The Ritchie Family
By Susan Fahnstrom

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This is my direct Ritchie Line:

Alexander Ritchie born in Scotland, died in 1787 in Cumberland, NC.

James Ritchie born in 1757 in Scotland, died 1811- 1818, Carrs Creek, Kentucky.
Mary Polly Keith born 1757, they were married 1775 in VA.

Alexander Crockett Ritchie.  1778 - 1878.
Susan Elizabeth Grigsby 1782 - 1876.

Isom Ritchie.            1817 - 1922.
Martha Patsy Patrick. 1817 - 1918.

Miles Ritchie.        1849  - 1917.
Vicy Jane Acord.    1857  - 1938.

Martha Jane Ritchie. 1883 - 1968.
John Henry Harris.    1883 - 1958.

Audrey Jean Harris.     1927 - 1995.
Carl William Fahnstrom. 1920 - 1996.

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Ritchie History

The name Ritchie (Richey, Ritchey, Etc) seems to share a common origin with Richards and Richardson, (according to Micheal Bell in the "Book of the Ulster Surnames"  Richard in its various forms, was one of the most popular of all the Norman names that came with William the Conqueror's overthrow of Saxon England in 1066. In old German, which descended from the Frankish dominions in Gaul (France) , the name Ricard denoted a powerful and brave chief or ruler. A large number of Richardsons began to appear in records of Scotland about a century after the conquest.

The Ritchie families apparently grew from from the same origin as another form of Richards and they were a sept of the clan MACKINTOSH of the area of Dalmunzie, Scotland, where Richards was an equally common name, There were also MacRitchies (by the year 1571) associated with the Macktintosh clan, but this name seems to have lost the Mac with most of
the families who came to America. There were considerable numbers of Ritchies in the plantation period that came especially into the Ulster Counties, Antrim & Down, as well as Richardsons.

James RITCHIE was born in 1757 in Scotland.  He came to America came over on the ship named "The Marrigold" from Liverpool, England along with several brothers and settled in Virginia. James married MARY POLLY KEITH about 1775 in VA.  Mary was born 1755/7 in Buncombe County, NC the daughter of Samuel Keith & Catherine Ring.  James died 1818 at Carrs Creek, Kentucky.

James Ritchie served in the 2nd Virginia Regiment in the Rev war, after the Revolutionary war he moved to Buncombe Co, NC where he lived for sometime, he was there in Buncombe Co, NC on the 1790 Census with wife Mary Polly (Keith) Ritchie and several children,  later the family moved to Kentucky.

Mary Polly KEITH had three brothers, two of those brothers are also on the 1790 census of Buncombe Co, NC, they were Gabriel Keith, his wife and children, also Reuben Keith, his wife Elizabeth Runnion and children. Both brothers owned land there in Buncombe Co, NC. Gabriel Keith was a spy for sometime in Buncombe Co, he was sent to watch the Cherokee Indians movements.

James Ritchie settled in Carrs Creek in Perry Co, Kentucky.  He drown in 1818 while crossing the river at Carrs Creek a tributary of Troublesome River, he was buried along the river there, but no one knows exactually just where.  After his death, his wife Mary Polly (Keith) Ritchie and one of her sons, John RITCHIE moved back to Virginia.  She also had a daughter there, so she probably went to live with John and her daughter.  Their  children:

Alexander Crockett RITCHIE
Henry RITCHIE born bet 1784 - 1790 in Buncombe Co, NC.
Mary Polly RITCHIE born bef 1784 -1790  in Scott Co, VA.
James RITCHIE born bet 1790 - 1800 in Buncombe Co, NC, married Sally CARTER on June 18, 1825 in Scott Co, VA.
Elizabeth RITCHIE born abt 1805 in Buncombe Co, NC, died in Lawrence Co, Arkansas, married Charles BUSTER, June 22, 1824 in Scott Co, VA.
John RITCHIE born bet 1774 - 1784 in Buncombe Co, NC married Nancy HUTCHINSON in 1804.

Alexander Crockett RITCHIE was born 1778 in Buncombe County, NC, s/o  James and Mary Keith Ritchie, stayed in Perry County and married in 1804 Buncombe Co., NC to Susan Elizabeth "Betsie" GRIGSBY born 1782 in VA , the daughter of Benjamin GRIGSBY and Nancy COMBS.  They settled on the mouth of Clear Creek, where Alexander built the first cabin in Hammond's Gap, later the Gabe Hudson Farm.  Alexander lived in a cave up on Hudsons Ridge for awhile, while he was building his cabin, it is no longer there today, strip mining was done up there and it was all bulldozed down and cleared several years ago. Betsie died in 1876 in Kentucky and Alexander in 1878.  They are buried in the Ritchie Cemetery in Fisty, Kentucky.

