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1890 Gazetteer - York County




    Business Directory and farmer list for 1890 - 1891

Omaha: J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509 - 510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J.M. Wolfe

& Co., in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

York County
York -- County Seat

by Holice Ballard Young

Abersolt--Lund     Lund--Zern    

Lund J O, Gresham                McFadden Wm, Mccool Jct       Malmquist Gust, Charleston 
Lund John E, Gresham             McGee R A, Benedict           Malo Chas, Thayer 
Lundenkins A, Gresham            McGill J H, Waco              Mank John A, Charleston 
Lundgren Gust, Thayer            McGinnis F S, Arborville      Mann J, York 
Lundy S W, Blue Valley           McGinnis Robt N, Arborville   Mann S A, York 
Lunford F D, Waco                McGreer J B, Bradshaw         Mann S T, McCool Jct 
Lutz Oscar, Bradshaw             McGregor J A, York            Mann Wm, Utica 
Lutz Phillip, Exeter             McGuire J A, Benedict         Manson M J, Benedict 
Lyle J T, Waco                   McGuire Philip, Waco          Mapes F, McCool Jct 
Lynch A L, Lushton               McKean Geo C, Benedict        Mapes J, McCool Jct 
Lytle R M, York                  McKean R, Benedict            Mapps Jas W, York 
McCandless L, York               McKeever N M, Cordova         Mapps J B, York 
McCandless W R, York             McKeever Thos Exeter          Mapps John, York 
McCart T J, Benedict             McKeever W M, Cordova         Mapps John T, York 
McCarthy D, Charleston           McMahon C, York               Mapps John W, York 
McCay J C, Waco                  McMahon J M, Waco             Mapps levi, York 
McCiatchey John, York            McMahon John, York            Mapps R H, York 
McCiatchy Jos H, York            McMahon Jos, York             Mapps Sami T, York 
McCloud Wm E, Thayer             McMaury G, Lushton            Mapps W B, York 
McClure Danl, Benedict           McMillan Jos, McCool Jct      Mapps Wm, York 
McClollaugh Wm, York             McMillen E W, Arborville      Maranda Fred, York 
McCounaughey S, Benedict         McMullen Hy, McCool Jct       Marble C E, Thayer 
McConnell J W, Brdshaw           McMullen Jno, McCool Jct      Marble F V, York 
McCord C N, Waco                 McMurray John, Waco           Marble C V, York 
McCord J H, Waco                 McMurtin Jas, Lushton         Marcia J S, Charleston 
McCorkle Jos, Benedict           McNeal J H, York              Marcia W F, Charleston 
McCorkle Kate, Benedict          McNeill O S, York             Marcia Wm M, Charleston 
McCormick Edward, York           McNutt G R, Lushton           Markwell F C, Blue Valley 
McCormick Jos, York              McNutt I L, Lushton           Markworth A, McCool Jct 
McCormick Jos E, York            McTaggart peter, McCool Jct   Marquardt C H, Thayer 
McCormick S B, Waco              Mace Adam, Blue Valley        Marquardt Emil, Thayer 
McDaniel Rose, Waco              Mace Morris, Blue Valley      Marsden Arlo E, Gresham 
McDaniel S W, Arborville         Mack Jacob, Henderson         Marsden Thos W, Gresham 
McDanielsT, Blue Valley          Mack leopold, Henderson       Marsden Wm H, Gresham 
McDonald Chas, McCool Jct        Magill S A, York              Marselus E D, York 
McDonald  Geo, McCool Jct        Mahaffey A C, Gresham         Marshall B F, York 
McDonald R D, McCool Jct         Malaney Lizzie, Benedict      Martens Aug, Gresham 
McDonald S D, McCool Jct         Mallady W H, McCool Jct       Martens J M, Gresham 
McFadden John, McCool Jct        Malloner A, Benedict          Martin Alfred J, York 
Martin C H, Benedict             Mead A G, Arborville          Miller A, Bradshaw 
Martin Chas, York                Mead Jas, Waco                Miller Alfred, Gresham 
Martin Geo, York                 Mead Mendel, Waco             Miller Alfred, Bradshaw 
Martin J, McCool Jct             Meagher John, York            Miller Andrew, Benedict 
Martin Leander, Benedict         Meehan L.Waco                 Miller A P, McCool Jct 
Martin Peter, Henderson          Meek T J, Exeter              Miller Balthaser, Waco 
Martin P C, York                 Melkeljohn D E, Waco          Miller Chas, Waco 
Martin R L, York                 Melkle Danl, Waco             Miller F H, York 
Marvel Ann N, Waco               Meiner Gerhard, Utica         Miller F L, McCool Jct 
Marvel Winfield, Gresham         Melran Jacob, Bradshaw        Miller Gaines, Charleston 
Mason A C, Bradshaw              Mellott Hiram, Arborville     Miller G W, McCool Jct 
Mason Chas W, Bradshaw           Meloy David, York             Miller G W, York 
Mason I, Bradshaw                Melton Harvey B, Waco         Miller Henry, Waco 
Mason Peter, Bradshaw            Melton W G, Utica             Miller James, Thayer 
Mason W J, Arborville            Menke Henry, Bradshaw         Miller Jas P, York 
Mastin Wm, Arborville            Meradith B C, York            Miller J C, York 
MastellerT, Benedict             Meradith Geo R, York          Miller J E, Waco 
Mathews C S, Waco                Meradith James, York          Miller Jno W, York 
Matthews Ernst, Bradshaw         Meradith Wm, York             Miller John E, York 
Matthews John, Exeter            Merchant C E, Arborville      Miller John W, Cordova 
Matthews R, McCool Jct           Meredith G D, Thayer          Miller Jos, Bradshaw 
Matthews T G, Cordova            Merkel Jacob, Bradshaw        Miller Lyman M, York 
