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   GYMNASTICS provide about the same opportunities for the co-ed as does drill for the voting sex -- and from all we can gather is enjoyed about as much. The female contingent foregather in the men's gymnasium when the men are elsewhere, clad in bloomers and gum shoes, and there disport themselves under the tutelage of Miss Gittings and Miss Beghtol. Men are not allowed in the room, of course, and to make it easy to determine just when the dears are there, a keyhole about two inches in diameter was put in the east door. A large number of anxious athletes are usually found near the east door, devoid of fear of hatpin accidents, chiefly because hatpins are not worn with bloomers -- so we have been informed. Once a year the girl gymnasts have an indoor meet, which only two men have ever witnessed, and they disappeared soon after. However, we opine that it is some meet. The remainder of the year is devoted to Swedish dancing. This is not at all like Spanish dancing, but for some reason great interest always attends a public presentation of the art. Beyond this our reliable information can carry you no farther. Very truly yours.

Men's Gym

   DESPITE the fact that the University is sadly in need of a new gymnasium, enthusiasm in the work itself is not lacking. Great interest has been manifested the past year in the gymnasium classes, and a larger enrolment than ever emphasizes the need of larger quarters and better equipment. Classes are held daily in the gym, the number in each class ranging from twenty to as high as sixty and seventy. One of the Most Popular of all the classes is the Leader's class, which is composed of the best trained men, and who act as leaders for the several divisions. For the second-year men there are courses in advanced light and heavy gymnastics, games and contests, as well as wrestling and fencing. In connection with the regular courses. instruction is also given in hygiene and physical diagnosis. Special attention is also given to first-aid treatment in case of accidents, such as fractures, dislocation, wounds, etc. The work of the Men's Gym is progressing each year, and it is hoped that a new gymnasium will be a realized dream of the near future.

   EARLY after the opening of school Miss Professor Louise Pound organized a girls' tennis tournament, which resulted in an interesting contest between about twenty clever co-eds. Beyond this rather startling event, tennis can boast of no accomplishment this season, for although Tate, Goodbody, and Smith were back, their work was spoiled by the destruction of the courts, upon which is now being erected the new Law building. However, a new tennis ground is assured for next fall.

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