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Frank A. Anderson

LetterADISON County, one of Nebraska's most productive agricultural regions, is graced by the beautiful Elkhorn river valley. Processing and distribution of the county's agricultural commodities have made Madison the fourth county in the state in manufacturing enterprise. The county was organized in 1856 by an act of the territorial legislature, which fixed its present twenty-four mile square boundaries. Nearly half the county's population of 26,000 resides in the city of Norfolk, although Madison is the county seat.
   Behind this picture of a thriving county, however, lies a story of intrepid explorers, daring trappers, Indian disputes, and finally, the arrival of settlers who came to Madison County to make their permanent home.
   The first record of exploration in Madison County is that of James Mackay who attempted a French disguise as "Jacques Machey." He was employed by a Spanish official to explore northern Nebraska, then part of the Louisiana territory under Spanish rule. In 1795 and 1796 Mackay explored and mapped the great sandhills region. In traveling from the Missouri river to the southwest Mackay crossed the Elkhorn river near the present site of Norfolk.
   Pawnee and Sioux Indians who roamed this region held council with Lewis and Clark during their trip up the Missouri river in 1804. Scattered groups of Mormons passed through the county enroute from Illinois to Utah.
   The few settlers between Fremont and West Point were kept in constant fear by marauding Indians. On June 21, 1859, a band of about 800 Indians stole a large herd of cattle on the Elkhorn north of Fremont. The following day a small party of Indians was surrounded as they were robbing a home. The Indians fired and wounded a settler. Four of the Indians were killed. The settlers immediately dispatched a messenger to Omaha requesting aid, and Gen. John M. Thayer led a party of 200 men in pursuit of the Indians. After a forced march of four days up the Elkhorn they came upon the Indians engaged in a summer hunt about twelve miles west of the present site of Norfolk. Chief Peta-le-sharu wrapped a United States flag around him and surrendered without a struggle. The Indians promised to pay out of their annuities from the government for the damages they had done. The present town of Battle Creek is named in commemoration of this battle which was never fought.
   After the passage of the homestead act of May 20, 1862, many people turned west for free land. A group of discontented Germans near Watertown, Wis., held council in their church, the St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran, and decided to send Ferdinand Wagner, Herman Braasch, and John Gensmer to Nebraska to find a suitable location for new homes. After traveling by train, boat, and foot to West Point they engaged T. F. Sporn to take them farther northwest. On Sept. 15, 1865, they found a desirable place for their colony at the junction of the Elkhorn and North Fork rivers. They then returned to Wisconsin to make preparations for the trip back the following spring.
   On May 14, 1866, about 125 persons started for Nebraska in covered wagons under the leadership of Herman Braasch and Louis Heckendorf. Each family had a wagon, drawn by four oxen, two cows and some sheep. Only seven men had horses. At Omaha all stopped to stock up with flour and other staple supplies and to make up a one mile long train of prairie schooners for the final lap of the journey. They reached their destination July 17 and immediately joined in prayer.
   Madison County had been set aside for an Indian reservation and had not yet been surveyed as had the neighboring counties of Stanton, Platte, and Pierce. The settlers brought William Sharpe of Cuming County with them, and he made the first rude survey with a pocket compass and bed cord. In October of the same year Nicholas Paul made the government survey of the county.
   The heads of families drew lots for 160-acre plots of ground fronting on the river. They lived in their wagons while the log houses were being built. A few men built sod houses or dugouts. These settlers suffered all the hardships common to pioneers--crop failure, poverty, lack of fuel, marauding Indians, blizzards, floods, prairie fires, grasshoppers, and inconveniences of fifty-mile journeys to the nearest source of supplies.
   Upon their arrival at the north fork of the Elkhorn river the colonists had found a small party of young men from Illinois settled there. These men, not wishing to live among the Germans, had moved to Columbus. The following spring several of these, the Barneses, started a settlement on Union creek, now called Madison. The same year, 1867, George St. Clair and others started a settlement on Battle creek.



in Nebraska


   Preliminary steps toward the organization of Madison County, Nebraska, were taken in July, 1867. At the suggestion of the Germans the newly surveyed territory was called Madison in commemoration of the capital of the pioneers' former state, Wisconsin, and Norfolk was chosen the county seat. On Jan. 21, 1868, thirty-two men met in a small hut on Taylor creek and selected their first county officers. The county commissioners first met in the home of Samuel Thatch and agreed upon a six mill levy which brought $168 into the treasury in 1868. The following year the commissioners divided the county into two precincts. Norfolk was the north half, Union the south half.
   Relocation of the county seat became an issue in 1875. Madison, Norfolk, and Battle Creek in three closely contested elections put forth claims and counter claims. A compromise to adopt a new location to be called Center failed. Norfolk was eliminated the second election, and Madison finally won over Battle Creek by six votes. A supreme court ruling was necessary to declare the election valid. In the election of 1886 Norfolk received the largest vote but lacked the required three-fifths majority to secure the county seat. Madison, however, lacked the required two-fifths vote to retain it. A later attempt to relocate the county seat failed.
   The group of German farmers was well enough established by the spring of 1868 to pronounce "North Fork" their permanent postoffice address. Samuel H. Thatch suggested "Norfork" as the name because it was the simplest compounding of North Fork. Postal authorities, thinking the word had been misspelled, changed the spelling to Norfolk.
   In 1866 the first mill in the county was constructed on the North Fork by Col. Charles Mathewson, former agent of the Winnebago and Omaha Indian reservation, with the help of Herman Gerecke. The location of the mill determined the present site of Norfolk. A general store and sawmill were included in the establishment.
   Many settlers, encouraged by reports of relatives, came into the county during the seventies. The government land office was opened in Norfolk in 1874. The same year stage coach lines were operated from Norfolk and Madison to Wisner, Columbus, O'Neill, and Niobrara. The first county newspaper, the Madison Review, was established in 1874 by T. M. Blakely. Social and cultural activities centered about the churches and schools.
   The gold rush to the Black Hills, 1876-78, brought a profitable freighting business to the county. After the Sioux wars in 1876 supply trains carried com, flour, ham, bacon, and potatoes to the miners. A train consisted of thirty wagons, each of which was drawn by from eight to twelve oxen. It required two months to make the trip.
   Many people realized the growth and prosperity of the county depended on securing a railroad. In 1873 the Burlington and Missouri railroad company had made their selection of 88,000 acres of land in Madison County. The company refused to pay taxes on the land for the next five years, declaring the title to the land was also held by another company. This opinion was upheld by the court, and the title to the land was cleared.
   From 1874 to 1879 half a dozen railroad propositions were submitted to the people of the county. In 1874 delegates from Dakota, Wayne, Stanton, Madison, Boone, Howard, and Buffalo Counties met in Columbus and incorporated a company with a capital stock of $50,000. They failed to interest railroad officials in a proposed Sioux Ctiy (sic) to Kearney railroad. In 1876 bonds of $97,500 were voted the Covington, Columbus, and Black Hills railroad for the construction of not less than twenty-four miles of road in the county to come within one and one-half miles of Norfolk and Madison. The company did not fulfill its obligations and the road did not materialize.
   In 1879 the county was divided on bond issues for the proposed Fremont, Elkhorn, and Missouri Valley railroad and the proposed Omaha, Niobrara, and Black Hills line. The south half of the county objected to the first proposal because the railroad would serve only the northeastern corner of the county. This division of opinion defeated both bond issues. Bonds for the Omaha, Niobrara, and Black Hills railroad were then voted by Union, Fairview and Norfolk precincts. The Fremont, Elkhorn, and Missouri Valley railroad built into Norfolk in September, 1879, without county assistance. Because of the refusal of the town of Norfolk to donate land for railroad yards the company determined to start a town of its own in south Norfolk. In 1885 this line was purchased by the Chicago and Northwestern railroad. In accordance with the precinct bond issues the Omaha, Niobrara, and Black Hills branch of the Union Pacific completed its line in the county in February, 1880. The Chicago, St. Paul, Minnesota, and Omaha railroad was completed Feb. 10, 1882, forming a connection with the Union Pacific road to Sioux City.
   The coming of the railroads meant greater business for merchants and better markets for farmers in the county. Railroads furnished the needed confidence for investment in new buildings and improvements. The county experienced such rapid growth that by 1888 investment companies and professional "boomers" promoted real estate sales and civic improvements on a grand scale. Failure of some of the enterprises such as the Norfolk Street Railway company and the Oxnard sugar factory left a heavy burden on their investors. After weathering the national depression in the nineties the county settled down to a steady growth.
   To the early pioneers credit must be given for laying the foundations that have developed the framework and structure of the county. To the citizens of today come the privilege and opportunity of promoting those interests which produce culture and social progress.



