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the hardware business he retired. A Republican, he served as village trustee, and was the first mayor of Harvard. He was a candidate for the legislature in 1892. He is a member of the Red Cross and the Nebraskana Society, and for over 58 years has been an active Mason.

He married Eva Marie Hjelm at Harvard, July 14, 1896. Mrs. Turner was born at Christiania, Sweden, July 4, 1860, and died at Harvard, Nebraska, June 26, 1925. Two children were born to them, both of whom died: Pier, born March 17, 1898, who died March 27, 1898; and Eva June, born June 4, 1900, who died February 26, 1930. Residence: Harvard.

William Leonard Turner

William L. Turner, real estate executive of Lincoln, was born at Kearney, Nebraska, January 30, 1874, the son of Bartlett and Mary Elizabeth (Standard) Turner. His father, who was a retired farmer for several years before his death, was born at Memphis, Scotland County, Missouri, October 6, 1851, and died at Kearney, March 17, 1925; his Scotch-Irish ancestors moved from Virginia to Missouri in the early days. His mother, whose ancestry was Irish, was born at Arbele, Missouri, October 25, 1857, and died at Lincoln, November 18, 1928; her father died in the service during the Civil War.

Mr. Turner attended the public schools at Kearney and was graduated from the Kearney Military Academy. Later he secured a county, certificate and taught in the Buffalo County Schools. He was engaged in the grain business at Kearney for 15 years and since 1916, has been a realtor at Kearney and Lincoln. He is manager of the Lincoln office of the State Savings & Loan Association.

He was married at Kearney, June 8, 1898, to Estella L. Rizer. Mrs. Turner, who was born at Carleton, Nebraska, October 6, 1875, was a teacher in the schools of Buffalo County for seven years before her marriage. Her ancestry is German. Six children were born to this union: Leonard, born June 4, 1899, was graduated from Kearney State Normal School and is now a musician playing in theatres at Los Angeles, California; Melvin, born October 30, 1905, is associated with his father in business; Keith K., born October 18, 1907, is a student at the University of Nebraska; Neva Beth, born November 18, 1909, is attending the University of Nebraska; Dwight, born December 10, 1915; and DeLon, born January 4, 1918.

Mr. Turner is past president of the Lincoln Real Estate Board; is a member of the present national, state and local real estate associations, and is a director of the state organization. He holds membership in the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce; the Optimist Club; and the Nebraskana Society. He is a member of the Modern Woodmen of America, Trinity Methodist Church of Lincoln. Although his family has been affiliated with the Democratic party, Mr. Turner is a Republican. Residence: Lincoln.

Nels Anton Tuveson

Nels Anton Tuveson, pioneer Nebraska grain dealer, was born at Malmo, Sweden, September 29, 1868, the son of Andres and Anna (Krok) Tuveson. His father, who was born in southern Sweden, August 24, 1834, and died at Mead, Saunders County, Nebraska, September 23, 1919, was keeper and forester for an estate in Sweden, and served a term of compulsory military education there; he was of Russian descent, and came to Nebraska in 1887. His mother, who was a seamstress, was born at Ludwigsburg, Sweden, 1840, and died at Metropolis, Illinois, July 24, 1926.

For the past 38 years Mr. Tuveson has been connected with the Weston Grain and Stock Company at Weston, Saunders County, Nebraska, acting first as grain buyer and later as manager of this organization, He holds membership in the Nebraska State Historical Society, the Nebraskana Society, the National Geographic Society, the Bison Society, Red Wood League, Museum of Natural History of New York City. He is intensely interested in reading and collecting books, Indian relies, and coins; his favorite sports are hiking, fishing, and hunting.

During the Spanish American War he served as a private under Colonel Stotsenburg, in the First Nebraska Volunteers, and is now a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and United Spanish War Veterans. He is a member of the Red Cross, the Izaak Walton League, and the Masons. He is a Republican.

