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1908 Owsley County, KY Vital Statistics - Births
  Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser 

"State of Kentucky, County of Owsley.  I, H.C. Combs Clerk of the County Court for the county aforesaid certify that the foregoining list of of births, deaths, & marriages is a true copy of so___ returned by the assessor of Owsley Co Ky for year 1908  ___ under my hand this the 30th day Janury 1909.  H.C. Combs clk"

The births listed for 1908 also included some births for 1907.  (See 1907 Births)
Name Of Child Date of Birth Sex Place of Birth Father Birthplace of Father Mother Birthplace of Mother Residence Remarks
- Allen 6 Sept male Cow Creek Joe Allen Breathitt Co. Ky Halley Thomas Coortland Cow Creek  
Florence Allen 23 July female Conkling Lewis Allen Clay Co, Ky Lucy Taylor Conkling Conkling  
Martha Allen 5 Feb female Taft, Ky George Allen Anna, Ky Mary J. Saylor Alger, Ky Taft, Ky  
Ed Amis 25 June male Conkling -- -- Lydia Amis Clay Co, Ky Doorway  
Mollie Anderson 13 July female Island city Wm. Anderson Booneville Sarah Ford Booneville Island City  
Tom Angel 1 Mar male Leerose Oscar Angel Lee Co. Ky Dora Rhodes Leerose Leerose  
-- Baker 5 Apr male Ricetown Abner Baker Ricetown Nancy Amis Breathitt Co, Ky Ricetown  
Emma Baker 15 June female Doorway Benj. Baker Perry Co. Ky Maud McIntosh Breathitt Co. Ky Doorway  
Ethel M. Baker 4 Sept female Cow Creek James R. Baker Gabbard Callie Bowman Eversole Cow Creek  
Gladdis Baker 30 Aug female Coortland Jerry Baker Cortland Arminda Baker Cortland Cortland  
Malvie Baker 7 Mar female Ricetown A.J. Baker Booneville Nancy Miller Booneville Ricetown  
Pearl Baker 12 Aug female Mistletoe Jesse Baker Clay Co. Ky Emily Bishop Clay Co. Ky Mistletoe  
Mary Beard 15 May female Majer, Ky Daniel Beard Majer, Ky Susie Smith Breathitt Co, Ky Majer, Ky  
-- Becknell 28 Aug male Island City C.C. Becknell Island City Milda Huff Island City Island City  
Luther Becknell 29 Mar male Blake H.L. Becknell Strugeon Mattie Ball Conkling Blake  
Leslie B. Begley 31 July male Booneville John R. Begley Booneville Emma Moore Booneville Booneville  
Charlotte Bird 4 Apr female Sturgeon John Beard Tennessee Jane Minter Benge, Ky Sturgeon  
Ed Bird 20 Feb male Majer, Ky Frank Bird Teges, Ky Nancy A. Combs Teges, Ky Majer, Ky twin
Ethel Bird 20 Feb female Majer, Ky Frank Bird Teges, Ky Nancy A. Combs Teges, Ky
Majer, Ky
Ruity? Blake 4 Apr female Conkling Jas. T. Blake Conkling Mary Shepherd Conkling Conkling  
Lula Bowles 3 May female Travelersrest G.W. Bowles Egypt, Ky Emily Morgan Travelersrest Travelersrest  
-- Bowman 12 Jan male Turin John T. Bowman Booneville Sallie Abshear Booneville Turin b dead
-- Bowman 17 Oct male South Fork L.L. Bowman Booneville Sarah E. Crank   South Fork b dead
Andy Bowman 24 Aug male Endee Wm. Bowman Buck Creek Hattie Pendergrass Sturgeon Sturgeon  
Hallie Bowman 8 June female Leerose Tom Bowman Booneville Ada Bowling Breathitt Co. Ky Leerose  
Auson Brandenburgh 6 Mar male Earnestville D. Brandenburg Travelersrest Clarka Farmer Lee Co, Ky Earnestville  
Fred Brandenburgh 2 Apr male Booneville Frank Brandenburg Booneville Cressa Heindenbick? Oklahoma Booneville  
Lucian Brewer 21 Aug male Sturgeon Lafayette Brewer Buck Creek Lucy M. Gibson Sturgeon Sturgeon  
Hubirt Browning 12 Feb male Island City C.B. Browning Grayhawk Mary Burch Island City Island City  
Miller Bryant 18 Apr male Endee J.M. Bryant Buck Creek Jane Peters Island City Endee  
Claud Burch 10 Feb male Island City Jasper Burch Sexton Creek Emma Oldham
Island City  
Unis Burch 25 Feb female Island City C.M. Burch Island City Sylvania Edwards Island City Island City  
