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From Its Organization, March 4th, 1905,
to and Including the Annual
Meeting of 1926.


Proceedings of Meeting to Organize Nebraska
State Council, Held at Omaha
March 4, 1905

Minutes of the Meeting.

Omaha, Nebraska, March 4, 1905.

     Territorial deputy, T. J. Mahoney, called a meeting to organize a State Knights of Columbus Council, at his office, in the city of Omaha, Nebraska, March 4, 1905, at 2:00 p. m.
     On motion of Mr. C. J. Smyth, Mr. T. J. Mahoney was elected temporary chairman and upon motion of J. A. Maguire, E. P. Fitzpatrick, jr., was elected temporary secretary.
     Moved and seconded that a committee on credentials be appointed:
     Thereupon the Chair appointed Mr. T. J. Fitzmorris, Mr. A. F. Mullen, Mr. J. A. Maguire and Mr. J. T. Cox.
     Whereupon the committee reported the following named parties as entitled to a seat at the meeting:
     C. J. Smyth, P. G. K., and Mr. T. J. Fitzmorris, G. K., of Omaha Council No. 652; John A. Maguire, G. K., and A. B. Johnson, of Fitzgerald Council No. 833; Mr. Arthur F. Mullen, G. K., and P. J. O'Donnell, of Charles Carroll of Carroliton Council No. 701; J. T. Cox, G. K., and E. D. Fitzpatrick, jr., of Columbus Council No. 938.
     Report accepted.
     Moved and seconded that the temporary officers heretofore appointed be made permanent.
     Motion carried.
     Mr. C. J. Smyth nominated Mr. T. J. Mahoney for the office of State Deputy.
     Moved and seconded that the secretary be instructed to cast the ballot for Mr. Mahoney.
     Motion carried.
     Mr. Maguire nominated E. D. Fitzpatrick, jr., for the office of Secretary.
     Moved and seconded that secretary be instructed to cast ballot for E. D. Fitzpatrick, jr., as secretary.
     Motion carried.
     Mr. C. J. Smyth nominated P. J. O'Donnell for the office of Treasurer.
     Moved and seconded that the secretary be instructed to cast the ballot for P. J. O'Donnell as treasurer.
     Motion carried.
     Mr. Maguire nominated A V. Johnson for Advocate.
     Moved and seconded that secretary be instructed to cast ballot for A. V. Johnson as advocate.


     Motion Carried.
     Mr. Fitzmorris nominated Mr. W. P. McDeavitt, and Mr. Mullen nominated F. H. Whalen for the office of Warden.
     Vote by ballot and result: McDeavitt, 8; Whalen, 1.
     The question was brought up by Mr. T. J. Mahoney of whether there should be an assessment from the councils of the state to be paid to the State Council. After discussion Mr. Mullen made a motion that an assessment of fifty cents for each member be levied; seconded by Mr. Smyth.
     Whereupon Mr. Fitzmorris made a motion that said motion, above mentioned, be so amended as to make the levy twenty-five cents per member; then by mutual consent it was decided to assess the Council thirty cents per annum for each member.
     This motion was carried.
     Moved and seconded that Assessment be paid on or before the 15th day of April.
     Motion carried.
     Moved and seconded that the next State Council meeting be held at Lincoln the first Tuesday in May, 1905.
     Motion carried.
     Moved and seconded that the Chair appoint a committee of five on By-Laws who are to furnish a report at the next State Council meeting.
     Whereupon the Chair appointed: C. J. Smyth, T. J. Fitzmorris, John A. Maguire, Arthur F. Mullen and J. T. Cox.
     Moved and seconded that meeting of State Council adjourn.
     Motion carried.


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