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He is treasurer of the local school board, a member of the Masons, and of the Union Church of Brownlee (trustee). His hobbies are bridge and good cow horses.

On April 5, 1911, he was married to Wynona Severance at Thedford.

Mrs. Hanna was born at Hugoton, Kansas, December 19, 1891. She is the daughter of Hiram B. and Pearl (Pound) Severance. She attended high school in Kansas City, Missouri, and is a member of the Eastern Star, and the Woman's Club. Mr. and Mrs. Hanna have three children, Don Jr., born December 30, 1912; Francis, born November 20, 1915; and Bobbie, born November 5, 1920. Residence: Brownlee.

Harry Clayton Hanna

Harry Clayton Hanna, real estate dealer and former banker of Superior, Nebraska, has lived in this state for 42 years, and has been active in civic affairs in his community for many years. He was born near Tipton, Iowa, October 27, 1881, the son of Joseph Baird and Sarah Ann (Kessler) Hanna. His father, who was born in Iowa, October 22, 1855, is a retired stockman. His mother was born in Iowa, October 12, 1859.

Mr. Hanna attended business college at Lincoln, Nebraska, was engaged in banking from 1907 until 1918, and for several years has been in the real estate and insurance business. He owns land in Colorado. He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Odd Fellows Lodge Number 87, the Superior Country Club, and the Nebraska Society. For 15 years he has served as city treasurer at Superior. He is a Republican.

He married Arabelle Jessie Peart, the daughter of James Peart. Mrs. Hanna, who was a school teacher before her marriage, was born in Pennsylvania, June 6, 1893. Mr. Hanna's favorite recreations are golfing and fishing. He is affiliated with the First Presbyterian Church. Residence: Superior.

Anton Hansen

Since 1884, Anton Hansen has been engaged in the mercantile business at Upland, Nebraska. He was born in Denmark, April 24, 1865, the son of Nels and Karen (Jensen) Hansen, the former a mechanic who was born in Denmark, March 22, 1838, and died at Upland, July 20, 1920. His mother was born in Denmark, February 5, 1842, and died at Upland, November 20, 1925.

Mr. Hansen received his education in the public schools of Denmark, and in 1882, came to America, settling in Michigan. Two years later he moved to Nebraska, and is now president and manager of the Hansen Brothers, Incorporated. He holds membership in the Midwest Implement Dealers Association, the Nebraska Retail Hardware Dealers, and the Retail Hardware Mutual Insurance Company, serving as director in each of these organizations.

He is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the Modern Woodmen of America, and the Methodist Episcopal Church of Upland, and the Methodist Brotherhood. From 1909 to 1912, Mr. Hansen served as director of the local school board. His hobbies are reading and mechanics.

He was united in marriage with Katharine Barbara Schechtler, at Hastings, Nebraska, October 20, 1890; she was born at St. Gallen, Switzerland, April 26, 1866. Their children are: Clarence Herbert, born in 1891, who is a farmer near Upland; Edward L., born in 1896, who is a merchant; and Wilfred Jennings, born in 1897, who is in the mercantile business. Mr. Hansen is a member of the Democratic party. Residence: Upland. (Photograph in Album).

Christian Hansen

Christian Hansen, educator, was born on a farm near Oakland, Burt County, Nebraska, son of Nels and Cedsel Marie (Christensen) Hansen. His father, who was a farmer, was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, March 6, 1848, and died at Oakland, on July 16, 1912. His wife, Cedsel Marie, was born in Noestved, Denmark, and died at Lyons, Nebraska, December 25, 1924.

Upon finishing country school Christian Hansen attended the Blair and Lyons High Schools, and received his A. B. from Midland College in 1897. He also attended Fremont Normal School, and Augustana College, and from the latter was awarded his L. H. D. in 1921. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Sigma Phi.

