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      ELISHA BENJAMIN ANDREWS, the Chancellor of the University of Nebraska, was born in Hinsdale, New Hampshire, January 10, 1844. His father was a Baptist minister in the village church at Hinsdale. At the age of seventeen young Andrews entered the army as a private and before the end of the war was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in a battery of artillery. In 1866, he entered Brown Picture or sketchUniversity and four years later graduated with high rank. Then he spent two years in studying theology. After fulfilling the duties of pastor for a short time, he accepted a position as professor of Homiletics in a college at Newton Center, Ohio. His next position was at Cornell where he taught political economy until he was elected President of Brown University in 1889. He also taught Philosophy in connection with his executive duties. Dr. Andrews is not a specialist in any line of work. He is a fair sample of the broad minded college man that can teach almost any branch of learning with equal facility. He understands fully the basic principles of successful pedagogy and can readily apply them in teaching any subject. The writings of Dr. Andrews have attracted much attention and received much favorable comment among educators.

     HOWARD W. CALDWELL, who has taught in the University of Nebraska for twenty-one years, was born August 26, 1858, at. Bryan, Ohio. His father was a farmer. When he was three years of age the family moved to Iowa and then returned to Ohio. In 1874 he came to Nemaha County, Nebraska. After completing his preparatory education in the common schools and a private academy he entered the University of Nebraska and received his Ph, B. and A. M. degrees in Johns Hopkins University. He has served as principal of the Geneva and Lincoln high schools and is now Professor of History and Politics. He has written many magazine articles and among other of his writings are "A Life of Henry Clay;" "History of the United States, 1816-1861;" "A Survey of American History;" "Territorial Expansion of the United States.;" and "Great American Legislators."

Picture or sketch     HENRY BALDWIN WARD, dean of the College of Medicine and professor of zoology, University of Nebraska, was born at Troy, New York, March 4, 1865. He is a son of Richard Halsted and Charlotte Allen Baldwin. Graduating from Williams College in 1885, he became a teacher of science in the Troy High School, holding that position until 1888. He took post graduate studies in the Universities of Gottingen, Freiburg (Baden), Leipzig and Harvard, receiving the degrees, A; M. and Ph. D. at the latter in 1892. In 1892 and 1893 he was an instructor in the University of Michigan and was in charge of the biological work of the Michigan Fish Commission on Lake Michigan in 1894. He is associate editor of the American Naturalist and of Reference Handbook of the Medical Sciences. In 1894 he was married to Miss Harriet Blair of Chicago. Since 1898 he has been the Secretary of the American Microscopical Society and is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, having been their general secretary in 1902; is a member of the Zoological. Society of France; is zoologist



of the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture and is a contributor of various monographs and papers on biological subjects.


     L. A. SHERMAN prepared for college at Phillips Academy. He entered Yale and received his A. B. degree in 1871 and Ph. D. in 1875. After teaching in the Hopkins Preparatory School at New Haven, Connecticut, for nine years, he came to Nebraska in 1882 and has occupied the chair of English Literature at the State University. His birthplace was Douglas, Massachusetts, and the date August 28, 1847. He has written several textbooks on English literature.

Picture or sketch     ERWIN HINCKLEY BARBOUR is a native of Springfield, Indiana. He lived in the States of Indiana, Ohio, Connecticut and Iowa before coming to Nebraska, in 1891. This State has since been his home, and he resides at Lincoln. He attended the Preparatory School of Miami University at Oxford, Ohio. He took his A. B. degree at Yale in 1882 and the title of Ph. D. was conferred upon him in 1887. He married Margaret Roxana Lamson at New Haven, Connecticut, in 1887. They have a daughter, Eleanor. He was assistant in the United States Paleontological Survey, Yale University, from 1882 to 1888; Professor of Geology and Natural History, Iowa College, from 1888 to 1890; Professor of Geology and State Geologist at the University of Nebraska from 1891 to the present time. He has one hundred and ten published papers and reports.

      J. I. WYER was born at Red Wing, Minnesota, in 1869. He lived in Kansas, in all, eighteen years. He removed to Nebraska in 1898 and has since made this his home. He was graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1896 and in 1898 he obtained the degree of B. L. S. at the New York University. On May 3, 1894, he was married to May Tyner. They have two children. Mr. Wyer occupies the position of Librarian at the University of Nebraska.