On November 27, 1907, he was married at Wahoo, Saunders County, Nebraska, to Caroline Francis Machacek who was born at Valec, Czechoslovakia; the latter was a seamstress. They have one son, Leo, born February 18, 1911. He attended Creighton two years and is now attending the Creighton University. Residence: Weston. (Photograph in Album).

John S. Twinem

John S. Twinem, physician and surgeon, was born at Portadown, County Armagh, Ireland, April 12, 1870, and came to the United States in 1892. He is the son of William and Mary Jane (McNally) Twinem.

Dr. Twinem attended the Irish National Schools and Wheaton College at Wheaton, Illinois, working his way through school. He received his medical degree from the Hahnemann Medical College in 1905 and prior thereto attended the Chicago Homeopathic Medical College from which he was graduated in 1903. Afterward he took post graduate work in Chicago, 1926, and the American College, Chicago, and the Rotunda Hospital at Dublin, Ireland, in 1929.

On September 7, 1905, he was married to Martha Jane Armstrong at Glidden, Iowa. She was born in Will County, Illinois, January 23, 1879. There are four children, Linn Kenneth, born June 4, 1908; Mary Jane, born September 4,1910; William Armstrong, born October 24, 1913; and John Robert, born December 18, 1921. One son, Linn Kenneth, is studying law in Boston. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, where he was a second lieutenant in the Pershing Rifles. Another son, William Armstrong, is taking his pre-medic studies at the University of Nebraska, and a member of the Pershing Rifles. A daughter, Mary Jane, is a graduate of the University of Nebraska in 1929.

For a number of years Dr. Twinem was the owner of the Platte Valley Hospital, which is now owned by Wesleyan University at Lincoln. He is a practicing physician and the owner of the Twinem Building which houses the J. C. Penney Store. He is a member of the Kiwanis Club, the Elks, the Odd Fellows, the American Institute of Homeopathy, and is a Methodist. He is a member of the North Platte Country Club. Politically, he is a Republican. Residence: North Platte. (Photograph on Page 1209).

Albert Franklin Tyler

Dr. Albert Franklin Tyler is one of Nebraska's most outstanding physicians. Born in Logan County, Illinois. March 14, 1881, he has been a resident of Nebraska since early childhood, and has done much toward the advancement of the medical profession.

His parents, George Washington and Sarah Jane (Tracy) Tyler, were both of English ancestry. George Washington Tyler was a native of Indiana, born February 17, 1843. He was a farmer, who died at Lincoln, March 17, 1917. Sarah Jane Tyler was born at Baltimore; March 15, 1847, and died at Lincoln, January 1, 1928.

Dr. Tyler received a B. Sc. from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 1904, and his M. D. from Creighton Uni-

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versity in 1907. He was admitted to practice on June 12, 1907, and from 1908 to 1913 was associated in practice with Dr. J. P. Lord. Since 1917 he has been professor of clinical radiology at Creighton University, and is attending radiologist to St. Joseph's and Swedish Immanuel Hospital.

