Charlestown Cemetery - names
Data donated by Richard (Leroy) Pearson

Name (maiden) [spouse]
Cable/Coble?, Jane, [Richard]abt 181509-02-1844
Caffee, Morrison, Jr., [Norma] 08-20-1999
Caffee, Norma Jo. (Bruner), [Morrison]aliveliving
Cain, Douglas E., [Mollie]11-18-189403-__-1974
Cain, Mollie (Boyer), [Douglas]06-11-189011-__-1973
Cain, William18161898
Cairnes, John R., [Mabel]02-19-191205-__-1986
Cairnes, Mabel G., [John R.]12-29-191601-24-1997
Caldwell, Addie M., [Joseph]18631945
Caldwell, Amanda, [Griffith]no dateno date
Caldwell, Cora E., [Hiram]18691916
Caldwell, Elizabeth Estell (Wilson)08-24-180411-28-1879
Caldwell, Griffith G., [Amanda]no dateno date
Caldwell, Hiram C., [Cora], {Civil War}18441922
Caldwell, I. C. ????cannot readcannot read
Caldwell, Jamesno date02-02-183?
Caldwell, Joseph, [Addie]18691946
Caldwell, Lotno stonenot found
Caldwell, William12-22-181203-17-1855
Callaway, Louise, Miss05-25-18421910
Callaway, Rachael E., Miss18371924
Calvert, Darrell Louis08-19-194007-19-1974
Campbell, Alex11-04-191808-19-1989
Campbell, Carolyn, [Leon]01-02-1947living
Campbell, Charlotte Eldena03-30-192303-03-2001
Campbell, Chester R.12-22-191105-30-1987
Campbell, Chester Ronnie, [Wilma]12-08-194906-18-1998
Campbell, Corrine Pearl, [Everett]08-16-194011-18-1999
Campbell, Denny, [Nancy]02-08-193705-06-2000
Campbell, Everett, [Corrine]06-26-193302-18-1997
Campbell, Grant H., {s.of FA & E}04-16-186504-30-1870
Campbell, Ida Alice18681947
Campbell, Irvin, [Virginia]09-13-190511-10-1995
Campbell, J. Morton, {s.of RC & EF}08-21-186408-21-1864
Campbell, James Robert 06-24-1999
Campbell, Kathaleen I., [Richard]1917living
Campbell, Leon, [Carolyn]11-09-1942living
Campbell, Lillian L., [Willard]01-14-192510-05-1980
Campbell, Margaret R.02-28-188204-16-1957
Campbell, Mary J., [William]04-02-182509-07-1893
Campbell, Nancy K., [Denny]10-25-1947living
Campbell, Rich, {Spanish Amer War}no stonenot found
Campbell, Richard06-02-189308-03-1944
Campbell, Richard O., [Kathaleen]19161960
Campbell, Russell A.09-17-190310-10-1979
Campbell, Sandra Kay 11-09-2004
Campbell, Virginia Ruth (Abersold),[Irvin]191401-16-1999
Campbell, Willard Jack, [Lillian]08-28-191803-01-1991
Campbell, William O., [Mary J.]04-13-182308-01-1890
Campbell, Wilma C., [Chester]04-09-193406-13-1996
Canary, Esther N.08-25-191905-29-1996
Canby, Cyrus19021908
Canner, Richard T.abt 183912-08-1855
Cannon, Ernest Earl., [Mary]08-10-191711-26-1995
Cannon, Mary N., [Ernest]07-03-1924living
Cannon, Phillis E., (Peake)10-07-194701-07-1999
Capps, Inez P., [Marvin]06-05-191211-07-1990
Capps, Marvin R., [Inez]04-21-191112-15-1991
Cardwell, Grace Kittrell19151959
Carey, Williamno stoneno stone
Carlin, Pearl (Gaines), [William]08-16-192002-21-2005
Carlin, William Earl, [Pearl]10-16-191012-05-1977
Carlisle, Brenda (Jackson)12-02-195801-19-1984
