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William Ebers

William Ebers was born in Pleideisheim, Marbach, Wurttemburg, Germany, September 2, 1875, the son of Christian Frederick and Catherine Louise (Kloepfer) Eberspacher. His father, who was a farmer, was born in Germany, May 2, 1837, and died in Seward County, Nebraska, September 10, 1926. His mother was born in Germany, August 28, 1835, and died in Seward County, February 2, 1916.

Mr. Ebers attended the public schools of Seward County, and in 1898 was graduated from the Wesleyan University at Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Following his graduation, he was employed as a bookkeeper for a building contractor in Omaha. Two years later, Mr. Ebers accepted a position as bill clerk and city salesman for a wholesale building material company where he remained for four years. The next two years Mr. Ebers was identified with a commercial rating company in Omaha. He has been engaged in the photograph business at Holdrege, Nebraska for over twenty years, and has been a resident of this state for over half a century. He served as city treasurer of Phelps County from 1917 to 1922, and is now completing his sixth year as city assessor at Holdrege.

He holds membership in the Missouri Valley and the Nebraska Photographers Associations, is a charter member of the Rotary Club of Holdrege, and holds membership in the Holdrege Chamber of Commerce. He is past master, past high priest and past commander of the Masonic fraternities of Holdrege, and a member of Sesostris Temple, Lincoln.

On September 2, 1902, he was married to Charlotte Matilda Maier, at Papillion, Nebraska. She was born at Wathena, Kansas, February 20, 1879.

Mr. Ebers has affiliated primarily with the Republican party. Residence: Holdrege. (Photograph in Album).

Gottlieb Frederich Eberspacher

A resident of Nebraska since 1880, when he came to America with his parents, Gottlieb Frederich Eberspacher is the son of Christian F. and Katharine Marie Eberspacher. Christian Eberspacher was born at Pleidelsheim, Wurttemberg, Germany, May 2, 1837, of a German family which produced several sculptors. He was a farmer, but excelled in free hand drawing and in printing, was a talented musician and singer. He died at Seward, Nebraska, in September, 1926.

Katharine Marie Klopfer was born in Pleidelsheim, August 28, 1835, of a family which contained several physicians. Her mother's brothers served in the war with Napoleon. She was well educated, and was a fine singer. Her death occurred at Seward, on February 2, 1916.

Gottlieb Eberspacher was one of a family of six boys and three girls, and as there was plenty of help on his father's farm, he was permitted to hire out at the age of eleven to a farmer in York County, at a wage of $45.00 a year. He plied farming assiduously, and was quick to observe the most efficient methods of farming and stockraising, and then, beginning for himself, he pursued this policy of making even the best better if possible. He is a breeder of pure-bred stock; his small grain is inspected and certified by the Nebraska Crop Growers Association, and much of it is sold for seed.

Mr. Eberspacher was chosen Master Farmer in 1930; has been president of the Farmers Elevator at Goehner; and has served as precinct assessor over a period of ten years. He is a Republican. During the World War Mr. Eberspacher served on the local Council of Defense and was official representative of the state and federal governments in all farm bureau activities in Seward County, under appointment of Governor Keith Neville.

Gottlieb Eberspacher is a member of the Salem Methodist Church. He is a lover of music, and his children are all active in musical circles. His hobby is to improve his farm and methods of farming to obtain the best and largest yielding crops, and raising good pure-bred stock of various kinds.

On August 3, 1899, he was united in marriage to Anna M. Luecke of Cortland, Nebraska. Mrs. Eberspacher was born at New Hall, Iowa, August 21, 1878; There are eleven children, as follows: Floyd R., born June 21, 1900; Elmer E., born March 23, 1902; Myrtle S., born June 2, 1904; Florence May, born May 4, 1906; John G., born August 13, 1908; Homer H., born March 1, 1911; Harold G., born August 9, 1912; Luella A., born May 25, 1915; Phoebe K., born July 14, 1918; Lois F., born December 19, 1920; and James W., born February 22, 1923.