Mattlicka Spencer, Utica         Merkel J B, Bradshaw          Miller Milo F, York 
Mattison G D, Exeter             Merkel John A, Bradshaw       Miller O M, York 
Mattox S O, Waco                 Merrill Edwin, McCool Jct     Miller Robt H, Bradshaw 
Matzner Chas, Gresham            Merrill O V, Lushton          Miller Thos P, Bradshaw 
Matzner Wm, Gresham              Merritt Geo W, Gresham        Miller W A, Charleston 
Maul Lewis, Lushton              Messplay J E, York            Miller W L, Thayer 
Maul Willis F, McCool Jct        Metcalf L, York               Miller Wm, York 
Maurer Ivan A, York              Meyers Geo, Bradshaw          Miller Wm, Bradshaw 
Maxwell Alex, Benedict           Michant L T, York             Miller Wm H, York 
May J T, Utica                   Michant T A, York             Miller Wm J, Charelston 
Mayer Chas F, Thayer             Michener D H, Gresham         Mills T E, McCool Jct 
Mayo Bruce T, Arborville         Michener Kinsey, Gresham      Miltner Aug, Waco 
Mayo D D, Arborville             Mick Chas, Hampton            Mincks B F, Benedict 
Mayo Geo W, Bradshaw             Middlekauf S C, Gresham       Miner John, Waco 
Mayo J A, Arborville             Mierau J J, Bradshaw          Minnick J B, York 
Mayo J L, Benedict               Mierau Peter, Bradshaw        Minor James, York 
Misener Alva, Hampton            Morrison J E, Bradshaw        Myrick W M, York 
Misener Leonard, Bradshaw        Morrison J R, York            Myrtle Frank, Waco 
Mitchell G W, Arborville         Morrison Wm B, York           Naber Burchard, Waco 
Mitchell James, Bradshaw         Morrison Wm F, Bradshaw       Naber D J, waco 
Mitchell John, Bradshaw          Mortemore L P, Cordova        Naber Diedrich, Waco 
Mitchell Wm, Bradshaw            Mosgrove Jasper, Bradshaw     Naber Fred, Waco 
Moberly L, Gresham               Moslander W, McCool Jct       Naber H B, Waco 
Moberly L B, McCool Jct          Moul Clarence, Lushton        Naber H F, Waco 
Moffett O J, McCool Jct          Moul R S, Lushton             Naber J H, Waco 
Moist Jos, Arborville            Moulton Chas L. York          Nachtigal Benj, Henderson 
Meline Gust, Charleston          Moulton F W, York             Nahrgang J J, McCool Jct 
Moneysmith H, Bradshaw           Moulton O J, York             Naufeld A C, Henderson 
Monniers S, York                 Moulton Otis, York            Nash W B, Gresham 
Monson C J, York                 Moyer C M, Thayer             Nears Jacob, Bradshaw 
Montgomery Jos R, York           Moyer Harmon, York            Nelson John, Gresham 
Moore A J, York                  Moyer Peter, Utica            Nelson M E, Waco 
Moore Douglas, Cordova           Muchmore Wm N, York           Nelson Nels, York 
Moore Edward, York               Muffly S P, Arborville        Nelson Rasmus G, York 
Moore H J, Waco                  Mulhead David, York           Nelson Swan, Gresham 
Moore Isaac, Waco                Mulig Chas, Waco              Neufeld C, Henderson 
Moore Joel, Arborville           Mulilner L R, Thayer          Neufeld S, Charleston 
Moore John, Waco                 Mulilner M K, Thayer          Neuhauaer S A, Blue Valley 
Moore L H, Benedict              Mumma Eliza, Waco             Neville James, York 
Moore Milton, Benedict           Muncaster john, utica         Neville John, York 
Moore S V, Bradshaw              Munday F M, Lushton           Neville Jos, York 
Moore Wm, York                   Munson Giles W, York          Neville Wm, York 
Morehouse J R, McCool Jct        Murphy Henry A, Bradshaw      Nevin Patrick, Utica 
Morgan Bros, Bradshaw            Murphy Jas, Cordova           Newburg J, Bradshaw 
Morgan J F, Bradshaw             Murphy W R, Arborville        Newcomer Jos F, Thayer 
Morgan John, Cordova             Murray Jesse, Waco            Newcomer Wm H, Benedict 
Morgan Wm Jr, Cordova            Murray Thompson, Waco         Newcom John W, Bradshaw 
Morgan W E, York                 Musselman Hy, McCool Jct      Newquist O N, Charelston 
Morner Andrew, Waco              Mutton R B, Bradshaw          Newton L L, Arborville 
Morris Alonzo, Waco              Myers B F, Benedict           Nicholas W A, McCool Jct 
Morris Edward, Waco              Myers James, Benedict         Nichols Wm R, Bradshaw 
Morris F S, McCool Jct           Myers J W, Charleston         Nichols W R, Waco 
Morris L D, McCool Jct           Myers S A, Benedict           Nickerson S H, Lushton 
Morrison E W, Bradshaw           Myers Wm, Gresham             Nikkel A J, York 
Morriosn F W, Bradshaw           Myers L W, McCool Jct         Nikkel Abaham, York 
Nikkel R M, Lushton              Olson Jos, Benedict           Paine Lucius B, Arborville 
Nilson John, York                Olson Mathis, York            Pankratz H Jr, Henderson 
Ninn Milton, Arborville          O'Neal Geo A, Arborville      Pankratz Hein, Henderson 
Nieley Ed, Benedict              Opfer Fred, Hampton           Pankratz Jacob, Henderson 
Nixon Ed, Mccool Jct             Oplitz Edward, York           Pankratz P A, Henderson 
Nixon Geo W, McCool Jct          Oram Thos, Waco               Parker Chas G, Arborville 
Nobes Cha, York                  Orth Franz, Cordova           Parker G R, Utica 
Noble Geo P, Bradshaw            Orth John, Utica              Parker John H, Thayer 
Noel H C, Bradshaw               Osborn E, Lushton             Parker O H, Thayer 
Noel Jacob, Utica                Osborn Geo, York              Parker G J, Benedict 
Nolan L C, McCool Jct            Osborn J A, York              Parker Wm J, Benedict 
