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1890-1 Business Directory & Farmer's List of the Nebraska State Gazetteer 





SketchSketchRobinson Mercantile Co., WJ Robertson mgr, wholesale notions 206 S 11th St.
Rocke Chris, prop St Charles Hotel, 729 O St.
Roggen & McDonald, props Capital Hotel, cor 11th & P St.
Rohm Frank, mgr Lincoln Newspaper Union, 209-211 S. 10th St.
Rohman Charles H., groceries, 1032 O St.
Roman & Drain, wagon mfrs, 129 S. 15th St.
Root H D, drugs, 727 S. 11th St.
Rose & Robertson, real estate, 1041 O St.
Rosenberg Samuel, second hand goods, 1341 O St.
Roy SE, drugs, 1026 P St.
Rudge & Morris, hardware, 1122 N St.
Ruffner Burt G., cigars tobacco, 111 N. 11th
Ryan J., barber, 243 S. 9th St.
Ryan Robert, atty, 109 S. 10th St.
Ryan Thomas, abstracter, r4 Richard Blk, 11th & O St.
Ryan Thos, atty, 109 S 10th St.
St Charles Hotel, Chris Rocke prop, 729 O St.
St. John GS, real estate, r 70 Burr Blk
Sanders, HJ & Co., wines and liquors, saloon, 146 N. 10th St.
Sauvestre John, merchant tailor, 125 N. 12th St.
Sawyer AJ, miller, nr city
Sawyer & Co., florists, I M Roman mgr, 17th and G St.
Sayre ES, grocer, 1545 O St.
Scherrer A & Co., Geo Scherrer mgr, meat market, 1218 O St.
Schiller Hermann, saloon, 128 S. 10th St.
Schmidt Fred, genl mdse, 921 O St.
Schmittles J., restaurant, 114 S 11th St.
Schroeder & Bachmann, saloon, 128 S 10th St.
Schuler AC, cigars etc, 309 S 11th St.
Schuller, John, grocer, 205 N. 9th
Schwab S., clothing, 1027 O St.
Scott Bros., drugs, 129 S. 12th St.
Scott JA, phys, 119 S. 10th St.
Searles MM, commission, 119 S 9th St.
Security Investment Co, capital, $100,000, RE Moore pres, John Moore vice-pres,
     TW Moore sec., CH Moore treas, real estate and loans, R 1-2-3 Richards Blk.
Seidel P, grocery, 27th and Vine
Seifert George, harness, 133 S 9th St.
Seitz CM, grocer, 1315 O St.
Seligsohn Sigmund, liquors wholesale and retail 224 N. 10th St.
Selleck & Lane (WA Selleck, A W. Lane) attorneys at law and notaries
Public, r 1-2-3 Am Ex. Bank bldg.
Selleck WA (Selleck & Lane), r 1-2-3 Am Ex. Bank bldg
Seyboldt Geo A & Son, real estate, 711 N. 27th St.
Shader AL , drugs -- books, 1447 O St.
Sharp SB, carpenter, builder, 1019 S 14th St.
Shatzell HA, billiards, 134 S 11th St.
Shaw AW, notary, 1301 O St.
Sheehy JF, prop, Lincoln Marble & Granite Works, 2021 O St.
Sheffield JA, atty, 1007 O St.
Shelton & Smith, furniture 234 S 11th St.
Shelton W H, agt. White Sewing Machine Co., 115 N. 12th St.
Sherod & Chandler, wholesale butter and eggs, 216 S 7th St.
Sherwin H P, druggist, boots, shoes, 1124 O St.
Shilling Bros, drugs, 237 S 11th St.
Shoemaker CA, phys, 1116 S 11th St.
Simmons, AD, grocer, 240 N. 10th St.
Singer Mfg. Co (the) AF Leiss agt., sewing machines, 120 S 12th St.
Sisley Wm C., architect, Burr Blk.
Slattery C., horseshoer, 315 S. 11th St.
Slosson EB, ticket agt, UP , 1044 O St.
Small WG, notary, real estate, ins, r 91 Burr Blk
Smith AH, confectionery 1837 O St.
Smith AW, real estate, 1034 O St.
Smith CL, real estate, 1020 O St.
Smith & Co, H & H Co. 1033 O St.
Smith Geo, notions, 2127 O St.
Smith K, flour mill, 31st and Mill
Smith Moses W., saloon, 124 N. 10th St.
Smith RL, prop RL Smith Machine Works, machinist,
Boiler maker, steam fitter, engine, pumps, etc., 247 S. 9th St.
Smith RL Machine Works, RL Smith prop, 247 S. 9th St.
Smith WH, brick contractor, 1124 N. St.
Smith W. Henry, atty. at law, Dean of Central Law School R 85-86-86 Burr Blk.
Snead C., cigars, 1247 O St.
Snyder James A., loan broker, r 8-9 State blk, 1007 O St.