Who's Who

   ADKINS, BURCH E: President Finance Co; b Miner Co, S D Mar 9, 1888; s of John J Adkins-Hattie C Haskin; ed Howard S D HS 1904; m Delia Walker May 6, 1914 Howard S D; s Robert W, John J; 1905-12 with father in Oldham S D First State Bank; 1912-14 pres Farmers State Bank of Carthage S D; 1914-25 VP Peoples State Bank in Howard S D; 1925- pres & mgr Central Finance Co of Norfolk; past pres Neb Assn of Personal Finance Cos; past dir C of C; BPOE; AF&AM, Howard S D; Scot Rite 32o, Yankton S D; El Riad Shrine, Sioux Falls S D; past dir Kiwanis; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off 417 Norfolk Ave; res 314 S 12th, Norfolk.

   ADKINS, JOHN B: Bank President; b Miner Co, S D Feb 15, 1893; s of John J Adkins-Hattie C Haskin; ed Oldham S D HS 1911; m Margaret L Laursen Dec 3, 1917 Howard S D; s Richard E; d Elizabeth; 1911-25 with Peoples State Bank, Howard S D; 1928-38 liquidating agt; 1938-39 pres Osmond State Bank; during World War enl June 1918 in US army, 58th Co 164th depot brigade, Camp Funston Kas, disch Dec 4, 1918; Amer Leg; Kiwanis; AF&AM; Congl Ch; Indep; hobbies, fishing, hunting, golf; off Osmond; res 1213 Koenigstein, Norfolk.

   ALDEN, HARRY C: Clergyman; b Haverhill, Mass May 2, 1890; s of Oscar F D Alden-Mary Webb Woodbury; ed Westbrook, Me; Colo St Tchrs Coll 1923-26 Greeley, Colo; St John's Seminary, Greeley Colo, BA 1926; m Alice Pry July 31, 1928 Omaha; s John David; d Elizabeth Anne; 1926 deacon in chg St Martin's, South Omaha; 1926-29 rector, Ch of the Good Shepherd, Omaha; 1929-30 priest in chg missionary work, Kingman Kas; 1930-36 priest in chg missionary work, Concordia Kas; 1936 rector Trinity Episc Ch, Norfolk; AF&AM; RAM; R&SM; KT; Kiwanis; BSA coun; Rep; hobby, marionettes; res 111 S 9th, Norfolk.

   ASHTON, JOHN: Retired; b Tazewell Co, Ill Oct 17, 1871; s of William J Ashburn-Jane Dane; ed Cuming Co; m Maude Rounds July 7, 1894 Tilden: s Clifford L, Jack Wesley; d May (dec 1922); 1887 came to Tilden; 1887-93 worked on farms; 1894 did house moving; 1895-98 with Edwards & Dilts, contrs; 1898-1920 with John Ashburn, gen contr; 1920-34 road builder & contr in Madison & Antelope Cos; 1934- ret; 5 years Antelope Co supvr; mbr city coun 12 years; mbr vol fire dept 20 years; BPOE; MWA; IOOF; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Tilden.

   ASMUS, FRITZ C: Business Manager; b Norfolk, Neb Sept 30, 1885; s of Carl Asmus-Louise Koch; ed Norfolk; Norfolk Bus Coll 1903; m May E Johnson Jan 1, 1913 Norfolk; s Gene E; 1903-06 with Citizens Natl Bank, Norfolk; 1906-13 with Norfolk Natl Bank; 1913- bus mgr Norfolk ally News; C of C; Rotary; dir MCA; AF&AM; Country Club; Episc Ch, treas; Rep; hobby, golf: off Norfolk Daily News; res 1104 Norfolk Ave, Norfolk.

   BAER, CHARLES H: Veterinarian; b Furnas Co, Neb Dec 14, 1883; s of Daniel S Baer-Fannie A Hoylman; ed Wilsonville; Kansas City Veterinary Coll, Kansas City Mo, DVS 1911; m Georgia Matthews Nov 11, 1914 Stanton; 1900-08 farmed in Furnas Co; 1911- prac veterinary med in Norfolk; C of C; 1936- mbr city coun; IOOF; Neb St Veterinary Med Assn; Bapt Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; off 805 East Braasch Ave; res 301 East Braasch Ave, Norfolk.