One daughter, Myrtle, taught in the public schools for a period of five years, and another daughter, Florence, is a graduate nurse of the State University Hospital at Omaha. Three sons are farming for themselves, two are taking care of the home farm, and the others are attending school.

Mr. Eberspacher was one of the first leaders in 4-H Club work, and continued over a period of many years. His children have been unusually prominent in the affairs of this organization. Homer, with two of his cousins, Milton and Raymond, comprised the State Livestock Judging Team representing Nebraska at the International Stock Show at Chicago, in 1930, and were placed third among the 23 teams representing various states. Homer also had the Grand Champion Poland China fat barrow at the Ak-Sar-Ben stock show at Omaha, in 1930.

Harold was champion showman at the Ak-Sar-Ben in 1930, and is a member of the Livestock Judging team representing Nebraska at the International Stock Show at Chicago for 1931-32. This team took third place among the 17 teams representing their several states. Among the high men in the individual classes, Harold Eberspacher was third, took first on swine judging and won the $200 agricultural college scholarship offered by the Chicago Association of Commerce.

Mr. Eberspacher has always believed that the Biblical dictum, "What soever a man soweth that shall he also reap" expresses an inexorable law that affects the spiritual and financial status, and finally the destiny of man and nations. This affected his attitude toward God very early in life and resulted in a fixed habit of putting God first in everything. In other words, his objective or purpose in every relationship of life has been to act in harmony with his Creator and Redeemer as fully as possible, to know His will and honor His great name. He has found that such a concern about His will brings His blessing on every phase of life and gives a satisfaction to the human heart that earthly accessions and possessions cannot otherwise do. Residence: Seward. (Photograph in Album).

Friedrick William Ebinger

Friedrick William Ebinger, a leading merchant at Plainview, Nebraska, was born at Nurtmgen , Wurttemburg, Germany May 1, 1866, the son of Karl and Christine (Miller) Ebinger. Karl Ebinger who was street commissioner in his community, was born at Nurtmgen, February 26, 1814, and died there February 21, 1899. His mother was born at Nurtmgen, January 9, 1822, and died there November 21, 1892.

Mr. Ebinger attended seminary school until his confirmation in 1880 and the following year moved to Plattsmouth, Nebraska. He has been a hardware merchant since 1885 and at this time is senior member of the firm Ebinger Hardware Company. A Democrat, he has held the following public offices: member of city council at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, 1904-06; member city council at Plainview, 1907 to 1909; mayor of Plainview, 1921-24. He holds membership in the Masons and Order of Eastern Star.

His marriage occurred at Plattsmouth, May 21, 1899: his wife was born at Plattsmouth, January 1, 1870. To

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them were born these children: Karl G., April 6, 1890; Anna Louise, March 14, 1895; and Friedrich William, March 8, 1906. Residence: Plainview.

William John Ebsen

William John Ebsen has been a farmer in Nebraska for the past 57 years and is today active in educational and civic affairs at Bostwick. He was born in Illinois, September 15, 1869, the son of Peter F. and Mary Elizabeth (Krebs) Ebsen. His father, who was born in Germany, April 22, 1835, and died at Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska, September 29, 1910, was a farmer and stockman and served as vice president of the Farmers & Merchants Bank of Cedar Bluffs for several years; he came to America in 1850. His mother was born in Germany February 13, 1843, and died at Cedar Bluffs, May 13, 1891.

Mr. Ebsen attended public school at Cedar Bluffs. He is a member of the Nebraskana Society, and for the past 15 years has served as president of the Bostwick School Board. His political affiliation is with the Democratic party.

His marriage to Rosa Lichtenberg occurred at Wahoo, Nebraska. Mrs. Ebsen was born at Cedar Bluffs, August 12, 1877. Her father was born in Germany, came to America in 1861 where he engaged in farming, and in 1862 enlisted in the Civil War. They have three children: Leonard William, born December 30, 1901, who married Ruby Mae Good; Mabel Rosa, born December 20, 1905; and Alice Clarabel, born February 10, 1910. Leonard is a farmer. Residence: Bostwick.

