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   dren, Hardin M., 12, Mo.; Martha J., 9, Mo.; Mary C., 6, Mo.; Emma, 3, Mo.; Malvina, less than 1, Mo.
Jas. C. Baker, 25, Mo.; John W., 23, Mo.
[p. 11] Eugene Boyle, 34, Ireland; wife, Susan Boyle, 34, Ireland; children, Eugene D., 9, Ia.; Alice, 6,
   Neb.; Julia, 4, Neb.; John W., 2, Neb.; infant dau., less than 1, Neb.
N. McDonald, 33, 0.; Mary, 31, 0.; probably living in family, R. H. McDonald (F), 72, Md.; Josephine
   Marshall, 10, Ind.
F. D. Crook, 45, N. Y.; wife, E. B. Crook, 38, N. Y.; children, Ella A., 16, Ia.; John F., 14, Ill.; F. D.,
   Jr., 12, Ill.; William, 10, Ill.; Anna, 1, Neb.
E. McCrary (M), 45, Mo.; L. M. (M), 20, Mo.; B. (M), 17, Mo.
Henry Pendleton(l), 35, N. Y.; wife, Helen M. Pendleton, 34, N. Y.; dau., May, 3, Neb.; Freelove H.,
   1, Neb.
C. H. Nuckolls, 31, Va.; wife, A. Nuckolls, 24, 0.; children, R. W. (M), 7, Ia.; F. V. (F), 4, Mo.; C. (F),
   1, Neb.
C. Hawk, 34, Va.; wife, Martha Hawk, 25, Va.; dau., Mary S., less than 1, Neb.
[p. 12] A. J. Elrod, 44, Ind.; wife, Rhoda Elrod, 25, 0.; dau., Sarah E., 5, Mo.; Jenatta, 2, Mo.
G W. Taylor, 64, Tenn.; wife, Martha Taylor, 53, Tenn.; son, William, 18, Mo.; probably living in family,
   Geo. W. McClary, 15, Mo.
Jas. Beasstler, 47, wife, Mary Beasstler, 57; children, Mickall, 13; Kate, 16; all of family born in "Pohltz."
Lawson Cook(u), 46, England; wife, Agness Cook, 46, England; children, Haner H., 22, N. Y.; Samuel H.,
   20, N. Y.; John H., 18, N. Y.; Mary J., 11, N. Y.
Geo. F. Lee(n), 36, Conn.; wife, Betsy W. Lee, 29, Conn.
Thompson Hanks, 28, Va.; wife, Carolia E., 23, Va.; sons, Oscar P., 6, Neb.; Edward, 2, Neb.
William llsley, 28, England; wife, Mary Ilsley, 27, England; children, Elizabeth, 3, Mo.; John, 2, Mo.;
   Wm., 1, Neb.
[p. 13] Edgar Clayton(l), 30, England; wife, Mary J. Clayton, 27, Ill.; son, Robert, 1, Neb.; probably
   living in family, Lewis More, 12, Wis.
John Williams, 25, Mo.; wife, Catherine G. Williams, 30, 0.; son, Francis F., less than 1, Neb.
H[armon] H. Hauptman(l), 62, Prussia; wife, Annie E. Hauptman, 55, Prussia; sons, C[asper], 29,
   Prussia; W[illiam] F., 19, Prussia.
Henry Menger, 28, Prussia; wife, Emma Menger, 21, Pa.; sons, Eddy W., 3, Mo.; Chales D., less than
   1, Neb.
Albert Hauptman(l), 36, Prussia; wife, Anna Hauptman, 27, Prussia; children, Anna, 8, Neb.; H[armon]
   A., 6, Neb.; J[ayj H., 2, Neb.
Eugene Mitchell, 42, Switzerland; wife, Adelia E. Mitchell, 34, Switzerland; children, Mary, 12,
   Switzerland; John P., 10, Mo.; Eugene, Jr., 3, Neb.
H. C. W. Hall, 31, Va.; wife, Eliza Hall, 29, Va.; dau., Mary J., 3, Ill.; Margaret, 1, Ill.
[p 14] P. H. Hauptman, 29, Prussia; wife, Permona. Hauptman, 24, Prussia; son, Geo. E., 1, Neb.
J. F. Hauptman, 23, Prussia; wife, Sarah J. Hauptman, 17, 111.
Patrick Costello, 33, Ireland; wife, Mary Costello, 23, N. Y.; sons, Thos., 3, Neb.; William, less than
   1, Neb.
Andrew Higgins, 14, Ill.; Jas., 12, Ill.
Chas. Mecanlez, 41, Tenn.; children, Jno, W., 18, Mo.; Mary A., 17, Mo.; Jas. H, 13, Ill.

one child, Jane. - Chapman, p. 623. The three older children in this family were probably the children of Mrs. Cook and named Harrison. - Ed.


