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Saturday, 17-Feb-2001 21:13:13 CST

First Name Online Data For HARREL/HARRELL:
(Todd & Surrounding Areas)

Brick Walls
I have a wedding announcement for a
Mr. Francis Donald HARREL to Priscilla DAVIDSON (parents M/M W.N. MOORE)
on June 14, 1924 in Trenton, Ky. (no mention of HARREL parents).
A note in lower left corner says "At home after June seventeenth New York, N.Y."
Who's son was this?  Who did Mary Bell marry?  And where are all these HARREL's buried?
Looking for info on the children of William C. HARREL  b. 1813, moved to Todd Co. about 1820,
served in Civil War, migrated to MO. 1872.  Children: George, who was a physician in Trenton,
James T. Isaac, Lee T. Mary Bell, William I and John.  William C. HARREL had a large plantation about 2
1/2 mi. from Trenton.  I believe Isaac HARREL moved his family there in the 1820's ,
Wm. and his older sons served in the Civil War, Wm.'s wife died shortly after the Civil War (1865).
Wm. C. was too young for the war and he and the slaves were there when the
house was burned.  Wm. C. married a sister of his first wife , Eliza Jane YOUNG after Caroline
McELVAIN died and there were at least three more children added to the family.
George A. HARREL was the oldest son, as I stated a physician, to whom the
plantation was given and some of the family moved to MO. in 1872.  Some of these
people should be listed somewhere in the tax rolls, census, death or birth
records of Trenton.

Fran Edwards


Hardiman Israel
Ida Lee
Laura Hopkins

Group Sheets

Dr. George A. HARREL Biography

Public Records

1850 Census:
Dist 1, pg 232B Household 540-544
Jona? HARRELL, 71, m, Farmer, 6600, Va (faded and difficult to read)
Anna, 53, f, Va

Dist 1, pg 234, Household 564-568
Wm HARRELL, 37, m, Farmer, 2000, Ky
Caroline, 30, F, Ky
George, 8, m, Ky, attending school
James, 7, m, Ky
Argusta, 4, f, Ky  (might be Angusta)

District 2, pg 234, Household 515-515
Thomas K HOLLINGSWORTH, 52, m, farmer, 4000, Ky
Amanda, 42, f, Ky
Mary A., 20, f, Ky
Nancy J, 16, f, Ky
Elizabeth T, 10, f, Ky
Cornilia, 4, f, Ky
William SHANKLIN, 26, m, Cabinet maker, Ky
Josephine HARREL, 16, f, Ky, attending school
Paulina HARREL, 14, f, Mo, attending school
John BRISTOW, 15, m, b, Ky

Submitted by Karen Combs

Death Records:

Augusta T.
Caroline C.
Fannie E.
Hickman L. HARRELL
Jas. T.

Marriage Records:

Ive Jefferson
Thomas A.

Fran Edwards

Harrel Family History
Photos of Youngs & Harrels & Gills

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