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Business Directory and Farmers List
for 1890-1891


Business (town) listings

Birdwood   Brady Island   Bratts   Buchanon   Cottonwood Springs   Dexter   Dickens   Elizabeth

Gannett   Garfield   Gaslin   Hershey   Hindrey   Keeler   Kilmer   Maxwell   Myrtle   North Platte

Peckham   Somerset   Spannuth   Sunshine   Vroman   Wallace   Watts   Wellfleet   Whittier

page 86

Birdwood, a postoffice in Lincoln County.

page 94

Brady Island, a station on the U.P. Ry., in the eastern part of Lincoln county, 23 miles from North Platte, the county seat.

Burk, R C, sta agt
Carson, Cyrus, blacksmity
Citizen State Bank
Cratsenberg, W, shoemaker
Fisher, R D, justice
Giffin, J H, gen mdse
Kraxberger Brothers, agr implts
Marcott J M, drugs
Mathewson, G D, postmaster
Potter & Potter, saloon
Stevens, J W, phys
Stockton & Stockton, gen mdse

page 95

Bratts, a flag station on the U. P. Ry, five miles west of North Platte.

page 100

Buchanan, a postoffice in the southern part of Lincoln county, 30 miles south of North Platte, the county seat.

Buchanan, O H P, postmaster, justice
Rose, A P, blacksmith

page 125

Cottonwood Springs, apostoffice in the eastern part of Lincoln countyabout eight miles from Brady Island

page 141

Dexter, a flag station on the U. P. Ry., 5 miles east of Paxton.

Dickens, a flag station on the B. & M. R. in the southwestern part of Lincoln county, about 8 miles east of Wallace.

Anthes, J W, gen mdse
Hopkins, J A, justice
Matthews, Wiley, postmaster

page 149

Elizabeth is a country postoffice in Lincoln county, 18 miles from North Platte, the county seat.

Garrison, E L, justice
Orr, A D, postmaster

page 186 (all three towns below)
Gannett, a flag station on the U. P. Ry., six miles east of North Platte.

Garfield, a postoffice in the northeastern part of Lincoln County, 30 miles from North Platte, the county seat. Population: 30.

Alexander J M, agl implts.
Burdick E P , genl mdse.
Campbell W F , justice
Cary Edgar A, postmaster
Fox Cyrus agl implts.
Goodenow M E, dressmaker
Hawkins H W, blacksmith
Miller Jacob, blacksmith
Peterseon G W, justice
Smith L P, agl impltx.
Spafford, B, dressmaker
Spigel F M, justice.

Gaslin, a postoffice in the eastern part of Lincoln county, 13 miles southeast of North Platte, the county seat, and about six miles from Brady Island, a station on the U. P. Ry.


page 227

Hershey, a postoffice in Lincoln county, recently established.

page 228

Hindrey, a flag station on the U. P. Ry, five miles west of Brady Island.


page 252

Keeler, a postoffice in the extreme southwestern part of Lincoln county, eight miles south of Dickens, a station on the B & M. R. R.

page 253

Kilmer, a postoffice in the northeastern part of Lincoln county, about 20 miles northeast of Maxwell, the nearest railway station.

page 291

Maxwell, a station on the U. P. Ry., in the eastern part of Lincoln county, 14 miles east of North Platte. About 70 people, mainly farmers, receive their mail here.

Horne, C W, sta agt, postmaster
Roberts, G W, justice

page 299

Myrtle, a postoffice in the northern part of Lincoln county, 20 miles north of North Platte, the county seat.


page 319

North Platte, in the north-central part of Lincoln county, of which it is the county seat, is situated near the north and south forks of the Platte river and on the main line of the U. P. Ry., 291 miles west of Omaha. It is the first passenger division of the road west from the eastern terminus of the line, and extensive repair shops are located here, employing a large number of men. The city is at an altitude or 2,796 feet above the sea level. It is substantially built and has a population of 3,500. The fine brick court house cost $20,000, and the school house $15,000. Among the recent improvements are the First National bank building, cost $20,000 and the North Platte National Bank, cost $25,000, which are built of pressed brick and are of beautiful architecture. Also the Neville block, a spacious and well ventilated office block, of brick, and cost nearly $15,000, besides several brick store buildings and residences. The city is lighted by both gas and electricity, and has ample water works which cost $75,000. The North Platte Creamery, built at a cost of $10,000, and having a capacity of 5,000 pounds per day, is one of the important enterprises of the city. The roller flour mill has a capacity of 150 barrels per day. The Platte valley has been largely devoted to cattle raising, many large ranches being in this vicinity, but a farming population is rapidly occupying it for agriculture. The North Platte Telegraph, J. M. Ray publisher, the North Platte Current, published by Wm. H Mullane and the Lincoln County Tribune, are progressive newspapers. The churches of the city are the Presbyterian, Episcopal, Catholic. Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist and Unitarian. The various secret societies are M. W. of A., K. of P., A. O. U. W., K. of H., B. of L.F.,B.of
L.R,G.A.R.,I.O. O. F., A. P. & A. M. and K. T.