Fulton Macy, 26, Mo.; wife, Martha A. Macy, 25, Ill.; children, Mary J., 5, Mo.; Wm. H., 3, Mo.;
   Charles W., 1, Neb.
Wm. Sanders, 30, Germany; wife, Anna Sanders, 22, Germany; children, Emily, 6, Neb.; Edward,
   less than 1, Neb.
Thos. H. McCune, 31, Pa.; wife, Mary J. McCune, 19, N. Y.
[p. 15] E. A. Bains(v) (F), 42, N. Y.; dau., Carrie E., 18, N. Y.; Marian M., 13, N. Y.; Lilley M., 13,
   N. Y.; Jessy C., 8, Neb.; Elenore B., 6, Neb.; Bertha M., 4, Neb.
T. C. Davis, 58, Pa.
John Scott, 48, Ky.; Margaret E., 38, Ky.; probably living in family, Nathaniel Gillmore, 16, Mo.;
   Melissa Conics, 14, Ky.; Algon McDowell, 11, Ia.; Emily, 10, Neb.; Gilbert, 8, Neb.; Willis, 6. Neb.;
   Albert, 4, Neb.
Mrs ------- Hyleg, 45; sons, J., 25; H., 23.
W. W. Mills, 35, Ill.
J. Garis, 31, N. J.; wife, Julia Garis, 28, N. Y.; children, John, 9, Ill.; L. C. (F), 4, Ia.; Jas. H., 2,
   Neb.; Libney (M), less than 1, Neb.
Abraham N. Kagy(w), 57, Va.
John C. Davis, 29, N. H.; wife, Mary E. Davis, 28, 0.; [p. 16] children, Anna E., 2, Neb.; Loyd E.,
   less than 1, Neb.
Saml Campbell(l), 43, Ireland; wife, Agnes Campbell, 45, Scotland; children, Samuel, Jr., 18,
   Scotland; Elizabeth, 15, Scotland; John, 7, Neb.; Jane, 4, Neb.
Chas. A. Corsaw, 50, N. Y.; wife, Emily Corsaw, 50, N. Y.; dau., Georgianna H., 22, N.Y.;
   probably living in family, Augustus Brown, 26, Me.
J. K. Rigg, 21, Ill.; wife, Lucinda Rigg, 18, Ark.; dau., Anna A., 1, Neb.
Abraham Sears, 24, Ill., one leg; wife, Mary Sears, 21, Scotland; children, Agnes, 4, Neb.; John, 2, Neb.
Joseph Duncan, 55, Ind.
S. C. Dillon, 30, Ill.; wife, Mary Dillon, 30, Ark.; children, Jno. W., 10, Kans.; E. C. (M), 8, Kans.;
   J. W. (M), 4, Kans.; D. A (F), 6 mo, Neb.
W. C. Comstock, 56, N. Y.; wife, F. Comstock, 50, N. Y.; sons, A. J, 19, Wis.; Eugene, 15, Wis.;
   [p. 17] Franklin, 12, Wis.
J. C. Hendrix, 45, Mo.; wife, Cloah Hendrix, 45, Mo.; children, W. J. (M), 17, Mo.; C. M. (F), 13, Mo.;
   M. E. (F), 10, Mo.; Willard, 7, Mo.; Durinda, 4, Mo.
N. C. Crane, 47, Ind.; wife, S. A. Crane, 36, Tenn.; sons, J. P., 19, Ill.; W. C., 17, Ill.; C. A., 14, Ill.
Wales Ocamard, 19, Ill.; Jane, 21, Ill.
John Marsh, 14, Ill.
Upr. Welsh, 32, N. Y.; wife, M. A. Welsh, 29, N. Y.; children, Wm. M., 8, Mich.; Ella M., 2, Neb.
(End of Otoe County Census)

  (v) She was probably the widow of Alex Bain who was living with his family in Otoe Co. in 1856. - See Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record, XVI, p. 35.
  (w) Abraham N. Kagi was living at Bristolville, 0., in 1835, when his son John was born. His wife died three years later. He came to Nebraska in the 1850's. His son, John H. Kagi, who lived at Nebraska city for a short time in 1856, became one of John Brown's trusted men and was killed at Harper's Ferry. - See biographies of John Brown.