Norden Jonas, York               Osborn Alfred ,York           Parris F J, York 
Norling Chas, York               Osborn John, York             Parry Robt, Benedict 
Noquest Chrls, York              Osborn Wm L, York             Parsons A, Beaer Crossing 
Norquest Jonas J, York           Osterhouct M G, McCool Jct    Parsons I N, Charleston 
Norquest P M, York               Osterhoucdt M L, McCool Jct   Parsons R, Utica 
Norris W E, Exeter               Osternoust Wm V, Arborville   Pasche B E, Hampton 
Northingbam C, Bradshaw          Osterlot Henry, Waco          Patard Celestine, Waco 
Norton Leander, Charleston       Osterlot Herman, Waco         Patten Geo, Blue Valley 
Nowack Fred, Utica               Otis F P, Blue Valley         Patten Ned, Thayer 
Noyes C W, Bradshaw              Otis Milo B, York             Patterson Geo W, York 
Nyaagge sdC, Waco                Otto Wm, Charleston           Patterson J G, Utica 
Nye W C, Gresham                 Oug Isaac, McCool Jct         Paulsen John C, Cordova 
Nistrom Bengt, Waco              Oug Wm C, McCool Jct          Paxson F M B, Bradshw 
Oaks S C, Gresham                Oughton John, Benedict        Payne Jesse O, Lushton 
Oaks W L, Waco                   Oversight M, McCool Jct       Pearson Fred, Lushton 
Oberg Gus, York                  Overstreet H S, York          Pearson Henry, Lushton 
Obermeir Damon, Utica            Overstreet Robt J. Arborville Pearson Oliver, Charleston 
Obermeir Wm, Utica               Overstreet W M, Arborville    Peck J B, York 
O'Brien Thos H, York             Oylatt Albert, York           Peck John H, Charelston 
O'Brien Wm, Benedict             Owen R D, York                Peck W O, Charleston 
Ogelsby Chas, Bradshaw           Owen Thos P, Thayer           Pegar Julius, Thayer 
Ohlin Johns A, York              Owen Wm, Gresham              Pelco W R, Bradshaw 
Olean John, York                 Owens Geo, Thayer             Pence Jas F, McCool Jct 
Olin John, Waco                  Owens Thos, Thayer            Pence Thos H, McCool Jct 
Oliver E W, York                 Owens Wm J, Thayer            Pence W C, McCool Jct 
Olmstead A F, Waco               Owings Chris, Bradshaw        Penner C F, Lushton 
Olmstead F A, Waco               Owings Walter, Bradshaw       Penner C, Henderson 
Olmstead N W, Waco               Page H T, Gresham             Penner Franz, Lushton 
Penner Henry, Lushton            Peterson M P, Exeter          Poor Henry, York 
Penner Jacob, Luston             Peterson Nils, Bradshaw       Poor Wm, Bradshaw 
Penners Isaac, Bradshaw          Peterson Ole, Waco            Pope Nathaniel, Brashaw 
Pennington L A, Charleston       Peterson Peter H, Exeter      Porch Jos H, York 
Pennington M F, McCool Jct       Peterson Rasmus, Cordova      Porter F, McCool Jct 
Pennington M M, Lushton          Pettes S W, York              Porter Jas R, Benedict 
Perce B, McCool Jct              Pettker Ger, Henderson        Porter Thos H, York 
Perce G D, McCool Jct            Phelan Edward, York           Post C H, York 
Perry E M, York                  Phelan Peter, York            Powell C, Beaver Crossing 
Perry E, York                    Phillippi R B, Benedict       Powell I S, Exeter 
Peters C B, McCool Jct           Phillipps L, Blue Valley      Powell M, Beaver Crossing 
Peters C, Henderson              Phillips R E, Lushton         Powell R T, York 
Peters Daniel, Henderson         Philp H J, Bradshaw           Powell Wm V, Benedict 
Peters D D, Henderson            Phipps R W, York              Powers Jacob, Charleston 
Peters Dietrich, Henderson       Pickrel C R, York             Powers James, Benedict 
Peters D J, Henderson            Pickrel Harvey, York          Powers John L, Henderson 
Peters I, Farmers Valley         Pidgeon L W, Gresham          Powers Sanford, Charleston 
Peters J Jr, Bradshaw            Pieper Wm, Utica              Pozehl Fred, Gresham 
Peters J Sr, Bradshaw            Pierce Nathaniel, Charleston  Prather J W, Waco 
Peters Jacob, Lushton            Pierson John, Waco            Prather Thos C, Thayer 
Peters Jacob, Bradshaw           Pierson Thos, Lushton         Prest J E, McCool Jct 
Peters J J, Henderson            Pittman C W, York             Prest R, McCool Jct 
Peters John, Bradshaw            Pittman T S, Waco             Prewitt J S, McCool Jct 
Peters John, Henderson           Piper C W, Benedict           Prewitt Ora G, York 
Peters Joseph, Waco              Piper Henry J, Arborville     Prewitt W M, Waco 
Petersen A A, Arborville         Piper John, Arborville        Price David, Thayer 
Petersen C, York                 Piper Wm B, Arborville        Price Edward, Benedict 
Peterson Alb J, Arborville       Plank M E, Bradshaw           Price F P, Waco 
Peterson A P, Cordova            Plants D T, Thayer            Price J A, Exeter 
Peterson Aug, Waco               Plessinger C, Arborville      Price J J, Waco 
Peterson A R, York               Plessinger Jos, Arborville    Price Martin, York 
Peterson Caris, Cordova          Plett Cornelius, Lushton      Price Richard B, Thayer 
Peterson Chas, McCool Jct        Poe J D, Henderson            Price Thos, Thayer 
Peterson Geo, Bradshaw           Poetker Heinrich, Henderson   Price W H, York 
Peterson Jacob, Hampton          Poffenberger H, York          Price Wm, Thayer 
Peterson Jacob, Cordova          Pohl August, Thayer           Priday P, Benedict 
Peterson Jonas, Stromsburg       Pohl Wilhelm, Hampton         Pries Chas, York 
Peterson Jonas, Benedict         Plehn Frank, Gresham          Prichard T B, Bradshaw 
