Gage County, Nebraska


Business Directory for 1890-1891

Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890
Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co., in the
Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

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Submitted by: Brenda Busing


ADAMS, is on the Atchison and Nebraska branch of the B. & M.R.R. in Gage county, 26, miles northeast of Beatrice, the county seat, and 30 miles southeast of Lincoln. It has a population of 350. Grain and live stock are largely shipped from this point. There is a bank, an elevator, a hotel, and a Methodist chruch.

Adams Globe, Wren Bros, pubs.
Barnhouse W W, grain, coal and live stock.
Borchers H, meat market
Feather P W, propr Valley House.
Garrison Bros, livery.
Garrison O T, hardware.
Gillett H, wagon maker.
Gray & Pearson, genl mdse.
McKibbin J W, phys.
Miller E J, sta, tel and ex agt.
Mosby G L, meat market.
Nevins O S, barber.
Norcross & Worl, grain.
Noxon H Mrs, restaurant.
Shaw James, postmaster.
Shaw N C, groceries.
Shaw S V, lumber and notary public.
Spellman J H, genl mdse.
State Bank of Adams, capital $40,000, W P Norcross pres, H J Merrick cashier.
Sumpter J A, hardware.
Valley House, P W Feather propr.
Watson H L, blacksmith.
Whyman & Clark, genl mdse.
Whyman F E, drugs.
Wren Bros, pubs The Adams Globe.

BARKEY, a postoffice in the northern part of Gage county, 10 miles east of DeWitt.

BARNESTON, is in the valley of the Blue river, 22 miles south of Beatrice, on the L., B. & M. branch of the U.P. Ry. It is in the southern part of Gage county, three miles from the Kansas state line, and has a population of 300. The principal shipments are wheat and live-stock. The Barneston Star, published by D.R. Mercer, keeps the community well informed of current events. The Presbyterians have a church here. The Catholic and Methodist societies expect to build places of worship during the coming season.

Atherton Wm, agl implts.
Bank of Barneston, capital $5,000, C M Warren cashier.
Barneston Star, D.R. Mercer publisher.
Beaubien & Co, genl mdse.
Blue Valley Lumber Co, C H Dalbkermeyer, mgr.
Brown Bros, A G Keys mgr, frain elevator.
Brown Lewis, saloon.
City Hotel, R Kirkendall prop.
Clark Mr, sta agt U P Ry.
Commercial Hotel, A Patzwald prop.
Cook Almond L, blacksmith.
Craig Jas, prop Bank of Barneston.
Dalbkermeyer Charles H, mgr Blue Valley Lumber Co.
Dungan Wilson E, barber.
Hausman Harry, barber.
Jacques F M, live stock dealer.
Keys A G, mgr Brown Bros.
Kirkendall Robert, prop City Hotel.
Lowes J S, phys.
Lutz Jacob F, hardware.
McKay Geo, live stock dealer.
Mercer Daniel R, prop Barneston Star.
Miller Edwin S, mgr Omaha Elevator Co.
Odell J M, meat market.
Omaha Elvator co, E S Miller mgr.
Rail Samuel T, genl mdse.
Rawley Patrick, genl mdse.
Redmon H B, phys.
Spicer J R, harness.
Stonehocker & Whitney, carpenters and builders.
Tauer Wm, blacksmith.
Vogel L G, Mrs, millinery.
Weaverling Mathew, furniture.
Weber Gustave, saloon.
Whorton Julia L Mrs, livery.
Wyatt Jesse C, drugs.


BLUE SPRINGS is an incorporated city, handsomely situated on the Blue river in Gage county, in one of the most fertile portions of the state, and has a population of 1,700. It is 12 miles south of Beatrice, the county seat. The Lincoln, Beatrice & Manhattan branch of the U.P. Ry. and the B. & M. R. R., both have stations here. A street railway also connects it with Wymore, a short distance away. The city is lighted by electricity. A fine roller mill turns out 200 barrels of superior flour per day. There are extensive stone quarries and clay banks within the limits of the city. The Spencer Manufacturing Co., have an extensive trade in the manufacture of windmills, pumps, etc. There are four churches: Presbyterian, United Brethren, Methodist and Evangelical; three hotels, two banks and one newpaper, the Weekly Sentinel.

