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ceived his education in the public schools. He removed to Eastern Nebraska in the spring of 1883 and settled in Chase County in 1886, where he has engaged in farming. Mr. Flory is a member of the Populist party and was elected Treasurer of Chase County in 1901 and reelected in 1903 on the Fusion ticket.

Picture or sketch      JASPER L. McBRIEN, Deputy State Superintendent of Schools, and who has been elected State Superintendent for the term beginning in January, 1905, was born in Newton County, Missouri, March 19, 1867. His father was a farmer and served in Company K, Fifteenth Missouri Cavalry, throughout the Civil War. Mr. McBrien spent his youthful days on his father's farm and in attendance at the public schools. He came to Nebraska in 1879 and a few years later was graduated from the Sterling High School, after which he entered Campbell University, at Holton, Kansas, where he took a thorough course of study. Upon leaving the University he commenced school teaching and in 1891 was elected President of the State Teachers' Association. For two terms he was County Superintendent of Schools in Johnson County. From 1893 to 1897 he was Dean of Orleans Academy, resigning this position to become the Superintendent of the Geneva City Schools, which office he filled from 1897 to 1901, when he was appointed Deputy State Superitnendent (sic) under Superintendent Fowler. Upon, the reelection of Mr. Fowler in 1902, Mr. McBrien was re-appointed to the office he now holds. Mr. McBrien was married at Tecumseh, December 29, 1891, to Miss Eva Forbes, and has a family of three children.

      NORRIS BROWN, Deputy Attorney General, was born May 2, 1863, at Maquoketa, Iowa. His elementary education was received in the public schools and he was graduated in the classical course from the University of Iowa, in 1883. After leaving the University he entered the office of McDuffie & Howard, at Jefferson, Iowa, where he completed his law studies. He was admitted to practice on October 1, 1883. He commenced the practice of his profession at Perry, Iowa and in 1888 settled at Kearney, Nebraska, where he since has been in practice, associated with his brother, E. F. Brown. Mr. Brown was appointed Deputy Attorney General January, 1, 1901, and has been elected Attorney General for the term beginning January, 1905. He was married at Perry, Iowa, October 28, 1885, to Miss Lula K. Beeler, of Perry, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Brown. are the parents of two daughters.

      WILLIAM J. O'BRIEN was born in Wayne County, Michigan, in July, 1866. He came to Nebraska in 1886 and returned to Wisconsin in 1900 and then came to Nebraska in 1901. He received his education in the common schools and has spent the greater part of his life as a fish culturist. He was employed by the Michigan Fisheries as Assistant Superintendent from 1883 to 1886 and was connected with the Nebraska Hatcheries from 1886 to 1895, when he became Superintendent of the Coleman Lake Club Hatchery. He spent one year at Dunbar, Wisconsin, as Superitnendent (sic) and in 1901 became the Superintendent of the Nebraska Hatcheries, which position he holds at present. He is a member of the Republican party and of the American Fisheries Society.

     BURRETT BUSH, Deputy Commissioner of Labor of Nebraska, was born August 22, 1872, in Binghamton, Broom County, New York, son of T. D. Bush, a stockman. In 1880 he removed from New York to Iowa and nine years later came to Nebraska. His home is in Omaha and was there employed for three and a half years in the City Treasurer's office. He received his education in the public schools of Binghamton, New York and Mason City, Iowa. He has held several official positions in labor circles and in 1903 was elected Second Vice-President of the National Asociation (sic) of Officials of the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the National Convention held in Washington, D. C.



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Epworth Lake Park, Lincoln, Nebraska

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