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Exhibition of Buffalo Bill Cody


Major Frank J. North and Wm. "Buffalo Bill" Cody - from the days of the Pawnee Indians Scouts to the Wild West Show, from
"Past & Present of Platte County NE", a book on Oldtime Nebraska website

The Genealogy of WF Cody from Oldtime Nebraska website.

Last of the Great Scouts (Buffalo Bill) - produced by Lynn Waterman for Legacy Preservation Society

Image "Buffalo Bill" W. F. Cody from photo collection of Judy Hinman. Second photo (full figure)

Bronco Bill and John Hancock. - "Cowboy interpretors of the the Sioux and Pawnee Indians" - Buffalo Bill's Wild West


North, Major Frank J. (Pawnee Scouts) - toured in the United States with the Wild West show, but died before the group ever went to Britain. Major North was considered "the best shot them all".

Grand Island Independent, June 1884
     "Maj. North of Columbus who during the war was in command of a body of Pawnee Indians, defending our frontier and who now accompanies Buffalo Bill in one of the exhibitions at Hartford, Conn., met with a severe accident. The girth of his saddle broke and he fell to the ground. An Indian who was riding close behind him, seeing the accident, tried to guide his pony to oneside. The animal could not be controlled, and one of his hoofs came down on Major North's back. Seven ribs were found to have been broken, and there are other internal injuries. He was removed to the hotel adjoining the park. It is feared that he cannot live."
Contributed by Kaylynn

The Democrat - Saturday, 14 March 1885, p 5 (Columbus, NE)
     "Major Frank North returned to his home in this city last Wednesday, from New Orleans. The Major was taken ill at St. Louis on his way home and his illness assumed a serious aspect by the time he reached Omaha. He was lying quite low Friday afternoon but toward evening his symptoms become favorable."
Contributed by Sherri Brakenhoff of Platte County.

NOTE: Major Frank North died the same day as the above article was printed - 14 Mar 1885, of pneumonia in Columbus, NE and was buried there. (Appears in 1885 NE census mortality schedule and cemetery extracts of Platte County, NE).
Obituary & services for Major North from Platte County NEGenWeb Project page


Luther H. North (Captain of Pawnee Scouts, brother of Frank North) from "Past & Present of Platte County NE", Oldtime Nebraska site

Reminiscences by Luther North (regarding Pawnee Indians) from NE History and Record of Pioneer Days, Vol III no. 1, Apr-June 1920
"Letter from Captain Lute North" regarding Indian Treaties from NE History and Record of Pioneer Days, Vol III no. 4, Oct-Dec 1920

The Truth About "Wild Bill" - by Herbert Cody Blake, from The American Rifleman magazine, Vol XXV, no 3, March 1927. A comparison of the shooting skills of Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok, the North Bros., etc.

Other members of the cast -

Black Hawk Is Killed

Scottsbluff, July 6 (UP) -- Chief Black Hawk, 84, member of the world famous Bufalo [sic] Bill Wild West Show, died yesterday in a traffic accident.
     Black Hawk was a Sioux Indian from the Pine Ridge, S. Dak., reservation.
     Black Hawk was killed instantly when s troik [sic] by an automobile on highway 26, foor [sic] miles east of Scottsbluff. The car in whiih [sic] he and four other Indians were riding was stopped for tire repairs. According to the state highway patrol, Black Hawk alighted from the car and walked into the path of one driven by George Goss, Minatare farmer.
     Black Hawk and h is [sic] companions were on their way to Cheyenne, Wyo., where they were to serve as a welcoming party for celebrities attending the Frontier Days celebration.
     Black Hawk was one of the first Indians to travel with the Buffalo Bill troupe which toured Europe in the 1890's.

Above typed from clipping pasted inside the cover of a history book in the possession of Sherri Brakenhoff (Platte CC). There is no indication of the year, or the newspaper title.

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