Charlestown Township, Clark County, Indiana


This cemetery is located inside the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant in Charlestown, Indiana on 17th Street. The site is surrounded by a dry-stack (mortarless) stone fence and is heavily wooded.

Because there are so many trees inside the cemetery, the leaves on 11/29/97 were at least ankle deep. Nevertheless, Caldwell Cemetery was still lovely, the stones seeming to sprout from the sea on brown, dry leaves.

There are no Caldwells buried here; the persons buried here are named LUTZ and PRATHER. (Caldwell was the name of the property owner circa 1940 when the property was acquired by the federal government for the purpose of constructing the ammunition plant.)

The following is an index of Caldwell Cemetery that I abstracted in 1996, which has been supplemented by the efforts of Jeanne Burke during our 11/29/97 tour of the ten cemeteries inside the Plant:

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BOTTORFF        Elizabeth Lutz (dau-

                ghter of David &

                Catherine Lutz; wife

                of John Bottorff)       b. 12/27/1805   d. 09/24/1866

BOTTORFF        John, husband of

                Elizabeth Lutz Bottorff b. 08/06/1802   d. 10/07/1854

LUTZ            Andrew Jackson (14 yr.,

                4 mos., 3 days)         b. 11/13/1829   d. 03/16/1844

LUTZ            B. F. (Lieut.; son of

                George Lutz)            b. 09/06/1834   d. 04/18/1862

LUTZ            Catharine (64 yrs., 9

                mo., 9 days; wife of

                David Lutz)             b. 03/09/1778   d. 12/18/1842

LUTZ            David (59 yrs, 11 mo.,

                29 days)                b. 09/27/1773   d. 09/22/1832

LUTZ            David B. (son of John

                & Barbary Lutz; 21

                yrs., 5 mos., 24 days)  b. 1831         d. 3/19/1853

LUTZ            George                  b. 09/12/1810   d. 10/02/1896

LUTZ            Henry (son of David &

                Catharine Lutz)         b. 04/30/1800   d. 09/27/1864

LUTZ            Henry Marion (age 17

                years, 3 mos., 3 days)  b. 11/14/1831   d. 02/17/1848

LUTZ            Jennings (aged 6 years,

                5 mos.)                 b. 12/15/1835   d. 05/15/1842

LUTZ            Samantha                b. 07/15/1847   d. 08/16/1868

LUTZ            Sarah Royer (wife of

                George Lutz)            b. 02/14/1806   d. 02/20/1888

PRATHER         Catherine Lutz (dau-

                ghter of David &

                Catherine Lutz; wife

                of Sion Prather)        b. 12/12/1812   d. 04/23/1887

PRATHER         Sion William, husband 

                of Catherine Lutz

                Prather; son of Judge

                Samuel Prather and

                Edith Ann ("Edey")

                Holman; grandson of

                Basil William Prather

                and Clorender

                (Chlorinda) Robertson   b. 10/01/1810   d. 11/23/1862

PRATHER         Edy Catherine (4 yrs.,

                4 mos., 24 days; dau-

                ghter of Sion &

                Catherine Prather)      b. 1839         d. 05/10/1843
UNKNOWN         Infant daughter of      ????            d. 1836

                Sarah J. _______

I have no further information on this cemetery. Additional information on this site may be available from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

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