Picture or sketch      J. T. MOREY was born July 23, 1859, in Charlton, New York, where he received his early education in the country schools, having been brought up on the farm. He graduated from Union College, Schenectady, New York, in 1885, and taught two winters in the country schools. He was a teacher in the New York State School for Blind and was Head Master of Perkins Institute for Blind. Mr. Morey came from New York State to Nebraska in July of 1888. In 1889 he married Miss Annabal Rice of Batavia, New York, for several years a teacher in the New York State School for the Blind at that place. He was at one time Superintendent of City Schools at Kearney, Nebraska. He is a member of the Republican party and at present is the Superintendent of the Nebraska Institute for Blind at Nebraska City.

     DR. J. L. GREENE was born at Shelbyville, Indiana, on the 1st day of November, 1861. He came to Nebraska in 1890 and located at University Place. He was graduated from the University of Vermont in 1884. On October 23, 1889, he was married to Miss Julia King, and they have two children. He was Treasurer of the Nebraska State Medical Association for five years; was appointed as Assistant Superintendent at Norfolk Hospital for the Insane during Governor Crounse's term of office, in 1893, and in 1895 was transferred to Lincoln by Governor Holcomb as First Assist-



ant Superintendent. After a few months here he returned to University Place, where he practiced medicine, until he was appointed Superintendent of the Lincoln Insane Hospital by Governor Dietrich, in 1901. He is a member of the Republican party.

Picture or sketch      ALBERT D. GILMORE is an abstracter and real estate dealer of Auburn, Nebraska. His present residence is at Lincoln, where he is Steward of the Hospital for the Insane, having been there since May of 1901. He served two years also during Governor Crounse's administration. He was born July 26, 1863, at Greencastle, Indiana, from which place he came to Nebraska in 1868. He married Elizabeth C. Curtis in 1889, and they have a son of nine years. He was Deputy Treasurer of Nemaha County for four years and Clerk of the District Court for six years, having been elected on the Republican ticket.

      JAMES DELAHUNTY removed from his birthplace, Peoria, Illinois, to Clay County, Nebraska, in 1883. After finishing the common schools of Peoria, he became a graduate of Cole's Business College of that place. He taught several terms of school while in Illinois. In Clay County he held the position of Recorder in the County Clerk's office during four years. In 1899 he was nominated for County Clerk on the Republican ticket, but was beaten by the Fusion candidate. February 15, 1901, he was appointed Steward of the Penitentiary, which position he filled until his appointment as Deputy Warden, July 1, 1903.

Picture or sketch      A. D. BEEMER was a soldier, having served in the Eleventh Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company K, during a period of four years. He was born in December of 1842 at Stranton, Pennsylvania. In 1868 he came to Nebraska and settled at West Point, where he engaged in real estate, hotel and live stock business. He served as Sheriff of Cuming County for six years. In 1873 he was married to Belle Akerley. They have one child. He left West Point in 1886 and on his own land laid out the town which now bears his name. He founded the Beemer State Bank, of which he has been Director and President for fifteen years. Some years ago he served for two and one-half years as Warden of the State Penitentiary. He has filled this same office for two years past, being in his second term. Mr. Beemer is a member of the Knights Templars and the Elks.

      SARAH B. SOHUS was born May 20, 1853, in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, where she received her education in the high school, and taught for five years before her marriage to Frank N. Sohus, in 1879. Her parents both came from Scotland, and her father was an expert accountant. Mrs. Sohus came to Nebraska June 28, 1880. She is serving her second term as Superintendent of the Home for the Friendless, having been appointed by Governor Dietrich.

      E. M. BAUMAN was born October 27, 1881, at West Point, Nebraska, which is his present residence. His parents, Otto and Lena Bauman, came from Germany. His father is a merchant and banker. He attended West Point High School and afterward was a student at the Nebraska State University for two years. He spent one year in the Gem City Business College, at Quincy, Illinois. He is at present Steward of the State Penitentiary, having served in that capacity since February 15, 1903.

     H. M. FLORY was born September 18, 1865, in Keokuk County, Iowa, where he re-  

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