At that time (July 1865) the population of Nebraska City was largely made up of refugees from war-cursed Missouri, and many had left their religion, with their household goods and gods, behind them in their hurried flight from danger." (Quoted from the Standard, a publication of about 1874) Barrow, Frank, R. C. Barrow, His Life and Work, p. 14.




  I. JAMES1 CATE, the immigrant ancestor of this Cate family, was living at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, as early as 1657. He was about 23 years of age at that time(a). However he must have been at Portsmouth as early as 1654 or 1655(b). His wife's name was Alice, whom he married about 1654, possibly at Portsmouth. James Cate was a carpenter and had a bill against the town, February 4, 1651.(c). He died May 15, 1677, aged about 43 years, and by 1679 his widow Alice had married secondly, John Westbrook(c). His estate, amounting to £62, was settled in 1702, at which time Alice was again a widow(d). When the sons, Edward, William and John, put their names to the "Address of the Inhabitants and Train Soldiers of New Hampshire to Massachusetts Bay," all signed without using their marks(e).

  Children of James1 and Alice Cate(a):
2.    i. Edward, b. abt. 1655.
      ii. William, last mentioned in 1690; died without children before 1702.
     iii. John, d. Jan. 4, 1748/9; twice married; numerous family.
     iv. Rebecca, d. 1745; m. John Urin.
      v. Sarah, m. Peter Babb, son of Phillip Babb, b. Sept. 29, 1671, d. in 1713 or 1714, leaving her a widow.
     vi. Mary, m. Samuel Whidden before Aug. 1680, who left her a widow before May 7, 1718; their great
          grand-daughter, Abigail Neal m. Samuel4 Cate (James1 Edward2 James1)
    vii. Elizabeth.

  II. EDWARD2 CATE (James1) was probably born in Portsmouth about 1655(b). He was a carpenter. He married by 1687 Elizabeth Tucker, only child of Philip Tucker of Portsmouth(e). At the time Greenland was set off from Portsmouth, Edward Cate was a resident of Greenland. He died before August 24, 1732, at which time his widow and his oldest son were granted administration of his estate(f).

  Children of Edward and Elizabeth (Tucker) Cate.(a):
3.    i. James, bp. Nov. 5, 1693.
      ii. Elizabeth, bp. Nov. 5, 1693; m. Jonathan Weeks; when she died in 1754 or 1755, a widow without
         children, her estate was distributed between her brothers and sisters or their heirs. In her will 1754
         she mentioned her five brothers and her sister Margaret as living.(g)
     iii. Margaret, bp. Nov. 5, 1693; m. 1st David Gardner, 2nd John Wyatt, who left her a widow by 1738;
         living 1769.
     iv. Bridget, bp. Nov. 5, 1693; m. 1st Enoch Barker, 2nd Daniel Donovan.

  (a) Noyes-Libby-Davis, Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, p. 132.
  (b) Mrs. Mary (Fernald) Partridge, b. 1643, daughter of Dr. Renald Fernald, testified in court, that she had known Edward, Jame Cate's oldest son since birth. Dr. Fernald has lived at Portsmouth since 1639. - Ibid, pp. 230-231.
  Pope, Charles Henry, Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire, p. 33.
  (c) Collections of New Hampshire Historical Society, Vol. VIII, pp. 61, 65, 66, 287, 296, 297.
  (d) Batcheldor, A. S., editor, Probate Records of the Province of New Hampshire, I, pp. 201- 203.
  (e) Noyes-Libby-Davis, pp. 697-8.
  (f) Metcalf, H. H., editor, Probate Records of the Province of New Hampshire, II, 444-449.


     v. Edward, bp. Nov. 11, 1694; twice married.
    vi. Tucker, m. Mary Sanborn.
    vii. William, m. Elizabeth Cotton; moved to Barrington abt. 1730.
   viii. Joshua, b. May 12, 1702; m. Anna Frost.
     ix. Mary, m. John Frost.