   BARR, CHARLES CECIL: Physician & Surgeon; b Akron, Ia July 12, 1884; s of David Barr-Sarah Wilson; ed Sioux City Ia HS 1902; Sioux City Coll of Med, MD 1907; Theta Kappa Psi; m Rosa Belle Long May 15, 1908 Dakota City; s Robert Earl, Carl Cecil; d Gwendolyn (Mrs P H French), Dorothy (Mrs Ernest Johnson), Ruth (Mrs George Gietzen); 1907- prac in Tilden; Comml Club; FACS; past pres Elkhorn Valley Med Soc; Madison-Six Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; AF&AM; Scot Rite, 32o; IOOF; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, photography; res Tilden.

   BARRY, AUGUSTUS CHARLES: Physician & Surgeon; b Maywood, Neb Sept 9, 1887; s of A C Barry-Lydia Baker; ed Bellevue Coll, BSc 1911; U of N, MD 1915; Phi Rho Sigma; m Greta McClow Sept 29, 1924 Council Bluffs Ia; s Donald, Douglas; d Virginia, Janet; 1916-17 prac med, Tilden; 1919-37 with Drs Campbell & Baker, Norfolk; 1937- with Drs Pollock & Farmer at Campbell Clinic, Norfolk; attending surg Luth & Our Lady of Lourdes Hosps, Norfolk; during World War 1917-19 in US army med service 1st army corps lt, O/S June 1918 to Feb 1919 in evacuation hosp 5; Amer Leg; VFW; Madison-Six Co Med Soc, past pres; Neb St Med Assn; fellow AMA; 1921- YMCA dir; 1929- BSA coun; 1932- mbr sch bd; past pres Kiwanis; father pioneer rancher in Frontier Co; hobby, wild flowers; off 1109 Norfolk Ave; res 211 N 9th, Norfolk.

   BENNING, GOTTLIEB C: Bank Cashier; b Effingham, Ill Apr 21, 1883; s of John G Benning-Anna Sponsel; ed Norfolk HS; Norfolk Coll of Bus; m Margaret F Strope June 5, 1925 Yankton S D; s Donald C; d Dorothy M (Mrs William Crane Jr); d Eleanor (Mrs Marvin Hicks); 1904-06 asst cash Meadow Grove State Bank; 1906-15 cash, Battle Creek Valley Bank; 1915-16 rancher in Mont; 1916-21 cash, Monowi State Bank, 1921-25 cash, Battle Creek Valley Bank; 1927-37 secy & treas Norfolk Livestock Sales Co; 1937- cash, Bank of Madison; Madison Comm Club; treas Rotary; Luth Ch; res 909 Norfolk Ave, Norfolk.

   BERG, HOWARD G: Auto Dealer; b Omaha, Neb Sept 15, 1888; s of A W Berg-Amelia Granter; ed South Omaha HS; U of N, BSc 1911; m Irene Strickler Aug 6, 1919 Omaha; s George; 1912-13 with Neb Power Co, Omaha; 1913-16 with city engineering dept, Omaha; 1916-18 with Johns Manville Co; 1918-20 with Westinghouse Lamp Co; 1920-22 with Willard Storage Battery Co; 1922- owner & opr Dodge Agcy; Neb Auto Dlrs Assn; past dir C of C; Kiwanis; AF&AM; hobby, hunting; res 612 S 8th, Norfolk.

   BERGE, MELVIN P: Funeral Director; b Dell Rapids, S D; s of Iver Berge-Berthine Nelson; ed Dell Rapids S D; m Mary Nova Johanson June 15, 1927 Dell Rapids S D; s Melvin Jo; d Liala Phyllis; 1917-23 with H J Hermanson, Dell Rapids S D; 1923-27 with Fred D Wolt, Norfolk; 1927-38 ptr Wolt-Berge Funeral Home; 1938- ptr Berge-Swoboda Funeral Home; C of C; past master AF&AM, RAM; OES; Kiwanis; treas Sons of Hermann; banker MWA; BPOE; Country Club; past treas Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off 1203 Norfolk Ave; res 1309 Park Ave, Norfolk.

   BETZOLD, ALFRED JOSEPH: Merchant; b St Cloud, Minn Jan 17, 1891; s of John Betzold-Emma Steckling; ed St Cloud Minn; m Vera M Dueber June 15, 1915 St Cloud Minn; d Renee, Mary Anne; 1912-17 with E A Barthelemy Co, St Cloud Minn; 1917-20 with Myers-Shepley Clothing Co, Ritzville Wash; 1920-26 mgr J C Penney Co, Ritzville Wash; 1926-29 mgr J C Penney Co, Caribou Me; 1929- mgr J C Penney Co, Norfolk; 1936 pres Norfolk Athletic Assn, 1937-38 VP: past dir & past pres C of C; dir Kiwanis; YMCA; KC; Cath Ch, trustee; Rep: hobby, travel; off J C Penney Co; res 213 N 10th, Norfolk.

   BLACKMAN, SAMUEL C: Publisher; b Warrensville, Ill Sept 26, 1867; s of Francis Wilson Blackman-Clarissa Warne; ed Geneva Ill HS; Wheaton Ill Coll; m Grace Lockwood Nov 10, 1892 Newton Ia (dec 1912); m Edith Cunningham June 19, 1919 Council Bluffs Ia; s Lloyd C, Leslie F, Francis E; d Lucille (Mrs L A Olson); sch tchr until 1896; first register of deeds in Madison Co; 1896-98 editor & publisher Westside Ia Journal; 1898-1905 P M, Westside Ia; 1906-17 editor & publisher Madison Chronicle; 1917- editor & publisher Tilden Citizen; 1931 mbr Neb legislature; past mbr sch bd Tilden, Madison & Westside Ia; mbr Tilden park bd; NPA; secy 10 years Madison Co Agrl Assn; Comm Club; Royal Highlanders; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Tilden,

   BLAKEMAN, F CLARE: Wholesale Merchant; b Norfolk, Neb May 18, 1897; s of William Henry Blakeman-Emma Eugene Broad; ed Norfolk HS 1918; m LaVona Rouse May 18, 1928 Norfolk; s Roger William; 1922-30 secy, treas Blakeman Transportation Lines Inc; 1930-33 owner Blakeman Transportation Lines; 1933- distributor for Storz Brewing Co; during World War in US army 47th coast arty corps in San Francisco Cal, May-Nov 1918; Amer Leg; C of C; Kiwanis; BPOE; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, aviation; off 304 S 7th; res 313 N 11th, Norfolk.