An eminent contributor to the annals of the medical profession, a partial list of his works include: Roentgeno-therapy (C. V. Mosby, 1918) ; Periostitis Detected By X-ray (1912) ; Cysts of Bone (1914) ; Backaches--Some Unrecognized Causes (1914) ; Urinary Calculi; Value of the X-ray in Their Diagnosis (1914) ; The Fulguration Treatment of Certain New Growths (1914); The X-ray an Aid to Diagnosis in Diseases of the Right Upper Quadrant of the Abdomen (1915) ; Colloid Cyst of the Appendix (1915); A Comparison of Roentgessological and Surgical Findings in Certain Abdominal Conditions (1915); Colles' Fractures-Important Features (1915); Positive Diagnosis of Abdominal Disease by the Roentgen Ray (1915) ; Dislocation of the First Cervical Vertebra (1915) ; Bone Pathology as Revealed by the Roentgen Ray, with Suggestions as to Treatment (1915) ; Bone Pathology as Revealed by the Roentgen Ray (1916) ; Viscera Transposed (1916) ; Positive Diagnosis in Diseases of the Chest (1916); Unusual Kidney Stone (1916); Fracture of the Ischium (1917); Pathological Fractures Due to Syphilis of Bone (1917) ; The New Light (1917) ; Dextrocardia with Mitral Stenosis (1917) Roentgen Therapy in Epithelioma (1918); Deep Roentgen Therapy (1918); Essential Principles of Deep Roentgenotherapy (1918); Multiple Sarcomatosis Secondary to Small Round cell Sarcoma of the Buttock (1919); Safety Pin in the Lung Five Years (1919) ; Syphilis of the Great Vessels (1920); Murphy Button Retained Four Years Complicated by Ulcer at Site of Gastro-enterostomy (1920) ; Injection of Gas into the Peritoneal Cavity for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Purposes (1920) ; The Treatment of Uterine Hemorrhage by Radiotherapy (1920) ; Diverticula of the Duodenum (1921); Focal Infection and its Relationship to Systemic Disease (1921) ; Recent Developments in Deep Therapy Technique-Facts and Fancies (1921); Cancers of the Skin and Mucous Membrane (1921); Pneumoperitoneum as an Aid in the Differential Diagnosis of Diseases of the Left Half of the Abdomen (1921) ; Radiation Treatment of Uterine Cancer (1922) ; Effect of Radiation Therapy on Lungs and Pleura (1922); Fracture of the Carpal Scaphoid (1923); Carcinoma of the Lingual Thyroid with Metastases in the Lung (1923); Electrothermic Coagulation (1923) ; Misplaced, Unerupted and Impacted Teeth (co-author, 1924); Principles Underlying Removal of Disease at Apices of Teeth (co-author, 1924) ; Surgical Diathermy in the Treatment of New Growths of the Face and Mouth (1924); X-ray Therapy in Actinomycosis (1924); Nonmalignant Diseases of the Jaw (co-author, 1924); Sequelae of Radiation Therapy (1924); Surgical Diathermy in the Treatment of Benign Skin Blemishes (1924); Fundamental Principles in X-ray Diagnosis of Diseases of the Gastro-intestinal Tract (1924); Fundamental principles of X-ray Diagnosis of Diseases of the Pleurae and Lungs (1925) ; Malignant Degeneration of a Parotid Cell Rest in the External Auditory Canal (1925); What is Diathermy and How does it Act on Tissues? (1926); Pyelography as an Aid to Genito-urinary Diagnosis (1926) ; Roentgen Ray (1926) ; Report of Two Unnusual Cases of Ascites Relieved by Diathermia (1927); Carcinoma of the Thyroid (1927); Physical Therapy in Industry (1928); New Growths in the Chest Wall, Pleura and Lungs (1928) ; Physical Therapy in Fungus Disease (1929); History of Medicine in Nebraska (1929, editor) ; Duodenal Stasis (1929) ; Recent Advances in Physical Therapy Service (1930); Radiation Treatment of Cancer of the Uterine Cervix (1930).

Dr. Tyler was associate editor of the Nebraska State Medical Journal from 1917-19, editor of the Journal of Radiology 1921-22, Archives of Physical Therapy, X-ray, Radium 1923-26; managing editor, Archives of Physical Therapy, X-ray, Radium 1926-30.

During the World War he was chairman of the personnel department of the Y. M. C. A. He is a member of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, treasurer of the Nebraska State Y. M. C. A., trustee of Nebraska Wesleyan University and of the First Methodist Church. He holds membership in the American Roentgen Ray Society, The London Roentgen Ray Society, the American Radium Society, the American Congress of Physical Therapy, American College of Physicians, the American Medical Association, the Nebraska State Medical Association and the Omaha-Douglas County Medical Society. He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and during 1916-18 was a member of the publicity committee. His civic and fraternal organizations include the Elks, and the Rotary Club. He is a member of the National Geographic Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Nebraskana Society.

