Charlestown Township, Clark County, Indiana

FARIS CEMETERY is located on Tunnel Mill Road on the George Rogers Clark Boy Scout Reservation, near Fourteen-Mile Creek.

I'm pleased to report that Aaron Smith, a Boy Scout from Jeffersonville, was interested in cleaning up Faris Cemetery as an Eagle Scout project.  Although he was denied permission to restore this site as an Eagle Scout project because it is located on Scout property, he wants to coordinate a cleanup of the site anyway as a "trial run" for another cemetery clean-up project that will be his Eagle Scout project.

CCCPC supporter Gail Parish has provided the photographs above and below from her visit on July 28, 1998.

Broken stone from the grave of Robert W. Faris, son of John and Rebecca Faris, who died 04/18/1883 at age 6 years, 6 months.

Broken stone from the grave of James W. Drummond, who died 04/08/1842 at age 27 years.

The following is the index for Faris Cemetery available to us today.  It has been updated with additional information provided in February 2000 by Marsha Drummond Smith <rms54549@tca.net>.

BAIRD, Mary Ann                b. ????         d. 03/10/1818

(age 21 years, wife

of John M. BAIRD)
M.A.B.                         No dates        No dates

{presumed to be Mary Ann

Baird's footstone}

DRUMMOND, James W. (32 years)  b. ????         d. 04/08/1842
Marsha Smith <rms54549@tca.net> reports:

I'm still trying to find some sort of documentation to prove the birth and death dates of James W. Drummond, buried in Work/Faris cemetery.  Kathleen & Robert Drummond did a rubbing in the 1960-1970's range and it appeared to read d. 1842, age 32 years.  However, the Jeffersonville Library cemetery listings have "27 years".   Rebecca Work Drummond Faris was married to John Drummond on Aug. 31, 1809 (as per Abstracts of Wills & Executor's Records 1801-1833 and Marriage Records 1807-1824 and  her application for bounty land as referenced below).  We have Rebecca's application for bounty land for John Drummond's death in the Battle of Tippecanoe (Nov. 1811).  Their second son, John, was born Jan. 12, 1812.  (He's the one who farmed Rebecca's bounty land in Clark County, Illinois, along with his own 40 acres purchased beside hers.)  In Rebecca's request dated 1853 (see the National Archives "Old War" widow file no. 10967, Rebecca Drummond, widow of John Drummond, Sgt., Indiana Militia) she states:

If you find ANYTHING that might help me, please do contact me!  Thank you in advance.

Roger & Marsha Smith <rms54549@tca.net> also provide the following background information:

James W./Sarah Drummond and John/Nancy J. Drummond sold 120 acres they had previously purchased from John Work (their grandfather).  Their mother is Rebecca Work Drummond Faris also buried in that cemetery.
Don McLatchie <mailto:mclatchi@internetwork.net> is a direct descendant of Sarah Work and John/James Drummond.  We believe James W.'s name was incorrectly recorded as John in the Clark Cty. license.

Mr. McLatchie goes on to say that "Sarah Drummond was listed in the 1850 Iowa census as a head of the household."  He also states that in Iowa records, William & Charles Drummond's father has been named James and John in different documents.  William listed his father as John in his Civil War enlistment papers.  Charles listed their father as James in William's obituary and death certificate and in a pioneer article for the local newspaper.  We have always assumed that John was correct since the Clark County marriage records show John Drummond and Sarah Work (we have confirmed Sarah Work)."

In another e.mail Mr. McLatchie states "here is another clue -- In an interview with great uncle "Mike" (1895-1978), William's son, I noted that I had read an obituary for a "Richard Drummond".  Uncle Mike
told me that was William - he has always gone by "Dick" and the obit writer simply expanded it to "Richard".  Uncle Mike's name was "William Work Drummond".  Two other brothers were Albert S. ("Barney") and James Harvey ("Harvey").  I guess it was custom to adopt a non-given name or at least the middle name."

DRUMMOND, Killy S.         b. ????         d. ????

      Comment from Roger & Marsha Smith <rms54549@tca.net>:  Killy S. Drummond was probably

      James W. & Sarah Drummond's child.  They were married August 5, 1833.  The 1840 census

      has him as head of the house between ages 30/40.  His spouse between 20/30.  2 male

      children under age 5, 1 female child under age 5 and one male child under 10.

FARIS, John (49 years)      b. ????         d. 10/31/1833

FARIS, Rebecca              b. 11/19/1792   d. 03/15/1869

FARIS, Robert W.            b. ????         d. 04/18/1883

(6 years, 6 months,

son of J. & R.)

       Comment from Roger & Marsha Smith <rms54549@tca.net>:  Robert W. (6years, 6 months;

       son of J. & R.) had to have died in 1838, not 1883 because his father, John Faris (49),

       died in 1833.
Marsha Smith advises that, per Mrs. Von Gail Hamilton's book, Work Family History, Vol. II (a companion volume to the 1969 Volume I), page 90:  Robert is listed on page 90 as b. 27 September, 1831 d. 18 April 1838.
FARIS, Willis (sometimes 

misread as "William") 

(23 years, 6 months)        b. 08/15/1815   d. 02/27/1839

       {birth date, per "Descendants of John Faris and Rebecca Work Drummond Faris"

       compiled by Arthur W. Faris, September 10, 1969; found at the Indiana State

       Library by Roger & Marsha Smith <rms54549@tca.net>}
Marsha Smith advises that, per Mrs. Von Gail Hamilton's book, Work Family History, Vol. II (a companion volume to the 1969 Volume I), page 90:  The above listing for "William Faris (23 years, 6 months)" is actually Rebecca Work Drummond Faris and John Faris' son WILLIS, b. 15 Aug. 1815, d. 27 Feb. 1839.
Marsha further advises that their son William Work Faris was born 28 August, 1822 and died 5 March 1895.
HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth

(50 years)                   b. ????         d. 01/26/1841

TAGGART, Sarah (age 

23 years, wife of

William)                     b. ????         d. 02/10/1841

WORK, John, Sr.

(age 71 yrs)                 b. ????         d. 02/01/1832
    Biography of John Work, Sr.
Marsha Smith advises that, per Mrs. Von Gail Hamilton's book, Work Family History, Vol. II (a companion volume to the 1969 Volume I), page 46:  John Work, Sr. (age 71 years), d. 03/24/1854, was born December 9, 1760.
WORK, Sarah Jackson

[or Fouts](age 85 years,

3 months, wife of John)      b. ????         d. 03/24/1854
Marsha Smith advises that, per Mrs. Von Gail Hamilton's book, Work Family History, Vol. II (a companion volume to the 1969 Volume I), page 46:  Sarah "Fouts" Work should be Sarah "Jackson" Work (age 85 years, 3 months, wife of John) b. 1/1/1769 d. 03/24/1854.

I have no further information on this cemetery. This index was obtained from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

E-mail: Dee Pavey

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