   BOSSARD, ARTHUR ULRICH: Merchant; b Antelope Co, Neb Feb 28, 1904; s of John G Bossard-Elizabeth Marie Whittwer; ed Pierce CO: m Amelia Behmer Mar 20, 1925 Yankton. S D; s Arthur, Raymond, Alfred; d Normajean; 1926-38 with Joyce Lbr Co, Norfolk; 1938- mgr Fullerton Lbr Co, Norfolk; C of C; Lions; St Paul Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, travel & hunting; off 313 N 4th; res 600 N Pine, Norfolk.

   BOYSEN, ALFRED R: Hardware Merchant; b Madison, Neb Dec 10, 1901; s of Richard Boysen-Alvina Christensen; ed Madison HS; U of N 1922-23; m Helen V Samsel Dec 13, 1923 Beatrice; s Richard Alfred; d Betty Ann; 1923-27 with Abel Construction Co, Lincoln; 1927-31 ptr of


in Nebraska


father in hdw & contracting bus, Madison; 1931- owner R A Boysen & Son Hdw; 1936- mayor of Madison; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; mbr vol fire dept; during World War in U of N ROTC; Madison Co Agrl Assn; past master AF&AM 113; BPOE; Royal Highlanders; UCT; Comm Club; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Madison.

   BRECHLER, MRS NELDA HANS: Grocer; b Norfolk, Neb Apr 5, 1883; d of Ernest F Hans-Mathilda Nenow; ed Battle Creek HS; specialized in music; m George Brechler Oct 18, 1929 Battle Creek (dec 1932); 1905-25 music tchr, Battle Creek, Meadow Grove & Tilden; 1935- owner Brechler Groc; Comm Club; Luth Ch; Dem; hobby, music; father in merc bus 42 years in Battle Creek, mother came with Wis colony to Madison Co 1866; res Battle Creek.

   BREIDERT, MRS GLADYS HOMAN: County Superintendent of Schools; b Newman Grove, Neb Mar 2, 1905; d of Bert Homan-Anna Peterson; ed Newman Grove HS 1922; U of N; WSTC; m Raymond E Homan Nov 21, 1938 Madison; 1922 began teaching in rural schs; taught in Boone Co 4 years & Howard Co 2 years, 1934- Madison Co supt of schs; secy Neb St Assn of. Co Supts; pres B&PW; SS tchr Meth Ch, past SS supt; hobby, fishing; res Madison.

   BRIDGE, CHARLES A: Miller; b Norfolk, Neb Sept 3, 1891; s of Charles S Bridge-Mellie Birchard; ed Culver Mil Acad, Culver Ind 1911; U of N, 1912-13; Phi Gamma Delta; m Mabel Odiorne Apr 26, 1916 Norfolk; s Donald O, Robert, J William; d Charlotte; 1915- with Norfolk Cereal Mills, 1929- pres; C of C; BPOE; AF&AM; Country Club; Congl Ch; Rep; res Norfolk.

   BRIGGS, GLENN AUSTIN: County Clerk; b Wisner, Neb Oct 20, 1893; s of Robert N Briggs-Myra Graves; ed Norfolk HS; Norfolk Bus Coll; La Salle Extn U, Chicago; m Lillian M Miller Sept 3, 1918 Lincoln; d Geraldine M; 1913-15 clk, Leik & Mayhew Store, Norfolk; 1915-17 collector & dist area mgr Neb Tele Co, Norfolk & Gregory SD; 1917-18 in groc bus, Norfolk, ptr of J J Leik; 1920-22 sect for William Chambers, tax consultant, Norfolk; 1923-27 recording & shipping clk, Norfolk Canning Co; 1927-34 city clk; 1934- Madison Co clk; during World War 1918-19 in US army Camp Dodge Ia, camp personnel detachment batt, sgt maj; Amer Leg; NE Neb Co Ofcrs Assn, pres; Madison Conlin Club; past pres vol fire dept; Dem del to state conv 1937-38, secy Madison Co Central Com 1930-32; Christ Luth Ch; hobby, gardening; off Courthouse; res 712 S 12th, Norfolk.

   BROSH, JOHN F: Manager Elevator CO; b Madison, Neb Nov 3, 1890; s of Frank J Brosh-Josephine Benes; ed Madison; m Elizabeth Vlazny Dec 3, 1912 Madison; d Alice June; 1907-08 farmed in Madison Co; 1908-38 with Loonan Lbr Co, Madison: 1939- mgr St Anthony & Dakota Elevator Co; Comm Club; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn: Presby Ch, bd mbr; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Madison.

   BROWN, JERRY A: District Manager Finance Corporation; b Dysart, Ia Feb 10, 1886; s of F G Brown-Anna Rost; ed Hartley Ia HS; m Goldie I Adkins Sept 20, 1911 Oldham S D; s Carroll A, Jerry A Jr; 1911-23 part owner & mgr Evans-Brown Lbr Co, Norfolk; 1919-25 pres Citizens Natl Bank; 1925-37 secy Norfolk Loan & Ins Agcy; 1926- dist agt Equitable Life Ins Assn; 1930- secy Central Finance Co; has farm int in Boyd, Knox & Holt Cos: Neb Assn of Personal Finance Cos; 1st pres N E Neb Life Underwriters Assn; VP 1938, Neb Life Underwriters Assn; speaker on drouth conditions, C of C; BPOE; AF&AM, RAM, past eminent comm KT; past pres Kiwanis; past pres Country Club; trustee & secy of bd Congl Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing, golf; off 417 Norfolk Ave; res 1226 Nebraska Ave, Norfolk.

   BRUCE, JERALD J: Physician & Surgeon; b Nevada, Ia Dec 23, 1895; s of William Bruce-Belle Fisk; ed Omaha HS; U of N, BSc, MD 1922; New York Polyclinic 1931; Tulane U 1936; Chicago Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Hosp 1938; Phi Chi; m Winnefred Travis Sept 5, 1923 Omaha; s Norman Fisk; 1923-27 prac med, Mullen; 1927- eye, ear, nose & throat specialist, Madison; during World War in US army, commanding ofcr 54th, 58th & 80th balloon cos, stationed Camp John Wise Tex, disch Feb 1919, 1st lt; Tri-Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Comml Club; AF&AM, Mullen; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Madison.

   BRUHN, FRED: Shoe Merchant; b Schleswig, Germany Feb 26, 1876; s of John Bruhn-Christine Engelhardt; ed Dow City Ia HS; m Marie Franz Apr 21, 1903 Cape Girardeau Mo; s John; d Marie (Mrs Bernard Ptack), Helen (Mrs Ned Lulow), Gertrude (Mrs Gerald Cunningham); 1890-97 farmed in Crawford Co Ia; 1897-1900 with Pabst Brewing Co, Denver branch; 1900-04 with Rome Miller in hotel work, Omaha; 1904-09 farmed in Knox Co; 1910-16 Studebaker dlr, Crofton; 1916- mgr & owner Norfolk Shoe Store; past dir C of C; Fedn of Neb Retailers; Grace Luth Ch, past elder & trustee; hobby, gardening; off 431 Norfolk Ave; res 511 S 8th, Norfolk.