On December 25, 1898, he was united in marriage to Ida M. Hultberg, at Lyons, Nebraska. Mrs. Hansen was born in Rock Island, Illinois, September 18, 1872, and is of Swedish descent. Of this marriage there are seven children: Harold E., born May 18, 1902, who is an accountant at the Union Pacific Headquarters in Omaha; Lillian, born April 13, 1900, was married September 9, 1921; Paul V., born March 5, 1905, who is supervisor of the Reliance Life Insurance Company; Elliott G., born July 3, 1917; Lois G., born December 10, 1909, who is a teacher; Winston C., born February 21, 1911, who is engaged in the stocks and bonds business; and Ernest W., born January 4, 1913.

Mr. Hansen's life has been devoted principally to teaching or executive educational work. He is the author of various educational pamphlets, and at the present time is head of the teacher training department of Dana College.

During the World War he was a four minute speaker, and active in civilian welfare work. He is a member of the First Lutheran Church, the Chamber of Commerce, the Nebraskana Society and the Nebraska Academy of Sciences. He enjoys football and tennis, and his hobby is the study of psychology. Residence: Blair.

Elmer Marion Hansen

Elmer M. Hansen was born at St. Paul, Nebraska, March 22, 1893, the son of Niels Peter and Marie (Jensen) Hansen. His father, who was born in Denmark, June 3, 1863, and died at Lincoln, October 22, 1927, was a pharmacist; he was chairman of the Republican state central committee; was food commissioner of Nebraska under the administration of Governor Aldrich. He came to the United States in 1881, and settled in Howard County, Nebraska. His mother was born at Copenhagen, Denmark, December 13, 1870.

Dr. Hansen was a student in the public school at Kearney, Nebraska, and in 1911 was graduated from the Lincoln High School where he was president of the senior class. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1915, and his medical degree in 1927, from the University of Nebraska. He held membership in Sigma Xi, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Chi, and Phi Delta Chi.

After his graduation from the university he was city chemist and bacteriologist for the city of Lincoln for two years; was proprietor of a pharmacy at Shickley, Nebraska, until 1923, when he re-entered the university to study medicine. He was interne at the University Hospital for two years and was then resident interne at the Chicago Lying-in Hospital for six months. Since that time he has been engaged in the practice of medicine at Lincoln. He is associated with the Lincoln Clinic, his practice limited to obstetrics.

On March 7, 1918, he was married to Ramona Troup at Lincoln. Mrs. Hansen was born at Warsaw, Indiana, January 26, 1894. They have a daughter, Mary Adelaide, born January 10, 1922. He has lived in Nebraska all his life.

Dr. Hansen was commissioned second lieutenant of the Military Reserve of Nebraska, 1915. He was presi-

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dent of the Red Cross chapter at Shickley, 1917-18; is a member of the Lancaster County Medical Society; the Nebraska State Medical Association; the American Medical Association; and the Central Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. He is a member of the medical advisory committee of the Lancaster County Red Cross, and holds membership in the Randolph Parent-Teachers' Association at Lincoln; the Kiwanis Club; and the Nebraskana Society. He is a member of the Lancaster Lodge Number 54 of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. His sport is golfing. His hobby is medical reading. He is a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church, and a Republican. Dr. Hansen is attending obstetrician at Bryan Memorial Hospital and also at Lincoln General Hospital. Residence: Lincoln.

Hans C. Hansen

Hans C. Hansen, farmer and stock raiser, was born at Hemingford, Nebraska, August 6, 1888, son of Chris and Marie (Peterson) Hansen.

His father was born at Horsens, Denmark, August 21, 1866, and came to the United States in 1885. He is a retired farmer. His wife, Marie, was born in Horsens, Denmark, March 2, 1863, and died at Hemingford, November 5, 1922.

Mr. Hansen attended public school and the high school at Hemingford, Nebraska. He is a prominent stock raiser and farmer, and at the present time is director of the Farmers Union of District No. 1 of Nebraska.

On May 23, 1916, he was married to Sena Jensen at Blair, Nebraska. She was born at Blair, April 13, 1892, of Danish ancestry. There are three children, Norman, born September 22, 1918; Dale, born October 18, 1931; and Donald, his twin born October 18, 1931.

During the late war Mr. Hansen was active in Red Cross and other drives. He is a member of the Hemingford Congregational Church. Residence: Hemingford.

