left) is the front of a large, beautifully etched stone for Howard M. Zimmerman (1919-1989).  On the back of this stone is the poem that follows.  Two guesses what this man's occupation was!
"Hats off to the man who drives a truck.
He battles traffic, dust and muck.
He pushes through with heavy loads
No matter what or where the roads.
His life is one of sleepless nights;
Of facing thoughtless undimmed lights;
Of countless flats, of juggling spares,
Of changing tires with lighted flares,
Of loading produce, oil and freight
To haul away to some other state.
For on the road we've found you fair
And hope that some day you'll wind "up there".
And when you climb those golden stairs,
We hope you find no use for flares.
Just go to the gates -- and walk right through
And get that sleep that's long past due."

The following is from a partial index (which appears to be circa 1960s) found at the Charlestown Library:


FISCHER        George W.                     b. 1854        d. 1891

               (listed on same

               stone as Rebecca)

FISCHER        James M.                      b. 1856        d. 1936

FISCHER        Rebecca                       b. 1826        d. 1904

               (listed on same

               stone as Geo. W.)

HARMON         Daniel A.                     b. 1869        d. 1899

HARMON         Elizabeth (1st wife

               of Silas)                     b. 1815        d. 1865

HARMON         George W.                     b. 1853        d. 1929

HARMON         Jasper (son of

               Silas & Elizabeth)            b. 1844        d. 1861

HARMON         Sarah (wife of

               George W.)                    b. 1855        d. 1922

HARMON         Sarah (2nd wife of

               Silas)                        b. 1843        d. 1897
KIMBERLIN      Andy Jefferson Kimberlin      b. 05/04/1872  d. 09/09/1910

               (died in Scott County at

               Underwood, Indiana; as

               reported by LaVonne Kern

               Davis on 06/06/99)
KIMBERLIN      Anna M. Harris Kimberlin      b. 12/18/1866  d. 11/22/1954

               (died in Marion Co. at

               Indianapolis, IN; her

               parents were Joseph F.

               Harris and Minnie E.

               Suddeith Harris of

               Underwood, IN; as

               reported by LaVonne Kern

               Davis on 06/06/99)

McHENRY        Elizabeth J. (Parks)          b. 1839        d. 1863

               (wife of Joseph,

               whose second wife

               was Matilda Price)

McHENRY        Ellie Lois (daughter

               of Joseph & M. A.)            b. 1874        d. 1875

McHENRY        Jacob L. (son of

               Samuel & Sarah)               b. 1872        d. 1872

McHENRY        Samuel L. (husband

               of Sarah A.)                  b. 1837        d. 1895

McHENRY        Sarah A. (wife of

               Samuel)                       b. 1840        d. 1923

TAFLINGER      Allen W.                      b. 1836        d. 1916

TAFLINGER      Daniel                        b. 1828        d. 1850

TAFLINGER      John                          b. 1802        d. 1845

TAFLINGER      Leah (wife of John)           b. 1827        d. 1878

TAFLINGER      Nancy (wife of Allen)         b. 1841        d. 1916

     OTHER FAMILY NAMES NOTED, BUT NO SPECIFIC       INDIVIDUALS MENTIONED IN THIS PARTIAL INDEX:      Baldwin             McClure      Bonset              McNew      Clapp               Parks      Clegg               Schafer      Craft               Spurgeon      Graef               Staton      Huston              Van Roenn      Kimberlin           Vest      Koehner             Watson      Mahan               Zimmerman      Marris              Zollman      Martz
I have no further information on this cemetery. Additional information may be available from:
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Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130      Charlestown, Indiana  47111

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