Carlisle, Carrie, [E. D. Carlisle]18651914
Carlisle, E. D., [Carrie] {buried here??}no stoneno stone
Carlton, David William06-17-194406-06-1989
Carlton, Ford, [Susie]18921960
Carlton, Susie, [Ford]19201995
Carmack, James H.07-21-188704-01-1952
Carpenter, Alfred James, [Lucille]08-24-192601-04-1990
Carpenter, Lucille, [Alfred]05-03-1931living
Carpenter, Mel E.11-30-196406-17-1989
Carper, Mary G.18771934
Carr, Ada Pearl (Martin), [Charles]18751905
Carr, Alice H.18481927
Carr, Andrew James, [Sarah W.]18221885
Carr, Andrew T.07-07-183611-24-1873
Carr, Ann {ch. of GA & AH}10-13-187012-31-1870
Carr, Ann Elizabeth, {d.of Life & Lucy}abt 184410-01-1856
Carr, Annie E., [John B.]04-06-185012-07-1915
Carr, Carl G., {Mexican War}188410-16-1913
Carr, Caroline FISHER1898no date
Carr, Carrie Belle {ch. of GA & AH}12-13-187109-20-1872
Carr, Cecil S. (female)05-28-188506-12-1902
Carr, Charles L.18711946
Carr, Charles Y., [Jennie D. COLE}187611-__-1937
Carr, Charles, [Ada Pearl]18651929
Carr, Chester D., [Ella M.]07-19-189906-20-1979
Carr, David L., {s.of Charles}09-11-189707-__-1978
Carr, Dick 'Richard'18531886
Carr, Elisha, [Mary J.]12-03-183805-21-1928
Carr, Elizabeth (w. of G.T.Carr)08-21-181105-27-1866
Carr, Elizabeth D., [William J.]11-11-187112-28-1953
Carr, Ella M., [Chester]01-29-190310-18-1963
Carr, Ervine or Ewing, [Mary E.]buried here?buried here?
Carr, Evelyn (Parker), [Samuel]18711954
Carr, Ewing, [Mary E.]no dateno date
Carr, Francis Dean, Jr., [Margaret]04-18-191902-09-1994
Carr, Frank W., [Nevada]18661948
Carr, Frankie05-14-187?10-14-1876
Carr, G. Dunlap18541904
Carr, George A.18441889
Carr, Helen F., {d.of Charles}11-11-189903-__-1979
Carr, Hesekiah R., [Sarah]11-27-183310-10-1874
Carr, Horace {ch. of GA & AH}18871891
Carr, Jenna R. 'Jennie', [Delbert Cole]18711954
Carr, Jennie, {d. of IP & SW}05-17-187203-18-1873
Carr, Johnno dateno date
Carr, John B., [Annie E.]02-08-184703-30-1922
Carr, John Pickney19241945
Carr, John, {General, War of 1812}04-06-179301-20-1845
Carr, John, Sr., {War of 1812}no stonenot found
Carr, Lyman Carr Haller19371937
Carr, Mame L., [Manton]18821961
Carr, Manton M., [Mame]18761957
Carr, Margaret Isabel (Noland), [Francis]11-28-191804-24-1998
Carr, Margaret Mae (Prather), [Marion]10-18-190812-__-1981
Carr, Margarete J.18821947
Carr, Maria V.18491923
Carr, Marion B., [Margaret Mae]06-14-190704-__-1985
Carr, Martha Jane SENECA, [Victor]192812-31-1966
Carr, Mary E. (Lindsey), [Ewing]no date08-21-1887
Carr, Mary J. (Hess), [Elisha]03-14-184603-25-1931
Carr, Nevada E. (Bottorff)18411939
Carr, Patience Bess (Reed), [William]no date1814
Carr, Polly (w. of G.T.Carr)10-26-180608-20-1840
Carr, Rose (Graves), [Warren]18881943
Carr, Samuel Elmer. [Evelyn]18621938
Carr, Samuel, {War of 1812}abt 1795no date
Carr, Sarah {w.of Hesekiah}buried here?buried here?