J. Meyer Hansen

J. Meyer Hansen, retired farmer of Saline County, Nebraska, was born at Brons, Denmark, May 7, 1867, and for the past 34 years has been a resident of Nebraska. His father, Knud Hansen, a merchant, was born at Brons, March 7, 1827, and died there November 8, 1878. His Mother, Marie (Larsen) Hansen, was born at Astrup, Denmark, April 6, 1837, and died at Elkhorn, Iowa, March 30, 1896. She was an expert needlewoman and a poet.

Mr. Hansen attended public school and for three years was a student at Elkhorn College, Iowa. He has always been interested in the educational and civic life of his community. Upon his retirement from farm activities he traveled extensively with his family; visited his old home in Denmark, and the battlefields of France, and spent some time in Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Belgium. Before the trip a few days were spent in Washington, D. C.

During the late war Mr. Hansen was active in the sale of Liberty bonds. For the past 28 years he has served as moderator for the Friend school board. He is a member of St. John's Danish Lutheran Church at Cordova, Nebraska, and the Red Cross.

He was united in marriage with Mary Mason at Friend, November 10, 1897. Born at Davenport, Iowa, September 6, 1866, she died at Friend, October 14, 1905. She was teacher and landscape painter. On December 4, 1907, he married Marie Johansen at Friend. Mrs. Hansen was born September 8, 1888, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Johansen She is a member and president of the local Ladies' Aid Society. They have two children: Mary Hilma, born October 11, 1908; and Emilie Mathilde Dagmar, born October 16, 1912. Both girls were students at Grand View College, Des Moines, Iowa. Residence: Friend.

Peter Hansen

Peter Hansen was born at Elsborg, Denmark, August 14, 1875, son of Niels and Maren (Nielsen) Hansen. Niels Hansen was born at Elsborg, Denmark, March 2, 1840. He was a blacksmith most of his life, and was a farmer the later part of his life. His ancestors were all blacksmiths back as far as 800 A. D. He came to the United States September 6, 1883, and received his naturalization papers May, 1890. He homesteaded in Howard County, Nebraska, in 1890. The homestead is now in the possession of the oldest boy, Thomas H. Hansen. Mr. Hansen died at Denver, Colorado, June 20, 1909. He was a member of the Lutheran Church. His wife, Maren, was born at Elsborg, December 10, 1846. She was a seamstress, a member of the Lutheran Church and a devoted homemaker. She died in Howard County, March 28, 1900.

Mr. Hansen came to the United States with his father, and for the past 12 years has been a merchant at Potter. Prior to that time he was connected with the Union Pacific Railroad. He is a member of the Masons, has been Past Master for 27 years, the Woodmen of the World, the Veterans Free Mason Society of Nebraska, the Masonic Research Society, and the Methodist Episcopal Church. During the World War he was a sergeant in the home guard.

He was married on January 20, 1903, to Rose Viola Hansen at Dannebrog, Nebraska. Mrs. Hansen was born at Jackson, Nebraska, January 20, 1879. She is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, the Order of Eastern Star, secretary of the Ladies' Aid Society, and president of the Missionary Society. They have two children, a boy and a girl, who died in infancy.

Mr. Hansen is fond of golfing, hunting and fishing, and enjoys playing horseshoes. Residence: Potter.

Alfred Leif Hanson

Alfred Leif Hanson, public auditor and accountant, was born at Fremont, Nebraska, July 5, 1892, son of James Ferdinand and Lelia Stanton (Wightman) Hanson. He attended public and high school at Fremont and from 1906 until 1918 was engaged in a clerical capacity with the Alfalfa Products Company, the Standard Live Stock Commission Company of South Omaha and the Nye-Schneider-Fowler Co. Since 1918 he has been vice president of the firm J. F. Hanson and Company, and the Hanson Audit Company. He is secretary of the Farmland Fremont & Railroad Drainage District, succeeding his father in office.

On June 3, 1914, he was married to Neta Fern Clark at York. She was born at Charleston, Nebraska, July 19, 1891. Three children are living and one deceased: Eugene Stanton, born June 4, 1915; Bernita Jane, born August 19, 1919, died August 24, 1919; Robert Everett, born March 26, 1926; and Mary Ellen, born November 10, 1927.