Charles Daniel Eby

Since 1904 Charles D. Eby has been engaged in the practice of medicine in Nebraska, where he has lived his entire life. His father, John W. Eby, was born at Canton, Ohio, April 4, 1848, and died at Aurora, Oregon, December 12, 1924; his ancestry was German. His mother was born at Liberty Mills, Wabash County, Indiana, June 9, 1850, and died at Seattle, Washington, July 9, 1927. She was of Scotch descent.

Dr. Eby attended academy and later was a student at Grand Island College. He received the M. D. degree at the University of Nebraska in 1904, and is now engaged in medical practice at Leigh, Nebraska. He is a member of the Nebraska State Medical Society; the American Medical Association; and the Colfax County Medical Society. He is a member of the Leigh Chamber of Commerce and the Nebraskana Society, and a Republican, a 32nd degree Mason.

He was united in marriage with Mamie Lydia Dorothy Bowers at Wahoo, Nebraska, February 11, 1909. Mrs. Eby, who is descendant of Betsy Ross on the maternal side, was born at Leigh, August 17, 1889. Three children were born to them: Charles, born September 6, 1910, who died June 6, 1926; Olive Dell, born February, 18, 1915; and Charlotte Maxine, born January 22, 1927. Residence: Leigh. (Photograph in Album).

Millard Elmer Eby

Millard E. Eby, a lifetime resident of Nebraska, has been engaged in the practice of dentistry at Hartington, Cedar County, Nebraska; since May 15, 1901. He was born at St. James, Cedar County, Nebraska, January 16, 1878, the son of Jacob H. and Sarah Ann (White) Eby. His father, who was a farmer and high school janitor for over 40 years, was born at Freeport, Illinois, October 23, 1848, and died at Hartington, September 29, 1930; his father, John Eby, who was a farmer, was born in Pennsylvania of German and English parentage. His mother, whose parents were Virginians, was born at Danville, Virginia, December 19, 1852, and is still living.

Dr. Eby was graduated from the Hartington High School in 1896, attended the University of Nebraska for a year, and was then graduated from the Louisville College of Dentistry with the D. D. S. degree. He received his tuition each year as a scholarship for honors, and upon graduation was awarded a gold medal for all-around efficiency during his three years' work. He was active in college athletic events.

Active in dental practice in the same office building for the past 31 years, he is also president of the Hartington Building & Loan Association, and has been an extensive land owner in Nebraska for many years. A Republican, he has always taken an interest in community and state political affairs. He is a member of the local Commercial Club, the Nebraskans Society, and the Hartington Country Club; holds membership in the state and national dental societies and is affiliated with the First Congregational Church at Hartington. During the World War he was secretary of the Medical Advisory Board, since he vas unable to pass the requirements for aviation service.

Dr. Eby was married to Edna Taylor at Sioux City, Iowa, June 21, 1905. Mrs. Eby, who is a niece of Professor Fossler of Lincoln, was born at Huron, South Dakota, October 25, 1882. She is active in the Congregational Church. They have four children: Helen, born June 15, 1907; Ruth, born January 27, 1909; Howard, born May 1, 1912; and Grace, born July 2, 1916. Ruth and Helen will graduate from the University of Nebraska in 1932, while Howard is a sophomore in the dental department at the University of Nebraska. Residence: Hartington. (Photograph in Album).

Edward Herman Eckert

Edward H. Eckert, justice of the peace for Saline County, Nebraska, was born at Heinrichsfelde, Pommern, Germany, May 11, 1858. His father, Wilhelm Eckert, who was a farmer, was born at Dramburg, Pommern, Germany, and died there in 1869. His mother, Emilie (Glanz) Eckert, died at Heinrichsfelde in 1880.

Judge Eckert was graduated from high school in Germany, in 1875, and attended the State Teachers Seminary at Pyritz, Germany, 1875-8. He was a teacher in the public school from that date until 1882, when he moved to America, and settled at Fontanelle, Nebraska. He worked on a farm until 1884; was teacher of German at the Theological Seminary at Crete, Saline County, Nebraska, 1884-6; acted as clerk in a real estate office, 1886-8; was bookkeeper in the First National Bank of Crete, 1888-1900; was cashier of the Irrigators Bank of Seottsbluff, Nebraska, until 1901; and engaged in the real estate business at Crete.