Armstrong E S, groceries, bakery.
Ault Fred, mgr Telephone Exchange
Barnum H S, livery
Bishop O E, auctioneer
Black Bros. props Blue Springs Roller Mills
Blue Springs Bank, capital $15,000, J C Williams pres, J Payne, cashier.
Blue Springs Motor, W D Clark ed.
Blue Springs Roller Mills, Black Bros props.
Borngasser Louis, horse breeder.
Bromley J L, boots and shoes.
Brown E Mrs, Millinery.
Burington E H, real estate.
Burington O E, groceries and stationery.
Burke T F, atty.
Bushnell Emma F, dressmaker.
Casebeer J H, editor and prop The Weekly Sentinel.
Catlin H T, sta, tel and ex agt B & M R R.
Central Hotel, J B Murphy prop.
Chapman George, livery.
Clark W D, ed Blue Springs Motor.
Cocklin & Laymon, grain, poultry.
Colburn H & Son, genl mdse.
Commercial Hotel, J Custer prop.
Cornwell J T , blacksmith.
Couper G R, photographer.
Craig Wm, hardware.
Cunningham W J, auctioneer.
Custer J, prop Commercial Hotel.
Fisher F J, groceries.
Fouts P, furniture.
Fritz B, dentist.
Frye & McLain, meat market.
Fullam & Son, lumber.
Gage County Bank; capital $14,000, O N Wheelcok pres, Eugene Wheelock cashier.
Gambee H R, blacksmith.
Gordon J L, saloon.
Gow W J & Bros, farm loans.
Graff Bros, wind mills and pumps.
Hall T R, phys.
Hazen S M, genl mdse.
Herbert J C, boots and hsoes.
Hill W C, agl implts, coal.
Kline S D, carriage painter.
Kranbuel S R, jeweler.
Lewis F W, barber.
Lewis Hattie Mrs, dressmaker.
McLain & Frye, meat market.
McNutt J & F, drugs.
Marbry G W, groceries.
Mattoon F W, postmaster.
Mead T B, prop Pacific Hotel.
Munson M, poultry breeder.
Murphy J B, prop Central Hotel.
Murphy J M, blacksmith.
Omaha Elevator Co, grain elevator.
Otis C S, atty.
Pacific Hotel, T V Mead prop.
Perkins A & G M, dry goods.
Plank Elmer, sta, tel, ex agt U P Ry.
Plattenberger & Berg, dray line.
Quinn J H, phys.
Robertson J T, fence mfr.
Roderick Bros, genl mdse.
Roop J, phys.
Rumbaugh J M, agl implts.
Smith T W, genl mdse.
Spencer Manufacturing Co, N S Spencer prop.
Turner G R, confectionery.
Vanbuskirk J T, blacksmith.
Walther E G & R, harness makers.
Weekly Sentinel (The), J H Casebeer editor.
Wonder D N, jewelry.
Wonder E, phys, drugs.
Wonder E E & D N Mrs, millinery.
Wright W W, justice of the peace.
Young Wm, justice of the peace.
Zenor B, blacksmith.

CORTLAND, in the southern part of Gage county, has a population of 600, and is situated on the Manhatten and Lincoln branch of the U.P. Ry. In this district of coutnry the land is of the best for agriculture, and the people are prosperous. There are two banks in Cortland: Exchange Bank and the State Bank of Cortland, the former having a capital of $50,000. Two grain elevators, a creamery, a hotel and a weekly newspaper, the Cortland Herald, contribute largely to the business.

Alberts R & Son, drugs.
Aukes E E, phys and drugs.
Blizzard J H, ed Cortland Herald
Bridges J J, prop Commercial Hotel.
Brown Bros, Wm Clessem mgr, grain elevator.
Cased A S & Son, blacksmiths.
Commercial Hotel, J J Bridges prop.
Cook & Brust, blacksmiths.
Cortland Herald, J H Blizzard, editor.
Cortland Implement Co, M Jackson mgr, agl implts.
Denton E K, saloon.
Englebart D, merchant tailor.
Exchange Bank, capital $50,000, J Chapman pres, J R Chapman cash.
Gale Alice Mrs, millinery.
Ganoung B W, phys.
Grimm & Bailey, restaurant.
Grotjan & Hickman, genl mdse.
Harrod Bros, livery.
Himebaugh & Merriam, Frank Eyer mgr, grain elevator.
Kurtz L T, hardware.
La Selle, Jones & Co, genl mdse.
McNickel A B, real estate, justice.
Mallory & Giles, pump supplies.
Meeham & O'Brien, boots, shoes and groceries.
Mosier Wm, barber.
Nighbert & Nailor, hardware.
Oberman Oscar, postmaster.
Pfifer Paul, furniture.
Poe P E, photographer.
Roosa S A, boots and shoes.
Rounds Lumber Co, lumber, coal, lime.
Schramm & Schmidt, genl mdse.
Simmons L A, meat market.
Smith & Bunte, genl mdse.
Smith Edward, blacksmith.
Smith R T, sta, tel and ex agt.
Sprague Henry, livery.
State BAnk of Cortland, J L Jackson pres, J F Prentis cashier.
Stockfeldt J H A, barber.
Strater J P, wagonmaker.
Wallingford, Silvers & Forham, agl implts.
Warner J C, genl mdse.
Williams C M, phys.
Yarnal Z S, justice.
Young & Whittaker, lumber, coal.

