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  Box Butte County

1890 Farmers

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Farmers                           Location


Joseph Sabathka Lawn
John Sabatka Hemingford
C. E. Sage Hemingford
E. T. Salts Alliance
P. A. Salts Alliance
Catherine Sampy Nonpareil
Leonard Sampy Nonpareil
E. T. Sanderson Alliance
E. Sarver Alliance
Herman Suss Alliance
John Suss Alliance
John Sauerwein Lawn
J. A. Saults Box Butte
John Sazama Jemingford
Daniel Scharff Hemingford
A. Schaumberg Hemingford
J. Scheeler Hemingford
Joseph Scheffer Hemingford
Charles Schilling Hemingford
John Schindler Hemingford
M. Schlais Lawn
H. Schmitz Hemingford
Martin Schocker Box Butte
Fred Schreier Berea
H. Schultalbers Hemingford
John Schwartz Hemingford
C. R. Scott Hemingford
Joseph Scott Alliance
Lorenzo Scott Alliance
Walter Scott Alliacne
Mike Search Alliance
John Sedeacek Lawn
Venzel Sedlacek Nonpareil
John Sedlacek Nonpareil
George See Lawn
James See Lawn
Fred Seidler Alliance
Gottlieb Seidler Alliance
Florian Semrad Lawn
D. L. Sense Alliance
Frank Severin Lawn
John Seversen Alliance
L. Shafer Box Butte
Thomas S. Shanklin Alliance
Fred Share Hemingford
E. M. Shatto Alliance
Samuel Shaw Alliance
M. A. Shay Libby
F. J. Shebek Hemingford
Charles Shelley Box Butte
Dwight Sherer Lawn
James E. Sherer Hemingford
John Sherlock Alliance
William Sherlock Alliance
A. Sherwood Nonpareil
C. Shetler Alliance
Jacob Shetler Nonpareil
Frank Shimek Hemingford
Henry Shimek Lawn
A. Schindler Hemingford
A. F. Shipley Nonpareil
R. L. Shipley Nonpareil
W. T. Shipley Nonpareil
John A. Shirk Hemingford
John H. Shirk Hemingford
George Shmidt Hemingford
Emma Shonquest Berea
Peter E. Shonquest Alliance
A. Shorkey Hemingford
Otto Shrader Alliance
F. Shubert Lawn
Margaret Shultz Lawn
Richard Sultz Lawn
J. B. Shupp Nonpareil
Catherine Silk Alliance
Patrick Silk Alliance
Jospeh Sirvoy Lawn
Charles W. Sisley Box Butte
James H. Skinner Alliance
Fannie Skodo Lawn
H. Skodo Lawn
O. A. Slafter Alliance
A. Smith Nonpareil
A. P. Smith Nonpareil
C. B. Smith Hemingford
Frank C. Smith Alliance
Fred Smith Alliance
Fred W. Smith Nonpareil
Henry Smith Alliance
H. H. Smith Lawn
J. A. Smith Hemingford
J. M. Smith  Alliance
John B. Smith Alliance
R. Smith Nonpareil
S. A. Smith Alliance
W. H. Smith Hemingford
Clark Snedeker Box Butte
F. M. Snedeker Alliance
George Snedeker Box butte
Frederick Snell Hemingford
G. W. Snider Alliance
W. C. Solenberger Allaince
August Sorge Lawn
Friedrich Sorge Lawn
M. Soukup Lawn
D. K. Spacht Nonpareil
George W. Sparks Nonpareil
William J. Speckman Box butte
Albert Spencer Nonpareil
J. W. Spencer Nonpareil
Specer & Tracy Box Butte
Mary A. Spice Hemingford
Albert Spickler Hemingford
L. D. Spickler Hemingford
John Springsteen Alliance
H. G. Sprow Alliance
C. C. Stanley Alliance
John Stava Hemingford
H. C. Stebbins Alliance
B. E. Stedwell Hemingford
Frank Steiggr Nonpareil
E. L. Steinlicht Alliance
C. Stephenson Hemingford
Hannah H. Stephenson Hemingford
 C. C. Stevens Alliance
F. P. Stevens Alliance
W. J. Steward Alliance
F. E. Stewart Alliance
Louisa S. Stewart Alliance
M. L. Stewart Nonpareil
Joseph Stika Lawn
Joseph Stoffel Hemingford
Mrs. P. M. Stoneycypher Berea
William H. Stonecypher Berea
John Stracek Lawn
John Strask Box butte
James Stratton Nonpareil
Miss N. Streator Hemingford
G. E. Strobridge Hemingford
W. L. Stuck Alliance
Ignac Studeny Lawn
John Studeny Lawn
J. P. Sturgeon Alliance
P. J. Sturgeon Alliance
Charles Stusman Alliance
John Sulivan Hemingford
George J. Sutton Box Butte
Frank Sutherland Alliance
R. B. Sutherland Alliance
Vincene Svoboda Nonpareil
Pete Swanson Hemingford
S. W. Swanson Nonpareil
E. P. Sweeney Alliance
Edgar Sweezey Nonpareil
Henry Sweezey Nonpareil
Leo Switzer Hemingford
Sam Switzer Hemingford
Robert Symonds Alliance


I. E. Tash Nonpareil
George L. Taylor Lawn
J. A. Taylor Alliance
Ben Tegel Alliance
Walter W. Temple Alliance
H. O. Texley Box butte
Ole G. Texley Box Butte
A. R. Thomson Alliance
G. C. Thompson Alliance
J. B. Thompson Box Butte
L. C. Thompson Box Butte
R. C. Thompson Alliance
T. M. Thompson Alliance
J. H. Thorlton Box Butte
Mrs. L. Thrusher Alliance
Charles Tiernan Alliance
John Tiernan Alliance
Jere Tirjes Lawn
Frank Tomka Box Butte
H. H. Thomlinson Hemingford
Charles Tompkins Alliance
F. Tompinka Box Butte
Tobias Torgerson Alliance
W. G. Tracey Berea
Arthur Tracy Box Butte
Ed M. Tracy Box Butte
H. W. Tracy Alliance
Mrs. M. J. Tracy Box Butte
P. W. Tracy Berea
J. C. Traver Box Butte
F. D. Trekell Alliance
F. Trenkle Alliance
A. Triplett Alliance
John M. Trout Lawn
J. H. Truax Alliance
A. Tschacher Hemingford
Joseph Tschacher Hemingford
J. H. Tschacher Hemingford
Marie Tucek Box Butte
James Turek Lawn
Joseph Turek Lawn
Ernst Turner Hemingford
John Tuerner Hemingford
L. A. Turner Hemingford
Myron Tuttle Hemingford
Smith P. Tuttle Nonpareil
C. W. Tynan Lawn

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