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Updated March 17, 2000
Brick Walls
The Todd County KY Deed Book S. (p. 28) lists heirs of John JOHNSON:
his widow, Elizabeth, of Todd County; John W. JOHNSON, William B.
JOHNSON, John P. and Sarah Johnson GUTHRIE, William and Margaret
Johnson WITTY, and Daniel REEDER [who was granted power of Attorney],
all of Adams County Illinois.

Daniel REEDER's wife, Frances S. JOHNSON, was not mentioned but had
recently given birth to her tenth child at the time of this hearing
(September 1848).  I believe that she was unable to attend and
therefore her husband Daniel REEDER was given power of attorney.

I am interested in hearing from anyone researching this family.  I am
especially interested in learning Elizabeth's maiden name and where
John and Elizabeth were born.  Some census records indicate both were
born in South Carolina, but in the 1880 census Frances Johnson REEDER
gave her father's birthplace as Ireland.
Roberta Sharp

Group Sheets

Public Records

1820 Federal Census, Todd Co. Ky
pg 413,  Johnson, John  00001 - 2001

1860 Todd County Census, Ky Household 1040-1040,  Sept 1860
Johnson, N. L. , 29,m, w, 0, 300, Tenn
E. J., 27, F, w, Ky,
T. J. 7/12, F,w, Ky (this would be Docie Jane)

1870, Todd County Census, Ky Household 488-482
Johnson, Nathan S. , 39, m, w, farmer, 200, 300, Tenn
Elizabeth J. 34, f, w, Housekeeper, Ky
Theodocia J. , 10, f, w, Ky
Mary R., 8, f, w, Ky
Etta 6, f, w, Ky
Susan B., 5/12, f, w, Ky

1900 Todd County Census, Ky Household 241-241
Johnson, Thomas C., head, w, f, Apr 1849, 41, married 18, Ky, Ky, Ky
Ellar, wife, w, f, Jan 1858, 42, 2 children born, 2 living, Ky, Ky, Ky
Bessie, dau, w, f, Jan 1883, 17, Ky, Ky, Ky
Lorenzo, son, w, m, Feb 1885, 15, Ky, Ky, Ky

1900 Census, Todd County, KY Household 169-176
Carneal, Joseph 25, and Mindy A., 21
Docia Johnson, sister in law, w, f, Mar 1880, 20, Ky, Ky, Ky

1900 Census, Todd County, Ky
250-250 Johnson, Thomas S., head, w, m, Jan 1873, 27, Ky, Tn, Ky
Mary, sister, w, f, Apr 1870, 30, Ky, Tn, Ky
Etter, sis, w, f, Feb 1871, 29, Ky, Tn, Ky
Elizabeth, sister, w, f, Feb 1861, 29, Ky

Submitted Sept. 10, 1999 by Karen Combs

JoEllen Barnes <>


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