CROPSEY, a postoffice in the extreme norhtwestern part of Gage county, 26 miles from Beatrice. The nearest railway station is Sterling, on the B. & M. R. R. Population, 75.

ELLIS, a station on the Chicago, Kansas & Nebraska Ry., in the western part of Gage county, eight miles west of Beatrice, the county seat. Population, 100.

Ellis J, grain.
Humes F H, postmaster, genl mdse, hardware.
Jeffreys R S, drugs, phys.
Mitchell A C, sta agt.
Schenck John, blacksmith.
Steffen Bros, grain, coal, lumber.
Sutliff W B, agl implts.
Wassen E Mrs, millinery.
Wassen F E, justice.

FILLEY is located in the eastern part of Gage county, 13 miles from Beatrice, the county seat, and is on the line of the B. & M. R. R. The population is 482. A roller flour mill, which cost $20,000, with a capacity of 75 barrels per day, is located here and is of great benefit to the place. There is also an elevator with a capacity for storing 20,000 bushels of grain, which cost $10,000. The Bank of Filley was one of the earliest business enterprises located in the town and has rendered great assistance to its trade. The Filley Review is a well circulated newpaper and good advertising medium. The churches are the Methodist and Baptist.

Addington J L, editor The Filley Review.
Bank of Filley, I W Moore pres, Elijah Filley vice-pres, G E Moore cashier.
Bentley J S, jewelry.
Blackburn M H, phys.
Boggs & Caley, livery.
Bolling J W, prop Filley Roller Mills.
Canfield L B, postmaster.
Canfield & Sherburn genl mdse.
City Hotel, A H Stokey prop.
Cox Judson, plasterer.
Deulen George, blacksmith.
Filley Elijah, live stock, grain, coal.
Filley Review, Addington & Stineback props.
Filley Roller Mills, J W Bolling prop.
Fisher J H, carpenter.
Forest Lumber Co, J L Adams mgr, lumber and coal.
Fosselman H A, druggist.
Hollingsworth C E, barber.
Hollingsworth C E Mrs, millinery.
Johansen Chris, blacksmith.
Kleinhaus C F, painter.
Lewellen & Axtel, genl mdse.
Moore G E, cashier Bank of Filley and notary public.
Overt J C, justice.
Rusk W T, barber.
Filley Ad
Scheik & Meints, genl mdse.
Smith House, Wm Smith prop.
Specht A, meat market.
Stephenson N M, billiards.
Stinebach G H, pub The Filley Review.
Stokey H A, prop City Hotel.
Swain & Son, importers of Norman and Clydesdale horses.
Thornton L R, phys.
Waddington Geo, sta, tel and ex agt.
Waddington W A & Co, hardware, harness, etc.
Wright J W, hardware, groceries.

FREEMAN, a postoffice in the central part of Gage county, six miles north of Beatrice.

HAMILTON, a town of 100 inhabitants in the central part of Gage county, eight miles east of Beatrice, the county seat. The town is reached by the Chicago, Kansas & Nebraska Ry. The station is called Rockford.

Copp Chas, sta, tel and ex agt.
Dobbs Joel, postmaster, hardware, genl mdse.
Girl Peter A, hotel, livery.
Girl Wm, stone quarry.
Rugle W H, live stock.
Vandyke J G, blacksmith.
Williss M A, live stock, grain.

HANOVER, a postoffice in the central part of Gage county, six miles norhtwest of Filley.

HOAG, a station on the B. & M.R.R., in the western part of Gage county, eight miles from Beatrice, the county seat. Population, 50.
Diller S, sta agt.
Freeman Daniel, justice.
Hards E, flour mill.
Kenyon J F, genl mdse and postmaster.
Roe J R, blacksmith, harnessmaker.