Carr, Sarah W. (Stricker), [Andrew]182611-28-1902
Carr, Thomas, {Col. Black Hawk War}no stonenot found
Carr, Warren D., [Rose]05-19-187712-17-1961
Carr, William B., [Patience]no date1848
Carr, William J., [Elizabeth D.]05-23-186805-11-1950
Carter, Claude, [Lillie Mae]01-09-192411-11-1995
Carter, Lillian B., [Otis]18851959
Carter, Lillie Mae, [Claude]09-15-192603-10-1992
Carter, Otis C., [Lillian]01-23-188801-__-1973
Cartright, Carrie (Lentz), [James]03-10-185107-24-1931
Cartright, David W., [Mary L.]01-25-191804-30-1979
Cartright, Emma (Lanz), [John N.]10-20-185403-19-1940
Cartright, Ida B.18781959
Cartright, Infant08-17-195408-17-1954
Cartright, James M., [Carrie]01-15-184811-29-1915
Cartright, John N., [Emma]18541928
Cartright, Margaret L., [Robert]03-13-1914living
Cartright, Mary L., [David]04-07-192407-07-2004
Cartright, Murel, [Wesley]1920living
Cartright, Robert S., [Margaret]07-26-191104-12-1992
Cartright, Wesley, [Murel]09-25-191506-__-1978
Cartwright, Albert Wesley, [Mary E.]12-23-187907-__-1972
Cartwright, Bessie (Bowyer)01-29-189106-17-1987
Cartwright, Charles W., [Mary T.]185112-16-1915
Cartwright, Clara (Crum), [J, Stephen]04-26-187505-11-1952
Cartwright, Dale W.10-04-191308-30-1939
Cartwright, Elizabeth, [William]18471937
Cartwright, Emma L., [Wilbert]09-16-187504-22-1943
Cartwright, Ethel M., [James]04-11-189601-__-1981
Cartwright, Grace19031903
Cartwright, J. Stephen, [Clara]03-16-187208-31-1941
Cartwright, James S., [Ethel]18941955
Cartwright, Julia A.18711954
Cartwright, Mary Eleanor (Bronner),[Albert]18891926
Cartwright, Mary T., [Charles W.]18521938
Cartwright, Walter L.01-26-188603-17-1955
Cartwright, Wilbert, [Emma]04-29-187806-22-1963
Cartwright, William, [Elizabeth]184509-09-1911
Carver, Frances Helen Oliver07-02-193111-13-1993
Case, Berry Estell, [Betty]04-17-189607-02-1968
Case, Betty (Doss), [Berry]03-26-189411-03-1973
Case, Robert David, [Sally J.]01-02-194411-01-2001
Case, Sally J. (Weddle), [Robert]10-22-1954living
Casey, Cathy Lynn05-18-196407-03-1964
Casey, Charlie G., [Florida]19021988
Casey, Florida, [Charlie]07-05-190201-28-1980
Casey, G. Robert19281981
Casey, Guston Lee 07-02-2004
Casey, Lester D.193404-29-2000
Casey, Timothy G.01-19-196205-18-1980
Cash, Mabel Lee01-10-193010-19-1998
Cassetty, Clifton Ray, [Edna]02-16-191104-29-1984
Cassetty, Edna B., [Clifton]02-27-191903-08-1997
Cassiday, Jane 'Jennie'01-12-184910-20-1897
Caudell, Arthur Verdell08-10-192610-05-1990
Caudell, Harold C., [Ida L.]09-30-1936living
Caudell, Ida L., [Harold C.]11-29-1935living
Caudell, Myrtle, [Oscar]12-31-190311-30-1982
Caudell, Oscar, [Myrtle]05-08-190107-07-1971