A Republican, Judge Eckert was a member of the Crete City Council for six years and since 1925 has been police judge of Crete, and justice of the peace for Saline County. He has lived in Nebraska for 49 years, and has taken an active part in the advancement of Saline County. He holds membership in the Crete Community Club; the Sons of Herman; the Nebraskans Society; and the Knights of Pythias. During 1907 and 1908, he was a member of the local school board. He is affiliated with the German Congregational Church of Crete, Nebraska.

On August 27, 1903, he was united in marriage with Henriette Sophia Blume, at Crete. Mrs. Eckert was born at Lebenstedt, Braunschweig, Germany, November 28, 1854. Residence: Crete. (Photograph in Album).

Allen Barnett Edee

Allen B. Edee, merchant and banker of Pawnee City, was born at Jonesville, Indiana, December 7, 1861, son of Charles Thomas and Virginia Frances Edee. His father, who was born at Utica, New York, and died April 12, 1895, was a banker and merchant.

His mother was born at Louisville, Kentucky, November 7, 1835, and died March 23, 1916.

A resident of Nebraska for 49 years, Mr. Edee has tak-


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en an active part in the civic and economic life of the state. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church and the Commercial Club.

He was united in marriage with Minnie Maude Comford at Omaha, Nebraska. Mrs. Edee, who was born at Spring Lake, Michigan, is of Scotch ancestry. To their marriage were born four children: Allen, born October 23, 1896, who married Helen Readey; Gretchen, born March 19, 1899, who married Pierce A. Jensen; Alfred, born October 27, 1900; and Gwendolyn, born January, 1903, who married Dr. Ray Vinsant. Residence: Pawnee City.

Frank Eugene Edgerton

Frank Eugene Edgerton, journalist, author, orator, and a leading member of the Nebraska bar, was born at Woodbine, Iowa, September 29, 1875. He is the son of Leroy A. and Mary (Luke) Edgerton. His father, Leroy A. Edgerton, was born at Ripon, Wisconsin, March 1, 1848, and died at Woodbine, Iowa, February 7, 1904. He was a farmer and a direct descendant of Richard Edgerton, one of the founders of Norwich, Connecticut. Mary Luke Edgerton was born in Baldwinsville, New York, July 14, 1848, and died in Woodbine, Iowa, August 18, 1918.

Frank E. Edgerton entered the University of Nebraska, in 1896, after taking preparatory work at the Woodbine, Iowa, Normal School. He was president of the senior class, was prominent in oratory and debating and was graduated in 1900, receiving his A. B. degree. He taught in the Frernont schools and joined the staff of the Lincoln Star where he remained until he became private secretary to Senator Norris Brown. He held this position from 1907 to 1910. During this time he attended George Washington University, receiving the degrees of LL. B. and LL. M. He was assistant attorney general of Nebraska from 1911 to 1915, and then joined the law firm of Hainer & Craft, which later became Hainer, Craft & Edgerton, and is now Craft, Edgerton & Fraizer. He was county attorney of Hamilton County, 1919-1920.

In politics he has taken a prominent part since his college days. As a journalist he assisted in the crusade which led to the establishment of the railway commission and the nomination of Norris Brown for the United States Senate and George L. Sheldon for governor. In 1908 he reported the Republican National Convention at Chicago, and the Democratic National Convention at Denver. In 1926, he was a candidate for the Republican congressional nomination.

Mr. Edgerton is a member of the Nebraska Writers' Guild. Besides numerous speeches, editorials and feature stories, he is the author of The Story of the Federal Constitution, The State Constitution and Motoring Through Europe. He has been a constant contributor to newspapers and magazines since 1900.

He is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, the Mayflower Descendants, the Nebraska State Bar Association and the American Bar Association. He is a member of the Church of Christ in Aurora, and is affiliated with the Red Cross. He is a member of the Modern Woodmen of America, the Scottish Rite and the Shrine. He was the organizer and the first president of the Aurora Rotary club.

