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The York Postoffice

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   T. E. Sedgwick, who has been postmaster of York for nearly five years, is a native of Illinois, but came to York from DePere, Wisconsin, in the fall of 1878. In the spring of 1880 he started the "Weekly Times," and in February, 1888, the "Daily Times," Since the above dates he has edited and published these papers continuously. In the fall of 1888, Mr. Sedgwick started the Nebraska Newspaper Union, which has grown to be one of the most important enterprises in York, and which does business in several states.
   Mr. Sedgwick was secretary of the Republican State Central Committee two years, and in 1895 was secretary of the State Senate.
   No branch of business in York has been more prosperous during the four or five years last past than the Postoffice. The amount of work done in the office has more than doubled and the receipts have grown from $8,400, in 1898, to more than $13,000 for the present fiscal year. In 1898 the government paid out in York for services, rent, and all other expenses, $3,541, while now the amount paid for these purposes is $11,640 per annum. Fourteen people are given regular employment in the postal service in York, as follows: T. E. Sedgwick, Postmaster; Clara A. Sedgwick, Assistant Postmaster; Jos. H. Newbold, Mailing Clerk; Ed. Johnson, Delivery Clerk; Herbert N. Gilbert, Stamper; Geo. D. Elliott, Messenger; Dan'l F. Valentine, John W. Moist, Fred McFarland, mail carriers. Mrs. Mary Newbold, Lee R. Carey, Wm. Allen, Humphrey Charlton and D. R. Gould, rural carriers. Winfield Homes has also passed the civil service examination and been appointed substitute carrier.
   York has the finest postoffice in the state outside of a government building, but since free delivery has been instituted in the city the new building, which was rented for the purpose, is entirely inadequate, and an effort is being made to secure a government building; which promises to be successful in the near future.

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J. B. C




Professional Men of York.

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............. DENTAL SURGEONS.............

517 1-2 Lincoln Ave.Spacer Over Boyer's Drug Store. SpacerTelephone G 150


   Dr. T. J. Hatfield, formerly from southern Indiana, after practicing dentistry in his home county for five years, moved west, locating in York, where he has continually practiced his profession since his arrival in 1882. Dr. Hatfield is enthusiastic in his work, and has been progressive, keeping abreast with the rapid growth of the dental profession. He is an active worker in the State Dental Society and especially interested in western dental schools.
   Dr. H. R. Hatfield came to York with his parents in 1882, being five years old. He was educated especially for the dental profession. He graduated at York High school, then worked in the office with his father one year. He then entered the University of Nebraska, completing the Biological course; then entering the Northwestern Dental College, of Chicago, Ill., being advanced to second year class for early preparation and experience. He came from Chicago to Lincoln, Neb., passing the state board of dental examiners and received certificate from the same, making him a legal practitioner. Coming to York he practiced two years, being full partner in his father's office, then entered the Omaha Dental College where he graduated with honors in one year. Much of his time while in Omaha was used in assisting in various departments of the College.
   Drs. Hatfield & Son have one of the best equipped offices in the west, and conveniently located on the west side of the square, over Boyer's Drug store, York, Nebraska.



B. F. Farley, M. D.

   Dr. Farley was born of Scotch-Irish parentage in Pennsylvania June 9, 1843. His education consists of that received in the public schools of Illinois, afterward attending Fowler Institute and the Illinois Wesleyan University from the latter of which he holds a degree. He began the study of medicine in 1866 graduating from the Rush Medical College in 1870. During a continuous practice of 32 years the doctor has attended Post Graduate courses at Chicago in 1879 and 1882, in New York in 1891 and 1892, in Chicago in 1896 and 1900. While doing a "general practice" business in the main he has acquired something of a reputation in the treatment of chronic diseases and the diseases of women. At present he has one of the best appointed offices, in the State where he devotes much of his time. He has given Electric Therapeutics a good deal of study and is considered proficient in its use. His office conveniences are superb and consist in apparatus for the administration of Electricity in all its many forms, Oxygen gas, Compound (so called) oxygen gag, Hot air treatment, etc. Office 100 Opera Block.