Peterson Mons, Bradshaw          Poole N E, Houston            Prichard J Jr, McCool Jct 
Pritchard John, Exeter           Ratzlaff A, Bradshaw          Regier Jacob, Henderson 
Pritchard Thos M, Exeter         Ratzlaff B, Bradshaw          Regier J M, Henderson 
Prohaska A, Charleston           Ratzlaff Benj, Bradshaw       Regier John, Bradshaw 
Pruner G H, Blue Valley          Ratzlaff Chas, Thayer         Regier O, Bradshaw 
Purinton O E, Waco               Ratzlaff Johann, Bradshaw     Regier Peter, Bradshaw 
Purinton W F, Utica              Ratzlaff Peter, Henderson     Regier Peter, Henderson 
Pursel C J, Lushton              Ray C T, Henderson            Reimer Jacob, Henderson 
Pursel C C, Lushton              Raymond Chas, Lushton         Reimbeck J E, York 
Pursel J E, McCool Jct           Read A M, Bendict             Rempel Gerhard, Lushton 
Pursel J S, Lushton              Reager R M, Lushton           Rempel Henry, Benedict 
Pursel Peter S, Lushton          Real N, McCool Jct            Renquist Alex, Benedict 
Pyle C A, Arborville             Reardon Thos, York            Renquist A W, Benedict 
Pyle John B, Arborville          Rebbey Andrew, York           Renquist John, Benedict 
Uist John, Benedict              Recknor F N, Arborville       Resinger G M, Lushton 
Pyott James, Blue Valley         Recknor W B, Arborville       Resinger L C, Lushton 
Queen Chas, McCool Jct           Recknor Wm, Arborville        Resinger S N, Lushton 
Querresgesser Fred, York         Reeb Geo, Arborille           Reynolds F D, Bradshaw 
Quick A J, York                  Reeb Geo F, Arborville        Reynolds Jonas, York 
Quick Andrew, York               Reed A M, Benedict            Reynolds M J, Waco 
Quick C F, York                  Reed F S, McCool Jct          Rhoads A E, Bradshaw 
Quiring J Jr, Lushton            Reed Josiah R, Benedict       Rhoads Geo W, Bradshaw 
Quiring J Sr, Lushton            Reed M A, McCool Jct          Rhoads Hnery, Bradshaw 
Raach Fred, Utica                Reed Robt W, Benedict         Rhodes Albert, Cordova 
Raach Julius, Utica              Reed Thos B, York             Rhodes Chas, Benedict 
Raach Robt, Utica                Reed W L, York                Rhodes S R, Gresham 
Rachney Julius, Thayer           Reed Wm R, Gresham            Rhodes Sylvester, Gresham 
Rae Patrick, York                Reel John M, Charleston       Rice A F, waco 
Rae Thomas, York                 Reetz Carl, Thayer            Rice F P, Waco 
Rafferty T, York                 Reetz Henry Thayer            Rice Jas M, Thayer 
Ragan Geo, Henderson             Reetz herman, Thayer          Rice Lou, Lushton 
Raiks M W, Gresham               Reetz John, York              Rich Fred, Hendeson 
Ramsdal John, York               Reetz     ?, Thayer           Richards Bert, York 
Ramsey Wm H, Benedict            Reetz Wm, Thayer              Richards J J, York 
Randall F W, Thayer              Reeve A J, Charleston         Richards O R, Bradshaw 
Randall Richard, Waco            Reeve J F, Waco               Richardson A J, Thayer 
Rantz Barnum, Waco               Regier Abraham, Henderson     Richardson Geo, Benedict 
Rardin F L, Waco                 Regier Cornl, Henderson       Richardson J B, York 
Rasmussen Peter, Cordova         Regier Cornell, Henderson     Richardson J L, York 
Rasp John W, Cordova             Regier Isaac, Henderson       Richart J F, Charleston 
Richart Alice, Charleston        Rockwell James, York          Runyan S R, Utica 
Richmond Fred, Utica             Rode E, York                  Runyan T R, Blue Valley 
Richmond H M, Bradshaw           Roe M E, Benedict             Rush John, York 
Richter Fred, Gresham            Roeder G, McCool Jct          Rush J W, McCool Jct 
Riddle D W, York                 Rogers A H, Waco              Rusler A, Henderson 
Rider S P, Lushton               Rogers Frank, Charleston      Rusler Chas, Henderson 
Ridgway T J, McCool Jct          Rogers H J, Utica             Rusler Chas, Charleston 
Rigg Arthur, Benedict            Rogers Leroy H, York          Rusler C J, Lushton 
Rinehart A M, Waco               Rogy Aug, Gresham             Russell D M, York 
Rinehart A W, McCool Jct         Rohr Wm, Waco                 Russell Edward, York 
Ring M M, Benedict               Rolls Henry, Arborville       Russell Wm J, Charleston 
Ritger Frank, Lushton            Rolls J W, Arborville         Rutenbeck G, Blue Valley 
Robbins H B, Gresham             Rolls S H, Arborville         Rutz John, Thayer 
Robbins John, Gresham            Rolls Warren, Arborville      Ryan G E, Gresham 
Robbins M, McCool Jct            Rose G W, Bradshaw            Ryan R R, Bradshaw 
Robbins Wesley, Cordova          Rose W H, Waco                Ryan S, Gresham 
Roberts EW J, Benedict           Rosendahl Wm, York            Sackschewski A, Thayer 
Roberts J M, Waco                Rosenkrantz H D, Exeter       Saddoris Fred D, York 
Robertson Geo H, Thayer          Rosenkrantz John, Exeter      Salisberry Wm K, Houston 
Robertson J B, Waco              Rosier P H, Waco              Salmen Casper, Lushton 
Robertson J B, Gresham           Ross S A, Gresham             Salmon John, York 
Robertson J C, Waco              Rossiter Geo, York            Samatzky J, Beadshaw 
Robertson Jos, Thayer            Rotter Ben, Henderson         Samuelson Chas, York 
Robertson M E, Thayer            Rotter Bernard, Henderson     Samuelson John, Benedict 
Robertson R H, Waco              Rounds E A, Charleston        Samuelson Wm C, York 