Pleasant Callihan 24 Apr male South Fork Jerry Callihan Gabbard Dora Marshall Gabbard South Fork  
Sherman Caudell 24 Mar male Leerose Preston Caudell Booneville Jane Gross Booneville Leerose  
Wm. T. Cecil 2 Feb male Levi, Ky John Cecil South Fork Cyntha Neely Buck Creek Buck Creek  
John Chandler 26 Apr male Ricetown Marion Chandler Ricetown Lizie Hornsby Booneville Ricetown  
John Chandler 10 May male Ricetown Meridith Chandler Eversole Lizzie Chandler Doorway Ricetown  
Edith Cole 20 Mar female Levi, Ky Joe Cole Booneville Edna Ross Buck Creek Levi, Ky  
Maurice Combs 1 Aug male Conkling John C. Combs Conkling America Gay South Fork Conkling  
Nancy Combs 30 Apr female Ricetown Sam B. Combs Martha Hobbs Ricetown Breathitt Co. Ky Ricetown  
Conley Conrad 24 Apr male Sturgeon Jefferson Conrad Green Hall Ellen Strong Sturgeon Sturgeon  
Ella Cook 26 Apr female Conkling Ed Cook Williamsburgh Lillie Taylor -- Conkling  
John C. Cooper 19 July male Booneville S.T. Cooper Booneville Minnie Herd Travelersrest Booneville  
-- Creech 27 Jan female Travelersrest Wid? Creech Travelersrest Florence Flanery Travelersrest Travelersrest  
-- Creech 13 Sept male Earnestville Arthur Creech Jackson Co, Ky Loula Farmer Earnestville Earnestville  
Andy J. Creech 14 May male Travelersrest Perry Creech Travelersrest Minnie Bowman Sturgeon Travelersrest  
Carry F. Creech 7 June female Travelersrest Pealy Creech Sturgeon Lou Bowman -- Travelersrest  
Emma Creech 6 Feb female Travelersrest H.C. Creech Travelersrest Elizabeth Begley Travelersrest Travelersrest  
Hershall T. Day 1 June male Blake Ewell Day Mt. Pleasant Minnie Hatten Tabor, Ky Blake  
Mallie Dooly 28 Jan female Booneville W.M. Dooly Virginia Josie Hamilton Booneville Booneville  
Manerva Edwards 29 Apr female Sebastian D.B. Edwards Booneville Manda Collins Booneville Sebastian  
Lucian E. Evans 14 June male Sturgeon R. E. Evans Sturgeon Maryann Couch Leslie Co. Ky Sturgeon  
Hubert Fields 4 Mar male Booneville J.J.C. Fields Conkling Charity Howard Harlan Co, Ky Booneville  
Elfie Fraley 25 May female Leerose Thos. Fraley Beattyville, Ky Cora Mullins Beattyville, Ky Booneville  
Francis Fraley 28 Apr female Booneville Stephen Fraley Lee Co. Ky Dora Moore Lee Co. Ky Booneville  
Charley Frost 8 Feb male Conkling Thomas Frost Ricetown Bam Frost Jackson Co, Ky Ricetown  
Martha Frost 19 Apr female Major, Ky Neal Frost Major, Ky Mary Radford Turin, Ky Major, Ky  
Lotia? Frye 10 Nov female Island Creek P.M. Frye Island City Mattie Gentry Tyner, Ky Island City  
-- Gabbard 9 Sept male Gabbard W.O. Gabbard Gabbard Martha Gabbard Ricetown Gabbard  
Grant Gabbard 21 June male Gabbard Pleas Gabbard Gabbard Lula Gabbard Gabbard Gabbard  
Lucy Gabbard 21 Apr female Sebastian Sidney Gabbard Clay Co. Ky Charity Bishop Breathitt Co. Ky Sebastian  
Melvin Gabbard 27 Apr male Sebastian Wm. P. Gabbard Sebastian Laura Price Sebastian Sebastian  
Myrtle Gabbard 10 Mar female Ricetown Perry Gabbard Ricetown Sarah Combs Ricetown Gabbard  
Nancy Gabbard 25 May female Cow Creek I.H. Gabbard Ricetown Lucy Eversole Eversole Cow Creek  
Lester M. Garritt 6 Aug male Turin G.W. Garritt Booneville Lucy Moyers Booneville Turin  
Lucy Gay 15 Feb female Major, Ky Walker Gay Major, Ky Martha Rowland Major, Ky Major, Ky  
Luther Gay 14 Mar male Mistletoe Henry Gay Mistletoe Nancy Bishop Clay Co. Ky Mistletoe  
D---- Gentry 1 Apr male Island City G.J. Gentry Tyner, Ky Mary Brogan Island City Island City  
Frank Green 26 Feb male Mistletoe Burnam Green Mistletoe Cathanie Burns Mistletoe Mistletoe  
Vernon Griffee 25 June male Owsley Co. W.N. Griffey Earnestville Flora Pendergrass -- Owsley Co.  