Mr. Hanson is a Republican. He is a member of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, the Rotary Club (secretary 1931), and the Nebraska State Historical Society. His hobby is gardening. Residence: Fremont.

Harold G. Hanson

Born at Little Sioux, Iowa, March 25, 1896, Harold G. Hanson is the son of Charles Laurence and Dora Ella (Gleason) Hanson. His father, who was a farmer, was born at Ejusburg, Denmark, May 1, 1859. After spending two years in Australia, he came to America in 1879 and was a rancher in Colorado for twenty-five years.

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His mother, born in Little Sioux, October 24, 1877, is a graduate of Fremont Normal School. She is of English descent.

Harold G. Hanson attended Little Sioux public and high schools and was graduated from the latter in 1914. In 1914 and 1915 he was a student at the University of Iowa, and in 1927 received his degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery from Creighton Dental College. He was a member of the track team at Iowa, and served as treasurer of Delta Sigma Delta in college.

During the World War he served twenty-three months with the rank of private, 13 months of which was overseas. While in the army he played football with the 90th Division. He is a member of the American Legion, the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons and the Royal Arch Masons. His religious affiliation is with the Methodist Episcopal Church at Little Sioux.

Dr. Hanson has been a farmer and teacher, and since his admission to practice as a dentist. He is a member of the Nebraska State Dental Association. He is a Republican, and a member of the Nebraskana Society.

On December 22, 1919, he was united in marriage to Florence M. Liedl at Minneapolis. Mrs. Hanson was born at Furgus Falls, Minnesota, December 17, 1897. Residence: Crofton.

Herman Frederick Hanson

Herman Frederick Hanson, clerk of the district court of Custer County, was born at Helsingborg, Sweden, September 16, 1878, and on July 2, 1881 came to Nebraska with his mother from Sweden.

His father, Peter Hanson, was born at Ystad, Sweden, January 13, 1854, and came to Nebraska City on October 15, 1880, and was section and extra gang foreman on the Union Pacific and Burlington Railroads. Later he engaged in farming, and is now retired.

Petronella Olson, wife of Peter Hanson, was born in Landscrona, Sweden, September 20, 1848, and died at Broken Bow, May 29, 1918. Herman Frederick Hanson, completed the sixth grade in the public schools of Nebraska, and received the balance of his common school and the equivalent of his high school education at Valparaiso University, in Indiana. On March 25, 187, he was graduated from a business course there.

His first work after leaving college was teaching a country school in Sedgwick County, Colorado. He has engaged in clerical work for the Union Pacific Railroad Company, the Union Pacific Coal Company, and the United States Reclamation Service. From 1909 to 1921, he was engaged in the abstract business at Broken Bow, and since 1921 has been clerk of the district court, elected on the Republican ticket.

On March 7, 1914, Mr. Hanson was married to Sybil Adele Guthery at Lincoln.

During the World War period Mr. Hanson helped in connection with selective service, loan and Red Cross drives, and volunteered for service as cost accountant, but was not accepted. He is a member of the First Presbyterian Church, the Public Service Club, the Masons, Modern Woodmen of America and The Nebraskana Society. Residence: Broken Bow.

James R. Hanson

James R. Hanson, public auditor and accountant. was born at Fremont, Nebraska, February 7, 1888, son of James Ferdinand and Lelia Stanton (Wightman) Hanson. He attended public and high school and Fremont Normal College, and since leaving school has been associated with various firms.

From 1919-20 he was office manager for the Fremont Joint Stock Land Bank, and in 1921 became president of J. F. Hanson & Company, and manager of the Hanson Audit Company. He is vice president of the Louis E. May Company, investment securities, of Fremont. He is a Republican and active in politics.

On September 30, 1924, he was married to Jay Emma Robinson at Council Bluffs. She was born near Ainsworth, Nebraska, May 24, 1892. There are four children Marjory, born December 23, 1925; James, born February 27, 1927; Barbara, born March 28, 1928; and Richard, born May 23, 1931.