Robertson W B, Thayer            Rowan E, McCool Jct           Sand T H B, Arborville 
Robertson Wm J, Thayer           Ruch E F, Arborville          Sandall Andrew L, York 
Robinson A F, York               Rich P J, Arborville          Sandall Chas M, York 
Robinson G, McCool Jct           Ruhl Peter, Exeter            Sandall C J, York 
Robinson Harvey, Utica           Ruhl Tim, Exeter              Sandall H M, York 
Robinson J H, McCool Jct         Runnell E J, Gresham          Sandall John G, York 
Roblyer A J, Bradshaw            Runnalls John, Lushton        Sandall John Z, York 
Roblyer Louis, Bradshaw          Runnalls J, McCool Jct        Sandall Jonas P, York 
Robson A M, Benedict             Runnels G F, Waco             Sanders Rufus, Blue Valley 
Robson Chas, Thayer              Runner F H, Benedict          Sanderson Wm A, York 
Robson Frank, Thayer             Runner Lewis, York            Sarver Henry A, York 
Robson Fred, Gresham             Runyan J B, Utica             Savage E T, Arborville 
Robson H, Thayer                 Runyan J W, Utica             Sawyer C A, Bradshaw 
Roby S O, Blue Valley            Runyan Saml, Utica            Sawyer S, McCool Jct 
Sayre J, Waco                    Search Wm, Henderson          Shepardson Geo, York 
Scalph Alfred, Henderson         Sears L D, Benedict           Sherman J F, Gresham 
Scharfenburg F K,Charleston      Seeger Chas, Exeter           Sherman M C, Gresham 
Scharfenburg H, Charleston       Seeley John, Lushton          Shetler Jerry, McCool Jct 
Schark Henry, Utica              Seibert John,     ?           Shibley John, Benedict 
Scheele Henry, Waco              Seibert Peter    ?            Shiley S L, Benedict 
Scheirling John, Henderson       Seigrist J R, Gresham         Shipley A, Lushton 
Schierling Jacob, Bradshaw       Selby Wm T,    ?              Shipley Jeff, McCool Jct 
Schlechte Carl, Blue Valley      Senff A, Bradshaw             Shipley L, McCool Jct 
Schlechte Henry, Utica           Senff Carl, Hampton           Shipp Jacob, York 
Schlechte Lewis, Utica           Sephens Edward, Waco          Shirly T J, Utica 
Schlenning Adam, Exeter          Sessler J F, Waco             Shockey Fred, Arborville 
Schmidt Heinrich, York           Sessler J F, Blue Valley      Shonek Gustav, Thayer 
Schmidt H W, Gresham             Sessler J L, Waco             Shonek H, Thayer 
Schmer J Jr, Henderson           Sewart Wm, Waco               Shrigley M H, Arborville 
Schmer John, Henderson           Shackelford M J,     ?        Snuknecht C, Gresham 
Schnebly H H, Blue Valley        Shneckel H, Blue Valley       Shuknecht John, Gresham 
Schneider H, Henderson           Shafer A W, Arborville        Shultz  A, Waco 
Schneider Jacob, Lushton         Shafer Geo, McCool Jct        Shultz L N, Waco 
Schneider John, Henderson        Shaffer Harvey, Waco          Shuman Jeremiah, Lushton 
Schneider Simeon, Cordova        Shanabaugh J, Bradshaw        Shurlock P, charleston 
Schnerlinger F, Bradshaw         Shanabaugh M L, Bradshaw      Sidwell  H, Benedict 
Schonhoff P, Henderson           Shaner    ? , Lushton         Silia John, Fairmont 
Schrelber S, Benedict            Shannon J A, Blue Valley      Simmons A C, Bradshaw 
Schroeder S, Lushton             Shannon Wm, Blue Valley       Simmons A D, Arborville 
Schultz H W, Waco                Shapland    ?, Benedict       Simmons R R, York 
Schumacker S, York               Shapland John, Benedict       Simmons H A, Exeter 
Schumacher A, York               Sharp B F, York               Simmons I A, Bradshaw 
Schumacher F, York               Sharp Chas E, York            Simmons N, Bradshaw 
Schuster C A, Arborville         Shark Fred R, York            Simmons Wm F, Arborville 
Schwab P H, Lushton              Shauso J H,    ?              Simpson T C, Stromsburg 
Schwarting Henry, Waco           Shaw Frank,  McCool Jct       Simpson W N, Benedict 
Scott John, Gresham              Shaw John, York               Sing W W, McCool Jct 
Scott Walter, Benedict           Shaw John, Bradshaw           Sirts Thos, Bradshaw 
Scruby Chas, Fairmont            Shaw J S, Benedict            Sivers Alfred, Benedict 
Seaman A S, Waco                 Sheldon H S, Bradshaw         Skadden Clark, Waco 
Seaman D W, Waco                 Sheldon C F, Bradshaw         Skadden J D, Waco 
Seaman J A, Waco                 Shepard Rowden, Lushton       Sinner Wm F, York 
Search Wm, Lushton               Shepard R S, Lushton          Sloan David, McCool Jct 
Sloan Elmer, McCool Jct          Snyder Philip, Lushton        Stanley J A, McCool Jct 
Sloan Theodore, McCool Jct       Soetter Hnery, McCool Jct     Stanley O A, McCool Jct 
Sloniger G E, Lushton            Sommers W E, Waco             Stanton J, McCool Jct 
Sloniger J M, Lushton            Somer A C, Waco               Stark Chas H, McCool Jct 
Slonsiger O P, Lusthon           Sorrick L S, Waco             Stark J H, York 
Small John, York                 Sorrill Wm, York              Stark Simeon, Bradshaw 
Small Robt, York                 Southard Fred, york           Statts J R, Gresham 
Small James, York                Sowers D W,Beaver Crossing    Stauffer C T, Arborville 
Small J D P, York                Sowers D W, Blue Valley       Stauffer Isaac, York 
    ?       Jos, Charleston      Spackman C S, Bradshaw        Steadman C, Bradshaw 
Smith A A, McCool Jct            Sparling Chris, Benedict      Steepleton F M, York 
Smith  Abe, Lushton              Sparling R J, Benedict        Steepleton Fred, York 