   BRUSH, EDWARD L: Physician & Surgeon; b Ashland, Neb Dec 29, 1878; s of Hobart Brush-Caroline Johnson; ed Ashland H S 1895; U of Ia, 1899-1901; U of N, MD 1906; Phi Rho Sigma, pres in sr year; m Bertha E Stilson Dec 29, 1909 Atkinson; s John H, Edward E; 1906- gen prac of med, Norfolk: 1934- prac with Dr Salter; past city phys; past pres & chmn med advisory com Madison Co Med Soc; secy Elkhorn Valley Med Soc; past VP Neb St Med Assn, councillor 4th dist; past pres Rotary; chmn Madison Co ARC 10 years; past pres Country Club; BPOE: hobbies, fishing, hunting; res 1501 Norfolk Ave, Norfolk.

   BUCKENDORF, LOUIS H: Florist; b Norfolk, Neb Aug 21, 1891; s of Louis A Buckendorf-Johanna Stemwell; ed Norfolk HS; m Lucille M Leighton June 28, 1930 Lincoln; s Louis H Jr; 1910-19 in florist bus with father, Norfolk; 1920- owner & mgr florist shop; during World War in 15th replacement div Camp Logan, Houston Tex; FTDA; 1936- mbr bd of edn; 1914- mbr vol fire dept; C of C; treas, past noble grand IOOF; Presby Ch; hobby, electricity; off 435 Norfolk Ave; re a 300 E Norfolk Ave, Norfolk.

   BULLIS, OTTO E: Pharmacist; b Wilber, Neb July 16, 1886; s of Joseph A Bullis-Abbie C Berkley; ed Wilber HS; Creighton U. PhG 1905; m Effie Mabel Smith Jan 5, 1911 Wilber; s Maurice O, Dean S; d Marian, Donna; 1905-09 emp by H Schmidt, Omaha; 1909-22 co-ptr Beek & Bullis, drugs, Beatrice; 1922- owner W E Bullis Pharm, Norfolk; C of C; bd mbr YMCA; Kiwanis; Country Club; past master AF&AM; grand warden KT, past comm; high priest RAM; bd mbr of Plattsmouth Masonic Home; past patron OES; chmn finance com Meth Ch; Rep; res 1211 Norfolk Ave, Norfolk.

   BURKHARDT, ALLEN P: Superintendent City Schools; b Stanton, Neb Sept 16, 1900; s of Paul Oscar Burkhardt-Kate Jane Brown; ed Stanton HS 1919; Neb Wes, BA 1925; Columbia U, MA 1929; grad work 6 summers U of N; summer sch Colo St Tchrs Coll, Greeley; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Delta Kappa; m Gertrude Wells June 28, 1929 Madison; 1919-21 sch tchr, Stanton; 1922 tchr Lincoln city schs; 1925 HS tchr in Norfolk, 1926-30 asst HS prin, 1930-31 HS prin, 1931- supt of schs; visiting instr Colo St Tchrs Coll, Greeley 1 summer; Neb Schoolmasters Club; 4 years committeeman NSTA, chmn legislative com, has held all offices dist 3; past pres lib bd; past pres Kiwanis; pres & dir YMCA: AF&AM; OES; Tennis Club; Meth Ch, SS bd & ofcl bd mbr; hobbies, tennis, pub speaking; res 4091/2 Phillip Ave, Norfolk.

   BURKHARDT, OTTO W: Merchant; b Stanton, Neb July 3. 1897; s of Paul Oscar Burkhardt-Kate Jane Brown; ed Stanton HS 1913-17; LBC 1919; m Agnes Augusta Kell June 18, 1923 Stanton: d Janet; 1918-19 sch tchr, Stanton Co; 1920-21 with Natl Bank of Commerce, Lincoln; 1921-22 with Elkhorn Valley State Bank, Stanton; 1922-31 with Norfolk Natl Bank, Norfolk; 1931-36 with fed receivership dept, Hartington; 1936- owner Burkhardt's Toggery, Norfolk; during World War with SATC 1918 in Camp Kearney Cal; Amer Leg; mbr vol fire dept; C of C; AF&AM: RAM, scribe; KT, standard bearer; past patron OES; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, golf, hunting; off & res 415 Norfolk Ave, Norfolk.

   BURN, ROBERT P: Clergyman; b Chicago, Ill Apr 12, 1898; s of Benjamin Burn-Catherine Donohue: ed parochial sch in Chicago: Loyola U, DD 1920; Kenrick Seminary, St Louis 1924; ordained Davenport Ia May 31, 1924; 1924-34 asst pastor St Philomena Ch Omaha, also St Wenceslaus & St Marys; 1934- 35 pastor at St Michaels, South Sioux City; 1935-36 pastor Holy Cross Ch, Bancroft: 1936- pastor & supt of schs Sacred Heart parish, Norfolk; KC, chaplain; hobby, church work; res 1207 Norfolk Ave, Norfolk.

   BUSH, CHARLES EDWARD: Dentist; b Creighton, Neb Apr 4, 1906; s of Carl F Bush-Ethel Pearl Marty; ed Creighton HS, 1923; U of N, DDS 1931; Xi Psi Phi; m Helen Barbara Copeland July 25, 1935 Schuyler; d Patricia Ann; 1931- dentist, Tilden; Comml Club; Neb St Dental Assn: AF&AM; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Tilden.



Who's Who

   BUTTERFIELD, MRS ALICE DOE: Librarian; b Portland, Me; d of Alonzo Plummer Doe-Julia M Bryant; ed St Katherine Hall, Davenport Ia; Wellesley; Columbia U; m George Dayton Oct 5, 1897 Davenport Ia (dec 1929); s William H; d Edith D; 1908- secy & treas Norfolk pub lib, 1929- reference librarian; during World War was chief of soldiers relief in Madison Co; 1925-26 state regent DAR; hobby, family; off Norfolk Pub Lib; res 1101 Norfolk Ave, Norfolk.