For more than ten years he has been interested in practical farming. His hobby is golf.

He was married to Mary Nettle Coe (see biography) at Woodbine, Iowa, April 2, 1902. There are three children. Harold Eugene was born April 6, 1903. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, 1925, a member of Acacia, and is now instructor in electrical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he has received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in electrical engineering. He married Esther Garrett, who was graduated from the state university in 1927. They have a daughter, Mary Louise, born April 3, 1931. Mary Ellen Edgerton was born October 27, 1904. She is a journalist and musician and was graduated from the University of Nebraska, in 1926. She is a member of Alpha Phi. She married Welch Pogue, University of Nebraska, 1925, and a graduate of the Harvard Law School. For one year Mr. and Mrs. Pogue resided in Paris, where Mr. Pogue practiced law in the Paris office of Ropes, Gray, Boyden & Perkins. He is now practicing law in Boston. Mr. and Mrs. Pogue have one child, Richard Welch, born April 26, 1929.

Margaret Coe Edgerton was born May 2, 1912. She spent a year at Radcliffe and is a sophomore at the University of Nebraska. She is a talented writer, and is specializing in journalism. She is a member of Alpha Phi.

In the summer of 1930, Mr. and Mrs. Edgerton and Margaret took an extended tour of Europe, traveling by auto and visiting unfrequented spots. Residence: Aurora. (Photograph on Page 369).

Mary Coe Edgerton

Mary Coe Edgerton, musician, club woman and home builder, was born at Woodbine, Iowa, March 2, 1875, daughter of Josiah and Jessie (Kinnis) Coe. Her father was a banker, farmer and stock raiser. He was born in Nelsonville, Ohio, June 16, 1843, and died in Woodbine, Iowa, May 20, 1915. The Coe family, coming from England, took a prominent part in the early settlement of Connecticut, came as pioneers to Ohio, and afterwards to Iowa.

Jessie Kinnis was born in Perth, Scotland, June 16, 1843. She was of the Maclaren clan and died in Woodbine, Iowa, November 9, 1919.

Mary Coe Edgerton attended the Woodbine Normal College, and was a student in the musical department of Oberlin College. She married Frank Eugene Edgerton, at Woodbine, Iowa, April 2, 1902. (See biography). She was one of the organizers of the Fremont Chapter of P E O and has served as president of the Aurora chapter. She is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and has been an active worker in the First Christian Church of Aurora. She was president of the Aurora Woman's Club in 1923, and was president of the League of Women Voters in 1930, She is a member of the Country Club, and is keenly interested in music and civic improvement. Residence: Aurora.

Albert Edholm

Albert Edholm was born at Milton, Morgan County, Utah, June 9, 1864. Lars Peter Edholm, his father, who was born at Krongede, Sweden, July 25, 1825, was a farmer who came to America with his father, Bengt Larson, and crossed the western plains twice before the railroads came into the new country. He was a graduate of Upsala University in Sweden, and served as probate judge after settling in Utah. Johanna Justina Edholm, his mother, was born in Sweden and died at Omaha, Nebraska, January, 1895.

Mr. Edholm attended the Omaha public schools until 1879, and always ranked high in scholastic honors. In 1887 he homesteaded in Wyoming, where he remained until 1888. From 1890-1921 he operated Albert Edholm Retail Jewel Shop in a street level store. Since then he has had an upstairs location.

His marriage to Susie Lee Erskine was solemnized at St. Louis, Missouri, March 20, 1890. Mrs. Edholm was born at Huntsville, Alabama, September 6, 1869. To this union were born two children: Bessie, born December 5, 1891, who married Clyde J. Drouillard; and Janet, born November 23, 1893; who married Ralph E. Conrad.

On November 17, 1900, Mr. Edholm was married to Mrs. K. J. Donnelly, at Omaha. They have one daughter, Camilla, born November 19, 1901. She is a school teacher.

Mr. Edholm was a member of Company C of the Home Guards in which he served as corporal, during the war. He was a diligent worker for funds for the cyclone sufferers in Omaha. He is a member of the Omaha & Council Bluffs Jewelers Guild, and is serving on the member

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