Caudell, Troy 'Mike'19641980
Cave, Dorothy A., [Eugene]03-08-1927living
Cave, Eugene Clark, [Dorothy]07-29-192604-11-1982
Cecil, Harold, [Lucita]10-15-1929living
Cecil, Lucita, [Harold]04-11-192602-02-1995
Centers, Bessie Pauline, [Sherman]12-19-193106-01-2002
Centers, Sherman J., [Bessie]03-30-192808-29-1985
Chadwell, Deva M., [Welby]05-14-1921living
Chadwell, Horace G.03-24-193712-19-1973
Chadwell, Welby M., [Deva]03-18-191501-19-1980
Chambers, Mary S., [W. M.}18391903
Chambers, Nancy04-01-177207-30-1851
Chambers, W. M., [Mary]18391920
Chapman, Ethel M., [John]06-18-191312-03-1995
Chapman, John C., [Ethel]10-15-191508-__-1966
Chastain, Genevieve Fields191003-12-2004
Cheesman, Dora (Johnson), [William]09-02-192111-30-1993
Cheesman, William H., [Dora]06-03-1920living
Chester, Cordia Bolin, [Earl]01-31-190405-14-1997
Chester, Daniel Palmer04-22-192703-05-1994
Chester, David Lee 06-24-2005
Chester, Earl Lee, [Cordia]01-01-190009-12-1954
Chester, Herbert Chester 11-09-2003
Chester, Herbert Earl06-06-196401-29-1985
Chester, Raymond Clay08-19-190507-05-1982
Chester, Wiley L.09-15-195401-06-1955
Chevis, Margaret (Hoessle)01-08-191408-02-1997
Childers, Brenda19481949
Childers, Claudia, [James A.]18871949
Childers, James A., [Claudia]18841963
Childers, James H.19091966
Childers, Michael19481949
Chzanowski, Frank Anthony, [Sarah]192002-20-2004
Chzanowski, Sarah Elizabeth, [Frank]192203-31-2001
Clapp, Alvy D., {bro. of Mayme}12-07-190603-02-1989
Clapp, Amsy R., [Etta]03-??-18931954
Clapp, Clyde Castle, [Mayme]03-05-18941952
Clapp, Etta R. (Helzer), [Amsy]09-09-1901unknown
Clapp, Jessie (Miles), [Orville]05-20-190506-19-1990
Clapp, Jewell (Baker), [Melvin]02-09-1932living
Clapp, Laura Belle (Clapp), [Paul]10-11-19081993
Clapp, Mayme J. (Clapp), [Clyde]05-21-189509-15-1974
Clapp, Melvin L., [Jewell]04-01-193010-28-2000
Clapp, Orville Albert, [Jesse]02-28-190501-10-1981
Clapp, Paul Malette, [Laura]11-26-190511-29-1957
Clapp, Russell G., {PM & LC}19331934
Clapp, Terry L.195608-__-1957
Clark, Carl E.02-25-191209-24-1977
Clark, George Richard02-19-195302-06-1995
Clark, Louis Austin18981906
Clark, Margaret Florence, [Thomas]11-11-192409-19-2002
Clark, Martha (Boggs)08-20-190405-16-1973
Clark, Thomas J., [Margaret]07-04-191201-21-1972
Claybourn, Archie, [Harriett] abt 178304-03-1878
Cleeter, Betty (Rose), [Paul]09-30-1930living
Cleeter, Paul D., [Betty]02-26-1930living
Clements, Mollie Sue04-05-194410-12-1995
Clemmons, Eva (Carr), [Harry]18951984
Clemmons, Harry S., [Eva]18921960
Click, James Earl03-12-193004-05-1983
Clifford, Sandra Gail10-11-195703-17-1997