Mr. Hanson is a member of the Red Cross, the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club, the Elks and Odd Fellows, the Nebraska State Historical Society, the Fremont library board, the American Legion (chaplain) and the Methodist Episcopal Church. He has held various offices in many of these organizations, most of them over a period of years. Residence: Fremont.

Vernon Louis Hanson

Vernon Louis Hanson, ranchman, was born at Oakland, Nebraska, April 13, 1882, son of Robert M. and Mary Ellen (Kessler) Hanson. The father was born near Nestved, Denmark, June 11, 1842, and died at Crawford, Nebraska, July 28, 1901. He was a farmer, and came to the United States in 1869. His wife, Mary Ellen Kessler, was born in Chester, Pennsylvania, January 23, 1855, and died at Hay Springs, Nebraska, April 4, 1927. She was German on the maternal side.

Mr. Hanson graduated from high school at Crawford, Nebraska, on May 22, 1902, and completed a correspondence course in pharmacy on February 11, 1904.

For eight years he was a drug clerk, and for eight years was the owner of a drug store. For the past 16 years he has been a ranchman. He is an independent Democrat.

On June 10, 1910, he was married to Mildred Caroline Warneke at Omaha. Mrs. Hanson was born at Odebolt, Iowa, November 5, 1882, of German ancestry. To Mr. and Mrs. Hanson were born three children, Wendell, born May 20, 1911, who died February 20, 1928; Verna L., born September 1, 1912, who married Frank G. Boggs; and Edna Ma; born July 16, 1914. After completing her high school coarse at Harrison, Verana attended University of Nebraska two years. Edna Mae is teaching at the present time.

Mr. Hanson's hobby is the breeding of registered Hereford cattle. He is a member of the board of regents of the Sioux County High School, a member of the Odd Fellows, and the Brotherhood of American Yeomen. Residence: Harrison.

Walter Allyn Hanthorn

Since 1879 Walter Allyn Hanthorn has lived on the same farm in Nuckolls County, Nebraska, near Superior. He was born at Abingdon, Illinois, September 18, 1873, the son of James and Sarah Elizabeth (Teel) Hanthorn. His father, who was born at Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, January 14, 1836, and died at Cadams, Nebraska, November 12, 1903, was a farmer, stockraiser, and teacher; he served in the Nebraska Legislature, and in Company K, 55th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and was wounded in the Battle of Shiloh during the Civil War. His mother, who was a teacher, received her education at Lombard University in Illinois. She was born at Girard, Illinois, June 3, 1848, and died at Nelson, Nebraska; she is descended from a member of the Allyn family who brought Lafayette to America on his own ship.

Mr. Hanthorn attended elementary school at Cadams, was graduated from the Superior High School in 1893, and later attended the University of Nebraska. He taught school at Smyrna, Cadams, Nora, and Superior, Nebraska, and was a teacher in rural schools for a time. For the past 20 years he has been a success-

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ful farmer and stockraiser near Superior. A Republican, he was a candidate for county treasurer of Nuckolls County in 1905 and 1926.

He is a member of the Nebraskana Society and is affiliated with the Methodist Episcopal Church of Nora. During the World War he served as a member of the Council of Defense in Nuckolls County. His marriage to Anna Orpha Ellison, daughter of George Wilmot and Mary Agnes (Reynolds) Ellison, occurred at Cadams, February 20, 1907. Mrs. Hanthorn, who was a teacher prior to her marriage, was born at Friend, Nebraska, January 18, 1883; her French Huguenot ancestors came to America in colonial times.

To this marriage the following children were born: Gladys Orpha, born December 19, 1907, who died January 5, 1908; Allyn Ellison, born November 29, 1908, who died June 24, 1929; Eunice Elizabeth, born March 21, 1910; James Emerson, born February 13, 1912; George Wilmot, born October 10, 1913; Walter Willis, born December 18, 1915, who died November 27, 1918; Herbert Genung, born April 28, 1917; and Lindell Loren, born September 12, 1920. Residence: Superior.

