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Updated April 22, 2000

First Name Index of Online WOLF/WOLFE/WOLFF Data:
Able Gertrude Amanda
E.H. Eliza Eliza Elizabeth Elizabeth
Fanny Fanny Francis
Geo George George M  Gertie M.  Gertrude
Ida Ira D. Isaac
James  James  James James James E.  John
L H L H L.H. Letha  Lockey  Locky Lorrina Louisiana Lucha Mrs. Lucy B.
M M. Ellen Martha Martha Mary Mary Mary A.  Mary E. Mary M. Michael Michael Miranda Mula**w
Nancy Nancy Nancy  Nancy
Philip Philip Philip Philip
R.M.C. Rolby Norine  Ross E.
Samuel Samuel Sanfrin Sarah Virginia  Sarrah Soloman Solomon Sopha Stats B. Susan Susan E
Valentine Virginia
Wallace E.  Walter William Wm R

Brick Walls

Group Sheets

Public Records

1820 Federal Census, Todd County Ky
pg. 415, WOLF, George  200001  -  3211

1900 Census
KEELING, Nancy B., Head,w, f, Jan 1824, 76,  4, 3, Ky, Va, Va
WOLF, Almyra J., dau, w, f, Mar 1851, 49,  5, 3, Ky, Ky, Ky
WOLF, Sue, G.D., w, f, June 1869, 31, Ky, Ky
WOLF, Nannie, G.D., w, f, Sep 1875, 24, Ky, Ky, Ky

Submitted by Karen Combs

Below are records I have been able to find involving the WOLF family in KY along with some of my notes. I have not been able to connect all the names to my line but would welcome any input from other members.

All spelling as on Census records
Hopkins County KY, was formed from Henderson County in    1807
Henderson               Christian                                                            1798
Christian                   Logan                                                                1792
Logan                        Lincoln                                                              1792
Lincoln                      Kentucky County, VA                                    1780
At the time Lincoln County was formed it was one of the original three counties, covering the entire state of KY, now divided into 120 counties.
In 1800, there were 42 counties.

1790 - First Census of Kentucky By Charles B. Heinemann
Pg 114 - Personal Tax list of Fayette County in 1787 WOOLF, Jos. listed as head of family - no slaves mentioned
pg 103
NAME                COUNTY      TAX LIST DATE
WOLF,   Criston     Bourbon     June 1791
        Joseph      Fayette         1-11-1790
        Peter       Nelson          11-29-1792

1800 of Kentucky
NAME                COUNTY      TAX DATE LIST
WOLF    Andrew      Mason           8-25-1800
    Christian       Nelson          8-30-1800
    George          Jefferson       9-3-1800
    George          Logan           8-26-1800
    Jacob           Logan           8-26-1800
    Joseph          Nicholas        1800
    Nathaniel       Jefferson       1800
    Peter           Jefferson       1800
WOOLF,  Christopher Bourbon     7-23-1800
        Fielding    Christian       7-22-1800
        Henry Jr.   Christian       7-22-1800
        Henry Sr.   Christian       7-22-1800

1810 of Hopkins
WOLFE,  Jacob   (1m 16-26) (1f under 10) (1f 16-26)

1830 of Rockcastle County, KY
WOLF, Matilda   No other info

1850 of Clay County, ILL
643 600 Anderson WOOLF  Age 44  Farmer
        Jacob WOOLF Age 27  Farmer

1860 of Todd County, KY:
WOLF,   Iaac        37  M   W   Farmer  2600    1500    KY
        D. A.       34  F   W               VA
        G. M.       14  M   W               KY
        E.      12  F   W               KY
        Wm.     10  M   W               KY
        Henry       8   M   W               KY
        Mary        6   F   W               KY
        James       4   M   W               KY
        Samuel      1/12    M   W               KY
(My Note: My records show Richard (Rick) Newton WOLF born this year with no mention of Samuel???)
WOLF,   R. M. C.    39  M   W   Farmer  700 400 KY
        Mary        37  F   W               Tenn.
        Virginia E. 16  F   W               KY
        Harriet E.  14  F   W               KY
        Emily A.    12  F   W               KY
        Ira D.      10  M   W               KY
        Wilson      8   M   W               KY
        William 6   M   W               KY
        Catherine   3   F   W               KY
        infant      2/12    F   W               KY