Cline, Emma F. (Meloy), [William]01-01-185708-17-1927
Cline, William T., [Emma]07-17-185711-13-1928
Cline, Wilma G.03-20-188903-17-1931
Cloud, Dylan Ray02-19-199902-19-1999
Clunie, Cordelia A. (Adams), [Noble]03-29-188309-12-1960
Clunie, Noble Ivan, [Cordelia]10-17-188808-25-1947
Cobb Lot, {no stones on lot}no stonenot found
Cobb, Della M.19041953
Cobb, Earl L. 'Buster',[Mabel] 08-03-2002
Coble, George W.18671955
Cochran, Alton William, [Margaret]12-10-190901-22-1985
Cochran, Carole L., [Maurice]07-16-1938living
Cochran, Carson, [Rosa]01-26-189007-18-1987
Cochran, Elsie M., [Hershel]02-20-1925living
Cochran, Erin M., Rev.07-21-192203-11-1997
Cochran, Hershel M., [Elsie]04-29-191806-15-1969
Cochran, Jeffery S.11-28-196505-19-1998
Cochran, Margaret P., [Alton]07-30-19031998
Cochran, Maurice H., [Carole]04-02-1933living
Cochran, Rosa L., [Carson]05-19-189104-22-1983
Cogswell, Charles R., [Zoa]18641952
Cogswell, Zoa (Combs), [Charles]186901-22-1933
Cole, A.10-17-1947living
Cole, Alvie C., [Polly]12-20-192802-20-1983
Cole, Carrie C.18581859
Cole, Catherine L., [Michael S.]11-12-195401-28-1991
Cole, Charles M.18641865
Cole, Christopher, [Mary]03-06-180210-06-1889
Cole, David J., [Frances]04-22-192010-10-1994
Cole, Delbert S., [Jenna R. CARR]18671927
Cole, Ella S. (Barnett), [James]18611942
Cole, Frances, [David]06-25-1928living
Cole, Frank05-13-189608-12-1980
Cole, Frank A.18951945
Cole, Infant, {Child of JE & CE}18811881
Cole, James L., [Ella]18611937
Cole, Jennie D. CARR, [Delbert]18711954
Cole, Lewis D.18631863
Cole, Margaret E., [Mordecai]183201-13-1913
Cole, Mary A.18541855
Cole, Mary, [Christopher]07-22-180601-??-1887
Cole, Mordecai B., [Margaret]182507-07-1904
Cole, Mrs. Unknownno stonenot found
Cole, Nancy E.18301908
Cole, Polly Ann, [Alvie]05-05-190009-14-1952
Coleman, Edith Marie (Gran)19131950
Coleman, James Frederick, [Norma]1920living
Coleman, Norma C. (Miles), [James]192207-30-2003
Collar, Jennie M.08-26-193206-__-1970
Collar, Wells, Jr. 11-08-2002
Collins, Elizabeth Adaline, [W.E.]04-20-181308-06-1885
Collins, Elvira A. BROWN, [W.E.}12-25-182411-22-1852
Collins, James Nelson, [Sarah]03-31-178603-04-1860
Collins, John A.03-23-195807-11-1958
Collins, Sarah C., {d.of WE&EA}05-01-183107-07-1881
Collins, Sarah Williamson, [James]03-16-178511-22-1862
Collins, Wesley E., [Elvira, Eliza.]05-31-180906-12-1894
Colvin, Alvin R., Jr.03-16-195108-08-1989
Colvin, Alvin R., Sr., [Rita]10-10-192808-06-2001
Colvin, Rita A. (Johnson), [Alvin, Sr.]10-22-1932living
Combs, Adele, [Earl]10-25-1923living
Combs, Allen Carlos, [Shirley]06-14-193112-14-1976
Combs, Amos G., [Mary Shelby]18751959