Adams, Samuel, contractor           
Aulg, James, shoemaker  
Ayers, A B, dentist         
Barrett, A, notions          
Belton, James, furniture   
Besack, Daniel, livery      
Bewick, S C, grocery      
Birge, W W, lumber        
Bixler, J W, atty 
Blankenburg, F, harnessmaker       
Boal, S H, real estate, loans, ins    
Boyer, P, hotel   
Brau, Fred, restaurant       
Broach, W H, photographer          
Brodbeck & Gramann, meat market
Broeker, F J, merchant tailor         
Brown, B, clothing         
Brown, William, loans    
Campbell G C, real estate
Carlson, A P, merchant tailor       
Church, A H, judge 10th judical dist          
Clark, Smith, coal          
Buckworth pres, J E Evans cashier.
Conway Sisters, milinery 
Cunton, C S, watches, clocks       
Patterson sec.
Current (The), Wm H Mulllane
    editor & publisher. (see pge 319.)       
Dick, F N & Co., drugs   
Donaldson, N F, phys     
Douglas, R A, dry goods & clothing          
Dullard, J P, phys           
Duncan, D R, phys         
Eierdam, T H, shoemaker 
Einstein, Max, clothing   
Eves, William, phys       
Federhoof, J C, prop Nebraska House         
Field, G T, real estate, ins
Telegraph, atty and notary
Filuon, J F, plumber, tinner         
Fogel, H W, blacksmith, wagonmakr         
Foley, T J, genl mdse      
Forrest, R F, atty
Fort, I A, surveyor, real estate       
French, George E, atty     
Gantt, T F, atty  
Genther, Henry, shoemaker           
Gertler & Waldmath, saloon         
Grady & Egan, genl mdse 
Grimes, H M, atty          
Hammond, E W, books, stationery, toys     
Hannan, John, fence mfr  
Harrington & Tobin,grocery, grain, hay      
Hawley House, L T Roberts prop. 
Hershey & Co, agl implts
Hingston, J W, phys       
Hinman, Beach I, atty      
Hoagland, J  S, atty, notary         
Huffmann, G S Mrs, millinery      
Hupfer, J C, saloon         
Hutchings, S W, shoemaker         
Iddings, C F, lumber       
Isenhart, Gannt & Swanson, blacksmiths
Keen, J C, gunmaker       
Keith, H S, hardware furniture       
Klenk & gatward, meat market      
Kramph, Annie Miss, florist         
Lasing, Guy A, saloon, billiards    
Lemon, W C, atty          

Longley, F H, drugs, phys
Lyon, W M, barber
McCabe, N, phys
McChesney & Co, cigar mfr
McDonald, Charles, banker, grocery
McEvoy, P H, watches, clocks
McGee, N W, real estate
McGee, W L, hardware
McKay, George G, dry goods
McLean, H, shoemaker
Marti, Brothers, bakery, confectionery
Martin & Nauman, meat market
Minshall, A J, grocery, crockery
Minshall, A J Mrs, odging
Monson, J S, upholsterer
Morsch, Joseph, barber, bath room
Mullane, Wm H, editor & prop
     The North Platte Current.
Nebraska House, JC Federhoof prop
Nesbitt, J C, register U S land office
Neville, W, atty-at-law, pres North Platte Town Lot Co.
Noble, C C, boots and shoes
North Platte Lumber Co, O O Carnahan mgr, lumber
North Platte Mill & Elevator Co, M T Allum sec.
North Platte National Bank, Capital $75,000, A D
North Platte Telegraph, James M Ray editor and pub.
North Platte Town Lot Co, Wm Neville pres, T C
O'hare, Mary Mrs, bakery
Ods, N B, grocer
Ormsby, Charles F, groceries, etc.
Otten, H, boots and shoes.
Ottenstein, J K, barber
Patterson & Alexander, grading contractors.
Patterson, T C. real estate
Patterson W J, blacksmith
Peale F, paints, wall paper
Post John, boarding
Ray, James M, editor and pub North Platte
Roberts, L T, prop Hawley House
Ross, E Y Miss, art and needle wor
Schmalzried, J  F, cigar mfr
See & Williams, confectionery
Seeg & Landgraf, saloon
Shephard, F A, confectionery
Sherwood, Seth, barber
Smith, Edward, restaurant.
Snelling, George T, furniture, stoves
Somers, J K, nursery, florist.
Spicer, M M, painter
Stevens & Bare,pubs Lincoln County Tribune.
Stewart & Sherman, hardware
Streitz, A F, drugs
Strickler, L, hardware
Thacker, J Q, drugs
Thoelecke, Louis, watches, clocks
Urbach & Schuff, restaurant
Vancourt, William, livery
Van Doran, S W, livery
Von Goetz, Victor, grocery
Wade, L J Miss, dressmaker
Waldo, W D, saloon
Warner, E B, undertaker, dentis
Weber & Vollmer, clothing
Wilcox, W T, county atty
Williams, I L, livery stable
Wisker & Poppe, livery
Wood, Kate Miss & Co, millinery
Woods, C L, postmaster
Yost, Henry, harnessmaker and upholsterer