   BUTTERWORTH, MRS MAYRE E: Secretary of Credit Bureau; b Council Bluffs, Ia Oct 30, 1892; d of Anderson Bowling-Winifred Shropshire; ed Denison Ia: Denison Normal & Bus Coll 1911; Morningside Coll, Sioux City Ia 1917; m Nelson Butterworth June 24, 1918 Denison Ia; s Nelson St Clair; 1929-32 with Miller Whol, Sioux City Ia; 1932- secy, Credit Bur, Norfolk; Neb Retail Credit Assn, first woman pres; Assoc Credit Burs of Neb, pres 1934, secy-treas 1934-39; city hostess of Norfolk; C of C; B&PW, ednl chmn; pres, Credit Women's Club; OES; Meth Ch: Rep; hobby, association work; off Koenigstein Bldg; res 501 N 12th, Norfolk.

   CARBERRY, PATRICK E: Seed Merchant; b Norfolk, Neb Oct 12, 1886; s of Patrick H Carberry- Margaret Dudley; ed Madison Co; Creighton U 1905-06; m Lenora Harriet Stirk Sept 25, 1912 Norfolk; s Patrick William, John Howard, Joseph Maurice; d Nancy Jane, Elizabeth Jean; 1908-12 owner cigar & news stand; 1912-13 ptr in employment agcy, Sioux City Ia; 1913- owner whol & retail seed bus, Norfolk; past dir C of C; past mbr Lions; past lecturing knight BPOE; past grand knight KC; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, travel; off 109 N 4th; res 400 S 10th, Norfolk.

   CARRICK, FRANK ELIJAH: Water Commissioner; b Guthrie Co, Ia May 9, 1879; s of William Carrick-Jennie Lynn Sutton; ed Cedar Co & Norfolk; m Catherine Bridgett McKeever Sept 17, 1900 Madison; s Clarence Frances, Rholand Delmar, Burt Raymond; d Alice Eliner; 1902-11 with Bullock Pub Service Co, Norfolk; 1911-14 in off of water commr, Norfolk; 1914-19 with Neb Gas & Electric Co; 1919- water commr; IOOF; Bapt Ch; Dem; hobby, fishing; off 111 S First; res 501 S First, Norfolk.

   CARSON, HOMER LLOYD: Manager Power Company: b Logan, Ia Oct 3, 1899; s of Christopher M Carson-Ella Hardy; ed Logan Ia HS 1918: U of Ia, 1919-20; m Ruth Hook Nov 21, 1922 Papillion; s John William, Richard Charles; d Catherine; 1923-25 with Ia-Neb Light & Power Co at Bedford Ia, 1925 with company offs in Shenandoah Ia, 1925-27 local supt at Corning Ia, 1927-28 dist supt at Clarinda Ia, 1929-30 dist supt at Red Oak Ia, 1930-33 mgr at Avoca Ia, 1933- mgr, Norfolk; during World War in SATC U of Ia; C of C; YMCA; BPOE; AF&AM; pres Rotary; Amer Leg; Country Club; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, golf, fishing; off 132 S 4th; res 306 S 13th, Norfolk.

   CARTER, J ROY: Mayor; b Howard Co, Ind Oct 6, 1881; s of Austin L Carter-Mina Geiger; ed, Norfolk HS 1897; U of N. 1898; U of Minn, PhC 1900; Beta Theta Pi: m Mary Louise Plath Aug 8, 1906 Columbus; s Maurice A, Robert E (dec 1902); 1906-08 owner McClintock & Carter Drug Store, Columbus; 1908-15 farmed in Madison Co; 1915-35 owner & mgr Carter Drug Store, Norfolk; 1935 mayor; C of C; VP League of Neb Municipalities; pres Western League Professional Baseball Clubs; C of C; AF&AM, York & Scot Rites, Tangier Shrine; past exalted ruler BPOE; Congl Ch: Rep; hobby, baseball; res 1109 Madison Ave, Norfolk.

   CHAMBERS, WILLARD: Clergyman; b Milwaukee, Wis Apr 30, 1877: s of John Maunsel Chambers-Maria J Bank; ed Omaha Central HS; Omaha U; Presby Seminary of Omaha, ordained 1933; 1900-16 with First Natl Bank of Omaha; 1918-29 with Midwest Life Ins Co; 1933-35 pastor, Lefler Memorial Meth Ch, Omaha; 1935-37 with Dietz Memorial Ch, Omaha; 1937- pastor, Newman Grove Meth Ch; AF&AM, master; Rep; hobby, travel, visited Europe 1926; res Newman Grove.

   CHARLTON, GEORGE EDWIN: Psychiatrist & Superintendent of State Hospital; b Fillmore Co, Neb Sept 18, 1882; s of Charles Charlton-Watie Sanford Thurlow; ed Bruning; Lincoln HS 1899; Cotner Coll, Bethany 1902; Lincoln Acad 1903; Lincoln Med Coll, MD 1907; Alpha Kappa Kappa; m Harriett Cory Apr 18, 1904 Lincoln; s George Paul: d Edna Virginia (Mrs Kenneth Loder); 1907-13 gen prac, Moorefield; 1913-16 staff phys, Hastings State Hosp; 1916-30, 1933- supt Norfolk State Hosp; 1930-33 supt Hastings State Hosp; Madison Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Amer Psychiatric Assn; C of C; dir YMCA; ch mbr Rotary; Country Club; Lincoln Uni Club; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o; Episc Ch, vestryman; hobbies, hunting, fishing; father farmer & pioneer of Neb; off & res Norfolk State Hosp, Norfolk.

   CHRISTENSEN, ANTON GEORGE: Grocer; b Platte Co, Neb Sept 5, 1891; s of Martin Christensen-Anna Jensen; ed Platte Co; m Annie Johnson Dec 27, 1917 Newman Grove; s Glenn, Gale; 1914-31 farmed in Platte Co; 1931-35 ptr of Fred Benson & August Larson in well bus, Newman Grove; 1936- owner & mgr groc store, Madison; pres park bd; moderator sch bd dist 64; treas Joliet twp 2 terms; C of C; Luth Ch, past treas; hobby, baseball; res Newman Grove.

   CHRISTENSON, J ALVIN: Insurance Agent; b Craig, Neb July 27, 1887; s of Andrew Christenson-Bingta Johnson: ed Burt Co; WSTC 1908-11; PSTC 1911-13; U of N, BA 1918; Columbia U, MA 1929; Phi Delta Kappa; m Daughin Willodene Aug 18, 1928 Chicago; s Donald Ervine, Maynard Glasgow; d Althadene; 1918-23 sch tchr, Tilden; 1923-25 tchr, Havelock; 1925-36 tchr, Superior; 1936- agt for John Hancock Mutual Life Ins Co; pres N E Neb Life Underwriters Assn; C of C; AF&AM, RAM; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, gardening; off & res 1206 Koenigstein Ave, Norfolk.