Combs, Carlos E., [Clora]09-27-190504-__-1959
Combs, Clark, Sr., [Jane]02-02-191209-06-1963
Combs, Clora A., [Carlos E.]02-11-190905-13-1988
Combs, Dana F. (Frazier), [Elmer] living
Combs, Danny Ray09-16-194906-13-2003
Combs, Earl, [Adele]01-28-192506-26-1989
Combs, Elmer, [Dana F.] 09-13-2003
Combs, Floyd D., [Georgia]19001959
Combs, Georgia, [Floyd]12-17-190311-__-1979
Combs, Jane (Fields), [Clark]12-22-191207-14-2000
Combs, Joyce 11-16-2002
Combs, Margaret, [McKinley]12-24-190007-__-1979
Combs, Mary Shelby, [Amos]18781961
Combs, McKinley, [Margaret]04-24-189512-21-1990
Combs, Peggie Lee09-29-195301-28-1975
Combs, Shirley J., [Allen Carlos]09-02-1935living
Combs, Tommy, {s. of J & LW}11-02-187611-04-1876
Comly, Anna S., [Ernest]18791954
Comly, Ernest T., [Anna]18751960
Conklin, Dorothy, [Harlo]06-13-191308-__-1987
Conklin, Harlo, Sr., [Dorothy]07-07-191210-__-1974
Conklin, Latatio, {twin}07-11-195507-11-1955
Conklin, Patricia, {twin}07-11-195507-11-1955
Conn, Ella S., [William]18691908
Conn, Frances (Stalker), [W. Chester] 04-21-2000
Conn, George William, [Martha]abt 1831no date
Conn, Ida M.18711946
Conn, Juanita B., [Lewis M.]03-10-191108-26-1971
Conn, Karen A.03-04-194608-16-1947
Conn, Lewis M., [Juanita]03-09-190705-08-1984
Conn, Lewis P.18751947
Conn, Marshall F., [Retta]18541926
Conn, Martha A., [George]12-19-184207-12-1883
Conn, Mary B.18801961
Conn, Nellie L.02-25-190511-11-1990
Conn, Retta H., [Marshall]18581935
Conn, Thomas N.07-03-190908-__-1986
Conn, W. Chester, [Frances]19011965
Conn, William G., [Ella S.]18681946
Conner, A. dateno date
Conner, A. J., [Rose]no dateno date
Conner, C. dateno date
Conner, Catherine (Ross)02-17-192001-25-1993
Conner, Edward F., [May L.]186210-17-1914
Conner, John 'Father'1792no date
Conner, Mary A. (Reed), [Sisney]no dateno date
Conner, Mary 'May?' L., [Edward]18681955
Conner, 'Mother'no dateno date
Conner, Richard, {Cower on old index}12-01-182708-29-1884
Conner, Rose, [A.J.]no date1930
Conner, Sisney, [Mary], {Magistrate}03-24-1837no stone
Connors, Clauda (Wiser)06-08-187803-19-1919
Conrad, Susan182401-23-1904
Considine, Bell P.abt 183905-01-1851
Cook, Beulah M., [Henry]09-13-190312-10-1993
Cook, Henry William, [Beulah]01-02-191410-11-1994
Cook, Janet Sue06-25-197106-30-1971
Cook, Sheila Darlene 08-03-2005
Cooley, Buford B., [Eleanor]08-29-190809-03-1986
Cooley, Buford J.12-01-193209-06-1997
Cooley, Clara E., [Howard]05-11-188911-__-1972
Cooley, Eleanor Dolph (Crum), [Buford]08-16-190710-30-1999
Cooley, George David12-03-191403-07-1963
Cooley, George, {Spanish-Amer. War}no stonenot found
Cooley, Howard B., [Clara]11-20-187809-__-1962
