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He was City Councilman of Norfolk for one term and has been Chief of the Norfolk Fire Department. He is a Republican and is serving his third term as Sheriff of Madison County. He was married to Miss Lucia Clapper in 1888 and they have three children.

      W. H. LOWE was born September 3, 1839, in New York State, whence he went to Michigan when a small child. In 1848 he went to Illinois and in 1869 came to Nebraska, settling in Madison County in 1871. From 1862 to 1870 he was an employe of the American Express Company. He served eighteen months in the Civil War under an enlistment of three years, but was wounded at Shiloh, Tennessee, April 6, 1862, and discharged as disabled in August of that year. Mr. Lowe is the present County Surveyor of Madison County.

      J. L. DANIEL was born in Independence, Virginia, September 19, 1866, of Scotch-English parentage. In 1886 he moved to Norfolk, where he resided until 1902, when he came to Madison, engaging in the mercantile business. He graduated from the Independence High School, Virginia, and studied at the Fremont and Wayne Normals of Nebraska. In 1886 he married Miss Theresa Hendricks, and they have two children. While in Norfolk he was Assistant Postmaster four years. He is a member of the Democratic party and has been appointed Deputy Clerk of Madison County.

      FRANK A. PETERSON was born in Madison County, Nebraska, November 7, 1879, and has spent all his life in this county. He received a common and high school education. In 1900 he was married to Miss Myrtle H. Sutherland and they have one son. He was a memebr (sic) of Company F of the First Nebraska Volunteers, and served in the Philippines two years. He is a member of the Republican party and has been appointed Deputy County Treasurer.

      C. S. SMITH was born in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, August 26, 1862. In 1876 he came to Madison County with his parents, his father having taken out a timber claim, and has lived there ever since. He received his education in the public schools of Pennsylvania. In 1891 he married Miss Esther Axmann and has three children. He is in the real estate, loans and insurance business and is serving his second term as Mayor of Madison. He is identified with the Republican party.


      The school system of Merrick County is especially good. There are six graded schools, in which thirty-two teachers are employed. Twenty-five schools have a term of nine months or more, while twenty-six schools have a term of six to nine months' duration. There are sixty-one frame and three brick school buildings. School children comprise nearly one-third of the county population, which numbers 9,255. The first building in the county was erected by the Western Stage Company at Lone Tree Station, on the U. S. mail route between Omaha and Fort Kearney. This was the beginning of Central City, and was at first named Lone Tree from a single cottonwood growing there on the north bank of the Platte. In 1859 James Vieregg, a disappointed California gold seeker, made the first settlement in Merrick County. Jesse Shoemaker and Charles Eggerton were next in order. These two men set up ranch at the Lone Tree Station for the entertainment of travelers. The first family that settled in the county was that of Jason Parker. They located a little southeast of Central City in 1860. In 1864 fear of the Indians drove away all but two of the inhabitants, but the deserters gradually returned to their homes. The surface is mostly fertile valley land, made up of dark, sandy soil. Cherries, plums, grapes and all small fruits are profitably cultivated. Cattle, hogs and sheep are exported, and the value of live stock in 1900 was $2,075,290. A great feeding plant is operated at Central City, said to be the largest in the world. There are 424 acres of sugar beets under cultivation. Farm land brings from $45 to $60, the highest prices paid for land. The absence of swamp land and the elevation of 1,700 feet make the climate very healthful.

      C. F. NEWMYER is serving his second term as County Clerk. He was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, in November, 1856, and came to Merrick County, Nebraska, in 1875. His father, George W. Newmyer, enlisted in Company B, Twenty-eighth Pennsyl-



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      F. K. SPRAGUE was born in California, Decemebr (sic) 18, 1862. Mr. Sprague, with his parents, was among the very early settlers of the county, having located at Silver Creek in 1872. H is a blacksmith and wagonmaker by trade, although he is now in his second term as County Treasurer. He has been School Director, Treasurer of the Township and County Commissioner at different times. His wife was Miss Olive Graves, to whom he was married in October of 1887. In politics he is a Republican.

      M. G. SCUDDER is Clerk of the District Court, serving his first term. He was born in Merrick County, Nebraska, July 22, 1873. His father, Albert Scudder, served four and one half years in the Civil War, being enlisted in Company C of the Seventh Illinois Cavalry. Fourteen months of his service was spent in Southern prisons. Upon coming to Nebraska in 1872, his father took a homestead, which he still owns. On December 31, 1896, Mr. Scudder married Miss Mamie Baird of Central City.

     J. D. HOLLISTER came to Merrick County in 1882, and has since made this his home. His father was a veteran of the Mexican and Civil Wars, having served over three years in the latter. Mr. Hollister was born in Boone County, Indiana, September 17, 1858.

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