Dodge County Nebraska 1885 Census - I
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Dodge County Nebraska 1885 Census - I

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In accordance with an act of the Nebraska Legislature a census was authorized for the year 1885. The census was to use the schedules and forms of the tenth national census. The 1885 census of Nebraska is available as National Archives and Records Service microfilm publication no M352-0014 (Dodge Co)

** indicates difficult to read ?? indicates may be inaccurate
-- indicates nothing recorded ( ) indicates info added by compiler


First name and
other residents names
Age Place
of birth
frame #
Town or
Misc information
IKENBURY Dan 32 VA 332 NBD  
  Mary 28 VA    
  Joseph 7 VA    
  Riley 5 --    
IMES Isaac 21 IA 50 UNI  
IMSICK J B (male) 55 GR 1 WEB  
  Maryann 45 GR    
  Katie 19 IL    
  Anna Elizabeth 17 IL    
  Anna Margaret 15 IL    
  Frank Joseph 13 NE    
  John Herman 13 NE    
  Lena 10 NE    
  Susanna Pauline 7 NE    
  Martin Henry 4 NE    
INCHES Dr Charles 38 BK 240 SCR  
  Sarah 41 BK    
  Jesse 12 BK    
  Willie 9 BK    
  Freddie 7 PE    
  Helen 5 PE    
 TAGGE, Anna 22 WI    servant
INGRAM G (male) 26 IA 483 CFRE  
  M E (female) 23 IL    
IRAN W H (male) 40 PA 478 CFRE  
  A (female) 39 NJ    
  O (male) 18 NJ    
  J (male) 16 PA    
  L (female) 11 NE    
  F (male) 8 NE    
ISAACS Christian 61 DK 546 CFRE  
  Christina 61 DK    
  Tillie 21 DK    
ISGRIG A S (male) 48 PA 476 CFRE  
  M A (female) 42 OH    
  W J (male) 23 OH    
  H F (male) 19 OH    
 MECK, M(female) 23 IA    employee
ISKE Charles 23     Chas Furstenau family
ISKE see Iska, Eiske     
ISLICEN Anna M 60 DK 551 CFRE  
 JENSEN, Ana S 78 DK    boarder
IVES Eben 51 OH 58 UNI  
  Caroline 45 IA    
  Edgar A 21 OR    
  Annie E 16 IA    
  Eben A 13 NE    
  Nellie J 11 NE    
  Carrie B 7 NE    
  Daisy M 3 NE    
 WESTFALL, Peter 24 WI    boarder

Copyright 2003, Claire Mares
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