Coombs, Amelia D. {d.of D. & Sarah}08-25-185212-11-1890
Coombs, D. H., Dr., [Sarah]05-18-182504-02-1896
Coombs, Dana F., [Elmer]1920living
Coombs, David H., [Margaret]187012-08-1911
Coombs, Elmer, [Dana]1918living
Coombs, Florence, {name only on stone}no datesno date
Coombs, Lilah, {d.of DH & Sarah}06-21-186507-22-1865
Coombs, Loretta18471932
Coombs, Lula W., [Thomas]18491926
Coombs, Margaret Carolyn, [David]02-26-190701-01-1963
Coombs, Martha Ellen09-20-184811-28-1907
Coombs, Mayme (Beeler)18781964
Coombs, Michael Bret01-11-196601-11-1966
Coombs, Priscella18541854
Coombs, Rebecca Sarah Ann (Daily)18201908
Coombs, Rebecca, {buried here??}no datesno date
Coombs, Robert Dale, Sr.06-20-192101-29-1993
Coombs, Robley D. {s.of DH & Sarah}03-18-187709-18-1886
Coombs, Sadie V.10-??-186009-??-1865
Coombs, Sarah18551855
Coombs, Sarah (Goodwin), {D.H.]12-??-183203-??-1880
Coombs, Sarah Ann, {buried here??}no datesno date
Coombs, Thomas J., [Lula]183611-20-1909
Coombs, Truman John06-18-192211-22-1998
Coombs, Willis05-27-186605-28-1866
Coomer, Carlene M., [William]12-31-1924living
Coomer, William N., [Carlene]04-25-191703-24-1979
Cooper, Charles R., [Lillian]09-29-1918living
Cooper, Lillian R. (Montgomery), [Charles]08-31-192209-17-1995
Coots, Dorothy (Braun), [Forest]191604-20-1982
Coots, Emma (Dettmer)187902-19-1938
Coots, Forest Faith, [Dorothy]191611-28-2004
Corine, Rickie Lee19521954
Cornell, Belle C., [Peter]18751963
Cornell, Peter S., [Belle]187409-13-1940
Cornett, Edward, [Susan]10-04-187701-26-1974
Cornett, Kathalene M., [Warren]11-01-191310-04-1994
Cornett, Kenneth Edward, MD10-10-194101-02-1984
Cornett, Ruby04-05-192310-04-1998
Cornett, Susan, [Edward]03-29-190401-26-1974
Cornett, Warren, [Kathalene]03-28-192103-22-2000
Cortner, Fletcher W., [Hadasah]18671955
Cortner, Georgeno stonenot found
Cortner, Hadasah H., [Fletcher]18751947
Cortner, Lonnie, {d.of A&R}05-09-185912-29-1865
Cortner, Unknown01-01-196501-01-1965
Couch, Charles Marion10-04-192105-28-1989
Couch, Everett Clifton, [Jennie]01-06-188712-21-1986
Couch, Jennie C., [Everett]05-13-188705-23-1980
Couch, Vernice, [Virginia]04-17-192003-08-1984
Couch, Virginia G., [Vernice]04-14-1928living
Coulter, Bertha F., [Gunther]07-30-1916living
Coulter, Gunther R., [Bertha]08-23-191505-27-1994
Coulter, Michael Shaun19691977
Coward Lotno stonenot found
Cowhard, Anna10-04-189708-11-1994
Cowie, Hannah E. (Cochran)12-20-1929living
Cowling, Eliza Jane, [John],{ cannot read}03-12-183008-11-1895
Cowling, John, [Eliza J.], {cannot read}06-24-181807-03-1896
Cox, Annie A., [William]12-29-189712-12-1990
Cox, Arthur M., [Verna]no stoneburied here??