Smith Alex, Blue Valley          Spennan Chas E, York          Steffen Alto, Waco 
Smith C A, Benedict              Spelman Chas S, Charleston    Steffen Aug, Waco 
Smith Chas M, McCool Jct         Spelman G E, York             Steffen Ferdinand Waco 
Smith E C, Arborville            Spelman Seymour, York         Steffen F O, Waco 
Smith E D, Waco                  Spelman Willie, Charleston    Steffen Frank, Waco 
Smith E E, Mccool Jct            Spencer W J, Waco             Steffen Fritz, Gresham 
Smith Fred, Arborville           Spenst Frank, Henderson       Steffen Herman,Utica 
Smith Henry, Arborville          Spittler Amos, Arborville     Stephens A P, MCool Jct 
Smith henry, Lushton             Spoerl Fred, Henderson        Stephens J F, McCool Jct 
Smith I M, Arborville            Spohr Chas, Utica             Stephens Richard, Waco 
Smith Jacob, York                Spratt F P, York              Stern D M, McCool Jct 
Smith James H, York              Spratt Robt, Thayer           Sterry Hans, Gresham 
Smith J C, McCool Jct            Spick Jas T, Bradshaw         Steube A, McCool Jct 
Smith J F, Waco                  Stanfren E J, Waco            Steube Andrew, Lushton 
Smith John, McCool Jct           Stager Fred, Gresham          Stevens Austin, Benedict 
Smith Jos P, York                Stahr Carston, Waco           Stevens D P, Waco 
Smith J W, Waco                  Stahr Diedrich, Waco          Stevens F S, Waco 
Smith Levi J, McCool Jct         Stahr Henry, Waco             Stevens J A, Waco 
Smith Lwis L, Arborville         Stahr John, Waco              Stevens J L, Waco 
Smith Saml L, Exeter             Stahr Wm, Utica               Stevens R B, Bennett 
Smith Thos W, McCool Jct         Stall Chas, Utica             Stevens S B, Waco 
Smith W J, York                  Stambaugh G A, McCool Jct     Stevens W I, Waco 
Smith Wm, Thayer                 Stambaugh G W, McCool Jct     Stewart J B, Benedict 
Snow B O, Waco                   Stambaugh J W, McCool Jct     Stewart John, Waco 
Snyder Caspar, Lusthon           Stammers L S, Exeter          Stewart John, McCool Jct 
Snyder Chas W, McCool Jct        Standfield David, Bradshaw    Stewart J P, Benedict 
Snyder G M, Benedict             Standing Geo W, Arborville    Stewart N W, Benedict 
Stewart R C, Benedict            Stuck Wm, McCool Jct          Taylor H C, Gresham 
Stewart Wm Sr Waco               Stumer E, York                Taylor Jas A, Charleston 
Stewart Wm Jr,Thayer             Sturgeon James, York          Taylor J C, Lushton 
Steyer Grant, Exeter             Sukin Abraham, Lushton        Taylor Wm, Benedict 
Steyer Henry, Exeter             Sukkan A, Lushton             Taylor Wm, benedict 
Steyer Levi, Exeter              Suley Chas, Lushton           Stickle C W, Gresham 
Suley H B, McCool Jct            Stlison E L, York             Sullivan Wm, Cordova 
Stint Diedrich, Waco             Summers J A, Benedict         Stitzel W H, Bradshaw 
Summers Wm, Henderson            StJohn Frank D, York          Surface T K, Thayer 
Stockberger Geo, York            Sutton E E, York              Stockburger W, Arborville 
Sutton Z W, York                 Stockton S, Lushton           Southard Fred, York 
Stockton W F, Benedict           Swalks Jos, Henderson         Stoddard E A, Benedict 
Swalley Hiram, Benedict          Stoddard J M, Benedict        Swan A W, York 
Stoker R D, Bradshaw             Swan M L, Charleston          Stoliar H S, Lushton 
Swanson A P, Bradshaw            Stoliar John, Lushton         SwansonGust, Charleston 
Stone August, Gresham            Swanson John, Gresham         Storm J E, Arborville 
Swanson N B, Charleston          Stout Abner, Bradshaw         Swanson Oscar, Bradshaw 
Stout Jacob M, Arborville        Swanson Solomon, Gresham      Stout John A, Arborville 
Swanson Swan, York               Strickler H D, Arborville     Sweltzer Jas J, Thayer 
Strickler Joseph, Waco           Switzer Parker, Bradshaw      Strickler J W, Waco 
Sypher Geo K, Lushton            Strickler Mark, Waco          Tagg T C, Waco 
Strickler Saml, Waco             Taitrow F, McCool Jct         Strickler T J, Waco 
Taitrow J, McCool Jct            Strickler W M, Waco           Taltrow Theoph, McCool Jct 
Striker S P, Benedict            Talbot Jos, Benedict          Strinz J B, Utica 
Tang John, Benedict              Stubbs D A, Bradshaw          Taylor A J, Exeter 
Stubbs H F, Bradshaw             Taylor A P, Blue Valley       Stubbs O A, Bradshaw 
Taylor C H, Gesham               Stubbs  S C, Bradshaw         Taylor E D, Lushton 
Stuck F M, McCool Jct            Taylor Frank, Benedict        ------ 
Taylor Wm, Benedict              Thompson E, Bradshaw          Troutman W E, York 
Taylor Wm F, Lushton             Thompson Mane, Exeter         Troutman Wm P, Benedict 
Taylor Wm, Blue Valley           Thompson Jas D, Gresham       Truesdale And, Bradshaw 
Taylor Wm G, York                Thompson J M, Arborville      Truesdale Lucy, Bradshaw 
Teinert Detrich,     ?           Thompson Levi, Bradshaw       Truman Gus, York 
Temple G W, Exeter               Thompson M M, Lushton         Trussell Jas W, Benedict 
Tenney J C, York                 Thompson T P, Cordova         Tucker G W, Waco 
Tenney J W, Arborville           Thompson Wm B, Bradshaw       Tucker    ?, York 
Test A B, York                   Thulean V C, York             Tulburt W L, Waco 
Teter Chas, Benedict             Tidball J L, Bradshaw         Tupper W W, Bradshaw 
Tewell D E, Arborville           Tieken Gerhard E, Utica       Turley Chas, Bradshaw 