HOLMESVILLE, is 141 miles from Omaha on the L.B. & M. branch of the U.P. Ry. nine miles south of Beatrice, the county seat of Gage county, and has a population of 250. The Blue Valley stone quarries are located near this point.

Albert E, justice, notary, real estate.
Blue Valley Stone Quarries, G H Davis prop.
Brown C T & Bros, J H Davis mgr, grain.
Davis G H, sta, tel and ex agt.
Fullam, Son & Co, lumber and coal.
Fuller J H, genl mdse.
Gleason J F & Co, lumber and coal.
Jackson T R Mrs, dressmaker.
Lancaster Ed & Bro, live stock.
Leeds S S, feed mill.
Long John, sheep breeder.
Morris D F, phys.
Omaha Elevator co, L S Keim mgr. grain.
Robinson D F, hardware.
Rothrock Anna, dressmaker.
Shelley R E, insurance.
Sillik H E, drugs, postmaster.
Strohm, J L, hardware, blacksmith.

LANHAM is a station on the Lincoln, Wymore & Concordia branch of the B. & M. R. R., in the southwestern part of Gage county, 25 miles from Beatrice. Population, 200. The state line between Kansas and Nebraska runs through the center of the principal street--the post office being in Nebraska. This place being small and being divided the town has no schools of its own, an dis seriously retarded from making improvements on account of the absence of a proper municipal government. There is a Lutheran church here and also a Christian church. The Bank of Lanham attends to the financial affairs.

Bloomfield Joseph, livery.
Brubaker & Remaly, genl mdse.
Coyle J H, photographer.
Davis James A, blacksmith.
Eby Wm M, hardware, postmaster.
Grindle E W, mgr Wm Loudon.
Lassner Joseph, shoemaker.
Loudon Wm, E W Grindle mgr, grain
Manning John W, hotel.
Morris Willis G, phys.
Ostendorf & Koehler, genl mdse.
Powell J H, sta agt.
Rozell Wm, harness.
Schroeder Rudolph, barber.
Smethers Bros, agl implts.
Smethers Josiah, confectionery.
Thrap & Co, meat market.
Wieters Wm, lumber.

LIBERTY is a town in the southeastern part of Gage county, on the Republican Valley division of the B. & M.R. R. There are two grain elevators, a feed mill, several lumber yards, fence manufacturers, and a number of stores, a bank, two hotels, a live newspaper, the Liberty Journal, and five churches, etc. The churches are: United Presbyterian, Methodist: Presbyterian, Baptist and Christian. Population, 700.

Armstrong George W, blacksmith.
Aspinwall O C Mrs, millinery.
Barnhart N, prop Liberty Hotel.
Bell & Allen, genl mdse.
Brown S J & Co, grain elevator.
Buckley Leslie M, drugs.
Chapin John F, agt S K Martin Lumber Co.
City Hotel, C W Fick prop.
Corbin George H, fence mfr.
Crocker Francis E, genl mdse, grain.
Dahl L S, jeweler.
De Lair David, saloon.
Dick Wm H, agt White Lake Lumber Co.
Ferrier A M, feed mill.
Fick C W, prop City Hotel.
Fick & Locie, livery.
First National Bank, E E Harden pres, H A Harden cashier.
Gadd N T, atty.
Gay James, blacksmith.
Goudy Anna E Miss, millinery.
Hardin David S, atty.
Hawley Wm W, sta agt.
Jimerson Jacob H, barber.
Kirby Wm H, fence mfr.
Liberty Hotel, N Barhart prop.
Liberty Journal, H J Olmstead prop.
McDonald Albert R, postmaster.
Martin (S K) Lumber Co, John F Chapin agt.
Mason H H, hardware, agl impls.
Norcross T R, livery.
Olmstead H J, prop Liberty Journal.
Orr T M, shoemaker.
Palmer Chas H, groceries.
Renfro & Co, meat market.
Rippey Joseph B, drugs.
Sharp Allen, genl mdse.
Sharp Bros, groceries.
Souders Allen E, genl mdse.
Spicer John R, harness.
Tibbets T D, phys.
Vogel & Jackson, meat market.
Voorhees & Voorhees, furniture and hardware.
Waters George B, groceries.
Wherry & Fouke, furniture, agl implts.
White Lake Lumber Co, Wm H Dick agt.
Wilson Benj, photographer.
Wood Wm E, barber.
Wornick T M, phys.