Minnie Gum 12 July female Green Hall Dillard Gum Egypt, Ky Mary Mullins Egypt, Ky Green Hall  
Robert Gum 2 Apr male Endee William Gum Travelersrest Lynda Adison Travelersrest Endee  
Mat Hacker 23 Mar male Coortland Albert Baker Breathitt Co. Ky Susie Gabbard Breathitt Co. Ky Coortland  
Landes Halcomb 21 Oct male Turin, Ky W. A. Halcomb Booneville Flora Combs Pebworth Turin, Ky  
Robert Hale 20 Apr male Endee, Ky T.F. Hale Endee, Ky Charlotte Rowland Buck Creek Endee, Ky  
Robt. Hale 22 Aug male Buck Creek T. T. Hale Buck Creek Emma Herd Buck Creek Levi, Ky  
Hattie Hall 9 Apr female Cow Creek John Hall Breathitt Co, Ky Dice Roberts Cow Creek Cow Creek  b dead
Price Hall 13 June male Gabbard James Hall Booneville Ada Noble Gabbard Gabbard  
Betty Hampton 3 Oct female Turin, Ky Floyd Hampton Tallega, Ky Loris Jett Booneville Turin, Ky Colored
William Hampton 10 June male Booneville William Hampton Tallega, Ky Lizzie Rose Tallega, Ky Booneville b dead; Colored
Lura J. Hensley 4 Aug female Taft, Ky J.A. Hensley -- Elizabeth King -- Taft, Ky  
- Hogg 21 Feb  male Booneville G. M. Hogg Illinois Martha Wilson Sturgeon Booneville  
Rolla Holland 2 June male Leerose Patric Holland Breathitt Co. Ky Ida Lyttle Breathitt Co. Ky Leerose twin
Rosco Holland 2 June male Leerose Patric Holland Breathitt Co. Ky Ida Lyttle Breathitt Co. Ky Leerose twin
Charley Huff 11 June male Gabbard Ballard T. Huff Gabbard Margaret Gabbard Gabbard Gabbard  
Maria? Hughes 20 June female Levi, Ky Campbell Hughes Lee Co. Va Belle Reynolds Eversole Levi, Ky  
Window Hughes 29 May female Sturgeon John Hughes Sturgeon Rhoda T. Spence Sturgeon Sturgeon  
Tommy? Isaacs 8 Aug male Buck Creek Lewis Isaacs McKee, Ky Ida Neely Buck Creek Buck Creek  
Grover Jett 28 Mar male Breathitt Co. Ky Arch Jett Breathitt Co. Ky Allie Crawford Breathitt Co. Ky Gabbard  
Rhoda Keller 10 Mar female Leerose John Keller Breathitt Co, Ky Cora Jewell Booneville Leerose  
Ella Lynch 22 Oct female Travelersrest Grant Lynch Travelersrest Hally Tyree Travelersrest Travelersrest  
Fannie F. Lynch 5 May female Travelersrest Thos Lynch Travelersrest Susie Couch Sturgeon Travelersrest  
Gertrude Lynch 22 Feb female Earnestville J.C. Lynch Travelersrest Lucy Ward Mauldin, Ky Earnestville b dead
Girtha Lynch 23 Feb female Green Hall Wm. Lynch Tennessee Alia Young Letcher Co. Ky Green Hall  
Litha Lynch 3 May female Green Hall Harrison Lynch -- Lucy Dunn -- Travelersrest  
-- Mahaffey 27 June female Sturgeon J.A. Mahaffey Sturgeon Lucy F. Brewer Sturgeon Sturgeon  
-- Mainous 31 Mar male Turin, Ky W.E. Mainous Buck Creek Mattie Winn Majer,  Turin, Ky  
Lena B. Mainous 28 Aug female Levi, Ky S. P. Mainous Booneville Kate mcPherson Levi, Ky Levi, Ky  
Sam Mainous 21 Jan male Travelersrest Luther Mainous Buck Creek Ollie Neely Buck Creek Travelersrest  
Eva May Marcum 6 Mar female Turin, Ky Robt. Marcum Turin, Ky Ida Waddle Major, Ky Turin, Ky  
