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1890-1 Business Directory & Farmer's List of the Nebraska State Gazetteer 







Goodwin WM H, fresco painting, r
   130 Burr block. [goods, I I 1 -10.
Gosper W E Mrs, milliner, hair
Gotham News Co, Milton M Lyon
   agt, 118 S 11th.
Gotthelf H, meat market, 132 S 10th.
Grace & Kelley, carpenters, 1923 N.
Graham & Byer, flour, 423 S 11th.
Graham Frank A, livery, 1027 Q.
Granger Bros, com merchants, 1016 P.
Granger & Jackson, cider refiners,
   118 S 13th.
Grant U S, photographer, 1216 0.
Granter T. real estate, 136 S 11th.
Gray Wm, architect, 109 S 10th.
Gray W S, loans, 1007 0.
Green W A, real estate, loans and
   ins, 117 S 10th.
Greene Robert J, atty, 210 S 11th.
Greenstone S, pawnbroker, 1237 0.
Gregg Bros, grain, 120 8 10th.
Gregg & Kyser, grain, 120 S 10th.
Gregg Mason, grain, 120 S 10th.
Griffin Lizzie Miss. dressmkr, 1231 O.
Griffin R E, phys 1203 0
Grim Frank D, phys. 115 N 11tb.
Grimes R S, phys, 929 0.
Gruetter A T, furniture. 1118 N.
Guild H A, printer, 142 S 11.
Guile A D, undertaker, 302 S 11.
Gulicks Bakery, P Nilson prop 912 P
Guthridge, Beach & Baker, real estate, ins, 1044 0.
Gwinn. G G, carpenter, 1124 M.


Hadwin Thos, meat market, 1835 0.
Haken B, pawnbroker, 1008 0.
Hall & Bro, hardware, 1126 0.
Hall I, prop Pennsylvania Hotel,
   cor 7th and Q.
Hallet E, watches, clocks, 113 N 11.
Halter Alexis, butcher, 216 N 10th.
Haymeyer H, merchant tailor, 905 0
Hamilton W S, attorney at law,
   r 13 and 14 Montgomery blk.


Hammond Will, loans, 10410.
Hagensick Fred, saloon, 2101 0.
Hanneman Bros, restaurant. 113 S 9
Hansen & Schmutte, baths, 1016 0.
Hardy & Pritcher, furniture,211 S 11
Hargreaves Bros, wholesale grocers,
   745 0.
Harley J H, drugs, books, 1101 0.
Harlow & Shelton, grocers 1405 0.
Harmer & Vickers, blacksmiths, 133
   S 13th.
Harney H W, prop The New Re
   public, 1524 N.
Harphan Bros (J C & C F Har
   phan) wbolesale saddlery and sad-
   dlery hardware, 833-835 O.
Harphan H, harness, saddles, 122 S 12
Burris Osaac, mgr and resident
   partner Chicago Branch House,
   729-731 Q (See adv.)
Harrison Maggie A Miss, dress
 maker, 1124 N.
Hart C S, phys, 1109 N.
Hartley J W, Farmers Alliance busi
   ness agt.
Hartshorn E G, upholsterer, 319 S 11





Harwood, Ames & Kelly, attys, 145 6 12th.
Hastie D Miss, artist, r 144 Burr blk
Hatch T H, abstracts 110 S 11th.
Hawley & O'Keefe, house, sign pain
   ter, 121 S 11th.
Hayden Jesse A, photographer, 1214 0
Hayden P M, grocer, 1847 0.
Headquarters State Prohibition
   Com, A Roberts see, r 158 Burr blk
Heath A B, pres Nebraska Farmer
   Co, Bohanan blk, E, 10th and
   N. (See adv page 273.)
Heath H E, mang editor Nebraska
   Farmer Co, Bohanan blk E 10th and N.
   (See adv page 273,)
Heaton James, undertaker, 342 s 11th
Heaton & Kein, State Marble Works,
   1521 O.
Heddleson W C, grocer, 503 S 13th.
Hedge Porter, abstracts, 1001 O.
Hedges C E, prop Hedges Lincoln
   Iron Works, cor 7th and M. (See
Hedges E J Miss, notary, 210 S 11th.
Hedges Lincoin Iron Works,
   C E Hedges, foundry and machine
   Works, casting in iron and brass,
   jail work, cor 7th and M. (See adv)
Heffley & Sons, merchant tailors, 134
   S 12th.
Heiskell L, atty, r 118-9 Burr block.
Hellwig F W, glove mfr, 206 S 11th.
Helmer L, real estate, notary, 204 S 11th.
Hendry W W, restaurant, 132 S 10th
Henry & Coatsworth Co, John Doo-
  little mgr, wholesale lumber, yd
   4th and N, office 11th & O.
Herpolsheimer G & Co, dry goods,
   S 15th and N.
Herman Bros, clothing, 1017 0.
Herrick A C, barber, 1010 0.
Herrick W A, tinsmith, 1437 0.
Hibner George E, (Davis & Hib
   ner), r 8 and 9 State blk, 1007 0
Higgins E M, grain broker, 1031
Hiler & Ferguson, real estate, 1020 0
Hill E, merchant tailor, 1029 X.
Hilton M L, carpenter, 222 S 13th.
Hitchins C H, real estate 1122 0.
Hodges & Willie, Genl mdse, 129 S 9th
Hodgkinson Frank, grocer, 317 S 9th
Hodgman & Thurston, dentists, 103
   S 12th.
Hogan M, brick mfr,lst bet C and D
Hoge Walter, editor Daily Stock
   dealer, 1034 0.
Hohman F W, musical insts, 1140 0.
Holm Paul A, ticket agt U P Ry,
   122 N 11th.
Holm & Reed, real estate,122 N 11th
Holmes Leonidas K, prop Lincoln
   Brick Works, 110 N 10th.
Holyoke E L, phys, 129 S 11th.
Hood J D, saloon, 128 S 11th.
Hook N R, phys, r 122-3-4 Burr blk.
Hooker & Orr, plumbers, 240 S 11th.
Hooper, Marshall & Vickars, real
   estate, 12010.

