Washington Township, Clark County, Indiana

Commonly referred to as the "Old Cemetery"

The following historical information is from the New Washington Community History -- 175th Anniversary -- 1815-1990, a book published in 1990 by Bertha Giltner, Charlotte Allen and Helen Wiggam, and submitted by Marquerite Fisher and Mary A. Waters. The church traces its origins prior to 1826.  Many of the first families in the area are buried here.
“In 1842, the Christian Church building was erected on Main Cross and Third Street on lot no. 105, the same lot occupied by the Baptist Church some twenty years earlier.  A tax certificate states that on November 20, 1828, a John C. Parker purchased lot 105 for .27 ½  cents, the amount of tax due.“

“So, in 1842 the New Washington Christian Church built their new home on the site where it stands today.  The church was the 'Steeple House' picture most Americans carry in their memories.  On a tin covered cupola and oval crown shone in the sun and could be seen for miles.  Into the everchanging skies the steep slanting roof raised a shield against the seasons weather.”

In 1962, the brick addition was added with a large kitchen and dining area; in 1977, the old coal cellar was renovated into a basement and air conditioning installed in 1980.

The very scant existing cemetery records were turned over to the Crown Hill Cemetery Association in 1998 and are maintained there.  To my knowledge there is no plans of future burials in this cemetery.  Rows are uneven and random stones indicate where probably rows were, at one time.  Many of the old stones are broken, missing or trees have grown around the stones.  There are a couple, of groups, of broken stones that lean against each other on the edge of the lot.  The site is now well maintained and hopefully a remedy to the broken stones can be addressed.

The following site index was submitted by
Elaine Acosta <>
August 1999

Adair             ‘no name’                       Daughter of Samuel

                  Eleanor Roe      1808-1854

                  James L.         1874-1874

                  Joan             ????-1839

                  Samuel L.        1798-1852
Armer             Mary             1863-1864
Bower             Cordie           1890-1893

                  Tobias           1810-1870

                  Mary A.          1810-1904

                  Edmond           ????-1865      VET, Orderly Sgt,

                                                  81st Ind.Inf. Co. I

                                                  died from wound at

                                                  Nashville, Tenn

                  William A.       ????-1863      VET wounded in 1862

                                                  Pvt. 81st Ind. Inf.

                  Edmund T.        ????-1869

                  Emma J.          1846-1903

                  Infant           1888

                  Addie            ????-1889      Wife of G. H.

                  Mary M.          1868-1906      and 4 da. Infant (?)

                  Joseph           1788-1868      From Rowan Co., NC

                                                  1st Mason buried here

                  Rachel           1796-1858      From Rowan Co. NC

                  Jas.             1820-1835

                  Elizabeth A.     1841-1866

                  Infant           no dates

                  Andrew (Jack)    ????-1892

                  Infants          1871

                  Infant           1869           Son of J.E. & R.

                  Andrew           1774-1858      From NC

                  Margaret         1776-1860

                  Nancy            ????-1896      Age 54
Campbell          Felex Barney     ????-1912

                  Mina             ????-1872

                  Louis            ????-1879
Cole              T. Jack (?)      1833-????      VET 81st Ind. Inf.Co. I

                                                  (note added "James J."?)

                  Infant            no dates
Cummings          Jas.              no dates      VET 93rd Ind. Inf. Co. B
Davis             Nancy             no dates

                  Banjamin         1843-1877
Dougan            William          1820-1872

                  Hannah            no dates

                  Antha            ????-1840

                  Laura Jane       ????-1850

                  Thomas           ????-1853

                  Sarah            1804-1876

                  Sarah Florence   ????-1849

                  Jas. L.          ????-1843

                  Eleanor          ????-1828
Duffy             Andrew           1798-1871

                  Kizzie           1801-1869

                  Emaline          ????-1851

                  Ida              ????-1858
Eddy              J. M.            1802-1866

                  Fanny Ann         no dates

                  Low (?)          1873-1878
Edwards           Jno.             1811-1862

                  ????             ????-1870

                  John              no dates      VET 66rd Ind. Inf. Co. A
Everman           Martin           1862-1934