Sam Margrave 24 Jan male Majer, Ky Zack Margrave Tennessee Minnie Strong Sturgeon Majer, Ky  
Lula Marshall 27 June female Conkling William Marshall -- Margaret Bailey -- Conkling  
Allicy Mason 6 Sept female Booneville Elisha Mason Breathitt Co. Ky Mary Stephens Lee Co. Ky Booneville  
Alvy Mayse 18 Mar female Earnestville R.W. Mayse Pebworth Lilly Farmer Booneville Earnestville  
Rudolph Mayse 30 April male Earnestville Grant Mayse Levi, Ky Mary E. Brandenburgh Earnestville, Ky Earnestville, Ky  
Ophelia McGeorge 20 Mar female Blake Robt. McGeorge -- Mary Allen Sturgeon Sturgeon  
- McIntosh 28 Sept male Cow Creek Charley McIntosh Coortland Nannie Riley Coortland Cow Creek  
Charley McIntosh 16 Aug male Ricetown N.M. McIntosh Breathitt Co, Ky Martha Reynolds Ricetown Ricetown  
Clay McIntosh 6 Mar male Breathitt Co. Ky Simon McIntosh Breathitt Co. Ky Emily Barrett Breathitt Co. Ky Leerose  
Eddie McIntosh 22 Sept male Leerose Wm. McIntosh Breathitt Co. Ky Manda Caudell Breathitt Co. Ky Leerose  
Hobert McIntosh 8 Apr male Ricetown Hi McIntosh Cortland Maggie Gabbard Doorway Ricetown  
Laura McIntosh 20 Feb female Cow Creek Hayse McIntosh Cow Creek Hannah Roberts Eversole, Ky Cow Creek  
Rexford McIntosh 1 May male Gabbard Richard Mcintosh Magoffin Co, Ky Stella Gross Breathitt Co, Ky Sebastian  
Hubert McPherson 15 Feb male Levi, Ky Wm. McPherson Booneville Nannie Kincade Buck Creek Levi, Ky  
John B. Miller 9 Feb male Cow Creek George Miller Breathitt Co. Ky Rhoda Beard Cow Creek Cow Creek  
-- Minter 23 March male Travelersrest B. P. Minter Travelersrest Minnie Caudill Travelersrest Travelersrest b dead
Dorey Minter 1 Sept female Booneville Sam Minter Booneville Ada Guess Booneville Booneville colored
Alpha Moore 15 Feb female Leerose Henry Moore Booneville Ida McIntosh Breathitt Co. Ky Leerose  
Dora Moore 23 Aug female Booneville Lewis Moore Booneville Sarilda Young Booneville Booneville  
Eliza Moore 2 Sept female Taft, Ky Daniel Moore Drip Rock, Ky Rosa Blake Conkling Taft, Ky  
Jackson Moore 27 Aug male Leerose J.D. Moore Booneville Emmer Collins Booneville Leerose  
Richard Moore 7 Apr male Gabbard Henry Moore Gabbard Anna Jane Gabbard Gabbard Gabbard  
Ruth Moore 10 May female Booneville A. C. Moore Booneville Louvina Abshear Booneville Booneville  
John Mosely 12 Mar male Cow Creek G.B. Mosely Breathitt Co. Ky Millie Stamper Cow Creek Cow Creek  
Ray Mosely 10 Mar male Cortland James Mosely Cortland Polly Mosely Doorway Cortland  
Lester Newman 2 June male Ohio Robt Newman Beattyville, Ky Martha Thomas Buck Creek Pebworth  
Nancy J. Noble 8 Jan female Gabbard G.W. Noble Booneville  Alice Callihan Gabbard Gabbard  
Boyd Oldham 7 Jan male Island City Walter Oldham Sturgeon Sallie Becknell Travelersrest Island City  
Charley Parish 2 July male Leerose William Parish Ohio Agnus Barton Pennsylvania Leerose  
