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with the State Bank of Red Cloud, which was founded by his uncle, W. T. Auld, in 1892.

On October 4, 1904, he was married to Jessica Cather, a native of Winchester, Virginia, born August 26, 1881. She was a daughter of early pioneers in Webster County. There are three children, Mary Virginia, William Thomas and Charles Cather. Residence: Red Cloud.

James C. Auman

James Auman, a resident of Nebraska all his life, was born in Kent, Stephenson County, Illinois, and at the age of three, moved to Firth, Nebraska. He has been a resident of the same community since that time, and is the son of William and Mary Elizabeth (Ulsh) Auman. His father, who is a retired farmer, was born at Mifflin, Pennsylvania, January 4, 1847. His mother was born a Mifflin, October 20, 1850, and died at Firth, September 16, 1880.

Mr. Auman attended the rural school of Firth, and later was a student at Hobenschut-Carpenter School of Embalming at Des Moines. He has been an undertaker and furniture dealer for many years, and has engaged in the insurance business for some time. He holds membership in the Parent-Teachers' Association, is affiliate with the Firth Presbyterian Church, and is a member of the Nebraskana Society. He is a Republican.

His marriage to Alydia Abbink was solemnized at Lincoln, Nebraska, June 3, 1896. Mrs. Auman, whose ancestry is Holland Dutch, was born at Holland, Nebraska, August 8, 1874. They have a son, Ralph, born August 28, 1904. He is married and has two children, and resides at Firth.

Francis Gideon Auringer

A leader in the business world at Neligh, Nebraska, Francis Gideon Auringer was born at Albion, Iowa, June 24, 1867, the son of Gideon Francis and Sarah (Sawyer) Auringer. His father, who was born in Onandaga County, New York, October 2, 1832, and died at Marshalltown, Iowa, September 19, 1900, was a painter, glazier, and sign painter. He held membership in the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons at Albion. He was one of the first manufacturers of steel barbed wire and was one of a partnership of small-factory men who managed the wire-production. His grandparents came to this country from Holland and settled in New York.

His mother, who was a tailoress and nurse, was born near Lee Center, Illinois, November 24, 1832, and died at Shell Rock, Iowa, January 6, 1909. She devoted most of her time outside of home activities to caring for the sick in her neighborhood and was known throughout her community for her kindness to the poor. She was the daughter of Joseph Sawyer a drum major in the War of 1812. Her three brothers died in the Civil War.

Mr. Auringer was graduated from the high school at Marshalltown, and at the age of 17 entered the monument business as an apprentice engraver and carver. In 1902 he established the Neligh Marble & Granite Works, and in 1912 incorporated as the Elkhorn Monument Company of which he is now president and manager.

He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Memorial Craftsmen of Nebraska, serving as president three terms, Memorial Craftsmen of America, and the Neligh Rotary Club of which he is president. He was a member of the board of governors of the Memorial Craftsmen of America, serving with Supreme Judge Bayard H. Paine of Grand Island, and is a member of the Red Cross and St. Peters Episcopal Church of Neligh.

He is a member of Trowel Lodge of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Neligh, the Modern Woodmen of America, Knights of the Maccabees, Marshalltown, Iowa, and the Cosmopolitan Lodge of the Knights of Pythias of Marshalltown. He organized the first golf club in his part of the state, and now holds membership in the Antelope Country Club at Neligh.

Mr. Auringer is a director of the Neligh Cemetery Association, is superintendent of Laurel Hill Cemetery, and has given much time and effort toward making the local cemetery beautiful. He devoted a great deal of effort toward the dedication of a large elm tree in Neligh Riverside Park as a living Legion Memorial, and is interested in birds, trees, and flowers.

During the World War he solicited for the Voting Men's Christian Association and personally borrowed money in order to buy government bonds. He was the organizer and first president of the Neligh Rotary Club.

His marriage to Mabel Osman occurred at Marshalltown, May 18, 1892. Mrs. Auringer, who was born at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, April 6, 1866, is the daughter of William Clark Osman and Adah Elizabeth (Bardshaw) Osman. She was a charter member of the P. E. O. Chapter at Neligh, is a communicant of St. Peter's Episcopal Church at Neligh, is a member of the Entre Nous Club, and was a charter member of the Order of Eastern Star, at Marshalltown. They have three children: Osman Francis, born January 19, 1895; Marvin William, born August 28, 1896; and Marion Mae, born February 24, 1904.