On September 23, 1908 he was united in marriage to Charlotte Ellen Roe, at Omaha. Mrs. Tyler was born at Omaha, May 7, 1883 and is of English ancestry. There are two children, Ellen Jean, born May 13, 1911, and Albert Edward, born October 1, 1909.

Dr. Tyler is a Republican. His social clubs are the University Club and the Omaha Club. Residence: Omaha. (Photograph on Page 1211).

Eugene Monroe Tyler

Eugene Monroe Tyler, physician and surgeon, is a native of Tennessee. Born at Sneedville, Hancock County, February 19, 1863, he is the son of Henry and Elizabeth (Jessee) Tyler. His father was born in northern New York, August 28, 1821. In early life he was a merchant, and later clerk of the county and district courts, and was descended from English settlers in Massachusetts in the late 1600's. Removing to Tennessee, he was active there for many years prior to his death on July 8, 1898. He was married to Elizabeth Jessee, a native of Lee County, Virginia, born March 28, 1835. Mrs. Tyler was of English and French ancestry, descended from early Virginia settlers. Her grandfather was of the Clark family which was distinguished in the Revolutionary War. Prior to her marriage she was a teacher, and through all her life was an active worker in the church. She died at Sneedville, December 26, 1890.

Dr. Tyler received his A. B. from Carson College in 1881, and his M. A. in 1894; in 1885 he was graduated from the medical college of the University of Tennessee. At Carson College he was a member of the Philomathean Society and represented this society two years. He was also a member of the baseball team. Dr. Tyler took post graduate work in Chicago, in 1908, and at New York, in 1922.

His marriage to Louisa Florence Quillen was solemnized at her home in Lee County, Virginia, May 6, 1886. Mrs. Tyler was born in Lee County, March 13, 1871. She is descended from Scotch and English settlers in Virginia. She is a member of the Auburn Woman's Club, the Eastern Star, the P. E. O., and the various church societies. There are four children: Ida Gertrude, born February 26, 1887, attended the University of Nebraska three and a half years. She is married to Frank C. Grant, lawyer and abstractor of Lincoln. Irene N., born February 17, 1889, was graduated from Peru State Teachers College and studied art at Omaha. She married Neal M. Cecil, a civil engineer, Varro Eugene, born January 6, 1891, is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, and later of the law school of Chicago University. During the World War he was in Officer's Training School and served overseas ten months. He married Venus Learner, and is engaged in the practice of law at Nebraska City. Alonzo Lewis, born August 23, 1898, was graduated from Peru, and later from the U. S. Naval Academy. He then studied law at New York, where he is now engaged in practice. He is married to Ruth Townsend.

Since 1885, Dr. Tyler has been engaged in practice in Auburn. During the war he was on the medical examining board, and active in loan and Red Cross drives. He

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is still a member of the Red Cross. He was first president of the Kiwanis Club, and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. He belongs to the Nebraska State Medical Associations, the American Medical Association and the Ncmaha County Association.

He has always been active in educational work in the city, having been a member of the school board for fifteen years, and a member of Auburn's first library board 10 years. He is chairman of the board of trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He is a Mason, and member of the Blue Lodge, chapter, council and commandery. He is affiliated with the Modern Woodmen of America, the Royal Neighbors, and of the Nebraskana Society. For many years he was a member of the Auburn Country Club. Residence: Auburn.

Harold Bertram Tyler

Harold Bertram Tyler, editor and publisher of three weekly newspapers in northern Nebraska, was born at Niles, Ohio, October 2, 1870, and has lived in Nebraska born July 27, 1820, in Staffordshire, England, and died in Cleveland, Ohio, November 30, 1890.

Susannah Tyler, his mother, was born of Scotch and Irish parents in Franklin County, Ohio, October 9, 1840, and died at Cleveland, October 12, 1921.

Mr. Tyler received his education in Westminister College, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, where he was graduated with the B. L. degree in 1895, and was graduated from Xena Theological Seminary in 1898. For over. 16 years he was a minister in the United Presbyterian Church, for twelve years he engaged in ranching, and for the past 11 years he has been prominent in newspaperwork.