Gladdes Pendergrass 26 May female Majer, Ky W.B. Pendergrass -- Nancy Metcalf -- Majer, Ky  
Hayden Pendergraass 9 Mar male Major, Ky Tom Pendergrass Booneville Mary Sizemore South Fork Major, Ky  
Elias Peters 20 Jan male Sturgeon J.B. Peters Sturgeon Mary Alver -- Sturgeon  
Frankie Peters 30 Mar female Blake B.M. Peters Blake EMily J. Moore Eversole Blake  
Dewey C. Philip 25 Feb male Travelersrest H.T. Philip Travelersrest Eva Warren Delvinta, Ky Travelersrest  
Henry Price 5 Oct male Vincent Mose Price Beattyville, Ky Sarah J. Frye Sturgeon Vincent  
Lena Price 29 July female Booneville H.H. Price Travelersrest Mary Dunigin Maulden Booneville  
Maud Price 20 July female Levi, Ky J.H. Price Buck Creek Ally Turner Booneville Vincent  
Rhoda Pryse 10 Mar female Vincent Jas Pryse Travelersrest Cyntha Deed? Travelersrest Vincent  
Maurim? Rasner 1 May female Turin, Ky J.B. Rasner Booneville Mollie Reynolds Booneville Buck Creek  
Stella Reed 22 Mar female Sebastian John Reed Clay Co. Ky Sarah Roberts Doorway Sebastian  
Dora Reynolds 9 Apr female Booneville H. O. Reynolds Booneville Ida Thomas Eversole Booneville  
Ella M. Reynolds 16 Feb female Cow Creek J.M. Reynolds Cow Creek Manervia Spencer Perry Co, Ky Cow Creek  
Mattie Rice 28 Mar female Sebastian William Rice Clay Co. Ky Ella Rice Rice Breathitt Co Ky Sebastian  
Rosa Riley 19 Mar female Coortland Robt. Rose Breathitt Co, Ky Margaret Riley Breathitt Co, Ky Cortland  
-- Rose 20 Sept male Eversole Robt. Rose Booneville Nannie Callihan Breathitt Co, Ky Eversole  
Pritha Rose 25 Sep female Leerose Charley Rose Booneville Gracie Herd Booneville Leerose  
Cecil Ross 23 Aug male Leerose Chas Ross Beattyville, Ky Katie Farler Buck Creek Leerose  
Lizzie Ross 14 July female Endee, Ky Hampton Ross Buck Creek Fannie Couch Sturgeon Endee, Ky  
Grant Rowland 15 Feb male Major, Ky Alfred Rowland -- Mary J. Bond Buck Creek Major, Ky  
Nellie Rowland 16 Mar female Major, Ky W.T. Rowland -- Alice Thomas -- Major, Ky  
Augustus E. Rowlett 21 Mar male Island City L.S.B. Rowlett Virginia Martha B. Campbell Sexton Creek Island City  
Henry C. Rowlett 5 Jan male Island City Hiram Rowlett Island City Ella Clark  Sexton Creek Island City  
-- Sizemore 15 Oct male Conkling Logan Sizemore Conkling Nannie Thomas South Fork Conkling  
- Smith 5 Aug female Earnestville F.F. Smith Travelersrest Nancy Ann Creech -- Earnestville  
Lucy Smith 2 July female Earnestville Kirby Smith Lee Co, Ky Katy Creech Jackson Co, Ky Earnestville  
Marie Smith 19 June female Sturgeon J.R. Smith Mauldin, Ky Lizzie Mahaffey Sturgeon Sturgeon  
Wilson Smith 21 June male Sturgeon Jas. Smith Travelersrest Rachael Strong Greenhall Sturgeon  
Emma Spence 19 July female Sturgeon D.T. Spence Sturgeon Lula Hughes Greenhall Sturgeon  
Arch Stamper 29 May male Booneville Tice Stamper Booneville Dema Jackson Knox Co. Ky Booneville  
Margarit Stamper 7 May female Sebastian John Stamper Breathitt Co, Ky Martha Rice Breathitt Co, Ky Sebastian  