J. B. Conaway, M. D.

   Dr. Conaway was born September 17, 1840, on a farm near Langville, Harrison County, Ohio and is of Scotch-Irish descent. Here he grew to manhood and endured toil, poverty and hardships. He obtained his education in the district schools. In 1862 he entered as a soldier in Co. C. 5th Ind. Batt. O. C. He re-enlisted and helped recruit the 18th Regt. O V C, and received honorable promotions from private to 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant and Captain, for meritorious services rendered in all the battles from the Wilderness to Five Forks Virginia. After the war closed he took a thorough training at Hopedale College, Ohio, and ten years later received the honorable degree of A. M. He graduated in medicine and surgery at the Eclectic Medical College of Cincinnati, O., and at Rush Medical College, Chicago Illinois. He has followed his professional work, without interruption, for about thirty-five years, earning the reputation of a physician and surgeon of distinguished ability commanding universal respect, and is yet active in medical practice in the city of York. Dr. Conaway, as representative of York County, in the 24th Session of the Legislature and as Senator of the 24th Nebraska, District in the 25th Session, made a reputation second to none as an honest and able representative of the people.



W. F. Reynolds, M. D.

   Dr. Reynolds was born in Mantua Ohio in the year 1845. He received his education in the common schools of his town and at Hiram College, the school which President Garfield was at the head of for some years previous to the war. He taught school and found employment at various other occupations till he was prepared to take up the study of medicine which had been his desire and aim in life from his boy hood. He entered Rush Medical College in 1872 and graduated in 1875. After practicing for fourteen years at Summer Hill Illinois he sold out his business there, went to. Chicago and took a three months Post Graduate course at the Chicago Polyclinic, and removed to York with his family where he has since been actively engaged in the practice of medicine.

Robert McConaughy, M. D.

   Dr. McConaughy was born at Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. He received his education in the public school and academy of that place, at Elders Ridge Academy and LaFayette College, Easton Pennsylvania. His medical degree was received at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia in 1875. He entered the practice of his profession at his old home with his father James McConaughy M. D. who had already served the people of that community nearly forty years. This partnership lasted ten years and in 1885 he came to York, to visit two married sisters living there, and decided to remain; the following year his father and mother removed to York. Dr. McConaughy's father, five uncles and one cousin entered the medical profession, and all but one were graduates of the Jefferson Medical College. While living in Pennsylvania Dr. McConaughy held the position of Division Surgeon of the Pennsylvania Rail Road Company. and since coming to Nebraska has held the appointments of Surgeon of the F. E. M. V. R. R. and Grand Medical Examiner of the A. O. U. W. He has been Secretary of the United States Board of Pension Examiners since 1887 and Surgeon of the B. and M. R. R. Co., since 1894. He is examiner for the New York Life Insurance Company. Mutual, Equitable, and Home Life Insurance Companies of New York; the Aetna of Hartford, the New England Mutual Life of Boston and the Bankers Life of Des Moines. He is examiner for the Ancient Order of United Workmen, Degree of Honor, Ben Hur and Bankers Union of the World. During a trip abroad in 1902 he took a Post Graduate course in London. He is a member of the American Medical Association, Mo. Valley Medical Society, the Nebraska State Medical Society, and was President of the latter organization 1899-1900.

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G. W. Shidler, M. D.

   Dr. Shidler was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania in 1849. When he was five, years old his father moved to Lowell Iowa, where he received a public school and academic education. While teaching district school he began the study of medicine and in 1870 and 1871 he attended the medical department of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. From this until 1875 he practiced medicine and sold drugs at Lowell and Swedes burg Iowa. After he graduated at the College of Physicians and surgeons, Keokuk Iowa he continued to practice at Swedesburg until be moved to Neb. where he has been practicing for the past 25 years, having arrived in York February 24, 1878 and enjoying the distinction of having been in the practice of medicine in York longer than any other physician. Since locating in York he has attended the Polyclinic and Post Graduate schools of Chicago and the Post Graduate and Polyclinic schools of New York. He is a member of the American Medical Association, the Nebraska State Medical Society, the Missouri Valley Medical Association, and the York County Medical Society. He has never practiced any specialty, but has a decided preference for surgery, diseases of women and life insurance work. Since 1806 he has been associated with Dr. O. M. Moore in the practice of medicine and surgery.

Orville Milton Moore, M. D.