Williams,   J. G.       31  M   W   Farmer  1000    500 Tenn.
        Rebecca 21  F   W               KY
        M.      2   F   W               KY
        G. A.       7/12    F   W               KY
Campton,    Thos.       23  M   W   Farmer      75  KY
WOOLF,  Phillup     61  M   W   Farmer  4000    1600    VA
(my note: Williams family, Campton and Phillup all in the same house hold.
Are they related? Is this a rooming house? What? I have a phillip WOLF, born 1799, possible brother or son of George. The age fits. Recieved birth year from  decendant of Valentine WOLF)

WOOLF,  S.      45  M   W   Farmer  1500    700 VA
        Nancy       50  F   W               KY
        J. C.       17  M   W   Farmer          KY
        Michael 13  M   W               KY
(my note: the dates and S. & Nancy coincide with Solomon and Nancy WOLF. From Glenwood Cemetery records where Solomon and Nancy are buried, I have James ‘E’ Wolf with the DOB of 7-5-1844 which is a close fit. The 1870 census says James ‘E’.  I did not have Michael age 13 in my records??)

WOLF,   Susan       60  F   W   Farmer  1500    800 KY
        J. B.       34  M   W   Farmer          KY
        F. E.       24  F   W               KY
        G. F.       19  M   W   Farmer          KY
(My Note: This name and initials with dates coincide with Susan Currence WOLF, wife of Michael who died in 1852. J. B.=James B., F. .=Francis E., G. F.=George Frank. I have Susan died this year.)

1860 of Livingston County, Missouri
WOLF, William   Age 58

1870 Fairview, Todd County, KY

Butler    George H.   49  M   W   Farmer  800 300 KY
Sarah       ?   F   W       3000        VA
WOOLF,  Fanny       ?   F   W    VA
Lawson H.   19  M   W   Farm Laborer        KY
(My Note: Fanny was May Francis Butler, wife of James B. WOLF who died before 1850? Because cannot make out the ages is possible George and Sarah are her parents.)

Winn   Thomas  45  M   W   Farm Laborer    600 Tenn.
Eliza       40  F   W   Housekeeper     Tenn.
Lucinda C.  17  F   W    Tenn.
Margaret W. 14  F   W   Tenn.
Sarah A.    11  F   W   Tenn.
John T. 9   M   W       Tenn.
Nancy M.    7   F   W  Tenn.
Louisa J.   5   F   W   Tenn
Minnie L.   2   F   W   Tenn
WOOLF,  Michael 21  M   W           250 KY
(My Note:  Winn family and Michael all in one house. This matches up with Samuel Valentine WOLF and Lucha Keeling’s son Michael)

1870 Census, Grisham, Todd County, KY

Cole     Aurelia     47  F   W   Farmer  1000    500 VA
Jessee      23  M   W   Farm Laborer        KY
William W.  21  M   W   Farm Laborer        KY
James N.    17  M   W   Farm Laborer        KY
Lidia A.    15  F   W               KY
WOOLF,  Lourah      9   F   W               KY

1870 Census, Elkton, Todd County, Ky

Keeling,    Nancy B.    46  F   W   Housekeeper1000 250 KY
Julia A.    23  F   W     KY
William E.  16  M   W   Farm Laborer    KY
WOOLF,  Samuel D.   28  M   W   Farmer   125 KY
Elmirah J.  19  F   W     KY
Su?an E.    1   F   W     KY
(My Note: This is Samuel and Lucha’s son and his first wife. Su?an is possibly Susan.)

