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  Box Butte County

1890 Box Butte Farmers

D - F


Henry Dainton Alliance
Mary Dainton Burbank
James H. Dainskin Nonpareil
Alva Darling Alliance
C. E. Darling Box Butte
Ole A. Davig Box Butte
C. E. Davis Box Butte
Herbert Davis Nonpaeil
J. M. Davis Hemingford
Joseph H. Davis Nonpareil
Lincoln Davis Burbank
Rose S. Davis Alliance
Samuel Davis Nonpareil
C. F. Davison Hemingfod
Timlott Dawler Alliance
S. S. Deffenbaugh Burbank
Frank L. DeHart Box Butte
J. W. DeHart Box Butte
F. H. Dembers Lawn
William Dempsey Alliance
O. Dembers Lawn
Joseph B. Denton Alliance
F. M. Devore Alliance
Peter Dieckman Burbank
B. Dill Hemingford
Benjamin F. Dill Hemingford
A. F. Dillon Box Butte
H. H. Ditto Alliance
John W. Ditto Alliance
Mack Ditto Alliance
A. Dobesh Dunlap
Frank Docekal Box Butte
Irwin Dodds Hemingford
M. F. Donovan Nonpareil
Stephen Doolen Nonpareil
L. S. Dorman Box Butte
John Dougherty Alliance
Michael Doughterty Alliance
George E. Douglas Allaince
J. W. Downey Box Butte
Katie Drake Nonpariel
William Drefke Alliance
W. C. Duffield Box Butte
John Duffy Nonpareil
Frank Duhon Lawn
Mike Duhon Lawn
R. W. Dunafon Alliance
George W. Duncan  Alliance
Daniel Dunn  Hemingford
Jerry Dunn Burbank
John H. Duskin Nonpareil
S. J. Dutton Alliance
Vincent Dvorak Lawn
William Dykeman Alliance


Joel F. Earl Alliance
Joseph Earl Alliance
W. J. Earl Alliance
H. N. Earnest Nonpareil
W. J. Earnest  Nonpareil
J. B. Eaton Hemingford
David Eberly Box Butte
Victor Eberly Box butte
John B.Eckl Berea
Joseph Eckl Berea
George Edwards Lawn
Chris Ehrich Nonpareil
F. S. Elliott Alliance
H. J. Ellis Alliance
Mrs. R. J. Ellis Alliance
Michael Elmore Alliance
Mike Elmore Hemingford
E. C. Emery Box Butte
Ed Enderly Hemingford
E. C. Enderly Hemingford
John Engelgan Nonpareil
John Engelhorse Alliance
William J. Enright Hemingford
R. M. Everett Box Butte
Herman Erhart Box Butte
Eric Erickson Nonpareil
Perry Erickson Lawn
Lars Erickson Hemingford
J. C. Evans Alliance
W. N. Evans  Lawn
Van Evans Alliance


Timothy Fanigan Alliance
Philip A. Fay Alliance
M. H. Fay Alliance
M. F. Fearing Alliance
A. Fendrich Hemingford
Nick Fernbachy Alliance
Ole O Fexley Box Butte
F. H. Filmore Hemingford
William E. Fink Burbank
Dellie Fisher Hemingford
H.C. Fisher Hemingford
John G. Fisher Hemingford
R. Fisher Hemingford
John Fitzgerald Alliance
George Flatman Alliance
N. P. Flicklinger Alliance
Hosea F. Fogg Lawn
Joseph Foreljt Lawn
Alvin Fosket Hemingford
B. O. Fosket Hemingford
Grove Fosket Hemingford
G. D. Fosket Hemingford
William M. Fosket Hemingford
D. A. Fossey Nonpareil
Hiram Foster Lawn
L. I. Fowle Alliance
J. M. Fowler Alliacne
George Fox Alliance
John Fraedrich Alliance
John Franta Nonpareil
Frank Frank Nonpareil
James Frank Nonpareil
Joseph Frank Nonpareil
Frank Franz Nonpareil
H. h. Franziel Box Butte
John W. Frazier Box Butte
Mrs. W. R. Frazier Box Butte
Pete Frederickson Box butte
Frank Freimuth Box Buttwe
Andrew Freshia Nonpareil
A. J. Friel Alliance
James Friel Hemingford
William Friel Hemingford
H. B. Friend Hemingford
Leo Fonapfel Hemingford
S. J. Fryett Box Butte
H. Fuilsaas Hemingford
M. S. Fuller Nonpareil
S. C. Fuller Hemingford
Washington Fuller Alliance
Niles Fulsaas Box Butte
John S. Furnas Alliance

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