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         THE Cornhusker basketball team of the past season can truly be said to have          lived up to expectations. The team won the Missouri Valley Championship (a novel stunt), and to be emphatic, without the loss of a single game in that league. The only game of the year in which Nebraska suffered a reversal was the Minnesota contest, and that might in part be excused by the absence of Captain 0. Frank, and a consequent inability to get together. Nebraska certainly had a team that did get together, as results show. More applicants reported this year than ever before, and showed their mettle by fighting the season through. "Our big coach" also factored in no small manner as a tutor of the terrible blocking game, and by always being on the job in every way. The personnel of the team was good; individually each was a fast, aggressive and clean player, collectively the lesson of the team work was well learned. The forwards played a consistent, close guarding game, with Gibson the Valley star, and Hanzlik, both demons in caging baskets. Haskell, Nagl, and Hyde excelled in covering the floor, and were always elusive. Hiltner and Stryker at center applied themselves to defensive work. Carrier and Captain Frank as guards both made the unique record of shooting more baskets than their opposing forwards, and their defensive playing was "high class." Underwood also played a strong, heady game, in a utility role.
   With only two members leaving the team, and a number of good Freshmen in sight, prospects appear roseate, that next year's warriors, led by Captain-elect Carrier, will also escape punishment by the Jack Best hose.
   However, the season of 1912 will serve as a reminder of fine acquaintances, invaluable experiences, loyal support, and on the whole, well worth the sacrifice incurred in the endeavor to boost for "Old Nebraska."

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Basketball Team
Top Row -- Underwood, Hiltner, Stiehm (Coach), Stryker, Gibson.
Bottom Row -- Carrier, 0. Frank (Captain), Haskell. Nagl.

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