Todd County Past

Welcome to Trenton, Todd County,  Kentucky
"The first authentic date of a settlement is 1796, when Brewer and Martha Reeves arrived from Virginia. At that time the area was part of Christian and Logan Counties. Another early settler, was Rev. Finis Ewing. He came here in 1809 and located four miles north of Trenton. He built a store on his farm and established a post office there which he called Lebanon. Colonel Beverly Stubblefield was another gentleman from Virginia. He lived and was buried on the Tarleton Averitt farm. The Moores lived in this section for many generations.

In 1810 Elijah Garth came to Trenton. Another man of ability was Robert Coleman.  Mr. Coleman was a lawyer.  John McFadden was a colorful and exciting figure in the early days. He was an Indian fighter, around the same time "Pouchy"Anderson a great deer hunter,  came to the area. Another great adventurer was Henry Carpenter, a Dutchman.

In 1810, F. J. Sebbree came from Albermarle County, Virginia and settled about two miles south of Trenton.  In 1812 Mr. Carver arrived from Virginia. Alexander McElwain, arrived in the district with his widowed mother from Maryland in 1822. W. C. Harrell, father of James and Dr. George Harrell, came from Nelson County in 1822. George W. Camp arrived from Virginia in 1825. Edmund Ware, arrived in 1827.  Edmund Turnley from Spottsylvania County, Virgina arrived in 1827. Members of the famous Boone family, William and Squire, nephews of Daniel, came to the county in 1817. William settled in Trenton.  Zacariah Billows came from Virginia in 1827; Samuel Chestnut came from North Carolina in 1828. Also there was Henry White."

~From The History of Todd County by J.H. Battle 1884

Christian Church, Trenton Ky.

Cumberland Presbyterian Est. 1900
Trenton, Ky.



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