Spahr CE, oculist, auritst, 1215 O St.
Spears CW, real estate, r-4 State Blk
Spencer EE, notary 145 S 11th St.
Sprague & Wickersham, hardware, stoves, 1210 O St.
Sprong WA, milk depot, 134 S 11th St.
Stanhope R, phys, 129 S 11th St.
Starrett Bros, grocers, 139 S 12th St.
State Journal Co., printers, publishers Nebraska State Journal CH Gere, pres.
HD Hathaway mgr, 900-908 P St.
State Marble Works, Heaton & Keim props, 1521 O St.
State National Bank, capital $200,000, EE Brown pres, KK Hayden, cashier
Southwest corner of 10th and O St.
Stearns Mabelle Mrs., teacher piano, r 145-146-147 Burr Blk.
Stetson RE, painter, paperhanging, 700 N 27th ST.


SketchStetson & Thorp, druggists, 117 N 11th St.
Stevens & Love, attorneys and notaries, 1029 O St.
Stevens SP & Co., grocers, 1207 O St.
Stevenson Sam, real estate, corner of O and 11th
Stewart & Rose, attys, 210 S 11th St.
Stewart TE, barber, 709 N. 27th St.
Stockwell JE, brick mfr, 919 O St.
Stowell & Onley, painters, 1027 N St.
Strassman A, optician, 226 S. 11th St.
Strawbridge Isaac H, real estate, loans, insurance, 1100 O ST.
Strickland, Isaac H, whole flour, 1018 N St.
Stull Bros (Louis & Wm Stull) farm loans and bonds, r7 Academy of Music Blk 1041 O ST.
Sullivan Wm. H, draying , 941 O St.
Sultan Cart & Carriage Co, CW Kaley mgr, 1524 O St.
Suter RB, grocer, 1302 E St.
Sweeney R., barber, 142 N. 10th St.
Talbot & Bryan (AR Talbot, WJ Bryan) attny's at law, rs 45-46-47 Burr Blk
Taylor & Keys, grocers, 1018 S 16th St.
Teachman LN, phys 109 S 10th St.
Teasdall & Scott, drugs, 1843 O St.
Thomas FE, undertaker, 119 S 12th St.
Thomas SG, real estate, burr blk
Thomas WE, veterinary, 117 N 11th St.
Thompson, GE, optician, watchmaker, 147 S 11th St.
Thompson JM, business mgr, The Farmers Alliance, cor S 11th and M
Thornburn Sisters, millinery and hair goods, 132 N. 11th St.
Thorp Geo L, meat market, 2229 O St.
Thorp T J & CO Novelty Works, TJ & HK Thorp props, mfrs. rubber stamps, seals,
stencils, badges, checks, steel stamps, dies, light machine work, etc., 320 S. 11th St.
Throgdon RC., dentist, 226 S 11th St.
Tiernan Christopher, saloon, 701 Q St.
Tollefsen E., lumber, 1602 O St.
Townsend Rufus B., real estate, atty, 1034 O St.
Townsend TW, photographer
Transit Hotel, 131 N 12th St.
Tremont House (The) PW Copeland prop, 8th and P St.
Trester Milton L, building material, lumber, 27th and M P Ry.
Trickey, JB & Co, watches and diamonds, 1035 O St.
Tucker & McManigal, real estate, 1044 O St.
Tunke & Ogden, china, glassware cor S 15th and N. Exposition bldg.
Turner Wm. J, drugs, 929 O St.
Tuttle Sam J., atty, r 74-75 Burr Blk.
Tychsen Th C., grocer, 227 N 11th St.
Tyler WH, stoneyard, crn 7th and L
Tyrrell C Mrs., dressmaker 1232 O St.
Union Pacific Teac Co., OC Haldeman agt, 933 O St.
Union Savings Bank, capital $200,000, RE More pres, EE Brown vice pres,
CH Imhoff cashier. 111 S 10th St.
Vandolah BF Dr., prop Lincoln Sanitarium, 1222 O St.
Vandolah SP prop Lincoln Sanitarium, 1220 O St.
Van Duyn, CR, real estate, 1001 O St.
Varney CW & Co, grain, 3 Burr Blk.
Vaughn WP, flour and feed, 1401 O St.
Veith Henry, grocer, 909 O St.
Victor Henry C., dentist, 1034 O St.
Vine Street Grocery, grocers, Vine and 27th St.
Vitrified Paving and Pressed Brick co, JA Buckstaff business mgr 738 O St.
Vivyan & Fredericks, bakers, coal, 201 S 10th St.
Wagner, John, stock dealer and feeder. During 1889 bought and fed 1000 head
     of cattle, 7300 sheep and 672 hogs. Handling 1200 acres of excellent
     pastures land about four miles from the city
Waldman & Polsky, pawnbrokers, 1029 P St.
Waldo CC mgr, Geo Oberne & Co, 821-823 P St.