ODELL is built on Indian creek, in the southwestern part of Gage county, on the Republican Valley division of the B. & M.R.R., and has about 400 inhabitants. The surrounding country is in a high state of cultivation. Large quantities of building material are found in the vicinity. Two banks, the First Commercial and Bank of Odell, stand well in the esteem of the community. The newspaper of Odell is the Enterprise, published by L.A. Archerd. The churches are the Methodist, Christian and Catholic.

Allen Henry, ;hys.
Archerd L H, prop The Enterprise.
Archerd L H Mrs, millinery.
Bank of Odell, F R Joy pres, H R Joy cashier.
Bock Wm H, agt B & M R R.
Bourne Hirmon & Co, meat market.
Bull Henry M, billiards.
Callan T R, hardware, agl implts.
Carrico Perry, livery.
Drake Alonzo F, furniture.
Enterprise (The), L H Archerd prop.
First Commercial Bank, M Robertson pres, F Walker vice-pres, L L Price cashier.
Grimes Mortimer H, harness.
Joy Bros, genl mdse.
London Wm, L A Scroggs mgr, grain elevator.
Martin Chas H, real estate, ins.
Morgan C F M, harness.
Quein A, prop Quein House.
Quein House, A Quein prop.
Racey Eva Mrs, millinery.
Scoular & Cormack, lumber, coal.
Seidl Emil, blacksmith.

PICKRELL, a station on the U.P. Ry. in the central part of Gage county, eight miles north of Beatrice, the county seat. Population, 150.

Coonley L I, blacksmith.
Evans Amos, sta agt.
Kennedy Dr, phys.
Masemann & Skinner, hardware.
Moore J W, genl mdse.
White J D, postmaster.

PUTNAM, a flag station on the B. & M. R. R. six miles from Beatrice.

VIRGINIA is a small town of 75 inhabitants, on the lines of the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific R. R. and the Kansas City, Wyandotte & Northwestern Ry., in Gage county, 14 miles east of Beatrice, the county seat. The farm products of the vicinity are chiefly corn, oats, flax and hay. There is a hotel, a grain elevator and other kinds of business in successful operation.

Allen J W & Son, grain elevator.
Barber & Lynk, genl mdse.
Barber W E, postmaster.
Barber W A, livery.
Boyer A L, blacksmith.
Cline A E, prop Cline House.
Darwin George E, meat market.
Lyman F R. sta, tel and ex agt.
Saxeberger F, phys and drugs.
Wright James, agl implts.

WYMORE has a population of 2,500 and is situated at the junction of the Republican Valley and the Wymore branches of the B. & M. R. R., in the southern part of Gage county. It is 13 miles from Beatrice, the county seat, and eight miles from the Kansas state line. Wymore is a division headquarters of the B. & M. R. R., with workshops, round-house, etc., giving employment to nearly 100 men. It is expected that these works will soon be enlarged with corresponding increase in the number of employes. The city is also connected with Blue Springs by a horse railway about two miles in length, where is a station of the U.P. Ry. A water works system has just been completed for the supply of the city at a cost of $32,000. The Methodist church building cost $14,000, the Episcopal church $8,000, and the Catholic church will cost $10,000. The Bank of Wymore, B. Burch, president, J.C. Burch, cashier, and the First National Bank are both substantial institutions. The leading hotel is the Touzalin, one of the finest appointed houses in the state, and which receives a very generous patronage. The publication four weekly newpapers indicates a high degree of intelligence in the community. They are the Wymore Union, The Wymorean, Wymore Reporter and the Arbor State.

