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   AFTER an enforced abstinence of two years, University baseball fans were given a rather mild and limited taste of their favorite pastime this spring. In fact, the effect was about the same as a wee dram of "the old stuff" on a confirmed inebriate, after a long vacation from John Barleycorn's company.
   With a brief schedule due to the unbending attitude of Missouri Valley Conference officials in regard to proffessionalism, Nebraska was able to schedule few games, with rather inferior teams. That worthy organization of which our old friend Professor Engberg is the head also contributed to the general melancholy of the situation by a wholesale ineligibility act, which cost the team several of its star players.
   In consequence, the adherents of the great national game were compelled to seek solace in class, frat, and department contests, admixed with playing catch in the streets, whenever Chief Hunger's "finest" were not hanging around.
   However, the outlook for next season is excellent. A plentitude of good material was developed, and Coach Stiehm was enabled to get a line on some "corking" players for the 1913 season, when it is hoped Nebraska will be able to secure a complete schedule of games with teams of its own class and college standing. Among the stellar performers of the present brief season were Haskell, the demon athlete of the D. U.'s, "Jerry" Oliver, a midget

speed merchant, the versatile Ernie Frank, and Schmidt and Rodman, a pair of clever pitchers.



   DEBATING between the classes was exceptionally interesting. In fact, more attention ought to be and is being paid to this branch of interclass activity, for it is in these debates that the budding orator "gets on his pins," and that the School discovers its future platform stars. The Juniors won by defeating the Seniors and the Sophs both by two-to-one decisions.


   OF the minor athletic activities wrestling has perhaps shown the most consistent growth. It has developed in the last two years into a noteworthy branch of University sport, and has a number of hardworking and skilful exponents. This year Captain McCormic, backed by Miller, Ruby, Guenther, and Phares, has added to Nebraska's chain of laurels all easy victory over Iowa at the bout on March 30, and a well-deserved second in the Mid-West Wrestling Tournament at Urbana, Illinois.


   INTERCLASS basketball was played off with a rush. Disfigured faces and intense enthusiasm, on the part of the players at least, was the interesting feature of the war. The Senior seven won, by plain strength and the preponderance of brains.
   On next right-hand page (129) are the class basketball teams, and the names of those shown are here given:
   Senior -- Back Row -- Phares, Krugg, Swanson. Front Row -- Kline, Wohlenberg, Lofgren, Anderson.
   Junior -- Back Row -- Beaver, Morley, McCormack. Front Row -- Kyle, Fielding, Towle, Haggart, Wessell.
   Sophomore -- Back Row -- Beck, Kavan. Front Row -- Reavis, Cutright, Keifer, Racely.
   Freshman -- McFarland, Coffee, Pettis, Myers, Krause, Dobbs, Kubik.


   CLASS football never has amounted to a great deal at Nebraska, for the Varsity squads and the Freshman squad absorb the attention of those most interested. However, there are a good many who have not time for the bigger branches, who yet love the game for the sake of the sport they find in it, and it is this kind of men that makes up the class teams. The members of the teams are here given in the order in which they appear in the pictures of their respective teams on pages 129, 130 and 131:

   On page 130 is the Senior Football Team, as follows: Back Row -- Schmidt, Curtis, Buck, Malick, Phares. Front Row -- Kinsman, Christmas, Hall, Krugg, Rohwer, Beckwith.
   Also the Sophomore Girls' Basketball Team: Back Row -- VanDrille, Bayard, Wilson, Parsons. Front Row -- Savage, Weisse, Cleaver.
   And on same page the Freshman Varsity Squad.
   On the next page are the Junior Football Team: Back Row -- Black, Rodman, McCormack, George. Front Row -- Kryger, Aldrich, Hyde, Lawler, Cotton, Miller.
   Freshman Football Team: Back Row -- Bridge, Arenson, McGurk, Ross, Galletly. Front Row -- Harley, Harvey, Scott, Calhoun, McFarland, Coffee.

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