John Benjamin Happel

John Benjamin Happel, clerk of the district court of Thayer County, was born in Warsaw, Illinois, February 20, 1898, son of Henry and Delphena (Cammack) Happel.

His father was born in Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany, September 4, 1860, and died at Hebron, October 19, 1913. He was a farmer and a director of the First National Bank of Hebron. His wife, Delphena, was born in Indiana, October 25, 1872, and died at Lincoln, May 9, 1925.

Mr. Happel attended public school and for some time was a farmer. He was employed by the Deshler Telephone Company for four years, and was deputy county treasurer three years and a half. Later, he was the owner of the Vienna Bakery at Deshler, for four years.

On March 19, 1929, he was married to Suzanne Elizabeth Huge at Abilene, Kansas. Mrs. Happel was born at Tampa, Kansas, November 18, 1907. They have one daughter, Connie Sue, born June 30, 1931.

Mr. Happel is a Methodist and a Mason. He is a member of the Hebron Country Club and enjoys golf. Residence: Hebron.

Roy Blaine Harberg

For more than twenty years, Roy Blaine Harberg has been an outstanding figure in the business and community life of Omaha and Springfield, Nebraska. Born at Omaha, March 8, 1887, he is a son of John Henry and Margaret Dorothy (Mohrman) Harberg. His father was born at Garnavillo, Iowa, November 7, 1859, and at the time of his death, October 14, 1925, he was secretary of the wholesale hardware firm of Wright & Wilhelmy Company, at Omaha. His parents were natives of Mecklenberg-Schwein, Germany. Margaret Dorothy (Mohrman) Harberg was born at Garnavillo, Iowa, June 4, 1856, and died at Omaha, March 6, 1929. Her family was German, originally coming from the vicinity of Hamburg.

Roy Harberg received his education in the public and high schools of Omaha, and was graduated from Omaha High School in 1904. On June 19, 1913, he was married to Irene Anne Bergers of Omaha. She was born at Fremont, on October 4, 1895. There are two children, John, born August 30, 1914, and Doris, born October 11, 1920.

A Republican, Mr. Harberg was appointed chairman of the Sarpy County Republican Central committee in 1920. He has been a resident of the state since birth, and has been a resident of Springfield for some years. He is President of the Harberg Lumber Company and secretary-treasurer of the Metz Construction Company. He is also a member of the board of directors of Wright & Wilhelmy Company of Omaha.

During the World War he was chairman for Sarpy County of the Red Cross Drive, and participated in all loan and other drives. From 1920-22 he was a member of the Springfield school board. He is a Lutheran and a member of St. Mark's Lutheran Church at Omaha. He is a member of the executive committee of the Sarpy County Red Cross organization.

He is affiliated with the following: Associated General Contractors of America, Nebraska Lumber Dealers Association, National Geographic Society, The Nebraskana Society, Knights of Ak-SarBen, etc. A Mason, he belongs to Springfield Lodge No. 112, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Nebraska Consistory, Ancient and Accepted Order Scottish Rite Masons at Omaha, and Tangier Temple, Ancient Arabac Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine at Omaha. His sports include golf and fishing, and his hobby is reading. Residence: Springfield.

Bert Marshall Hardenbrook

A lawyer for the past 26 years, Bert Marshall Hardenbrook was born near Albia, Iowa, July 20, 1874. His father, John Clifford Hardenbrook, who was an employee of the Standard Oil Company, was born at Mt. Gillead, Ohio, August 20, 1849, and died at Fremont, Nebraska, February 20, 1928; Ludwig Hardenbrook, an ancestor, was a soldier of the Revolution and after the war settled in Ohio. His mother, Margaret Mary (Marshall) Hardenbrook, was born near Keokuk, Iowa, February 20, 1850, and died at Fremont, April 20, 1930.

Mr. Hardenbrook was graduated from high school and in 1896 was graduated from Fremont Normal School. He served as superintendent of schools at Marion, South Dakota, for 11 years, and practiced law in South and North Dakota before coming to Nebraska. He is now senior member of the law firm of Hardenbrook & Misko. A Republican, he served for nearly 10 years as county attorney of Valley County, was candidate for nomination for attorney general of Nebraska in 1930, and served as president of the County Attorneys Association of Nebraska from 1924 to 1928. He has written many articles on crime and criminology.