Cox, Bob Robert19101950
Cox, Effie Mae (Matthews), [Hubert]04-26-191010-05-1999
Cox, Eugene, [Wilma]12-05-192410-09-1999
Cox, Everett E., [Thelma]19041985
Cox, Hubert M., [Effie]08-18-190504-22-1984
Cox, Thelma E., [Everett]19091991
Cox, Verna Mae Taff, [Arthur Cox]abt 189112-18-1980
Cox, William A., [Annie]03-16-189605-17-1978
Cox, Wilma L. (Stocksdale), [Eugene]03-05-1937living
Cozzins, William, {Civil War}abt 183603-28-1893
Crace, Diana Lee04-15-195904-17-1959
Crace, Dorothy M. (Strong)03-05-194110-20-1988
Crace, Ora Marie (Ison), [Tilford]07-17-191206-__-1981
Crace, Tilford, Sr., [Ora]07-29-191001-22-1979
Craft, Lillian E.02-07-192809-19-1963
Crafton, Ada Dee, [Thomas]12-15-191611-__-1986
Crafton, Thomas J., [Ada]02-23-189111-21-1978
Craig, Connie S., [Larry]02-19-1953living
Craig, Harry D., [Laura L.]19001971
Craig, Larry Eugene, [Connie]10-11-194508-20-2002
Craig, Laura L., [Harry]18981951
Craig, Robert Thomas02-25-193303-07-1993
Crane, Hester C.10-20-191505-17-1990
Crane, Marie E.08-01-189510-12-1978
Crank, Barandi Michelle10-31-198610-31-1986
Crase, John B., [Louann]10-12-190506-29-1982
Crase, Louann, [John B.]09-14-190512-10-1970
Crase, Mark A.19571973
Crawford, Bess02-18-189708-__-1980
Crawford, James F., [Sarah]06-01-182010-28-1884
Crawford, Mary Cornella11-26-192309-22-1997
Crawford, Mollie L., [Thomas]18591925
Crawford, Sarah C., [James]10-15-183504-29-1899
Crawford, Thomas F., [Mollie]185702-25-1919
Crenshaw, Frank Marion02-02-184907-25-1849
Crew, Elizabeth, [Thomas]1817no date
Crew, Thomas W., [Elizabeth]09-18-181508-15-1879
Criswell, Betty L.1946living
Criswell, James N., [Mary]19111994
Criswell, Mary L., [James]19231984
Critchlow, Thomasno stoneno stone
Cron, Hazel I., [William]04-15-191703-15-1997
Cron, William A., [Hazel]11-20-191203-18-1977
Cron, William Randall02-17-194302-25-1990
Cross, Linda Marie02-23-195901-25-1960
Cross, Marie, [Tye]01-23-191806-24-1986
Cross, Phyllis J., [Wendell]06-17-1939living
Cross, Robert L., Jr.07-13-198107-15-1981
Cross, Tye, [Marie]01-11-190908-28-1977
Cross, Tyler James10-18-199512-18-1995
Cross, Wendell L., [Phyllis]03-09-1937living
Crowe, Ida P., [William]10-12-1930living
Crowe, William C., [Ida P.]03-16-1932living
Crowley, Everett, [Nell]10-02-191610-01-1988
Crowley, Nell, [Everett]04-08-1920living
Crum, Anna K. (Crumm), [Curtis]19101995
Crum, Curtis Sherman, [Anna]19051954
Crum, Ernest L., [Lillie]09-21-189002-14-1969
Crum, Hester (Carey), [John J.]04-29-190707-18-1988
Crum, John Elwood06-14-196408-25-1983
Crum, John J., [Hester]02-02-189902-01-1963
Crum, Lillie V. (McDonald), [Ernest]07-04-189912-24-1966
Crum, Margaretno stonenot found
Crumbaugh, Azlia07-02-190602-19-1985
Cullins, Martha Bird (Lawson)07-10-192410-05-1998
Culp, George Edward07-25-191102-__-1981
Cumming, Bonnie Mae (Tinsley), [David]11-07-192301-20-2001
Cumming, David Brown, [Bonnie]10-06-191712-17-1998
Cummings, Unknown, {Maj., Mex. War}no stonenot found
Cummins, Arthur L., [Gena]11-21-191103-20-2002
Cummins, Gena Tylene, [Arthur]08-21-191911-30-2001
Cundiff, Ronald Francis, [Sandra]02-19-195201-16-1998
Cundiff, Sandra K., [Ronald]03-31-1955living
Curry, Lorena, [Roy]18931948
Curry, Roy T., [Lorena]18921954
Curtis, Anna T., [Joe]11-19-189411-26-1963
Curtis, Carl W., [Margaret]04-22-192306-15-1978
Curtis, Clarence W., [Flora]11-19-190802-22-1984
Curtis, Flora Mae, [Clarence]01-04-191311-18-1982
Curtis, George W.04-23-191910-03-1964
Curtis, Joe B., [Anna]12-11-190305-13-1974
Curtis, Margaret F., [Carl]10-09-1930living

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