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  Box Butte County

1890 Farmers

G - I

   Farmer                              Location

George D. Gaddis Alliance
John Gaddis Nonpareil
George Gadshy Box Butte
George G. Gadsby Box Butte
Nellie Gadsby Box Butte
James Gallagher Alliacne
W. J. Gallagher Alliance
S. C. Gallup Alliance
Albert Garrett Nonpareil
Robert Garrett Berea
H. Geiselman Nonpareil
Ell Gerber Hemingford
G. F. Gerber Alliance
S. B. Gerber Hemingford
A. S. Gerdes Box Butte
Morton Geyer Nonpareil
Otto Gibson Hemingford
Ole Gilbert Box Butte
William Gilbert Box Butte
L. A. Gilchrist Alliance
G. B. Gildersleeve Alliance
G. W. Gildersleeve Alliance
J. W. Gildersleeve Alliance
I. T. Gill Alliance
C. S. Gillespie Alliance
Thomas Gillshannon Alliance
B. F. Gilman Hemingford
C. W. Gilman Hemingford
Ed Gilpin Marsland
M. Goaech Hemingford
H. L. Godard Alliance
H. R. Godard Alliance
N. R. Gooch Hemingford
A. L. Goodenough Alliance
H. H. Goodwin Alliance
J. M. Goodwin Alliance
Lawrence Goodwin Alliance
Z Goodwin Sr.  Alliance
Morton Goshen  Alliance
Frank Gowrie Lawn
F. Grabbert Hemingford
A. Graham Box Butte
F. A. Gralapp Alliance
Ole A. Grannum Box Butte
H. E. Green Hemingford
H. R. Green Hemingford
Joseph K. Green Hemingford
P. C. Green Lawn
Thomas A. Green Nonpareil
E. I. Gregg Alliance
R. A. Gregg Alliance
R. B. Gregg Marsland
H. H. Gregory Alliance
Spencer Griffeth Alliance
J. H. Griffith Box Butte
John W. O. Gross Box Butte
Theo Grove Alliance
Gus Gunderson Burbank


B. F. Hadley Burbank
J. W. Hadley Burbank
George H. Hagaman Alliance
Miles Hagaman Alliance
I. N. Hague Burbank
B. Hailbur Hemingford
Fritz Halbur Hemingford
Theresa Halbur Hemingford
E. Hale Alliance
J. P. Hale Alliance
Aaron Hall Alliance
Clias E. Hall Box Butte
Charles L. Hall Burbank
E. A. Hall Hemingford
E. A. Hall Nonpareil
J. P. Hall Box Butte
William Hall Box Butte
Goerge Halling Box Butte
F. E. Hamblin Alliance
E. E. Hamilton Hemingford
J. T. Hamilton Hemingford
M. E. Hammond Hemingford
R. M. Hampton Alliance
Christ Hamsa Nonpareil
C. D. Hancock Box Butte
Mary J. Hancock Box Butte
E. M. Hanks Hemingford
W. F. Hanley Nonpareil
V. Hansa Lawn
Peter Hanson Box Butte
Theo Hanson Box Butte
J. Harbacek Box Butte
George H. Harding Box Butte
N. F. Harding Burbank
Marie E. Haris Burbank
Oscar L. Haris Burbank
Hester A. Harker Berea
A. M. Harlow Box Butte
Frank Harris Burbank
N. H. Harris Burbank
S. Harrison Hemingford
S. L. Harrison Hemingford
James Hasburgh Berea
C. L. Hashman Alliance
L. S. Hasson Hemingford
Hatfield Brothers Alliance
Job Hathaway Hemingford
B. J. Hawkins Alliance
E. L. Hawkins Alliance
W. H. Hawkins Alliance
W. H. Hawkins Jr.  Alliance
E. W. Hawley Hemingford
James M. Hays Alliance
John Hays Alliance
N. M. Hays Alliance
John P. Hazard Lawn
G. F. Healy Marsland
W. B. Heath Box Butte
A. G. Hedgcock Alliance
Henry Heiden Box Butte
John A. Heist Alliance
John Henderson Burbank
Henricks Brothers Alliance
John Henricks Alliance
John Hengstler Box Butte
C. Henning Nonpariel
William H. Herbes Hemingford
C. W. Herbst Box Butte
Samuel Hebst Box Butte
J. C. Herlien Box Butte
Isaac Herring Lawn
J. H. H. Hewett Hemingford
John Hewitt Alliance
Henry Hier Alliance
Frank Hildreth Box Butte
Alexander Hill Alliance
A. W. Hill Hemingford
John Hill Alliance
F. Hillier Alliance
Charles Hipf Hemingford
Elizather Hird Berea
A. L. Hodge Nonpareil
A. Hoffland Alliance
H. Hoffmann Box Butte
H. C. Hoffman Box Butte
Anton Hoffman Box Butte
E.I. A. Holdredge Nonpareil
James Hollinrake Hemingford
H. Hollinrake Hemingford
S. Hollinrake Hemingford
T. Hollingrake Hemingford
Jere Holub Lawn
L. Homrichhousen Lawn
A. Honomehl Lawn
John Honomichl Lawn
Addie F. Hood Hemingford
Alice C. Hood Hemingford
Ella H. Hood Hemingford
Martin Hood Alliance
Mrs. Matilda Hood Hemingford
William A. Hood Nonpriel
Bert Hopkins  Box Butte
John Hopkins Box Butte
Thomas L. Hopkins Box Butte
J. W. Hornback  Box Butte
Sarah Hornback Box Butte
Christ Hornburg Alliance
Joseph Hough Nonpareil
Jacob Hovorka Lawn
Thomas Hovorka Lawn
Richard Howard Box Butte
Albert Howland Box Butte
B. F. Howland Hemingford
Victor Hranac Lawn
Adam Hucke Hemingford
Charles C. Hucke Hemingford
Levi Huff Alliance
Edmond Huffman Alliance
John K. Hughes Alliance
John S. Hughes Marsland
M. F. Hughes Marsland
D. W. Hughs Alliance
G. W. Hunt Alliance 
H. C. Hunt Alliance
John E. Hunt Alliance
Isaac Hurford Box Butte
D. H. Hurburt Burbank
J. B. Hurlburt Burbank
A. P. Hutchings Alliance 
W. R. Hutchings Alliance
F. M. Hundshaw Hemingford


W. M. Iodence Hemingford
Charles H. Irion Lawn
John Irion Lawn
Thomas L. Irvine Lawn

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