He is now publishing the following newspapers: Wood Lake Stockman, Wood Lake, Nebraska; Ainsworth Star Journal, at Ainsworth; and the Long Pine Journal, Long Pine, Nebraska. He is a stockholder in the National Bank of Ainsworth, is a member of the Ainsworth Commercial Club, and holds membership in the Red Cross and the Lions Club.

On November 16, 1895, he married Garretta Vanderwerf, at Cleveland. Mrs. Tyler, whose ancestry is Dutch, was born at Cleveland, June 14, 1870. To them were born: Dorothca Margaret, October 9, 1899, who married George W. Siebold; Gerrit V., December 22, 1904, who married Muriel F. Stringfellow; Norman Paul, August 6, 1909; Robert Harold, April 6, 1913; and Lida Pearl, August 25, 1906, who died August 15, 1907. Gerrit V Tyler is a successful editor and publisher at Spalding, Nebraska. Residence: Ainsworth.

Venus Una Tyler

Venus Una Learner, now Mrs. Varro E. Tyler, was born at Concord, Nebraska, daughter of David Cecil and Jessie Christensen Sterling (Cowie) Learner. Her father was born at Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, September 12, 1857, and is a retired banker. He is French and Scotch, a descendant of one of Napoleon's aides and personal friends, James Leemar, born 1777. Jessie Cowie Learner was born in Dane County, Wisconsin, November 25, 1862. She is Scotch, a direct descendant of Sir Walter Scott, and of King Bruce of Scotland.

Mrs. Tyler was graduated from Wakefield High School and received her B, A. from the University of Nebraska, in 1910. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, honorary fraternity, and Delta Zeta sorority. She was married to Varro Eugene Tyler at Des Moines, Iowa, May 29, 1918. There are two children: Jessie Lou, born August 22, 1924; and Varro Eugene, Jr., born December 19, 1926.

From 1910-13, Mrs. Tyler was a teacher in Syracuse High School, and from 1914-18 was library assistant in the Lincoln Public Library. She is a member of the Nebraskana Society, and the Women's Club, and is former member and was president in 1923 of the Music Club. She is at the present time president of the American Legion Auxiliary.

She is a member of the First Presbyterian Church, the P. E. O. and the Eastern Star. She is also a member of the Nebraska City Country Club. Residence: Nebraska City.

William Augustus Tyler

William Augustus Tyler, clergyman and church executive, was born at New Holland, Logan County, Illinois, June 5, 1867, the son of Sarah Jane (Tracy) Tyler and George Washington Tyler. His father, who was born at Raysville, Henry County, Indiana, February 17, 1841, and died at University Place, Nebraska, March 15, 1917, was a farmer; he served in Company G, 106th Illinois Infantry, from 1862 to 1865; his ancestry was English.

His mother was born at Baltimore, Maryland, March 15, 1847, and died at University Place, January 11, 1928. Her ancestry was French and English; her brother was prominent in the banking world at Springfield, Illinois, and was a director of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.

Dr. Tyler attended the rural schools of Logan County, received the M. D. degree at George Washington Universty (sic), Washington, D. C., 1895, and was awarded the Bachelor of Divinity degree at Garrett Biblical Institute at Evanston, Illinois, 1904. He served as president of his class at the latter institution, and was a member of the debating team.

He taught school in Fillmore and Thayer counties for three years, was clerk in the war department at Washington for five years, and engaged in medical practice in Hamilton and Dawson counties for three years. He has been pastor of various Nebraska churches for 19 years, and has held pastorates in Illinois. After serving for three years as associate superintendent of the Nebraska Congregational Conference he became superintendent and still holds this position.