He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of which he was secretary at one time, The Nebraskana Society, the American Bar Association, the Nebraska State Bar Association and the Valley County Bar Association of which he is president. He was president of the board of education at Arcadia, 1916-17, was a member of the Ord school board, 1921-23, and is a member of the Odd Fellows and Masons. He is a member of the First Methodist Church of Ord.

On August 20, 1899, he was married to Lorinda Carrie Kinkaid at Marion, South Dakota. Mrs. Hardenbrook was born near Rochester, Minnesota, April 1, 1870, and died at Ord, February 18, 1918. These children were born to them: Luella Joice, May 16, 1902, who married Forest Johnson; Samuel Clifford, July 3, 1904, who died February 2, 1908; Daryl Kenneth, February 3, 1907; and Nona Norene, June 14, 1909.

Mr. Hardenbrook married Minnie Viola Smith; she was deputy county clerk prior to her marriage. His son-in-law, Forest, operates the Ord City Bakery, Nona is a teacher, and Daryl K. is a printer and publisher. During the World War he served as chairman of the Valley County Council of Defense and government appeal agent. He enlisted for service in the Spanish American War in 1898 but was not mustered into federal service. Residence: Ord.

Jesse McMillan Harding

Jesse McMillan Harding, manufacturer, was born in Wisner, Nebraska, August 20, 1887, son of Charles and Onetah (McMillan) Harding. He received his

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masters degree from Yale University in 1909, where he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Gamma Delta.

His marriage to Agnes Miriam Burkley was solemnized at Omaha, on October 16, 1912. Mr. Harding has been a member of the firm of the Harding Cream Company for a number of years. He is a member of Saint Cecelia's Catholic Church, the American Legion, the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club, and is active in the Omaha Symphony Orchestra Society. Residence; Omaha.

Arthur Shereburne Hardy

Arthur Shereburne Hardy, proprietor of the Commercial Hotel at Sidney, was born July 13, 1882, son of Edwin C. and Margaret (Spaithe) Hardy. His father was born at Mount Vernon, District of Columbia, and died at Chicago, in 1916. He was an editorial writer and dramatic critic of English descent. His wife, Margaret, was born at Berea, Ohio, and died at Chicago, in 1915. Her ancestry was Dutch.

Upon his graduation from the Omaha High School, Mr. Hardy entered the University of Nebraska, where he received the degree of Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering. He is a member of Kappa Sigma.

On March 13, 1909 he was married to Mabel Clare Boydston, at Ord. Mrs. Hardy was born at Grant City, Missouri, August 22, 1883, of Mayflower ancestry, tracing back to Robert Bruce. Five children were born to them, Arthur, on March 28, 1913; Lois, on March 9, 1916; Lucille, on July 29, 1917; and Betty and Bobby, on March 20, 1924. Bobby died on July 25, 1924.

Mr. Hardy is a Republican. He has resided in Nebraska for the past 48 years, and in 1910 held the rank of second lieutenant in the Millard Rifles at Omaha. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church, active in Community Chest work, a member of the Commercial Club, the Rotary Club, and the Masons. For seven years he was a member of the Sidney School Board, serving as president in 1928. His club is the Sidney Country Club, and his favorite sport is golf. Residence: Sidney.

Gertrude Laws Hardy

Gertrude L. Hardy, a resident of Nebraska for the past 54 years, was born at Richland Center, Wisconsin, February 24, 1871, the daughter of Gilbert LaFayette and Josephine (Lawrence) Laws. Her father was an educator and editor in Wisconsin and Nebraska for many years and was prominent in Nebraska politics and civic affairs. A Civil War veteran, he was principal of the high school at Richland Center, served as registrar in the United States Land Office at McCook, Nebraska, 1883-86, was secretary of state, 1886-89, congressman from the Nebraska Third District, 1889-91, and was a member of the State Board of Transportation. He died at Lincoln, April 25, 1907, and was descended from Scotch-Irish ancestors who came to America in 1733,

Her mother was born at Paterson, New York, April 24, 1844, and died at Lincoln, July 6, 1927. Her ancestry was French and English. She received her education at the University of Wisconsin, and before her marriage was a teacher.

