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New Federal Building To Be Tenth Headquarters

When the federal government erects a new office and army building at Fifteenth and Dodge streets — and the new building is said to be practically a certainty — it will be the 10th army headquarters in Omaha since 1866.  This was recalled Saturday by army men who now occupy the ninth headquarters, the gray-walled structure which will give way to the new building.

They also called the roll of a long list of famous United States military men who served in these Omaha posts as generals commanding.

During and directly after the civil war there were many nomenclatures for the military units in and around Omaha, but on April 1, 1866, headquarters of the Department of the Platte were opened in a new structure on the southwest corner of Fifteenth and Harney streets, now occupied by the east end of the Orpheum theater.  This building later became the Withnell hotel.

Move to Fort

On July 1, 1878, the department headquarters was moved to Fort Omaha barracks, first to company quarters on the south side of the parade ground and then into a new headquarters building in the center of the parade ground.

September 27, 1881, the army moved into the Strang building at 922-924 Farnam street and in the summer of 1889 marched proudly into new quarters on the fifth floor of the brand new Omaha Bee building, Seventeenth and Farnam streets.

In 1898 the department became the “Department of the Missouri ” and again moved - this time into the old post office and customs building, now occupied by the Seventh corps area, and which is to be razed to make room for the new and modern structure.

Sent to Chicago

On Feb. 15, 1913, the department headquarters were sent to Chicago , which caused a long wail of protest from Omahans.  Quartermaster depots and recruiting and medical stations were maintained here, however.  But on Sept. 1, 1920, the headquarters of the Seventh corps area was established, first at Fort Crook and then in the present army building on May 25, 1922.

The commanding general of the area preferring to maintain headquarters at his home in barracks, the Area G.H.Q. was removed, on Jan. 1, 1927, to Fort Omaha , Building No. 22.  Office work was mostly done in the present army building and headquarters were moved back there again on March 28, 1929.  And there they still reside.

And here is a list of the commanding officers of the departments and area controlled here during more than 60 years, which reads like a hand-picked list of war heroes of many conflicts:

1868 —

Maj. Gen. C.C. Augur

1870 —

Brig. Gen.. E. O.C. Ord.

1876-82 —

Brig. Gen. George Crook

1882-86 —

Brig. Gen. J.R. Brooke

1887-89 —

Brig. Gen. J.J. Coppinger

1889-95 —

Brig. Gen. E.V. Sumner

1900 —

Brig. Gen. H.C. Merriam

1901 —

Brig. Gen. FitzHugh Lee

1902-03 —

Brig. Gen. John C. Bates

1904-1907 —

Brig. Gen. T.A. Winte

1908-1910 —

Brig. Gen. Charles G. Morton

1911-1913 —

Brig. Gen. G.A. Smith

1914 —

Gen. Frederick Funston, Fifth brigade, Chicago

1920-21 —

Maj Gen. Charles Bundy

1922 —

Maj. Gen.. F.J. Kernan

1923-1925 —

Maj. Gen. George B. Duncan

1926-27 —

Maj, Gen. Benjamin A. Poore

1928-29 —

Maj. Gen.. Harry A. Smith

1929 to Date —

Maj. Gen. Johnson Hargood




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