Dr. Tyler is a trustee of Doane College at Crete, Nebraska. He was an honorary member of the Adams County Medical Society and the Saline County Medical Society, and holds membership in the Lincoln Ministerial Association. He is a member of the Nebraskana Society, and was formerly a member of the library board at Crete for several years. During the World War he acted as Liberty loan speaker and solicitor, was prominent in Young Men's Christian Association work and the Red Cross, and was a Four Minute Man. He has held membership in the Sons of Veterans.

He is a member of Crete Lodge Number 37. of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Valley of. Hastings Consistory, Scottish Rite, Sesostris Temple of the Shrine. Politically, he is an independent.

On July 5, 1892, he was united in marriage with Ella Clara Kimball at Washington, D. C. Mrs. Tyler, who was born at Fort Wayne, Indiana, was cashier in a mercantile establishement (sic) before her marriage. Their children are: Tracy F., born January 16, 1895, who married Ruth Sherrerd; Harry E., born December 20, 1898, who married Jennie Hosford; Ralph W., born April 22, 1902, who married Flora Volz; and Ivory K., born February 18, 1905, who married Margaret Carey. Tracy has been superintendent of school in Nebraska for the past ten years. Hurry has been superintendent of schools and is now dean of men at the Sacramento Junior College in California. Ivory holds a fellowship in Columbia University. Ralph is professor in the Ohio State University. Residence: Lincoln.

Robert Andrew Tynan

Robert A. Tynan was born at Peru, Nebraska, Sep-

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tember 5, 1876. His father, Andrew Tynan, was born at Kilenney, Ireland, March 8, 1833 and came to America in 1845 where he engaged in farming. He died at Stella, Richardson County, Nebraska, June 15, 1912.

Mr. Tynan attended the Richardson County grade schools and the Stella High School. He later attended the University of Nebraska, being graduated in 1899. He was awarded an A. B. degree in 1922. All his life has been spent in Nebraska except for two years, when he lived in Montana. Until 1918 he farmed near Stella, and since that time he has been president of the State Bank of Stella. He is also secretary of drainage district number three in Richardson County.

On May 29, 1902, he was united in marriage with Della Loraine Harden at Verdon, Nebraska. Mrs. Tynan was born at Verdon, January 15, 1878. They have three children: Robert A., Junior, born August 10, 1904, who is a graduate of the University of Nebraska; Katherine C., born December 10, 1908, who received her A. B. at the University of Nebraska; and Eugene Harden, born June 26, 1914.

Mr. Tynan was captain in the home guards of Stella, in 1918. From 1901 to 1918, he was a member of the school board, district number 15, in Richardson County, and from 1920 to 1928, he was treasurer of the school board of district number 76. He is a member of the Y. M. C. A., the Stella Chamber of Commerce, the Masons (Scottish Rite Consistory No. 2, Shrine, Sesostris Temple), the Modern Woodmen of America, and the Order of Eastern Star.. He is a Democrat. His hobby is farming. Residence: Stella.

Ace Vern Tyrrell

Ace Vern Tyrrell, automobile executive at Osceola, Nebraska, has lived in this state all his life. He was born at Beaver Crossing, March 14, 1898, the son of Henry Albert and Blanche (Howerton) Tyrrell. His father was born in Indiana, February 20, 1867, and died at Beaver Crossing, February 18, 1913. His mother was born at Goehner, Nebraska, August 15, 1877, and is still living.

Mr. Tyrrell attended high school at Beaver Crossing. He is a partner and manager of the Nielsen Chevrolet Company of Osceola and holds membership in various civic organizations, among them: Community Club, of which he is president; Masons; Elks; Odd Fellows; The Nebraskana Society. He is a member of the Democratic party, and holds membership in the Osceola Country Club, and the Osceola Gun Club.

On March 19, 1929, he was married to Esther M. Smith at Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska. Mrs. Tyrrel was born at Inman, Nebraska, January 3, 1904. Residence: Osceola. (Photograph in Album).

