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The State Cattle Industry.

     Nebraska has always been popular with cattle men because of her natural advantages in the way of water, grasses and climate. In cattle raising, the state ranks fourth in the Union; and more breeding of fine cattle is be-done (sic) here than in any other district in the country. During the fifteen years between 1870 and 1885, breeding cattle wree (sic) constantly shipped into Nebraska from the eastern states. The following figures are given to show the growth of the cattle industry. In 1860, there were 37,197 head of cattle; in 1870, the number was 79,954; in 1880, 740,541; in 1890, 1,726,439, and in 1900, the number had increased to 3,176,242.

Picture or sketch      The swine industry has become very popular throughout the state because of the profit in utilizing the corn crop for fattening. The State Association was organized in 1884 and those who were most instrumental in its formation were its first officers. They were: J. V. Wolfe of Lincoln, President; H. C. Dawson of Endicott, Vice President; C. A. Brown of Syracuse, Secretary; H. C. Stoll of Beatrice, Treasurer. In 1902, John Blain of Pawnee City was President and in 1908, Gilbert Van Patton of Sutton.

The South Omaha Union Stock Yards.
     These yards occupy eight acres of ground and the buildings and pens have a capacity of 20,000 cattle, 30,000 hogs, 35,000 sheep and 1,000 horses. The supply of fat stock is obtained for the greater part from Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas, and the range and stock cattle are shipped from Western Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota. In 1890, stock received at the yards comprised 615,337 cattle, 1,702,723 hogs, 153,873 sheep and 5,069 horses and mules. The report for 1903 shows a receipt or 1,071,177 cattle, 2,230,067 hogs, 1,863,763 sheep and 52,829 horses and mules.



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Beginning at left in order standing is:

1. ADNA DOBSON, State Engineer of Irrigation.

5. L. M. SCOTHORN, Assistant Quartermaster General.

2. JOHN DAVIS, State Board of Charities.

6. ED. ROYCE, Secretary State Banking Board.

3. GEO. L. CARTER, Fish and Game Commissioner.

7. J. H. CULVER, Adjutant General of state.

4. BURRITT BUSH, Commissioner of Labor.

8. ED. A. CHURCH, State Oil Inspector.

The Nebraska State Horticultural Society.

      As a result of repeated successful experiments in the cultivation of fruit a great many Nebraskans became interested in the growing of orchards. This interest became so general that on the twenty-ninth day of September, 1869, occurred the organization of the Nebraska State Horticultural Society, on the State Fair Grounds at Nebraska City. Those who have the honor of being charter members of this society are: R. W. Furnas, F. A. Tisdel, Benton Aldrich, Nemaha County; J. H. Masters, Oliver Homer, O. P. Mason, J. H. Gregg, J. B. Merton, J. Hoagland, J. Sterling Morton, J. M. Taggert, H. K. Raymond, J. N. Croxton, Otoe County; P. W. Hitchcock, Geo. B. Graff, Alvin Saunders, L. A. Walker, Douglas County; David Butler, Lancaster County; J. B. Weston, Gage County; Jonathan Edwards, Dodge County; J. W. Hollingshead, Pawnee County; Wm. D. Wilson, Des Moines, Ia.; J. W. Pearman, Davenport, Ia. J. H. Masters was elected President; R. W. Furnas, Secertary (sic), and O. P. Mason, Treasurer.

     At the next meeting of the society, which was held at Brownville, January 5, 1870, a collection of winter fruit was put on exhibition. Out of this display was developed the annual winter fruit show, which has become a distinct institution of this society. The Horticultural Hall at the State Fair grounds is under its management and from $1,000.00 to $1,300.00 in prizes is annually awarded to Nebraska horticulturists. The society also operates five experimental stations in this state. Following is a list of the officers which have been elected in the years between 1872 and 1904: J. H. Masters, President, 1872; '73, '86; Vice President, '83. J. T. Allen, Vice President, 1872, '73; President, 1874, '75; Secretary, 1883, '84, '85. R. W. Furnas, Secretary,. 1872, '73; President, 1877, '78, '79, '80. D. H. Wheeler, Treasurer, 1872, '73, '74; Secretary, 1875, '76, '77, '78, '79, '80, '81, '82. J. W; Moore, Secretary, 1874. E. N. Grennell, Vice President, 1875, '77, '80; President, '81. John Evans, Treasurer, 1875, '76, '77, '78. S. B. Hobson, President, 1876. Hiram Craig, Vice President, 1876. Charles Mathewson, Vice President, 1878, '79. Chris Hartman, Treasurer, 1879 to '87. S. Barnard, Vice President, 1881; Presi-

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