Osman Francis was graduated from Neligh High School and was graduated from the Auto School at Detroit. He enlisted in the Motor Ambulance Assembly during the World War and served for 17 months in France, stationed at St. Nazaire. He is a member of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, is a member of the Episcopal Church, and resides at Marysville, Michigan.

Marvin William was graduated from Neligh High School and the Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago where he studied under Frederick Grant, the noted illustrator. He is now a successful artist in New York City. He is a member of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons and the Episcopal Church.

Marion Mae, who married C. D. Wood, of Newport, Rhode Island, was graduated from the Neligh High School and the University of Nebraska where she was a member of Chi Omega. She was a charter member of the P. E. O. at Neligh, and is a communicant in the Episcopal Church.

Mr. Auringer is a member of the Republican Party and the Nebraskana Society. He is interested in golf, football, and baseball. Residence: Neligh.

Fuller Luzerne Austin

Born at Hendley, Nebraska, December 8, 1900, Fuller Luzerne Austin is the son of Fuller Arnold and Bertha (Manning) Austin. His father, who was born at Dwight, Illinois, August 13, 1878, is the owner of the Austin Advertising Company which operates in thirteen states. His ancestry is traced to the New England States prior to 1800. Bertha Manning Austin was born at Hendley, also, and was a teacher prior to her marriage. Her forebears were among the first settlers in Ohio.

Mr. Austin attended Hendley High School until 1915; was graduated from Lincoln High School in 1917; received his A. B. from Nebraska in 1922 and his M. A. in 1926. During the World War he was a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy 2 years. At the university he was a member of Phi Delta Kappa, Delta Chi, and a member of the advertising staff of the school paper. He was also on the advertising staff of the paper at Annapolis, and secretary of his class.

Since leaving College Mr. Austin has taught in the Waverly High School, been superintendent of schools at Walton, superintendent of city schools at Gordon, assistant state superintendent of schools; and deputy state superintendent of public instruction, which position he now holds. He is the author of Waste in Educational Expenditure in Nebraska (1927) ; co-author of Nebraska

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State Coarse of Study on the Harmful Effects of Alcohol (1929) and State Aid to the Weak Districts (1930).

On March 23, 1924, he was united in marriage to Wilmanette Love Drummond at Council Bluffs. Mrs. Austin was born in Lincoln, November 23, 1924. They have two children, Jean Marie, born March 2, 1925, and Fuller Arnold, born November 19, 1927. The family attends Vine Congregational Church at Lincoln.

Mr. Austin is a member of the Nebraska State Teachers Association, the Nebraska Schoolmasters Club, the Masons, Eastern Star, and the Elks. Residence: Lincoln.

Otto George Austin

Born at Colton, South Dakota, December 29, 1888, Otto George Austin is the son of Austin Thomas Austin and Anne Christine (Clauson) Austin. His father, who is a farmer, was born at Telemarken, Norway, May 21, 1848. His mother was born at Telemarken, July 26, 1855, and died at Colton, October 26, 1927.

Mr. Austin attended rural school near Colton and was a student at Luther College Preparatory School, Decorah, Iowa. He received the A. B. degree at Luther College in 1912, and was graduated from the Theological Seminary at St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1916. He has been prominent in religious activities for the past 17 years and has held various pastorates, among them: Trinity Lutheran Church at Sisseton, including Peever, Buffalo Lake, Bethel and Norway. South Dakota, 1916-22; Lake Park, and Nunda Lutheran churches at Nunda, South Dakota, 1922-27; and Trinity Lutheran Church, at Newman Grove, Nebraska, 1927, to the present time.

During 1912 and 1913, Mr. Austin taught in the parochial school at Bode, Iowa. He is a member of the National Geographic Society, was executive secretary of the Roberta County Chapter of the Red Cross, and is affiliated with the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America. During the World War he served as a member of the exemption board of Roberta County and was secretary of the local chapter of the Red Cross. His sports are volley ball and tennis

He was married to Esther Lillian Johnson at Vermillion, South Dakota, December 30, 1919. Mrs. Austin, who was born at Vermillion, South Dakota, March 7, 1895, was formerly prominent in educational affairs as a teacher, and is now an active leader in church affairs. She served as president of the Omaha Circuit Women's Missionary Federation of the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America, for a time. Her father, J. E. Johnson, whose ancestry was Swedish, served in the House of Representatives of South Dakota from 1905 to 1907. They have the following children: Arthur Thomas, born June 23, 1921; Margaret Esther, born January 12, 1923; Paul Richard, born March 23, 1925; Dorothy Lucile, born April 6, 1927; and Donald LeRoy, born April 6, 1927. Residence: Newman Grove. (Photograph in Album).