   CONLEY, FRANK D: Postmaster; b Carroll, Ia Nov 7, 1892; s of Peter Conley-Ellen Duffy; ed St Joseph HS Carroll Ia; m Jessie M Gilland, Omaha; learned printing trade, Carroll Ia; 1916-36 owner & publisher Star Mail; 1936- P M; during World War served in advance hdqrs, disch New York City July 1, 1919, O/S 22 mos; Amer Leg; Comm Club; NPA; Rotary; Cath Ch; Dem; res Madison.

   COOPER, MRS BERTHA: City Treasurer; b Winterset, Ia Sept 6, 1881; d of George G Brown-Ellen Lackey; ed Neligh HS 1897; m James Floyd Cooper Aug 6, 1903 Oakdale; s Gordon L, Franklin G; 1917- 19 with McGinnis Hdw Co, Norfolk; 1919-23 dep city treas; 1923- city treas; player in Avery Orchestra 16 years, Norfolk; Rebekah; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, music; res 114 Park Ave, Norfolk.

   CROOK, W S: Secretary & Treasurer Credit Bureau; b Dodgeville, Wis Nov 7, 1866; s of John Crook-Jennie Maitland; ed Madison Co; m Grace Muffly Dec 20, 1891 Meadow Grove; s Ralph Edward, John Muffly; d Ruth Ann; came to Neb in 1872; 1892-1914 farmed in Madison Co; 1914-18 & 1923-24 Madison Co commr; 1934- secy-treas Meadow Grove Co-op Credit Assn, Meadow Grove; Business Mens Club; Meth Ch; Rep; res Meadow Grove.

   DARLING, FRANK T: Florist; b Crete, Neb Apr 8, 1884; s of Tyler M Darling-Mary E Bacon; ed Crete HS 1902; m Emma A Ahnemann Sept 1, 1910 Rochester Minn; 1908-16 with John H Shary Land & Investment Co, Omaha; 1916-20 with Omaha Daily News & Alfalfa Butter Co, Omaha & Sioux City Ia; 1920 with Arctic & Fairmont Creamery Cos, Sioux City Ia; 1921-25 with Graham Ice Cream Co, Omaha & Norfolk; 1925- owner Norfolk Floral Co; 1934 pres Neb St Florists Soc; UCT; TPA; 1934 pres C of C; Kiwanis; AF&AM; RAM; past comm KT; OES; past exalted ruler BPOE; IOOF; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off & res 417 Madison Ave, Norfolk.

   DAVIS, GLENN: President of Loan & Insurance Agency; b Bassett, Neb Nov 2, 1905; s of Pearl Henry Davis-Cora Nancy Berry; ed Norfolk HS 1924; U of N, BSc 1928, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; m Marjorie M Bisbee Oct 26, 1932 Norfolk; s Robert G; 1928- with Norfolk Loan & Ins Agcy, 1935- pres; VP Central Finance Corp; secy Norfolk Development Co; Neb Assn of Ins Agts; dir & VP C of C; past pres Rotary; BPOE; Congl Ch; Dem; hobby, tennis; father Norfolk pioneer & formerly with Norfolk Loan & Ins Agcy; off 417 Norfolk Ave; res 1106 Koenigstein Ave, Norfolk.

   DELAY, JEROME J: Bank President; b Monticello, Ia Oct 11, 1883; s of Robert F DeLay-Tobiatha Scott; ed Dixon HS 1900; Omaha U, 1902-03; WSTC, 1904-05; m Margaret A Ruddy Oct 7, 1907 Omaha; s Harold Joseph, Bernard Michael, John Francis, Jerome J, Eugene Emmett, Paul Ruddy; 1907-12 with Corn Exchange Natl Bank, Omaha; 1912-17 with S D state banking dept, Hudson S D; 1917-30 bank pres, Beresford S D; 1930- pres DeLay Natl Bank, Norfolk; pres Bank of Madison; pres Wakefield Natl Bank; pres First Natl Bank, Beresford S D; pres Bank of Elgin; C of C; BPOE; Lions; KC; Cath Ch; Rep: off 401 Norfolk Ave; res Hotel Norfolk, Norfolk.


in Nebraska


   DEUTSCH, FREDERICK M: Attorney; b Talmage, Neb Sept 4, 1898, s of Frederick Deutsch-Mary E Moran; ed Hastings HS 1916; U of N, LLB 1921; Sigma Chi; m Catherine Lawlor July 28, 1938 Lincoln; 1921-23 in law prac, David City: 1923- law prac, Norfolk; 1918 with USN res force; Amer Leg; past pres C of C; 9th Judicial Dist, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; past exalted ruler BPOE, dist dep; Country Club; KC; Cath Ch; Dem vice-chmn State Central Com; off Macy Bldg; res Commodore Apts, Norfolk.

   DEVINE, JOHN CARTMEL: Dentist; b Maysville, Ky Nov 27, 1895; s of Frank L Devine-Mary Altemeyer; ed Maysville Ky HS 1912; Ohio Coll of Dental Surgery, Cincinnati, DDS 1915; m Ruth E Sherbalm Sept 16, 1918 Omaha; s Francis S; d Mary E: 1914-16 prac with Dr J C Soukup; 1916-17 dental prac, Orchard; 1917 dental prac, Randolph; 1919-20 prac in Omaha; 1920-24 staff mbr, Sacred Heart Hosp, Lynch; 1924-35 prac, Grand Island; 1935- prac, Norfolk; during World War enl DORC June 1917 Camp Bowie Tex, disch Dec 19, 1918 as 1st lt; 1923 commanding capt, 1926 pres Central Neb ROA; org first conf sch in Hall Co; an org Douglas Co post 1, Amer Leg, org posts at Lynch, Bristow & Butte; del from Omaha to first state conv; C of C; past mbr BPOE; past grand knight KC, del to supreme conv 1928; Cath Ch; hobbies, reading, fishing: off 429 Norfolk Ave; res 507 Park Ave, Norfolk.

   DITTRICK, GEORGE WILLIAM: Attorney; b Meadow Grove, Neb July 16, 1907; s of William Dittrick-Anna Weiser; ed Battle Creek HS 1926; Trinity Coll, Sioux City Ia 1927-28; Creighton U, LLB 1931; Gamma Eta Gamma; m Leona M Sprague July 14, 1936 Norfolk; d Yvonne Marie; 1931- prac, Norfolk: 1935-38 Madison Co atty; 9th Judicial Dist & Neb St Bar Assns; C of C; BPOE, esteemed lecturing knight; KC, past grand knight; Country Club; Cath Ch; Dem: hobbies, fishing, golf; off Koenigstein Bldg; res 213 N 11th, Norfolk.