Hoover A L & Son, props Lindell
   Hotel, M and 13th.
Hopkins Dan, warden State Peni
Hopkins S C, agt New Home Sewing
  Machine Co, 136 N 11th.
Hoppe Ernest, saloon, 127 S 10th.
Horn Theo, grain, 114 S 9th.
Hossman Thos E, phys. 117 N 11th.
Hossack F L, real estate, 1127 0.
Hotaling Wm, grocer, 1333 0.
Hotel Ideal, Madison & Willis props,
   121 S 14th.
Hotel Mack, James McCaffie prop,
   924 P.
Houck & Wallace, laundry, 1117 P.
Houghton & Becker, tailors, 142 N 11th.
Howard A E, atty, notary, 109 S 10th
Howard W B, drugs, 147 S 12th.
Howie W C, atty, 204 S 11th.
Hoxie C W, real estate, Sheldon blk.
Hlubbard Bros, meat market, 133 S
Hubbard & Smith, grain brokers,
   1025 N.
Huff Alice E , phys, Burr blk.
Huff D W, real estate, 129 S 11th.
Huffman & Richter, merchant tail
   ors, 1204-1206 0.
Hughts Ed meat market, 2405 0.
Hunter-Mickel Printing Co, W L,
   Hunter, Ed P Mickel mgrs, Wind-
   sor Hotel blk.
Hurlbut A & Co, clothing, P and 10th
Hutchins & Hyatt coal, wood, 1040 0
Hutton A H, carpenter and contrac
   tor,1805 0.


Ideal Hotel, Madison & Willis props,
   S 14th bet N and 0.
Iiams Sam B, notary, atty, 210 S lOth
Inman Charles, saloon, 1036 P.
Irvin & Buford, props Lincoln Bot
   tling Works, 315 0.


Janey L R, real estate, 1044 0.
Jansen & Co, real estate and loans,
   r 5-6 Academy of Music blk.
Jaques C M. grain broker, 1031 N.
Jenkins E H, grocer, 136 S 11th.
Jennings Wm H, painter, 1218 0.
Johns Geo A, barber, 828 0.
Johnson & Clark, restaurant. 1046 P.
Johnson F S, flour, feed, 208 S 9th.
Johnson I E & Co, grocers, 889 N 27th.
Johnson John D, grocer, 228.N 10th.
Johnson Margaret Mrs, cleaning
   and repairing, 1012 0.
Johnson & Munger, attys, r 112-13
   Burr blk.
Johnston J C, atty, notary, 109 S 10th.
Johnston Jessie Miss, hair goods,
   1114 0.
Jones, Douglas & Co, cracker mfrs,
   8th and Q.




Jones J T, carriage repository, 205
   S 10th.
Junge Joseph, agt Pabst Brewing
   Co, 124 S 8th.