Most of the RITCHIE'S belonged to the Old Regular Baptist church in the Troublesome Creek area, this area has many Ritchie Families, nearly all of them the Descendents of Alexander Crockett Ritchie & Susan Elizabeth Grigsby.
Their children were:

1.  Thomas Grigsby RITCHIE, born 1805, Russell Co, VA, died 1879 in ClearCreek, Perry Co, Ky, married Kizzie SMITH,  the daughter of Richard Smith.
2.  Hiram RITCHIE born 1814 Perry Co, Ky, died Madsion Co, Arkansas, married Phoebe PATRICK, the daughter of Hugh & Barbara PATRICK, and settled settled on Clear Creek.
3.  James RITCHIE born 1810, VA, died after 1880 in Buckhorn, Breathitt Co, Ky, married Hannah FUGATE, the daughter of Martin Fugate, a frenchman who settled on Buckhorn Creek.
4.  Gabriel "Lobby" RITCHIE, born 1813 in Clay Co, Ky, died April 2, 1874 in Magoffin Co, Ky, married Nancy CAMPBELL, the daughter of Jack Campbell of Buckhorn Creek. Jack Campbell served in the War of 1812 and is buried at Buckhorn Creek.
5.  John RITCHIE born abt 1815, Clay Co, Ky, died about 1875, Clear Creek, Perry Co, Ky, married Silvia SIZEMORE  and settled on Clear Creek in present Knotts Co, KY.
6. Naomi RITCHIE born abt 1816, Clay Co, Ky, died Jan 20, 1908 in Madison Co, Arkansas, married Ephraim SIZEMORE.
7. James  Isom RITCHIE born 1817, Clay Co, KY, died 1922 in Madison Co, Arkansas, married Martha "Patsy" Patrick.
8. Elizabeth RITCHIE born 1820 in Clay Co, KY, died after 1900 in Breathitt Co, Ky, married William SMITH, the son of Thomas Smith of Ary.
9. Oria RITCHIE born April 15, 1821 in Clear Creek, Perry Co, Ky, died July 9, 1865 in Perry Co, Ky, married Reece YOUNG.  They lived  on  Lotts Creek..
10. Mary Polly RITCHIE born 1823 in Clay Co, Ky, died after 1900 in Breathitt Co, Ky, married Archibald CORNETT.
11. Nicholas RITCHIE born 1825 in Clay Co, Ky, died Jan 11, 1904 in Logan Co, Arkansas, married Nancy PATRICK, the daughter of Hugh & Barbara Patrick and settled on Ball Fork.
12. Alexander Crockett RITCHIE Jr, born July 2, 1828, in Perry Co, Ky, died Nov 30, 1897 in Perry Co, Ky, married Mary FUGATE, the granddaughter of Martin Fugate.  Alexander taught school in Dwarf.
13. Nancy RITCHIE born 1830  married Samuel HARVEY and moved to West Virginia.

Alexander Crockett Ritchie's grandson Austin Ritchie married Rachel Everidge, the daughter of Solomon Everidge, who gave land and was instrumental in founding the Hindman Settlement School, near Solomon Everidge home.

Most of the RITCHIE'S belonged to the Old Regular Baptist church in the Troublesome Creek area, this area has many Ritchie Families, nearly all of them the Descendents of Alexander Crockett Ritchie & Susan Elizabeth Grigsby.

James Isom "Isom" RITCHIE  (1817-1922) migrated with his family from Perry Co, Ky to Arkansas shortly after 1850.  His wife Martha "Patsy" PATRICK was born in 1817 in Clay Co or Floyd Co, the daughter of Hugh PATRICK & Barbara BAILEY. She died in 1918 in Madison Co, Arkansas, and is buried in the Huntsville Cemetery, Madison Co, Arkansas. Isom Ritchie died in 1922 in Madison Co, Arkansas,and is buried in the Yale Cemetery beside his son MILES RITCHIE.  Isom and Martha's children were:

Hiram RITCHIE born 1836 in Perry Co, Kentucky, he married Adeline QUEQCA.
Gabriel "Hawkeye" RITCHIE was born 1837 he married Polly PRATER.
Ephraim RITCHIE, born 1839 in Perry County, Kentucky.
Henry Crockett "Hugh" RITCHIE born in 1843, he married Amanda  Adeline DEARMORE
Barbara RITCHIE was born in 1844 in Perry County, Ky she married John (Butterhead) DAVIS.
James Monroe RITCHIE was born 1846, he married Deliah Jane SMITH.
Miles RITCHIE was born in 1849 in Perry Co, Kentucky,  married Vicy Jane ACORD.
Solomon RITCHIE born in Kentucky, he married Martha E Harris, the daughter of James Jackson HARRIS & Julia Ann COLLINS.

Henry Crockett "Hugh" RITCHIE was born in 1843, he married Amanda  Adeline DEARMORE on Jan 15, in Franklin Co, Ar, she was the daughter of Bryant Dearmore, Amanda died March 21, 1926 in Logan Co, OK. Henry died in Checotah,  Ok, he is buried in the National Cemetery at Fort Smith, Ar, Henry enlisted in the Army Nov 12, 1862, he served as a private in the first Arkansas calvary comp, Henry & Amanda Ritchie lived in Arkansas unil the 1870's, when they moved to Logan, OK, their first  child, a daughter amed Amanda Adeline Ritchie was born in 1874 in Logan Co, OK or Madison Co, Arkansas, she died at a young age.