Rosa Stephens 28 July female Leerose Bob Stephens Booneville Lizzie Stephens Breathitt Co, Ky Booneville  
Kellie Stewart 14 Aug male Island City Wm. Stewart Sexton Creek Martha Huff Tennessee Island City  
D-rotha Tackitt 4 July female Travelersrest J.M. Tackitt Irvine, Ky Fanny Gabbard Va Travelersrest  
Ray Tackitt 18 Feb male Travelersrest Jesse Tackitt Pruit?, Ky Sally Shackleford Sexton Creek Travelersrest  
Clyde Taylor 3 May male South Fork Hamilton Taylor Booneville Lucy Halcomb Welchburgh South Fork  
Jesse W. Taylor 7 May male Conkling Eli Taylor Sexton Creek S. Shepherd Conkling Conkling  
Russie Terry 6 Apr female Cow Creek Wilson Terry Breathitt Co, Ky Ruth Wilson Breathitt Co, Ky Cow Creek  
Ruby Thomas  4 May female Majer, Ky Sidney Thomas Majer, Ky Sarah Beard Majer, Ky Majer, Ky  
Wm. R. Treadway 27 Apr male Eversole A.M. Treadway Turin, Ky Ameilia Reynolds Eversole Eversole  
- Turner 23 Oct male Turin C.B. Turner Booneville Vina Moore Booneville Turin  
Elva Turner 3 Apr female Coortland Charley Turner Breahtitt Co. Ky Margarit Baker Breathitt Co. Ky Coortland twin
Ethell Turner 3 Apr female Coortland Charley Turner Breathitt Co. Ky Margarit Baker Breathitt Co. Ky Coortland twin
Stephen Turner 3 May male Cow Creek Jas. Turner Breathitt Co. Ky Tabitha Campbell Cow Creek Cow Creek  
Bitchard Tyree 15 Aug male Majer, Ky Eli Tyree Buck Creek Ellen bond Buck Creek Majer, Ky  
Mack Viers 17 June male Leerose Arch Viers Breathitt Co. Ky Mary Mullins Wolf Co. Ky Leerose  
Taylor Viers 10 July male Sebastian Ancil Viers Breathitt Co, Ky Manim? Viers Conkling Sebastian  
Sarah Whicker 4 Oct female Sturgeon Wm. C. Whicker Sturgeon Narcissa Gabbard -- Sturgeon  
-- Wilder 13 May female Ricetown Jos. Wilder Sebastian Minnie Combs Ricetown Ricetown  
-- Wilder 1 July female Ricetwon Grover Wilder Ricetown Nancy William Conkling Ricetown  
Bessie Wilson 31 July female Eversole Pet Wilson Eversole Mattie Turner Booneville Eversole  
Burton Wilson 31 May  male Leerose E. S. Wilson Booneville Mary Ellen Combs Booneville Leerose  
Francis B. Wilson 18 Apr female Cow Creek Dillard Wilson Eversole Jennie Gabbard Gabbard Cow Creek  
Herton? Wilson 12 Oct female Sturgeon F.F. Wilson Sturgeon Rhoda Peters Sturgeon Sturgeon  
Irvin Dale Wilson 5 July male Gabbard G.B. Wilson Gabbard Della Wilson Gabbard Gabbard  
Mary Woods 23 Oct female Conkling Squire Woods Conkling Susan Eversole Conkling Conkling  
- Wootton 20 Sept male Earnestville Jesse Wootton Tennessee Carry English Tennessee Earnestville  
Frank York 10 Aug male Leerose Wm York Jackson Co. Ky Mammia Smith Booneville Leerose  
Emma Young 28 Mac female Eversole Richard Young Booneville Lucy Bowman Booneville Eversole  
Lula Young 2 June female Eversole Jas. Young Booneville Josie Gipson Booneville Booneville  


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