Wood Township, Clark County, Indiana

This large cemetery is located in Borden in Wood Township, immediately behind the school. Click here for a topographical map of the site, courtesy of www.topozone.com.

There are some VERY old graves here and the cemetery is kept well mowed, but the stones are in pretty bad condition. Many are broken, many are sunk into the ground, many more are damaged.

Broken stone Alice Jane Borden, wife of John Borden (d. 1852) and their infant daughter

Another broken BORDEN stone

It appears that there is a lot of traffic through this site and signs of bicycle traffic through here. Also, the lawn mowers have severely damaged many of the stones, especially the ones that are down on the ground. One broken stone was leaned sideways against a tree many years ago and the tree has now grown around the stone. There was also considerable damage sustained when a couple of trees were uprooted in a storm.

Partially buried stone

Extreme damage to broken, submerged sandstone marker, no doubt caused by lawn mowers and/or bicycles running over it.

The following is from an index found at the Charlestown Library:

.         .              .         .

AKERS     Thomas K., son of

          E. A. & T. A.            b. 11/07/1872  d. 12/07/1891

BELLOWS   David (27 yrs.)          b. ????        d. 11/04/1819

BELLOWS   Irene, daughter of

          T. S. & N. G.            b. 09/27/1842  d. 11/06/1856

BELLOWS   Lenora Van Hook,

          daughter of T. S.

          & N. G.                  b. 1845        d. 1888

BELLOWS   Nancy Goss, wife of

          Thomas                   b. 09/19/1820  d. 04/05/1893

BELLOWS   Thomas (Capt.) (30

          yrs. old)                b. ????        d. 08/28/1819

BELLOWS   Thomas S.                b. 11/07/1816  d. 07/19/1884

BORDEN    Alice Jane, wife of

          John                     b. ????        d. 07/13/1852

BORDEN    Infant child of

          Alice Jane & John        b. 1852        d. 1852

BORDEN    John (38 yrs.)           b. ????        d. 1824

BORDEN    Lydia -- "No dates;

          other members reburied

          in Fairview Cemetery,

          New Albany, Indiana"

DOW       Emily, daughter of

          Henry & Mercy            b. ????        d. 1843

DOW       Henry (Capt.) (77

          yrs., 1 mo.); from

          Connecticut              b. ????        d. 07/22/1843

DOW       Orin, son of H. L.

          & L. (11 days)           b. 1859        d. 11/18/1859

DOW       Rebecca (83 yrs.,

          4 mos.)                  b. ????        d. 11/12/1846

FORDYCE   Jairus                   b. 07/15/1810  d. 02/01/1889

FORDYCE   John, son of T. & E.

          (17 yrs., 11 mos.)       b. ????        d. 02/16/1836

FORDYCE   John C. (Co. C., 13th

          Indiana Infantry)        b. 08/04/1836  d. 09/11/1861

FORDYCE   Snead                    b. 12/20/1860  d. 05/13/1889

FORDYCE   Wiley                    b. 03/27/1858  d. 10/28/1862

FOWLER    Hannah (22 yrs.)         b. ????        d. 03/03/1835

KENNEDY   David                    b. 1785        d. 1853

KENNEDY   LaRoy, son of W. B.

          & M. E.                  b. 10/20/1833  d. 07/28/1863

KENNEDY   Lofton                   b. 1853        d. 1859
LEWIS     Peleg Lewis (husband

          of Lois Bellows; known

          as "Pegleg")
LEWIS     Lois (wife first of

          Thomas Bellows and

          second of Peleg Lewis)

LITTEL    Adaline C., wife of

          Wm. H. (19 yrs., 10

          mos.)                    b. ????        d. 01/28/1866

LITTEL    James T.                 b. 07/12/1846  d. 04/29/1878

LITTEL    Lydia (61 yrs.)          b. ????        d. 08/04/1831

LITTEL    Maxwell                  b. 01/28/1817  d. 04/02/1890

PACKWOOD  Elizabeth                b. 1830        d. 1835

SHAW      Isaac, born in New-

          port, Rhode Island       b. 10/23/1800  d. 03/27/1869

SHAW      Ozene, wife of Isaac     b. 12/04/1814  d. 06/17/1886

STANDFORD Elizabeth (53 yrs.,

          7 mos.)                  b. ????        d. 02/13/1877

STANDFORD Robert                   b. 1861        d. 1844

                                   [THESE DATES MUST BE WRONG!!]

STEARS    John, born in Shelby

          Co., Kentucky (20

          yrs., 9 mos.)            b. ????        d. 06/16/1876

I have no further information on this cemetery. This index was obtained from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

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