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School and in 1896 married Miss Effie Shumaker. Mr. Gossard was Deputy Clerk of Red Willow County from 1894 to 1895, Deputy Treasurer from 1900 to 1904, when he was elected County Treasurer on the Republican ticket.

      C. E. ELDRED was born in Lafayette County, Wisconsin, June 30, 1870, came to Nebraska in 1890 and settled at McCook in October of that year, and in 1892 married Miss Jessie Pratt. He studied law in Phillips County, Kansas, and has been Mayor of McCook three terms, County Judge in 1902, and has recently been elected County Attorney on the Republican ticket.

      S. L. GREEN was born in Saratoga County, New York, February 28, 1823, of the same family as General Green of Revolutionary fame. He settled in Nebraska in 1872. In 1849 he married Miss Dart, whose mother was a descendant of Ethan Allen, and they have two daughters. He studied medicine in the Chicago Medical School. Dr. Green was a member of the Kansas Legislature in 1875 and 1876, and of the Nebraska Legislature in 1886 and 1887. He has been elected County Judge on the Republican ticket for the second term,

      JAMES WILLIAMS is a native Englishman, and the date of his birth is 1845. He came to Chicago, Illinois, in January, 1871, and in October of 1882 settled in Nebraska and has been engaged in farming. Mr. Williams is a member of the Republican party and has been elected Surveyor of Red Willow County on that ticket.

      R. C. ORR is a native of Wisconsin, having been born in Bloomington, and lived in the state until 1888, when he came to Hayes County, Nebraska. He has lived in Southwest Ne-



braska ever since, practicing the legal profession. He was educated in the University of Wisconsin in both the law and literary courses. He was District Attorney of Grant County, Wisconsin, for six years, County Attorney of Hayes County for four years and now holds the position of judge of the Fourteenth Judicial District.


      This county was named in honor of William A. Richardson of Illinois, who was the third Territorial Governor. The present population is 19,614 and the county capital, Falls City, has 3,022 residents. There are 80.19 miles of railway extending across the county. The lowlands are relieved by uplands and rocky bluffs. The ground is composed of a rich, black soil, which is sandy in many places. The manufacturing industry consists of eight flour and grist mills and three brick yards. Three hundred and thirty-eight thousand three hundred and twenty-nine acres are used in farming purposes, and within the last few years the value of land has increased 35 per cent. Corn and small grain are the principal crops. A great deal of fruit is shipped annually, and corn and hogs are the principal exports. The county was organized in 1855, and at the first election in 1856 98 votes were polled. In 1854 John A. Singleton and William Roberts took claims on the south fork of the Nemaha. In the spring of 1855 Jesse Crook tilled the first farm in the county near Muddy Creek. Stephen Story was one of the most prominent of the early citizens. William G. Goolsby was a professional hunter in the early days. In his report he says that herds of from fifteen to twenty deer were constantly in sight, and that he often killed as many as seven a day. Horse thieves were punished by mob law in the territorial days, and a case of hanging is recorded. In 1830 a treaty was made with the Indians by which a reservation of land was made for the half-breeds of the county. The 6,702 school children are apportioned among 104 districts. There are ten graded schools, which employ sixty teachers.

      WILLIAM M. RIEGER is a native of Falls City, Nebraska, having been born March 5, 1869, and he has been a resident of Falls City ever since. He graduated from Holton College, Kansas, in 1891 and went into the mercantile business. In 1896 he was married to Miss Katie Schnell of St. Louis, Missouri. He has always been identified with the Republican party and has been elected County Recorder on that ticket.

      F. E. MARTIN is a native of Aledo, Illinois, born January 4, 1874. He received his education in the common schools, having come to Nebraska in 1874. He is a worker in the Republican party and has served as County Attorney in Richardson County. His parentage is American.

      JACOB C. TANNER is a native of St. Joseph, Missouri, having been born March 30, 1869, of German parentage, where he spent his boyhood and received a common school education. During the year of 1884 he came to Falls City and engaged in the mercantile business. In 1898 he married Miss Sophia Lange of Falls City. He is a Republican of long standing and has served the county in the capacity of Clerk. Mr. Tanner has been in business at Falls City for a number of years.

      GEORGE W. RENEKER was born in Kilbourne, Iowa, April 10, 1864. In 1900 he came to Richardson County, and to Falls City in 1902. He graduated from the Northwestern College in 1893 and Central Medical College in 1900. He has held the offices of Surgeon Missouri Lines, Burlington Route, United States Pension Examiner and Temporary Surgeon to Troop A, Fifth Cavalry, and is at present the Coroner of Richardson County.

      GEORGE CROCKER was born in Cedar Falls, Iowa, April 10, 1867. He came to Nebraska in 1893, teaching in Dawson County for seven years, Humboldt two years and came to Falls City in 1902. He graduated from the Western Normal, Shenandoah, Iowa, and Lincoln Normal, and has taken five years' special work in the University of Nebraska. He married Miss Ethel Judd in 1898 and they have one child. He was a member of the Iowa National Guards for three years and has been elected County Superintendent on the Republican ticket.

     CHARLES LOREE was born in Lebanon, Ohio, March 19, 1852. In 1866 he came from Indiana to Richardson County. He was edu-

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