   Dr. Moore, son of Dr. S. V. Moore and Laura A, (Morris) Moore, was born in Ripley, Brown County, Illinois, July 30, 1859. He came to York County with his parents in October 1869. He received a common school and Academic education. He commenced the study of medicine in Bradshaw, in 1881, under the direction of Dr. W. H. Babcock. He attended Bennett Medical College, Chicago in 1882-3, Eclectic Medical Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1883-4. graduating from the latter Institution June 8, 1884. He practiced in Bradshaw from date of his graduation until December 15, 1896, when be became associated with Dr. Geo. W. Shidler, in practice at York, which partnership still continues. He has taken Post Graduate study at Pulte Medical College, Cincinnati Ohio in 1884, New York, Post Graduate Medical School and Hospital in 1891. two courses in Chicago Post Graduate Medical School and Hospital in 1900 and 1901. He is a member of the York County Medical Society, member and ex president of the Nebraska State Eclectic Medical Society.

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O. M. M




Harry L. Vradenburg, M. D.

   Dr. Vradenburg was born in Chicago Illinois, September 5, 1853 and was brought up in that city and Arcola Illinois. He was educated at the Arcola high school, where he graduated at the age of seventeen. He then entered a drug store and was engaged in the drug business until he was 23 and passed an examination before the Illinois state board of pharmacy. He then attended the Homeopathic Medical College of Missouri from which he graduated. He went to Worthington Minnesota practicing medicine there and at Mankato three years, from which place he went to Iowa and from there to Illinois, was engaged in the drug business in both places. Then entering the Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital from which he graduated in 1886, after graduation he practiced one year in Rockford with W. A. McDowell, M. D., then moving to Sutton, Nebraska, where he practiced 13 years, leaving there in 1899 and locating in York. On January 4, 1877, he was married to Miss Helen R. Rust of Arcola, Illinois.

Paul R. Howard, M. D.

   Dr. Howard, the most recent addition to the medical profession in York, is a graduate of the Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital of Chicago. Ho received a thorough preparatory education in the University of Chicago after which he completed the full four year course of study and clinical instruction at Hahnemann. In addition to his medical school work he received a thorough drill in nursing, as member of the training school for nurses of the Chicago Baptist Hospital. Dr. Howard was for three years private assistant to the Surgeon-in-Chief of this Hospital during which time he received an exceptionally thorough training in general surgery, obstetrics and the medical and surgical diseases of women. After enjoying a lucretive (sic) village practice in Michigan he has come to York seeking a wider field of work and a more desirable place of residence. Dr. Howard came here highly recommended for his sterling character and professional ability and is making friends rapidly and establishing himself in practice. Being the son of a clergyman the doctor does not feel like calling himself the native of any particular state, his wife however was born and reared in Nebraska being the eldest daughter of F. W. Kenny Sr., President of the Blair State Bank and prominent in G. A. R. and Masonic circles throughout the State.

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P. R. H





   Mrs. Dr. Eckles was born at Eureka Kansas in November 1873. Graduated from the Southern Kansas Academy in1891. Graduated from College of Physicians and Surgeons Keokuk Iowa in 1898. In addition to regular college work, the Junior and Senior years were spent in special study of surgery, diseases of women and children, under Prof. of this chair in the college. Dr. Eckles practiced at Carthage Ill., until fall of 1900. After spending several weeks in Post Graduate work in Chicago, she removed to York.

Warren F. Eckles, M. D.

   Dr. Eckles was born in Adams County, Illinois in March 1874. After completing country schools he entered Giddings Seminary of LaHarpe, Illinois in the fall of 1889. He entered Carthage College in the fall of 1890 and after spending four years in this institution entered College of Physicians and Surgeons of Keokuk Iowa and. graduated in 1898. Dr. Eckles practiced at Carthage Illinois until fall of 1900 from there he removed to York.

James Morris Plumb, M. D.

   Dr. Plumb a native of Nebraska, was born in Richardson County in 1868. After finishing the public school he spent four years in York M. E. College and two years at the State University. The first year in medicine was taken at the medical department of the University of Iowa. The remainder of his medical course was taken at Rush Medical in Chicago, the best medical school in the north west. After graduation he began the practice of his profession in Fairmont Nebraska, with Dr. E. W. Johnson. Believing there was a field in special medicine not entered by the average practitioner, Dr. Piumb (sic) took up the specialties of the eye, ear, nose and throat. To better equip himself for this he has taken at various times three special courses at the Post Graduate school of the east. After practicing in Fairmont ten years and wishing to live in a larger town, he moved to York in the spring of 1891. He was the first President of the Fillmore County Medical Society. He is a member of the International Association of R. R. Surgeons and is a member of the York County Medical Society. The last eight years Dr. Plumb has made a specialty of diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat.

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W. F. E


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