Miles RITCHIE was born 1849 Perry Co., KY and died in Arkansas in 1917.  He married in 26 Mar 1872 Johnson Co., AR to Vicy Jane ACORD b 6 Jan 1857 at Friley Creek, AR, d/o William G.& Martha CASEY Acord.  He was a farmer and owned alot of land in that area of Johnson County, Arkansas. Miles & Vicy lived in the Oark area, Yale, in Arkansas where Miles farmed until his death on Jan 9, 1917 of a massive heart attack, he is buried in the Yale Cemetery near Clarksville, Arkansas.  After the death of her husband, Vicy Jane Ritchie moved to Kuna, Idaho, with her son Zed Ritchie and his wife,Alice (Day) Ritchie.

Vicy Jane (Acord) RITCHIE was a tall and large boned woman with black hair and dark eyes and olive complexion, whose who knew her all described her as a beautiful woman. Miles & Vicy had nine children:

Miles Henry RITCHIE b 24 July 1874 married 22 Sep 1897 AR to Blanche KAYLOR; two children,Georgia & Clara.  died in Arkansas and is buried in Clarksville, Arkansas.

Sarah Ann RITCHIE was born April 9, 1877, she married Henry WEATHERBY, and they had three children Ermal, Chloe and William. They lived in Idaho.

Sarah Ann husband Henry Weatherby was instrumental in bringing the Gospel to alot of the members of the Ritchie and Harris families and it has stayed with us all thorough the generations today. Henry Weatherby first talked to Martha Jane (Ritchie) Harris about the Bible, she was a Baptist at the time, he then shared the Gospel with Ivan Harris, who was baptised  and got on fire and shared the gospel with many people including all of his brothers and sisters, most of them became Christians. So we are grateful for him sharing the gospel with so many.

John William RITCHIE was born Feb 9, 1879, he married Florence HARRIS, they had five children Burl, Edward, Fannie, Alta and Geneva.  This family stayed in Arkansas.

James Monroe RITCHIE was born March 13, 1881, he married Nancy M RITCHIE,  they had no children, but their reared Wallace & Edna Ritchie's child Edna (Babe) Ritchie for awhile.  This family also moved to Idaho.

Martha Jane RITCHIE, was born Oct 15, 1883, she married John Henry HARRIS born Oct 1883, they had 10 children: Guy, Ivan, Claudia, Ruby, Ruth, Dallas, Johnnie Fern, Gordon, Gladys and Audrey. They lived in Boise, Idaho.

Wallace RITCHIE was born Dec 22, 1885, he married Edna WAGES. They had four children, Marvin Ritchie born July 9, 1909, LIoyd Ritchie born Feb 10, 1914, died June 7, 1916, Marvie Ritchie born Jan 4, 1916, died Sept 6, 1917, Edna (Babe) Ritchie born Feb 14, 1918, died Aug 26, 1926, but only one child that survived out of all their children, it was their son Marvin Ritchie. Wallace & Edna both died of an appenditcitus, and a few years later Edna (Babe) also died of the same thing at nine years of age.

Mitty RITCHIE was born Nov 15, 1887 died young.

Charles Edward RITCHIE was born Oct 24, 1893, he died a little boy.

Zed RITCHIE born Sept 4, 1896, he married Alice DAY, they had five children: Thelma Fern,  LIoyd George, James Haskell, William Everette and  Betty Jean.  Zed and Alice moved to Kuna, Idaho.

Gabriel KEITH born 1755 in Bortourt County, NC, son of Samuel Keith & Catherine Ring, he was the brother of MARY POLLY KEITH who married JAMES RITCHIE. Gabriel Keith married Mary ? they had 10 children:
1 Elizabeth.
2 Peter.
3 Laura.
4 William R.
5 Reuben Washington.
6 Ashberry.
7 Louarta Cordelia.
8 Gabriel Pinkey Jr.
9 Mary Calveria.
10 Dolphus Rankin.
Gabriel Keith and his wife and some of his children and also one slave are mentioned on the 1800 Census of Buncombe County, NC.

Reuben KEITH born 1774 in Buncombe County, NC, he was the son of Samuel Keith & Catherine Ring,  he was the brother of MARY KEITH who married JAMES RITCHIE.

Reuben Keith married Elizabeth Runnion born Dec 3, 1774, Va, they were married Abt 1792 in Buncombe County, NC.  Reuben was a spy for awhile to spy out the Indians, he is on the 1800
Buncombe County Census with his wife and children, Reuben and his brother are both mentioned in Land Deeds of Buncombe County, there is mention of the Keith cabin and Keith land down the hill and some of their fathers property is mentioned also.

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