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  Box Butte County



This index is the second set which indexes marriage books E, F, G and H. This index follows the first set of 1887-1914 prepared and printed a few years ago.

The index includes the name of each groom, the name of each bride, the maiden name of the bride when known, and the surname of the bride if previously married.  Each marriage has at least two entries, alphabetical by all brides and grooms.  If this is a second or third marriage for the bride, her name is also entered under her maiden name as well as her surname from the first or second marriage.  I was surprised to note how many of the brides who have been married previously are using their maiden name at time of their second marriage.

If there was any doubt about the spelling of the name, it can be found in more than one place for the various possibilities.  If it could not be determined for a correct probable spelling there will be a question mark noted in the record.  As in all records there may be errors, some on the part of the compilers of this index or some on the part of the clerk at the time of entry.  There are two records I already know of that the maiden name of the mother of the bride or groom is incorrect.

It goes without saying that if one or more of these records 'appear' to be one you are interested in, make the effort to secure a copy of the document to make a determination for yourself as to the spelling and to secure the balance of the information noted on the document.

The last column in the index is the letter of the marriage bcok, the page in the book the record is found, the marriage number and the year the marriage took place.

The marriage records themselves include the names of the bride, groom, parents of the bride and groom, which includes the maiden name of the mothers, place of birth, place of residence at the time of marriage.  Further they indicate the date of application, date of marriage, names of witnesses to the marriage, place of marriage and name of the party who performed the marriage.  There are some documents that have no marriage certificate, however they have been included in this index.  I would also like to note to you that by just reviewing the names of the mothers of the bride and groom leads to relationships otherwise unknown.  I do wish that when I began this project that I had included these names in the index. I have personally found 'connections'by noting the maiden names of the mothers of the bride and groom.

A very big thank you is in order for this second project.  Thank you most sincerely to Kathryn M Hood, Box Butte County Clark, and her staff for loaning me this books for this project.  Their trust in me is very much appreciated.  To my sister Linda who sketched the picture of the moving of the courthouse from Hemingford to Alliance and the couple attempting to'catch up'with the courthouse in order to secure their license or to be married.  A special thanks to my husband, Norman, who wants to have the computer equipment that makes indexing easier and is my technician in addition to entering at least half the data on this index.

Again, I wish to every success in locating your ancestors and sincerely hope that I have helped in your endeavors.  I also encourage you to index some similar type of material to make available to others.

 Cynthia E Shay (Payne) Monroe
 PO Box 94842
 Lincoln, Ne 68509
 May 5,  1995


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