WOOLF,  Rehawhen M. C49 M   W   Farmer    1000  1000    KY
Mary        47  F   W   Housekeeper  Tenn.
Virginnia   25  F   W  KY
Harriett    23  F   W   KY
Emily       21  F   W  KY
Ira     19  M   W   Farm Laborer   KY
Wilson      17  M   W   Farm Laborer  KY
 William 15  M   W   Farm Laborer  KY
Catherine   12  F   W  KY
Cordelia M. 10  F   W  KY
Amanda  5   F   W   KY
Nancy       3   F   W KY
(My note: this is obviously R.M.C. WOLF and family.

WATSON  John   75  M   W   Farmer      1500    100 TN
Martha A.   66  F   W   Housekeeper         VA
WOOLF,  Mary        40  F   W                   KY
Phillip C.  8   M   W                   KY
(My note: I still trying to find the direct connection to our line)

WOOLF,  Solomon 55  M   W   Farmer      2400    3000    KY
Nancy       57  F   W   Housekeeper         VA
James E.    27  M   W   Farm Laborer            KY
Miranda A.  30  F   W   Weaver          KY
MOORE,  Elizabeth   77  F   W                   VA
(My Note: Could this be Nancy’s mother??)

WOOLF,  Valentine   34  M   W   Farmer      500 300 KY
Saphronia   23  F   W   Housekeeper         KY
Ida     3   F   W     KY
Willie  1   F   W   KY

1900 Census Todd County KY

WOLF,   Stats B.    Head    W M Dec  1872   27  5   KY  KY  KY
Gertrude Wife    W  F    Oct   1877  22     2  2 KY  KY  KY
Hickman L.   Son W  M    Dec   1896  3       KY  KY  KY
Rubie N. Deu.    W  F    Aug   1898  1       KY  KY  KY
Martha   Mo  W  F    Aug   1852  47    3  2  KY  KY  KY
KENNER, Hurshel     W  M    July    1882    17      KY  KY  KY

WOLF,  Miranda A.   Head    W  F    July   1836 64     3  3 KY  KY  KY
      Jemmie    Dau W  F    June  1879  20      KY  KY  KY

WOLFE, Ira D.   Head    W  M    Mar  1857   43  10  KY  KY  KY
Milth        Wife    W  F    Sept  1864  35      5  5    KY  KY  KY
Ross     Son W  M    Sept  1881  18      KY  KY  KY
Effie        Dau W  F    Mar  1890   10      KY  KY  KY
Cordalie Dau W  F    Oct   1891  8       KY  KY  KY
Edward    Son W  M    Jan    1894 6       KY  KY  KY
Charles   Son W  M    June  1897  2       KY  KY  KY
Mary      Dau W  F    Sep   1899  8/12        KY  KY  KY
Mary      Mot W  F    Oct   1823  76    11 6  TN  VA  TN

WOLFE, Elbert H.    Head    W  M    Dec  1871   29  3   KY  KY  KY
Mattie   Wife    W  F    Mar  1879   21      2  1    KY  KY  KY
Nora     Dau W  F    Oct   1899  7/12        KY  KY  KY

KEELING, Nancy B.   Head    W  F    Jan   1824  76     4   3    KY  VA  VA
WOLF,      Almyra J.    Dau W  F    Mar  1851   49     5   3    KY  KY  KY
Sue   G. D.   W  F    June  1869  31      KY  KY  KY
Nannie    G. D.   W  F    Sep   1875  24      KY  KY  KY

WOLF,  Wilson S.    Head    W  M    Feb  1853   48  18  KY  KY  KY
Lucy      Wife    W  F    May 1858    42      3  3    KY  KY  KY
Mary      Dau W  F    Jan   1882  18      KY  KY  KY
Wallace   Son W  M    July  1883  16      KY  KY  KY
Sadie      Dau W  F    July  1888  11      KY  KY  KY

Submitted by Lee WOLFE

Kathryn Young


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