Charlestown Cemetery - Y names
Data donated by Richard (Leroy) Pearson

Name (maiden) [spouse]
Yager, Allen Chancellor19081985
Yager, Andrew Woodford, Dr., [Henrietta]18761942
Yager, Henrietta (Spriestersbach), [Andrew]18801960
Yager, Infant, {s. of Henrietta & A.W.}no dateno date
Yager, Sallie E.18761961
Yates, Emma T., [James]05-03-191307-19-1998
Yates, James W., [Emma T.]07-16-191505-31-1985
Yeager, Burnett Amos10-04-190701-25-1998
Yeager, John William02-15-191201-28-1996
Yenowine, John N.02-11-189803-01-1975
Yenowine, Mary Frances 12-16-2004
Yochum, Ada J., [Forrest]10-06-1915living
Yochum, Forrest R., [Ada J.]04-09-190904-12-1965
Yochum, George18681935
Yochum, Jennie18701947
York, Donald K.06-26-195505-21-1983
York, Duncan E.11-12-193204-02-1969
York, Laymon P.12-25-191305-10-1967
Young lot, {2 broken stones}cannot readcannot read
Young, Ann Eliza, {d.of Lafe & Lucy}no date10-01-1856
Young, Blanton Tabner, Jr., [Marcella]02-09-191803-29-2004
Young, D. lot 44no stonesno stones
Young, D. lot 45no stonesno stones
Young, Dorothy (Spriestersbach),[L.D.]18691936
Young, George F., [Millie]18711946
Young, Harriett B.181207-20-1900
Young, Horacecannot readcannot read
Young, Lucyabt 1786cannot read
Young, Marcella J., [Blanton]04-08-192306-29-1997
Young, Millie G., [George]1873no date
Young, Robert K.1930198?
Young, Sarah, [Solon]01-21-181706-01-1888
Young, Solon, [Sarah]11-04-181807-24-1890
Young, Unknownabt 178703-22-1844
Young, William 'Bill'10-10-191005-25-1966

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