page 445

Peckham, a postoffice in the eastern part of Lincoln county, 40 miles southeast of North Platte and about four miles south of Hatton, a station on the U. P. Ry.

page 487

Somerset, in the southern part of Lincoln county, on the Cheyenne branch of the R. & M. R. R., about 25 miles south of North Platte, the county seat.

page 503

Spannuth, a postoffice in the eastern part of Lincoln county, 30 miles from North Platte, the county seat.

Anderson, John, postmaster
Retnar, W M, justice

page 513

Sunshine, a postoffice in the western part of Lincoln county, eight miles south of O'Fallons.

page 535

Vroman, a postoffice on the main line of the U. P. Ry., in the eastern part of Lincoln county, 31 miles from North Platte, the county seat.

Hurlbut, E R, justice
Vroman, W A, postmaster, flour and feed



page 539

Wallace is in the southwestern part of Lincoln county, about 30 miles from North Platte, the county seat, and is on the Cheyenne line of the B. & M. R. R., 115 miles westward from Holdrege. There are three banks, two hotels, a newspaper—the Wallace Mail, and a number of stores, etc. Population, 300.

Bardon Wm, sta agt.
Beeler J G, editor and pub Wallace Herald.
Bucker S S, druggist.
Burnett H, prop
Burnett Hotel, H Burnett prop, Burnett
Caley R V S, prop Wallace Hotel.
Carrier Marion, blacksmith.
Chase S C & Co, genl mdse.
Cooper E S, phys.
Glessner E M, phys,
Green E Mrs, millinery.
Gross A J. real estate.
Harper P L, cashier Wallace Savings Bank.
Hayden & Jackson, agl implts.
Hayden & Starks, livery.
Hedinger B F, barber.
Hill W S, justice.
Hofmeister A A, gen' mdse, hardware.
Husten J C, meat market.
Jackson Norman, postmaster.
Killian W E. harnessmaker.
Lancaster Wm, furniture.
Lennon L C, phys, editor Wallace Mail.
McGregor James, notions.
Mothersead & Pray, genl mdse.
Nation Bros, agl implts
Reynolds Mrs, millinery.
Sapp & English, real estate.
Schiller Geo. blacksmith.
Smallwood W F, pres Wallace Security Savings Bank.
State Bank of Wallace, capital $25,000. P B Gavin pres, E H Shaw cashier.
Sullivan P E, saloon.
Upton F L, notions.
Van Tilborg L A. drugs.
Wallace Herald, J G Beeler ed, pub.
Wallace House, R V S Caley prop.
Wallace Mail (The), L C Lenon ed.
Wallace Security Bank,Individual responsibility $200,000, W F Smallwood pres, P L Harper cash.
Welch Charles, restaurant, etc.
WilsonJ R, justice.
Wilson Willard, hardware.
Woolman Wm, atty.

page 541

Watts, a postoffice in the central part of Lincoln county, about 15 miles south of North Platte. Population, 100

Bowen C J Mrs, millinery.
Brown J S L, justice.
Diener F J, justice.
Harden John, blacksmith.
Prosser Mattie P, postmaster.

page 544

Wellfleet, a station on the B. & M. R. R. in the southern part of Lincoln county, about 30 miles south of North Platte, the county seat. The place contains a hotel and several lines of business, the surrounding country is well tilled and considerable stock is yearly shipped from this point.

Bishop H P. justice.
Blanchard F E, sta agt.
Davis & Chapman, agt implts.
Davis John A, postmaster.
Davis M, hardware.
Glaze C A, genl mdse.
Kirby G B, blacksmith.
Nichols V A, drugs.
Rorabaugh G, blacksmith.

page 549

Whittier, a postoffice in the northeastern part of Lincoln county, 25 miles north of North Platte.

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