Kaley C W, mgr Lutton Cart and
   Carriage Co, 1521 O.
Katzenstein A & Son, props
   Lincoln Shirt manufactory, gents
   furnishing goods, 1008-12 O.
Katzenstein Louis, tobacco and
   cigars, 117 N 12th.
Kaufman F G, constable, 210 S 11th.
Keefner Wm, meat market, 2047 O.
Keeney & O'Gara, saloon, 132 N 10th
Keller A M, second-hand goods,
   2221 O.
Kelley G S & Co, hardware and iron,
   1028 O.
Kelley & McNerney, attys, 1115 O.
Kelly J J, mgr Lincoln Loan and
   Trust Co, Richards blk.
Kelly John, tailor 829 S 11th.
Kelly Patrick, saloon, 117 S 12th.
Kemp Mrs, millinery, 1617 O.
Kennard T P & Son, fire ins, r 21
   Richards blk.
Kennedy Patrick J, wines, liquors
   and cigars, 135 N 12th. [Burr blk.
Kerman H K, dentist, r 94-95-96
Kier James C, gents furnishing
   goods, 1042 O.
Kimball Bros (F B & W R Kim
   ball), marble and granite dealers,
   1135 M. (See adv top of page.)
King E S, jewelry, 136 N 11th.
King O J, grocer, 1126 N.
King S H, dentist, 1026 O.
Kitchen Aldridge D, real estate,
   loans, r 10 Academy Music blk.
Kleutsch John D, prop Lincoln
   Freie Presse. (See adv page 271.)
Klock G S, furniture, 131 S 10th.
Klock W A. grocer, 122 S 10th.
Knickerley C W, Groceries 239 S 11th.
Knotts & Holmes, bakery,809 S 11th.
Knowles & Leister, job printing,
   129 S 10th.
Knox J M, real estate, 210 S 11th.
Korsmeyer F A & Co. plumbers and
   steam heating, 215 S 11th.

Kostka Bruno O, druggist, 1224-6 O.
Kramer Minnie Miss, artist, 831 J.
Krause & Schmitt, grocers,134 S 10th.
Krause Wm, tinsmith, 127 S 10th.
Kremer C A. housemover, 1336 C.
Kroner A. gents fur goods, 937 O.
Kuenzel E C, real estate, 919 O


Lahr Frank E, seedsman, 936 P.
Lamb E M, stenographer, 236 S 11th.
Lamb Geo W, real estate, 1127 O.
Lamb, Ricketts & Wilson, attys,
   notaries, 119 S 10th.
Lambertson O F, dentist, 1203 O.
Lancaster County Bank, capital
   $50,000, W J Lamb pres, W A
   Green cashier, 117 S 10th.
Lancaster Land Co, incorpor
   ated, capital $500,000, J D Macfar
   land pres, C J Ernst sec and treas,
   real estate, r 14 Richards Blk, 11th
   and O.
Lane A W (Selleck & Lane), r 1-2-3
   Am Ex Bank bldg.
Lane S M Mrs, phys, 1034 O.
Lane Thos H. phys, 1034 O.
Langenberg Bros & Co, grain dealers,
   1029 N.
Lantz J P, real estate, notary, 121 O.
Larsen Charles P, painter, 118 N 12th.
Lash Bros (T F and A A Lash),
   wholesale candy mfrs, 147 S 10th.
Latta W S, phys, r 14 Latta blk.
Law H P, grocer, 221 N 8th.
Lawlor L, dry goods, 1028 P.
Lawrence Implement Co, ag1 implts,
   cor N 10th and W.
Lawton W J P, dentist, r 42-43-44
   Burr blk.
Learned L G, butcher, 885 N 27th.
Leavitt Geo, real estate, 1034 O.
Leavitt Henry M, coal and wood, 14th and Y.
Ledwith J, capitalist, 1328 P.
Lee Wm, grocer, 2233 O.
Le Gros A, boots and shoes, 1010 O.
Leighton C M, Wholesale notions,
   145 S 10th.
Leiss A F, agt Singer Mfg Co.
Leman Fred, wall paper, 145 S 11th.
Lemen H S, real estate, 145 S 11th.