Wallingford & Shamp (JA Wallingford and Jerome Shamp) farm machinery,
     buggies, transfer and forwarding agents, 917 O St.
Walsh JH, vice pres Capital National Bank sw cor 11th and O St.
Walt Moritz, shoemaker, burr blk
Walton, JP , civil engineer, 444 S 10th St.
Wardwell CA, saloon 125 N. 11th St.
Wash James R., ins. Latta Blk
Washington House, Moser & Geisler props, 202 S. 9th St.
Waters FR, atty and notary, 1005 O St.
Watson Bros, horseshoers, rear White Elephant Barn 12 and 13th and N and O St.
Webb Frank, ins, r 28 Latta Blk.
Webster & Holmes, attys, 236 S 11th St.
Wedge Rufus E., butcher, 80 N 27th St.
Weidemann & Janesch, cornice makers, 212 S 9th St.
Weir AH & Co, lumber, 1012 O St.
Wells Fargo Express Co, CR Teas agt, 1134 N St.
Wente L, dentist, r 26 Latta Blk
Wessel Printing Co, printers and stationers, pubs of Capital City Courier 1134 N St.
Westerfield SF, barber, Burr Blk
Western Artificial Stone & Cement,Co, F. Reimers supt., 1201 O St.


SketchSketchWestern Investment Co (The) capital 50,000, NC Abbot pres,
     NB Miller sec., real estate and loans r 69-70-71 Burr blk.
Western Resources (The) H S Reed, pub, 111 N. 9th St.
Western Union Telegraph Co, HC Mahoney mrg., 147 S 11th St.
Wetzel Charles, cigar mfr, 320 S 21st St.
Wheeler RE, confectionery, 121 S 11th St.
Whipple Stillman H, dairy, 1016 P St.
White CC, mfrs agt. 805 O St.
Whitebreast Coal & Lime Co., AC Cass pres, JT Stobbs sec. 109 S 11th St.
Williams JC, notary, r5 Latta blk
Wilson & Cosford, veterinary surgeons, 1027 Q St.
Wilson & Green, drugs, 139 S 10th St.
Wilson, James, veterinary surgeon, 221 S 11th St.
Wilson Morris, boiler maker, F nr 7th St.
Wilson Ports, grocer, 912 P St.
Wilson Thomas A (Clark, Leonard & Wilson ), 115 S 10th St.
Windsor Hotel, EK Criley & Co. props, 226 N. 11th St.
Wing & Walsh, restaurant, S 6th and O St.
Winger & McGahey, coal and wood, 122 N 11th St.
Wirick & Hopper, trunk mfrs, 208 S 11th and 809 P St.
Wisconsin Furniture & Coffin Co. CC Chase pres, DC Buckstaff vice president,
     MH Tilton mgr, cor 6th and L.
Wise David & Co., wholesale liquors, 839 O St.
Wittman H, H Witman & CO., 140 N 10th St.
Wittmann Wm , H Wittman & Co., 140 N. 10th St.
Wobker H, cigar mfrs, 345 S 9th St.
Woempener JC, druggist, 223 N 9th St.
Woerner E., carpenter, 936 M St.
Wolenberg PJ, cigar mfr. 128 S. 11th St.
Wolcott WB, hardware, 230 S. 11th St.
Wolf GR, cigar mfr, 128 N. 10th St.
Wolfe EM , atty, r 108-109 Burr Blk
Woltemade H, wholesale liquors, and agt Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co. 728 P St.
Woodruff LD, job printer, 1020 P St.
Woods FM, auctioner, live stock breeder, 1203 O St.
Woods FR & Son, real estate. Loans, 1203 O St.
Woodward Thad H, MD, phys specialist, eye, ear nose and throat, 1222 O St.
Woodward WM, atty, 1044 O St.
Woodworth & McFall (JL Woodworth, WG McFall) harness and saddles, 1235 O St.
Wright John B, dealer in flax and seed and flax see meal, cor M and 8th St.
Wright SL, real estate, 1034 O St.
Wurzburg J, atty, 13-14 Montgomery Blk.
Wycoff Abraham N, real estate, r 9 Richards Blk.
Wynn Ws , loans, 210 S 11th St.
Yanow J, second hand goods, 1319 O St.
Yates & Marshall, boots and shoes 1129 O St.
YMCA Assn., JH Mocket SR pres, JR Clark vice pres, James A Dummet, sec.
Corner of N and 13th St.
Young Ed, tobacco and cigars, 1020 O ST.
Young & Elder, pianos and organs , 130 S 12th St.
Young Louis P, loans, Burr blk.
Youngstedt M, phys, 244 N. 10th St.
Young RS, sand lime and cement, 116 S 13th St.
Zehrung & Dunn, drugs 1213 O ST.
Zieger & Ward, real estate, loans and ins., 1035 N St.
Ziemer AC, city pass and ticket agt, Burlington Route, cor O and 10th St.


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