Tewell J C, Arborville           Tietmeyer Frank, Utica        Turley James, York 
Tewell Jno, Arborville           Tift S B, Arborville          Turley S C, York 
Tewell Moses, Arborville         Tilden J F, Benedict          Turner A M, Bradshaw 
Thacher A C, Thayer              Tilden J R, Bradshaw          Turner J D, Benedict 
Thamer Casper C, York            Timmons S L, Arborville       Turner J L, Bradshaw 
Tharp DC D, York                 Tinker C W, Waco              Turner W M, Bradshaw 
Tharp Frank, York                Tipton S H, York              Turner W   ?, Bradshaw 
Tharp W J, Waco                  Tobt Chas, Bradshaw           Twichell C B, Arborville 
Thatcher J J, Waco               Toby S A, Gresham             Twichell G B, Arborville 
Thesing R, Benedict              Toews Cornelius, Henderson    Twiley John M, York 
Thessman F, Henderson            Tolles Fred, Waco             Twiley Wm, York 
Thiessen Abe, Lushton            Tolles H H, McCool Jct        Uffelman Wm, Utica 
Thiessen B, Henderson            Toman J R, Utica              Uhl D D, Benedict 
Thomas A J, Benedict             Tondrean Jerry, Benedict      Uhler A J, York 
Thomas Aug, Waco                 Towle John, Charleston        Uhler  L, York 
Thomas Chas E, York              Townsend L S, Utica           Uhrig Conrad, Lushton 
Thomas David, York               Tracey I W, Charleston        Underhill J W, Thayer 
Thomas E A, Arborville           Tracey John E, Charleston     Underwood Fred, Exeter 
Thomas E M, Gresham              Trainor John, Gresham         Unruh Peter, Henderson 
Thomas H H, York                 Trim H R, York                Valonzina John, York 
Thomas J L, Lushton              Trollope G A, Waco            Van Allen L N, Waco 
Thomas M M,, York                Trollope J H, Waco            Van Allen C, Gresham 
Thomas S A, Bradshaw             Trollope Sarah H, Waco        Van Allen Russell, Gresham 
Thomas W A, Lushton              Troutman Geo H, York          Vance F P, Blue Valley 
Thomas Wm A, York                Troutman L W, Benedict        Vance Geo, Blue Valley 
Thom F F, Lushton                Troutman   ?, Benedict        Vance Geo F, Exeter 
Vance Wm W, Blue Valley          Wall C, Sr, Bradshaw          Watson  H R, Exeter 
Vandruff H E, Bradshaw           Wall Cornelius, Henderson     Watts E E. Benedict 
Vandruff J L, Bradshaw           Wall Gerhard, Charleston      Watts I W, York 
Vandyke J A, Benedict            Wall Isaac, Henderson         Wank John, Arborville 
Van Gordon A F, Gresham          Wall Jacob, Lushton           Weaver A R, Cordova 
Van Gordon H T, Gresham          Wall Jacob M, Lushton         Weaver John G, York 
Van Sickle G W, York             Wall Johann, Charleston       Weber J, Henderson 
Van Tuyl Wm, Blue Valley         Wallace A, Beaver Crossing    Weber Peter, Lushton 
Vick Otto F, Gresham             Wallace C L, McCool Jct       Webster Abner, Thayer 
Vincent H G, Arborville          Wallace J, Beaver Crossing    Weever G, Lushton 
Vincent J C, Arborville          Wallin A R, McCool Jct        Weidman A, McCool Jct 
Virgin C R, Arborville           Walrod Allen, Bradshaw        Weimer Wm, Waco 
Vogel Henry, Benedict            Walrod S E, Bradshaw          Weiner Gerhard, Utica 
Volzski Ferd, Gresham            Walrod W M, Bradshaw          Weiniker Frederick, Waco 
Volzski Ferd, Utica              Walrod Wm H, Bradshaw         Weins Abraham, Henderson 
Volzski Fritz, Utica             Walters C A, Gresham          Weins C, Bradshaw 
Volzski Wm, Utica                Walters C D, Lushton          Weins Franz, Bradshaw 
Vore James, York                 Walters Chas, Lushton         Weins Franz, Charleston 
Voth Johann, Henderson           Walters E L, Utica            Weins Franz G, Bradshaw 
VonMinden H, Utica               Walters E P, Lushton          Weins Jacob, Bradshaw 
Waber John, Henderson            Walters Harvey L, Lushton     Weins Peter, Bradshaw 
Waddell C E, Waco                Walters Joseph, Lushton       Weir Thos, Bradshaw 
Wagner J W, McCool Jct           Walters Wm, Lushton           Weiss Jos, Blue Valley 
Wagner Saml J. Lushton           Ward J J, Waco                Weitzel Fred, Gresham 
Wagner Silas F, York             Ward John T, York             Welch Jacob, Waco 
Wagoner Chas, Bradshaw           Ward Saml A, Lushton          Wellington Horace, Waco 
Wagoner E L, Bradshaw            Warkintine K, Henderson       Wellington Horatio, Waco 
Walbrecht C Jr, Charleston       Warner David, Waco            Wellman Heinrich, Utica 
Walbrecht John, Charleston       Warner E P, York              Wellman Herman, Utica 
Walbrecht L, Charleston          Warr W W, Utica               Wells E A, Bradshaw 
Waldron John, York               Warren C T, Arborville        Wells J E, Benedict 
Walk C, Arborville               Warren C Y, Lushton           Walls W H, Bradshaw 
Walker H P, Benedict             Warren D C, Arborville        Welman A W, Bradshaw 
Walker H P, York                 Waring Thos, McCool Jct       Welton Frank, Blue Valley 
Walker John, York                Washburn A H, York            Weltz C E, Charleston 
Walker Jos, York                 Washburn Frank, York          Weman John, York 
Walkup David, York               Washburn Silas, York          Wendell J H, Charleston 
Walkup John, York                Wason C M, Benedict           Wendell Uriah, York 
Wall C C, Bradshaw               Watson Curtis, McCool Jct     Wentz Fred W, Gresham 
Wentz Geo, Gresham               Wickman B J, York             Williams W Y, McCool Jct 