Mary Virgie Avery

Mary V. Avery was born at Ocean View, Sussex County, Delaware, May 9, 1875. Her father, William McClentic Hudson, who was born at Ocean View, July 27, 1845, of English ancestry, has been a bookkeeper, teacher, and farmer. He is an interested church worker and an enthusiastic temperance advocate.

Her mother, Mary Holloway (Hudson) Hudson, who was born at Roxana, Delaware, February 27, 1847, and died at Lincoln, Nebraska, October 4, 1919, was a devoted homemaker. Although her education was elementary she was vitally interested in the education of her children.

Mrs. Avery attended a country school until 1890 when she entered the Humboldt High School, graduating in 1894 and teaching in a country school one year after her graduation ln 1895 she studied at Banks Shorthand University, in Philadelphia. She has attended the Nebraska Wesleyan University, 1920, when her older daughter, Gladys entered the university, and the University of Arizona, 1926, when her younger daughter, Zola, entered the university and Mrs. Avery needed to change climate for her health.

A farmer's wife, Mrs. Avery has engaged in many civic and social activities. She is president of the county and local W. C. T. U., attending the national convention at Indianapolis in September 1929 as delegate from four counties; district corresponding secretary of the Woman's Home Missionary Society; state secretary of Bequest and Devise; and temperance secretary of the Richardson County Council of Christian Education.

Aside from her home and social duties she has held various business positions, among them; teacher; assistant bookkeeper and stenographer for the Crane Ice Cream Company, Philadelphia; and stenographer and typist for the Humboldt Steam Mills, Humboldt, Nebraska.

On March 25, 1903, she was married to Charles Orlando Avery at Humboldt, Richardson County, Nebraska. Mr. Avery, who was born at Humboldt, August 17, 1868, is descended from English ancestors on the paternal side and from French and Pennsylvania-Dutch settlers through the maternal line. To this union were born three children, two of whom are living: Gladys, born July 9, 1904, a high school teacher, who married Ralph H. Fletcher, high school superintendent; Zola, a graduate of the University of Nebraska, and a teacher of home economics, born September 17, 1909; and Roger, born June 14, 1914, who died June 19, 1914.

Mrs. Avery is a member of the Humboldt Methodist Episcopal Church. Her hobby is reading. She is a Republican but the principles and character of the candidate determine her vote. She has been a resident of Nebraska for forty-seven years. Residence: Humboldt.

Samuel Avery

Samuel Avery, chancellor emeritus and professor of research in chemistry at the University of Nebraska, was born at Lamoille, Illinois, April 19, 1865. He is the son of Stephen B. and Mary T. Avery.

He received his Bachelor of Arts degree at Doane College in 1887, and has since been awarded the following degrees: Bachelor of Science, University of Nebraska, 1892; Master of Arts, 1894; Doctor of Philosophy, Heidelberg, 1896; Doctor of Laws, Doane College and University of Idaho, 1909. He was married to Mary B. Bennett on August 4, 1897.

Dr. Avery was adjunct professor of chemistry, University of Nebraska, 1896-99; professor of chemistry and chemist at the Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Idaho, 18991901; professor of analytical and organic chemistry, University of Nebraska, 1901; professor of agricultural chemistry and chemist, University of Nebraska Experiment Station, 1902-05; head professor of chemistry, 1905-08; acting chancellor, 1908-09; chancellor, 1909-27; since 1927 he has been chancellor emeritus.

He was granted a leave of absence during the World War and served as a member and vice chairman of the chemistry committee of the National Research Council and as a major in the chemistry warfare service of the United States Army. He was head of the university relations unit.

Dr. Avery is an honorary member of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi and is a Mason. Residence: Lincoln. (Photograph on Page 56).

Willard Sales Avery

Willard S. Avery, farmer and bank executive at Edgar, Nebraska, has lived in Clay County all his life. He was born at Edgar, February 19, 1881, the son of Orin Austin Avery and Rosalie Audelphin (Hoffman) Avery. His father, who was born in Vermont, February 10, 1837, and died at Edgar, October 1, 1911, was a merchant; he served as captain of the Rhode Island

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