Edward Uehling

Edward Uehling, banker, was born in Dodge County, Nebraska, March, 13, 1863, son of Theodore and Kathrina (Schwab) Uehling. His father, who was born in Sax Meiningen, Germany, January 11, 1836, came to America with an older brother in 1847, his father and mother having died. He was a farmer and stock raiser until his death at Uehling, February 13, 1912. Katherine Schwab was born in Bavaria, Germany, February 28, 1838, and died at Uehling, April 2, 1927.

Mr. Uehling attended country school in the pioneer days of Nebraska, and was thereafter associated with the Dodge County Bank of Hooper for seventeen years. Since 1905 he has been associated with the Farmers State Bank of Uehling, as cashier and vice president. He is a Republican, and has served as a member of the school board it Hooper and Uehling, as a member of the board of trustees and as village treasurer.

He was married to Charlotte Herre at Fremont, Nebraska, July 13, 1890. Mrs. Uehling was born in New Jersey, February 27, 1868, of German parentage. There are four children: Vera L., born May 6, 1892; Harold T., born January 27, 1896; Elletha, born October 2, 1900, and Clifton F., born May 11, 1903.

Mr. Uehling was chairman of all Liberty and Victory loans for Uehling and Logan township during the World War, and was chairman and treasurer of the Red Cross during the war period. He is a member, of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. Residence: Uehling.

Ernest Clarence Uhlig

Ernest Clarence Uhlig, gas and oil merchant, was born at Adair, Iowa, June 7, 1880, and has resided in Nebraska 47 years. His father, Charles Uhlig, was born in Leipzig, Germany, June 1, 1842, and came to Nebraska homesteading in Frontier County in 1885. He resided there until his death at Eustis, Nebraska, in April, 1915. He came to America in 1860. His wife, Mary Ellen Lewis, was born in Des Moines, Iowa, April 27, 1862, and died at Eustis, Nebraska, September 2, 1920.

Mr. Uhlig attended public school at Eustis, and on April 2, 1900, was married to Marietta Martin at Farnam, Nebraska. She is the daughter of Miles F. and Rhoda Anne (Martin) Martin, and was born at Shickley, Nebraska, October 9, 1878. She is a member of the Christian Church and the Order of Eastern Star. They have one daughter, Bernice, born May 10, 1911, who is at present a student in the Colorado Woman's College.

Mr. Uhlig is a Republican, a member of the Commercial Club, the Modern Woodmen, and the Knights Templar. He is affiliated with the Christian Church and is secretary of the Board of Education at Sutherland. Residence: Sutherland. (Photograph in Album).

John Leonard Umberger

Born At Elwood, Nebraska, October 29, 1893, John Leonard Umberger is the son of William Miller and Mary Ellen (Barber) Umberger. His father, who was a ranchman and farmer, was born at Lisburn, Pennsylvania, March 30, 1855, and has served as county commissioner of Gosper County, Nebraska, for several years; his Pennsylvania Dutch ancestors have been in this country since the Revolution.

His mother, who took an active interest in all school and civic enterprises in her community, was born at Lisburn, May 30, 1858, and died at Lincoln, Nebraska, February 11, 1913. Her ancestry was Scotch-Irish and Pennsylvania Dutch.

Mr. Umberger attended school at Elwood and in 1913 was graduated from the Lincoln High School. He is now a farmer and rancher near Elwood and is a director in the Elwood Coal and Lumber Company. He holds membership in the Elwood Commercial Club, the Nebraskana Society, and the Methodist Church of Elwood. His fraternal societies include the Masons and Woodmen of the World. During the late war he served as a first class private in the infantry trained at Camp Funston and took an active part in the St. Mihiel and Argonne Forest offensives with the 35th Division in France.

His hobby is reading, and he is interested in all outdoor sports. His political affiliation is with the Democratic party. Residence: Elwood.

William Miller Umberger

William Miller Umberger was born at Lisburn, Pennsylvania, March 31, 1855, and for the past 41 years has been a resident of Nebraska. His father, who was a farmer, was born in York County, Pennsylvania in 1820 and died at Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, in 1897. His

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