  III. JAMES3 CATE (Edward2 James1 ) was born say 1687 at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where he was baptised November 5, 1693. He married, September 1715, Margaret Briar, daughter of Elisha and Abigail (Drew) Briar(h). He was a carpenter and a farmer. He lived in Greenland and later in Stratham(a).

  Children of James3 and Margaret (Briar) Cate:
        i. Benjamin, b. abt. 1716; d. Nov. 15, 1748.
       ii. Jeane, b. abt. 1717.
      iii. Jonathan, b. abt. 1718.
      iv. Ebenezer, b. abt. 1720.
       v. Joseph, b. abt. 1722.
4.   vi. Samuel, b. Jan. 2, 1724.
     vii. Elisha, b. abt. 1725; d. May 19, 1740.
    viii. Abigail, d. Nov. 6, 1742.
      ix. Child.

  IV. SAMUEL4 CATE (James3 Edward2 James1) was born January 2, 1724, in Greenland, New Hampshire, and married Abigail, daughter of Joshua3 and Abigail (Haines) Neal. He removed to Deerfield, New Hampshire, where he signed the Association Test in 1776. He died at Loudon, New Hampshire, in 1816, aged 92 years(i).

  Children of Samuel4 and Abigail (Neal) Cate:
5.    i. Stephen, b. abt. 1748.
      ii. Abigail.
     iii. Samuel.
     iv. Neal, d. young.
      v. Enoch, b. 1755; m. Susanna Page; d. at Montpelier, Vt.
     vi. Alice.
     vii. Nancy.
    viii. Neal, b. 1760; m. Jane Thompson; d. at Wolfboro, N. H.
      ix. Dorothy.
       x. Margaret.

  V. STEPHEN CATE (Samuel4 James3 Edward2 James1) was born about 1748 and married Anna Griffin at Deerfied, New Hampshire, March 3, 1777. Early in 1784 he removed to Loudon, he and his wife each riding on horseback. His farm was still in possession of the family in 1885. He was one of those who signed a petition which opposed being taxed to support the church. He was living in 1801(j).

  Children of Stephen5 and Anna (Griffin) Cate:
6.    i. Shadrach, b. Aug. 10, 1779.
     ii. Charles, b. Jan. 2, 1781; m. Dolly Bachelor, 1802.

  (g) Hammond, 0. G., editor, Probate Records of the Province of New Hampshire, V, pp. 125-129.
  (h) Elisha Briar, who died at Portsmouth, N. H., May 27, 1718, aged 57, was at Portsmouth as early as Nov. 1686. He married Abigail Drew Oct. 4, 1689, who was living with her son-in-law in Greenland, N. H., in 1741. - Noyes-Libby- Davis, pp. 109, 207.
  (i) Brigham, Mrs. Emma E., Neal Family, pp. 8, 10. Collections of New Hampshire Historical Society, II, p. 29.


    iii. John, b. Mar. 29, 1783; 4 children; lived at Loudon.
    iv. Stephen (twin), b. Mar. 3, 1785; m. Olive Hodgdon; lived at Loudon; called Captain Stephen Cate.
     v. Jonathan (twin), b. Mar. 3, 1785; indentical in appearance with his brother; m. Charlotte Blanchard.
    vi. Sally, b. Apr. 1, 1787; m. ------ Webber.
    vii. Meshach, b. July 6, 1789; m. Lucy Adams.

  VI. SHADRACH6 CATE (Stephen5 Samuel4 James3 Edward2 James1 ) was born at Deerfield, New Hampshire, August 10, 1779. He married, Feb. 7, 1805, Rebecca, daughter of Moses and Rebecca (Abbot) Chamberlain of Loudon, a remarkably gifted woman. He was a farmer and innkeeper. Shadrach Cate served as selectman in Loudon and was known as Captain. He died before 1847 at which time his widow Rebecca was living at Loudon with her son Moses(j).