                  Eva              1867-1944      Martin’s wife
Falkenburg        Wendell          ????-1858

                  Charles          ????-1863
Field             Melkijah         1854-1854

                  J. M.            1802-1868

                  Isabell          1808-1884
Glass             Thomas J.        1832-1862

                  ????             ????-1872
Grisamore         Dean             1885-1886
Hardy             Mary             1845-1894

                  Nagle            1875-1882

                  William J.       1838-1895      VET  50th Ind.Inf. Co. I

                  Isabell Ann      ????-1879
Hooker            Robert            no dates      VET 50th Ind.Inf. Co. I

                  Mary              no dates

                  William M.        no dates      VET  Cpl. 81st Ind.Inf. Co. I

                  Ernest            1884-1884

                  Martin            1876-1905

                  Isabella          1855-18??
Hopple            J.                ????-1870
Henley            Rebecca           1829-1887
Jenkins           Willie            ????-1857

                  Mary A.           1855-1875
Johnson           Susan             1822-1869
Jones             Burl              1802-1865     (Note: could be Burke or Burk)

                  Robert            1832-1861     son of above Burl/Burk/Burke
Louden            Harriett          1808-1851     Wife of Hiram
Maupin            William           ????-1855
McDonald          Infant            ????-1868
McHenry           no name           ????-1844

                  Jas.              1791-1846     VET  War of 1812

                  Infant son        ????-1848

                  Jas. (?Jacob/

                    James)          ????-1864     VET Lieut. 50th Ind.Inf Co.I
McLean            Francis M.        1822-1872     VET  66th Ind.Inf. Co. A

                  William           ????-1873     VET  soldier
Patterson         Sarah             1840-1866
Phillipy          Infant            ????-1865
Pearcy            Keziah            1813-1969

                  Lula              ????-1880     Age 16

                  Edmund            ????-1862     Age 5

                  Edmund            ????-1844

                  C. M.              no dates

                  H. M.              unclear

                  William A.        1841-1861     VET 81st Ind.Inf Co.I

                  Margaret          ????-1847     Age 55

                  William           1856-1862     Son of S.A. & R.
Ratts             Jane              ????-1831     Age 18
Robins            Preston            no dates     VET 93rd Ind.Inf Co.B
Roe               William           1801-1832

                  Elizabeth         1808-1870

                  Oliver J.         1830-1863     VET Sergent at Gettysburg

                                                  and Colonel in War with Mexico

                  Martha Alice      1852-1855

                  Sarah Arabella    1848-????

                  Nancy             ????-1881

                  Martha            ????-1862

                  William           ????-1845     Age 75

                  No name           ????-1852     Wife of William
Rogers            Fannie            ????-1854
Rowland           John              ????-1876
Rowlen            Thomas E.          no dates      VET  50th Ind. Inf. Co. I
Ross              Amelia            1864-1898

                  Nellie            1886-1897
Shepard           William            no dates      VET 144th Ind.Inf. Co. B Reg.

                                                   (conflicting information: 44th Ind)
Simonton          Frankie           1876-1877

                  Eddie             ????-1879
Smith             Laura             ????-1884      Wife of Perry

                  Alden             1786-1827
Stansberry        Recompense         no dates      VET 50th Ind.Inf. Co. L
Stark             Hiram             1801-1854

                  Nancy             1809-1884
Taflinger         Daniel            1799-1894

                  Mary              1808-1862
Walker            Mattie            ????-1886

                  Hallie & Katie    ????-1871
Wells             Anna              1860-1881
Werner            Willie            ????-1870

                  John H.           ????-1858
Wheatley          Elizabeth Marie   1797-1821      1st grave in Cemetery
Wilson            James H.           no dates      VET 22nd Ind. Inf. Co. D

I presently have no further information on this cemetery. Further information may be available from:
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