Leming A T & Co stationers, 1106 O.
Leming C A, grocer, 235 S 9th.
Lemist J R, agt Pomeroy Coal Co,
   1201 O.
Lentz & Williams, saloon, P cor 11th.
Leonard Wm. M, treas The Clark
   & Leonard Investment Co, 116 S
   10th (See adv.)
Lewis Hardware and Implement
   Co, 239-245 N 10th.
Lewis & Lewis (Frank W Lewis
   and Henry E Lewis), attorneys at
   law, brokers, 109 S 10th.
Liberman & Berkson, clothing, etc,
   935 O.
Lillibridge & Roose (D R Lilli
   bridge, F F Roose), props Lincoln
   Business College, Academy of
Lincoln Book Emporium, T Fawell
   mgr, 139 S 10th.
Lincoln Book Exchange, C H Mes
   serve prop, booksellers, 119 N 12th
Lincoln Bottling Works, Irwin &
   Buford props. soda and mineral
   water mfrs, 315 O.
Lincoln Brick Works, L K Holmes
   prop. 110 N 10th.
Lineoln Business College, Lilli
   bridge & Roose props, Academy
   pf Music.
Lincoln Carpet Co, capital $20,000
   J H McClay pres, Sam McClay
   sec and treas, J C Stere mgr, 246
   S 11th.
Lincoln Daily Call (The), H M
   Bushnell, S D Cox editors, 1020 P.
Lincoln District Telegraph Co,
   Chas G Burton mgr, 941 O.
Lincoln Electric Light Co, J J Im
   hoff pres, R H Oakley vice-pres,
   H W Brown sec, cor 11th and M.
Lincoln Evening News. The Lin
   coln News Co pubs, 121-123 N 9th.
Lincoln Freie Presse, John D
   Kleutsch prop, 146 S 11th. (See adv
   page 271.)
Lincoln Gas Co, capital $325,000, H
   J Walsh pres, G M Walsh sec, r
   11 Academy of Music.
Lincoln Herald (The), Calhoun
   & Coryell props, 935 N. (See adv.)
Lincoln Ice Co (The), capital $25,-
   000, Thos Cochrane pres, J F
   Hutchins vice-pres, E D W Pogue
   sec, Jas D Parker mgr, 1040 O.
Lincoln Journal of Commerce (The)
   L D Woodruff editor, pub, 1020 P.
Lincoln Knitting Mills Co, S Selig
   sohn res, D L Bruce vice-pres, T
   J Hickey sec. 14th and Yolande pl.
Lincoln Loan & Trust Co, J J Kelly
   mgr, Richards blk.
Lincoln Lumber Co, J S Gabel prop,
   116 S 13th, yds 16th and M P Ry.
Lincoln Marble & Granite Works,
   J F Sheehy prop, 2021 O.

Lincoln National Bank, capital
   $100,000, surplus $44,000,N S Har
   wood pres, R E Moore vice-pres,
   C T Boggs cashier, Frank M Cook
   asst cashier, cor 11th and O.
Lincoln News Co (The), T H Hyde
   pres, wholesale news dealers, pubs
   Evening News, 121-123 N 9th.
Lincoln Newspaper Union, cap
   ital $50,000, Frank Robin mgr,
   pubs and dealers in printers sup
   plies, 209-211 S 10th.
Lincoln Paint & Color Co, capital
   $75,000, A M Kitchen pres,
   M A Warren vice-pres M J Waugh sec
   and treas, 811 O.
Lincoln Paper House, Pace, Wil
   liams & North, wholesale paper
   dealers. printers supplies, 820 O.
Lincoln Paper Mfg Co, J A Buck
   staff Pres, J E Utt sec, 738 O.
Lincoln Postal Telegraph & Cable
   Co, Harry Smith agt, 118 S 11th.
Lincoln Public Library, Miss Hattie
   M Curtis librarian, 1132 N.
Lincoln Real Estate Exchange,
   J H McClay pres, J H McMurtry
   vice-pres, C J Ernst sec, J J Gilli
   lan treas. Public rooms in Burr
   b1k, daily sessions 11 a m to 12 m.
Lincoln Saddlery Co, J A Buckstaff
   pres, A H Buckstaff treas, 738 O.
Lincoln Sanitarium, Drs B F & S P
   Vandolah, baths, 1222 O.
Lincoln Shirt Factory, A Kat
   zenstein & Son props, 1008-1012 O.
Lincoln Shoe Co, F E Perkins mgr,
   1124 O.
Lincoln Steam Dye Works, L E
   Mutchlar prop, 1105 O.
Lincoln Street Railroad Co,
   capital $800,000, J W Deweese
   pres, J R Clark vice-pres, C J
   Ernst sec, treas and genl supt, of
   fice r 14 Richards blk.
Lincoln Tank Line, J W Bowen
   mgr, illuminating oils, 109 N 12th.
Lincoln Tanning Co, George E
   Fisher treas and genl mgr, saddle,
   harness and lace leather mfrs, cor
   4th and N.
Lincoln Underwriters, Jay E White
   compact mgr, 120 S 10th.
Lind John, tailor, 132 N 10th.
Lindell Hotel, A L Hoover & Son
   props, cor M and 13th.
Lindsey L L, restaurant.
Little, S W & Co, grain dealers, 1041 O
Littlefield & Maxwell, B S Lit-
   tlefield, R W Maxwell editors The
   Nebraska State Laborer, 211 S 10th
Lloyd, Walter & Co, farm and city
   loans, r 149 Burr blk.
Lombard Investment Co (The),
   incorporated, capital and surplus,
   $1,785,000, Charles West mgr, real
   estate, loans, 1130 O.



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