Wenz Peter, McCool Jct           Widle C E, Beaver Crossing    Willis B F, Gresham 
Werthum John, Blue Valley        Widle Frank, Waco             Willia Chas, Waco 
Wertsbough M H, York             Widle Mary A, Waco            Willis H A, Gresham 
Wessenberry Ferd, Utica          Widle Reynold, Waco           Willis Jos, Gresham 
Westergren A J, Benedict         Widner Fred, Henderson        Willis Wm H, Gresham 
Wetke Otto, Thayer               Widup Jno B, Cordova          Willson Niles, Waco 
Wetmore John, York               Wigle Philip, Gresham         Wilson C C, Gresham 
Wheeler C F, Waco                Wikkiser Daniel, Lushton      Wilson Chas B, Waco 
Wheeler Chas E, York             Wikkiser Jas, Lushton         Wilson E W, Waco 
Wheeler Conrad, Charleston       Wikkiser Saml, Lushton        Wilson J L, Waco 
Wheeler David, York              Wilcox A A, Arborville        Wilson Milo A, Gresham 
Wheeler L S, York                Wilcox Frank C, Arborville    Wilson Wm H, Gresham 
Wheelan Jas, Waco                Wilcox W R, Arborville        Wind B P, Bradshaw 
Whisler Jacob, Waco              Wildman David, York           Winfield N B, Thayer 
Whisler John, Waco               Wiley Jas W, York             Wingard Abraham, Waco 
Whitcomb E F, York               Wilk Wm, Arborville           Wirt D H, Benedict 
White Abel, Gresham              Willkins F, Arborville        Wirt T D, Benedict 
White Chas, Farmers Valley       Wilkins F E, Benedict         Wiseman Frank, Henderson 
White David A, Arborville        Wilkins Henry, York           Wiseman John, Henderson 
White Frank, Waco                Wilkins M E, Benedict         Wiswell Chas, Gresham 
White Frank, Gresham             Wilkinson Geo, Benedict       Wiswell F H, Gresham 
White James, McCool Jct          Wilkinson H, Benedict         Wiswell Wm H, Gresham 
White Jos F, York                Wilks W A, Lushton            Witte Wm, Waco 
White P E, Arborville            Wilkson John, Utica           Witters J L, Waco 
White R A, Benedict              Will N B, Bradshaw            Witters John Sr, Waco 
White R L, Bradshaw              Willey Thos, Benedict         Witters Millie, Waco 
White W A, McCool Jct            Williams C M, Charleston      Woelfel N, Bradshaw 
White W L, Waco                  Williams E O, York            Wolf Peter, Henderson 
White Wm F, Gresham              Williams J A, McCool Jct      Wolford Henry, Waco 
Whitel A T, Waco                 Williams J D, York            Wolford L E, York 
Whitemore M K, McCool Jct        Williams John, Gresham        Wonderly C A, Benedict 
Whitmore Geo, Benedict           Williams J W, McCool Jct      Wood A H, Benedict 
Whittaker Paul, Blue Valley      Williams O W, York            Wood Jas H, York 
Whalsterhalm Jas, Exeter         Williams R A, York            Wood Saml F, York 
Whalsterhalm John, Exeter        Williams R R, Waco            Woodard W E, Waco 
Whalsterhalm J W, Exeter         Williams S A, Charleston      Woodruff A, York 
Whalsterhalm Miles, Exeter       Williams Samuel, York         Woodruff J A, York 
Wicker J L, Exeter               Williams W W, York            Woodruff W B, York 
Woods B F, York                                                 
Woolbridge Geo, Benedict                                        
Worden I L, Gresham                                             
Workentine C H, Henderson                                       
Workentine Frank, Lushton                                       
Worthington J P, Waco                                           
Wright S C, Waco                                                
Wulff Anton, Utica                                              
Wullbrandt C C, Exeter                                          
Wullbrandt C H, Blue Valley                                     
Wullbrandt J C, Blue Valley                                     
Wullbrandt J J, Blue Valley                                     
Wullbrandt John A, Exeter                                       
Wyatt Geo, McCool Jct                                           
Wybie Wm, Arborville                                            
Wyman A O, Bradshaw                                             
Wynkoop J W, Lushton                                            
Yale F B, Waco                                                  
Yarborough W A, York                                            
Yeagly Jas J, York                                              
York A V, Benedict                                              
York Geo L, Benedict                                            
York J H, Houston                                               
York N J, Benedict                                              
York Wm T, York                                                 
Yost Wm, Lushton                                                
Young C H, Arborville                                           
Young E C, Arborville                                           
Young Geo W, Benedict                                           
Young Wm, Waco                                                  
Youngberry C, Benedict                                          
Youngquist A, Bradshaw                                          
Zanes E, York                                                   
Zarr A, Thayer                                                  
Zarr Joel, Benedict                                             
Zern Jacob, Lushton                                             
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