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Updated April 4, 2000

First Name Online Data for Surname GREENFIELD:
Ada       Alton       Alton B.       Archie
Bessie J.    Bob M
Cecil       Charles W Charles W.   Cori I.    Cyrus
Edward  Eliza           Eliza             Eliza B.     Elma
Flora E      Franklin P.
George H     Germie Ann
Harvey     Hazel May         Hazel May
Ira    Irene
J. Raymond  Jack P  James   James H   James H.    James H.     James Harvey     Jane    Jane       Jennie
Jessie    Jessie Herman  John       John  John   John     John   John    John
John Franklin      John William        Judeth
L. Elizabeth Lida   Lida H  Litha    Lucian
M.E.      M H       Mabel      Mabel   Mabel Margaret   Martha Martha    Martha Martha    Martha F.       Martha F.
Mary  Mary    Mary   Mary (Polly) Ann      Mary Louise       Miles M.      Millie A          Minnie
Minnie Florence Parker         Mortimer (Tim)
P.S.        Pauletter Penny Peter S       Piety      Prince Cornelia
Rafe      Ray  Ray    Richard    Rudolph    Rudy
Samuel    Sarah     Sarah C.     Squire B.           Susan      Susan
Thomas     Thomas G.           Thomas W.          Tim
Wesley            Wesley  Wesley       William         William, Jr.

Brick Walls

Group Sheets

Public Records

1860 Census
Household 386-386, pg 56, July 5, 1860
GREENFIELD, John, 57, m, w, farmer, property $1400, personal property $500, born Tenn
Jane, 41, f, w, born Ky
J. H. , 17, m, w, farmer, born Ky
Virginia, 16, f, w, born Ky
Martha, 15, f, w, born Ky
J.W., 13, m, w, born Ky
Sarah, 10, f, w, born Ky
Eliza, 9, f, w, born Ky
F.P., 6, m, w, born Ky

1870 Census, pg. 357, Elkton Dist, Household 444-439
GREENFIELD, James H., 27, m, w, farmer, ,personal property $400, born Ky
Martha L., 23, f, w, housekeeper, born Ky
John F., 7, m, w, born Ky
Mary S., 5, f, w, born Ky
(living next door to John WATSON)

1870 Census, Todd County, KY  pg 356, Household 429-424
GREENFIELD, John 57, m, w, farmer, property $840, personal property $600, born Tenn
Eliza J., 31, f, w, Housekeeper, born Ky
Sarah C., 20, f, w, domestic servant, born Ky (this is daughter Sarah)
Peter S., m, w, born Ky
Joseph S., 6, m, w, born Ky

1900 Census, Todd County, KY Household 287-287
James H., head, m, w, Dec 1841, 58, married 16 yrs, born Ky, parents born Ky
Millie, wife, f, w, Sept 1857, 42, 12 children, 11 living, born Ky, father born VA, mother born Ky
Jessie, son, Nov 1885, 14, born Ky
James, son, Apr 1890, 10, born Ky
Rudolph, son, Jan 1892, 8, born Ky
Gene, son, Aug 1894, 5, born Ky
Tinie, dau, Jan 1896, 4, born Ky
Evie, dau, Feb 1899, 1, born Ky
Also living in household, listed as cousins, are Willie SWEENEY (May 1870, age 30) and Esie SWEENEY (Dec 1899, age 2)
Submitted Sept. 11, 1999 by Karen Combs


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