Ake A A, coal and feed.
Ake A P, restaurant.
Allen Moses, stone quarry.
Anderson Henry, bill poster.
Bacon V P, painter.
Bank of Wymore, B Burch pres, J C Burch cashier, M H Southwick asst cashier.
Beinert Conrad E, genl mdse.
Benson John S, barber.
Blue Valley Lumber Co, H C James pres and mgr, A E Winter treas, O F Jaynes sec.
Brazill H M, real estate.
Bremwell L H, jeweler.
Brown James T, blacksmith.
Burch B, pres Bank of Wymore.
Burch J C, cashier Bank of Wymore.
Burke John, prop Potter House, restaurant.
Burkhalter Charles, meat market.
Burnham James M, prop Weekly Wymorean.
Carr H S Mrs, photographer.
Carson Charles H, groceries.
Cavette Lucille Miss, millinery.
Clapp James H, real estate.
Clark John H, fruits, etc.
Cole Sanford D, dry goods, shoes.
Davison A, prop The Touzalin
Davison D Arthur, books, stationery.
Dimmitt Harden W, furniture.
Dirks D J A, genl mdse.
Docekal Frank, boots and shoes.
Dodds Joseph R, prop Weekly Arbor State.
Dolan Wm H, saloon.
Eagle House, J H Edwell prop.
Edwell John H, prop Eagle House.
Ellis Thomas J, livery.
Fenton Erick W, jeweler.
First National Bank, J H Reynolds pres, Lake Bridenthal cashier.
Fisher W I, city treasurer.
Gafford Charles C, phys.
Gerbing L F, barber.
German J W, real estate, ins.
Given Henry A, phys.
Graff Bros, agl implts.
Greenwood Horace A, lumber.
Hageman G P, prop Rock Island House.
Hamm Julius, prop Potter House.
Hargrave & Saunders, clothing, shoes.
Harpster H miss, dressmaker.
Hemperly G L, city clerk.
Himmel & Murphy, livery.
Hoag J R, real estate.
Hobbs Phillip M, phys.
Holmes Henry, laundry.
Holmes & Hollingsworth, groceries.
Hurtz Anthony, groceries.
Ingersoll Benjamin F, groceries, shoes.
Jeffrey J O, coal.
Jones Edwin, stone quarry.
Jones John C, phys.
Kness Daniel K, watchmaker.
Label Frank, hardware.
Laflin & Tout, drugs.
Leach Marcus, architect.
Lee Sing, laundry.
Livengood S, coal and feed.
Livsey Richard, justice of the peace, prop Livsey's Opera House.
Livsey's Opera House, R Livsey prop.
Lowdon Wm, J T Stevens mgr, grain elevator.
McCandless A D, city atty.
McCarthy John, boarding house.
McDaniel E Mrs, dressmaker.
McMullen Bros, groceries, shoes.
McNay John S, dentist.
Madden Hiram L, confectionery.
Mansfield E L, cigar mfr.
Martin House, J W Martin prop.
Martin J W, prop Martin House.
Mauck M E Mrs, restaurant.
Mavis George R, wagonmaker.
Meikle & Co, blacksmiths.
Mohrbacker Bros, grocers
Mordhorst John, meat market.
Morgan Bros, meat market.
Murdock A M & Son, props Wymore Reporter.
Nebraska Telephone Co, J K Livengood mgr.
Neff Joseph B, boarding.
Neumann Anton, shoemaker.
Neumann Julius, prop Wymore Mills, flour mfr.
Newton S S , justice of the peace.
Noll George, saloon.
Parker W F, brick mfr.
Patterson John J, saloon.
Perry Oliver H, photographer.
Pierce A B, master mechanic B & M R R shops.
Pisar Joh, saloon, agt Pabst Brewing Co.
Potter House, Julius Hamm, prop.
Raynor M A Miss, millinery.
Rawlings Melvin L, saloon.
Rice John H, bakery.
Robertson Charles W, dry goods, shoes.
Rock Island House, G P Hageman prop.
Sage L S, station agt B. & M. R. R.
Salsgiver & Rhodes, barbers.
Schmitz Henry, harness.
Schnurr F & Co, clothing.
Snuffin E & Son, blacksmith.
Snuffin Frederick T , painter.
Southwick M H, asst cashier Bank of Wymore.
Stevens James T, mgr Wm Lowdon.
Stewart A & Co, props Wymore & Blue Springs Electric Light Co.
Streka Frank S, tailor.
Streker Frank C, tailor.
Sullivan Jas, city marshal.
Taylor C T, astrologist.
Taylor D K, mayor.
Thiessen Peter F, saloon.
Thomas B F, postmaster, and prop Wymore Union.
Touzalin (The), A Davison prop.
Wachtel Charles, furniture.
Weekly Arbor State, J R Dodds prop.
Weekly Wymorean, J M Burnham prop.
Willinski S R, clothing, dry goods.
Wilson John L, groceries.
Winter A E & Co, genl mdse.
Winter Frederick W, phys.
Winter F W Mrs, music teacher.
Winter & Kauffman, attys.
Wozab John & Son, hardware.
Wymore & Blue Springs Street Ry Co, J H Reynolds pres, B Reynolds vice-pres and genl mgr, E P Reynolds jr, sec and treas.
Wymore Mills, J Neumann prop.
Wymore Reporter, C M Murdock & Son props.
Wymore Union, B F Thomas prop.

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