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  Box Butte County

Marriages 1914-1934

                                            " Z "

Zabel, Thelma M             Becker, Edward M            H-378 3690-1927
Zahner, Charles             Bawden, Jean                F-363 2869-1920
Zahner, Karoline Sern       Lawrence, Harvey L          F-47 2573-1918
Zajic, Joseph J             Hucke, Estella              F-335 2861-1920
Zapfen, Joseph              Retherford, Lilly           F-357 2883-1920
Zaspel, Erma W              Gillette, Wendell L         H-529 3841-1928
Zemanek, Date W             Gartman, Margaret A         G-491 4302-1932
Ziegier,Grace M             Rossa, Adam F               F-531 3057-1921
Zietrict, Helen             Koller, Benedict            E-1 I 1 2054-1915
Ziller, Bertha              Little, Henry C             F-582 3108-1921
Zimmerman, Lylice           Weaver, Melure              F-167 2693-1919
Zink, Opal                  Putnam, Arnold              H-500 3812-1928
Zlomke, Catherine B         Mall,John W                 G-384 4195-1931
Zucher, Clarissa B          Hedglin, James E            H-384 3696-1927
Zurcher, Laura E            Sutzbach, Charles F         F-584 3110-1921
Zurcher, Minnie             Fulcher, Clarence L         E-372 2315-1917
Zureher, Mabel              Smith, James W              H-186 3498-1925
Zurn, Oscar L               Bacon Esther M              H-204 3516-1925
Zweitzig, Amelia            Kniss, Henry                E-136 2079-1915

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