  Children of Shadrach6 and Rebecca (Chamberlain) Cate(k):
       i. Hiram (twin), b. Apr. 1, 1807; m. Mary Potter; farmer, Loudon.
      ii. Hannah (twin), b. Apr. 1, 1807; m. Ira A. Chase; most of their children settled in 0., Ill. and Ia.; one
           son brought a large family of children to Sherman Co., Neb., from Clayton Co., Ia.
     iii. Rebecca, m. Ebenezer Gove; farmer, Solon, 0.
     iv. Eliza Ann, m. Alpheus Morrill; physician, Columbus, 0.
      v. Sally, m. Thomas Dickerman; carpenter, Loudon.
     vi. Judith, m. Charles Morrill; physician, Columbus, 0.
    vii. Shadrach, physician, Columbus 0., and Washington, D. C.
   viii. Moses, living with mother at Loudon, 1847. Three other children died young.

    (j) Hurd, E. Hamilton, History of Merrimack and Belknap Counties, New Hampshire, p. 506.
  Neal Family,
p. 22.
    (k) Abbot, Genealogical Register (pub. 1847).




  I. JACOB1 CHAMBERLAIN was born about 1691, but where he was born or who his parents were has never been discovered. Some genealogists believe he was an immigrant, others that he was a grandson of Edmund1 Chamberlain of Roxbury, Massachusetts. He was living at Roxbury, when he married, January 12, 1713/14, Abigail, daughter of William and Judith (Jacobs) Hasey of Rumney Marsh, now Chelsea, Massachusetts. He moved to Rumney Marsh, some time after January, 1717/18. Jacob Chamberlain was a cordwainer, or worker in leather goods. In 1730 he bought a small farm. He died at Rumney Marsh, September, 15, 1734, aged forty-three years. As administratrix of his estate, his widow sold the farm and moved to Hopkinton with her family of ten children, the youngest born three weeks after her husband's death. She did not remarry as was customary at that time. She is doubtless the Mrs. Chamberlain who died at Hopkinton, April 1793, "the oldest person in the town above 95." If so, she had passed here (sic) ninety-seventh birthday, for she was baptised, October 20, 1695.(a)


  Children of Jacob1 and Abigail (Hasey) Chamberlain:
       i. Sarah, b. Dec. 1714, Roxbury; m. David Burnap of Hopkinton.
      ii. Martha, b. Jan. 19, 1717/18; m. Benjamin Wood, Aug. 4, 1737.
     iii. John, m. Mary Wood, Mar. 14, 1744/45; d. Jaffrey, N. H., 1792, aged 72.
     iv. Jacob, m., 1747, Lydia, dau. of Henry' and Abigail (Pratt) Mellen; d. Danville, Vt.
2.   v. Samuel, bp. June 7, 1724, Chelsea.
     vi. Elizabeth, bp. Sept. 18, 1726; m. Nathaniel Hasey.
    vii. Phebe, b. Sept. 4, 1728; living 1735.
   viii. Edmund, b. Oct. 11, 1730; m. Mary Caryl, 1757; d. Lunenberg, Vt., abt. 1810.
     ix. Nathaniel, b. Oct. 27, 1732; living in 1735.
      x. Abiel, b. Oct. 7, 1734; lived at Loudon, N. H.; d. Peacham, Vt.

  II. SAMUEL2 CHAMBERLAIN (Jacob1) was baptised at Chelsea, Massachusetts, June 7, 1724, probably when only a few days old. He was ten years of age when his father died. He married, March 2, 1748/49, at Hopkinton, Martha Mellen, one of the twin daughters of Deacon Henry and Abigail (Pratt) Mellen. In 1772 Samuel Chamber lain and his brother John acquired a tract of six hundred acres a few miles east of Concord, New Hampshire, and in 1774 he removed thither with his family settling in the newly organized town of Loudon. In 1776 he was one of the selectmen of the town. In this position he was one of the men called upon to obtain signatures to the Association Test ordered by the Continental Congress in 1776. He was elect ed to the first state legislature to represent Loudon and Canterbury. In 1791 the boundaries between Loudon and Concord were changed so that Samuel Chamberlain, his son Samuel and his brother Abiel were set off into the town of Concord. In 1797 he removed to Peacham, Vermont, where he died in 1802. His widow Martha died November 14, 1820, aged 90 years.(b)

  Children of Samuel2 and Martha (Mellen) Chamberlain (incomplete) :
        i . Samuel, b. Mar. 21, 1750, Hopkinton; m. Oct. 28, 1773, Abigail Townsend.
       ii. Martha, b. Oct. 13, 1752.
      iii. William, b. Apr. 27, 1755; m. Martha Eastman; d. Sept. 27, 1828, Peachman, Vt.; member of
           Congress from Vt.
3.   iv. Moses, b. Oct. 5, 1757.