Mrs. Hardy attended district school at Orleans, Nebraska, and in 1886 was graduated from high school at McCook, Nebraska. In 1890 she was graduated with the degree A. B. at the University of Nebraska, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and Mortar Board. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta.

Her marriage to William Edwin Hardy at Enid, Oklahoma, January 9, 1895. Mr. Hardy, who was born at Gainesville, Wyoming County, New York, August 5, 1863, is a merchant in Lincoln, and is active in civic affairs there.

Mrs. Hardy is a member of the Association of American University Women; the League of Women Voters, and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. She holds membership in the Nebraskana Society and the Red Cross, and is affiliated with Sorosis, Fortnightly Club, Coppe Kettle Club, and Matinee Musicale. She is a member of All Souls Unitarian Church at Lincoln, and is a Republican. Residence: Lincoln.

William Edwin Hardy

Since 1871 William E. Hardy has lived in Nebraska and for many years has been a leader in community affairs and civic enterprises in Lincoln. He was born at Gainesville, New York, August 5, 1863. His father, Harvey Wesley Hardy, who was born at Gainesville, in 1825, was a merchant, descended directly from Thomas Hard; who came to America from England, and settled in Massachusetts in 1630. He died at Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska, January, 1913.

Charlotte Clement (Abbott) Hardy, his mother, was born at Churchville, New York, and died at Lincoln, March 19, 1897. Her ancestry was English.

Mr. Hardy attended the elementary schools of Lancaster County, and in 1880 was graduated from the Lincoln High School. He was later a student at the University of Nebraska, and was awarded an honorary A. M. degree. A member of the national grand council of Sigma Chi, he served as chairman of the national board of grand trustees.

He is affiliated with most of Lincoln's community and welfare clubs, and has served as city alderman. He is president of the Hardy Furniture Company; a director of the Federal Reserve Bank, at Omaha, Nebraska and a director in the Lincoln Trust Company. He was appointed a member of the Nebraska Capitol Commission in 1919. and served until the completion of the building.

On January 9, 1895, he was united in marriage with Gertrude Hardenberg Laws at Enid, Oklahoma. Mrs. Hardy was born at Richland Center, Richland County, Wisconsin, February 24, 1871. She is of Scotch Irish decent.

Mr. Hardy directed all his efforts to war work in 1917 and 1918; was chairman of the Lancaster County chapter of the Red Cross; and was chairman of the Liberty Loan drives. He is a member of the Red Cross and the Social Welfare Society at Lincoln; past president of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce; a member of the Hiram Club; and is past president of the Nebraska State Historical Society. He holds membership in the National Archaeological Society and the Nebraskana Society, and is a 32nd degree Mason.

His social clubs are: University Club; Country Club of Lincoln; Round Table; Candle Light Club; The Club; and the Canadian Alpine Club. He is fond of golfing, while his hobbies are reading and architecture. He is a member of All Soul's Unitarian Church at Lincoln. Residence; Lincoln.

Charles Herbert Harman

For nearly 30 years Charles Herbert Harman has been active in the business world in Nebraska, and is now prominent in civic affairs at Beatrice. He was born at Tecumseh, Nebraska, February 26, 1886, the son of John Sinclair and Sadie Elizabeth (Gardner) Harman. His father, who was born at Hillsboro, Ohio, April 26, 1848, and died at Tecumseh, December 30, 1922, was a hardware merchant at Tecumseh, for 42 years. He was grand commander of Nebraska in 1919, was grand high priest of Nebraska, 1900-01, and from 1898 to 1922, was grand treasurer of the Grand Council. His paternal grandfather came from Germany in the early 1700's, settled in Philadelphia, and after the Revolution moved to Virginia. His grandmother was born in London.

Sadie (Gardner) Harman, mother of Charles H. Harman, was born near London, England. Her father, who

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