  (a) In preparing this genealogy the editor made use of notes from the following publications:

  1. Chamberlain, Mellen, Documentary History of Chelsea, Massachusetts. Vol. I. pp. 223, 242, 654, 655.
  2. Chamberlain, Abbie M., General William Chamberlain and the Time in Which He Lived, pub. in American Monthly Magazine, Vol. viii. pp. 872-879; IX, pp. 51-57.
  3. Lyford, James Otis, History of Cantebury, New Hampshire. These notes were sent to the editor several years ago by Mrs. Sarah (Cate) Smith, Concord, N. H.

  William3 Chamberlain (Samuel2 Jacob1), in an account of the family prepared for his children, stated that his grandfather was one of four brothers who came to this country from England. He said that the other brothers settled at Newton, Mass., Newport, R. I., and Rochester, N. H. See Chamberlain. Abbie M., above.

  (b) Vital Records, Hopkinton, Mass.
Hurd, E. Hamilton, History of Merrimac County, New Hampshire, pp. 479-483.
Bouton, Nathaniel, Documents and Records Relating to the State of New Hampshire (1776-1783), pp. 253, 738, 787, 954.


  III. MOSES3 CHAMBERLAIN (Samuel2 Jacob1) was born at Hopkinton, Massachusetts, October 5, 1757. He moved to New Hampshire with his father's family where he served as a soldier in the Revolution. He married, October 9, 1781, Rebecca, daughter of Amos and Rebecca (Abbot) Abbot, a woman of outstanding character. He was one of the wealthiest men at Loudon. Besides owning a large farm he built and operated the Loudon Mills, which included a saw mill, a grist mill, an oil mill, and a carding, fulling and dressing mill. In 1798 he served as selectman of the town and in later life he was known as Captain Moses Chamberlain. He died October 21, 1811, and was buried at Loudon Mills. His widow Rebecca died December 24, 1846, aged 86 years.(c)

  Children of Moses3 and Rebecca (Abbot) Chamberlain:
         i. Rebecca, b. Mar. 15, 1783; m. Feb. 8, 1805, Shadroch Cate, Loudon, N. H.
        ii. Judith, b. Apr. 20, 1785; d. May 22, 1843; m. June 16, 1807, Samuel Eliot; lived at Canterbury,
            N. H., and Etna, 0.
       iii. Amos, b. Apr. 24, 1788; m. Jan. 20, 1812, Betsy Wood; farmer Loudon, N. H.
       iv. William, b. Apr. 3, 1790; m. Nov. 4, 1820, Mary Ann Baker; mechanic, Boscawin, N. H.
        v. Moses, b. Feb. 7, 1792; m. Polly Foster, Canterbury, N. H.; removed to Pembroke, N. H., abt.
            1815, and to Three Oaks, Mich. in 1843; d. Feb. 12, 1866.
       vi. John Abbot, b. Feb. 12, 1794; m. Dec. 10, 1817, Mary Rogers Clough; d. Feb. 26, 1853;
            farmer, Loudon and Canterbury.
      vii. Betsy, b. Aug. 31, 1796; d. Oct. 24, 1825; m. Oct. 3, 1815, Joshua Emery, a cabinet maker at Loudon.
     viii. Samuel, b. June 16, 1799; d. Nov. 3, 1838; m. Nov. 20, 1823, Martha Gerrish; farmer, Loudon.

(c) Abbot, Genealogical Register, pp. 89-40. See also Hurd.


  History of Michael Reasor and Allied Families. By F. Hiner Dale, Guymon, Okla., 1941. $2.00. 229 pages.

  The greater part of this book is devoted to the descendants of Michael Reasor (1760-1843) of Winchester, Virginia, and Spencer County, Kentucky. A few of his descendants were early adherents of the Church of Latter Day Saints and their lines are carried out with a great deal of detail. Descendants of other branches of the family are especially numerous in Kentucky, Indiana and Missouri. Other families concerning which this volume gives consideration data are Brown, Carrithers, Dale, Gilkeson, Hutchings, Lowry, McCutcheon, Neet, Pectol and Scott. There are many quotations from original documents and several incidents of pioneer life are related. Unfortunately there is no index.

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