   DOUGLAS, WILLIAM L: Mail Carrier; b Clarks, Neb May 14, 1892; s of William Douglas-Mary McCarthy; ed Clarks HS; m Florence Hunscote Fullerton June 16, 1915 Clarks: 1912-19 oprd motion picture theater, Clarks; 1919-20 oprd Douglas Theater, Newman Grove; 1920- RFD mail carrier; Neb Rural Letter Carriers Assn; Comm Club; Cath Ch; Indep; hobbies, golf, hunting; res Newman Grove.

   DUDLEY, DARREL D: Vice President Laundry Co; b Norfolk, Neb Nov 27, 1901; s of George M Dudley-Hattie L Boeck; ed Norfolk HS 1921: U of N 1921-24; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; m Joanna Roberts Sept 24, 1924 Norfolk; s George Robert, Darrel Douglas; 1925-26 mgr Columbus Laundry Co, Columbus; 1924- VP, secy-treas Dudley Laundry Co, Norfolk; Amer Inst of Laundering: Natl Assoc of Dyers & Cleaners; past dir C of C; pres Kiwanis; AF &AM; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; off 116 N 3rd; res 1408 Koenigstein Ave, Norfolk.

   DUDLEY, GEORGE M: President Laundry Co; b LaPorte, Ind Feb 17. 1873; s of George E Dudley-Mary Anna Ruinolds; ed Norfolk HS; m Hattie L Boeck Mar 6 1900 Norfolk; s Darrel D; d Bonita C (Mrs Frank R Denton); 1900-02 with Swift & Co, Omaha; 1902-16 in transfer bus, Norfolk; 1916- pres Dudley Laundry Co; C of C; past pres Rotary; YMCA; Trinity Episc Ch; Rep; hobby, autos; off 116-118 N 3rd; res 110 S 11th, Norfolk.

   DURLAND, CHARLES ALSOP: Secretary & Treasurer Building & Loan Association; b Norfolk, Neb Nov 15, 1890; s of Charles B Durland-Lillian Mapes; ed Norfolk HS 1910; U of Wash, 1911-12; m Dorothy Salter Oct 5, 1916 Norfolk; s Charles A Jr, Peter Robert; d Margaret, Barbara; 1912- with Norfolk B & L Assn, Norfolk, 1921- secy-treas: past mbr sch bd; Neb League of Savings & Loan Assns; C of C; BPOE; IOOF; Country Club; Congl Ch; Dem; hobby, golf; off 217 Norfolk Ave; res 107 N 13th, Norfolk.

   EAGAN, JOHN C: Physician & Surgeon; b Dell Rapids, S D Mar 7, 1911; s of John B Eagan-Margaret Meier; ed Dell Rapids HS; Creighton U, BSc 1932, MD 1934; Phi Chi: Alpha Sigma Nu; m Angela Cunningham July 6, 1935 Omaha; 1933-34 interne Douglas Co Hosp; 1934-35 interne St Joseph Hosp, Omaha; 1935-prac med, Madison; city phys; phys Madison Co insanity commission; Madison Six- Co & Elkhorn Valley Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; Comm Club; Norfolk Country Club; hobby, golf; res Madison.

   EICHELBERGER, WILLIAM O: Lumber & Coal Dealer; b Western Star, O Mar 7, 1880; s of Aaron Eichelberger-Rebecca Faesig; ed Marquette HS 1897; York Coll 1899-1900; m Edna M Browne Dec 22, 1903 Giltner; 1901 in lbr bus, Aurora: 1901-04 in lbr bus, Giltner; 1904-18 in lbr bus, Marquette; 1918- in lbr & coal bus, Norfolk; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; C of C; past pres Rotary: AF&AM; KT; YMCA; U B Ch; Rep; hobby, music; off 108 S 2nd; res 109 N 12th, Norfolk.

   EVANS, FRED ELLSWORTH: Druggist; b Niles, O Oct 13, 1872; s of Thomas E Evans-Mary Williams; ed David City; m Ada O Ware June 1904 Stanton; s Robert Ellsworth: d Dorothy B; 1905- owner drug store, Meadow Grove; Business Men's Club; AF&AM; past mbr IOOF; Indep; hobby, golf; res Meadow Grove.

   EWING, SAMUEL ELMER: Pharmacist; b Chariton, Ia Aug 1, 1879; s of John Ewing-Rachel Evans; ed Cedar Rapids HS; Creighton U, PhG 1905; m Leila Graham July 14, 1909 Creston; s Eugene Graham, Ben Edward, d Helen Ramona (Mrs R M Kiesselbach), Margaret Virginia; 1905-07 with W R Bennett Co & Brandeis Stores, Omaha; 1907-18 owner & mgr drug store, Creston; 1918-24 cash Farmers State Bank, Creston; 1925-26 owner & mgr drug store, Valley; 1926-27 & 1930-34 special agt Neb state banking dept; 1929-30 cash State Bank of Madison; 1935- owner & mgr drug store, Madison; pres Comm Club; past mbr state bd of pharm examiners; N E Neb Druggists Assn; Neb Pharm Assn; AF&AM, Valley; RAM, Columbus; hobby, golf; res Madison.

   FARNER, BENHARD R: Physician & Surgeon; b Stuart, Neb Feb 9, 1901; s of S R Farner-Louise Neiter; ed Stuart HS;. U of N, MD 1925; NY Polyclinic 1933; Phi Beta Phi; m Hazel Bailey Oct 1, 1928 Madison; s Richard Bruce; 1925-26 interne Providence Hosp, Detroit; 1926-28 with Dr A G Rasch, Ainsworth; 1928- with Campbell Clinic Norfolk; staff surg Luth Hasp & Our Lady of Lourdes Hosp; Madison-Six Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; C of C; Kiwanis; dir Country Club; Congl Ch; hobby, golf; off 1109 Norfolk Ave; res 1619 Koenigstein Ave, Norfolk.

   FELGER, ARTHUR H: Insurance Agent; b South Wayne, Wis Apr 16, 1893; s of Jacob Felger-Sophia Kempke; ed Norfolk HS 1911; m Emma Leu June 14, 1916 Stanton; d Dorothy June, Donna Maxine; 1911-25 with Citizens Natl Bank, Norfolk; Neb Assn of Ins Agts; C of C; Grace English Luth Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off 0119 S 4th; res 213 Cottonwood, Norfolk.

   FIELD, WILLIAM H: Florist; b England Sept 10, 1863; s of Benjamin Field-Maria Phillips; ed England: pharm course in England & New York City; adm to prac in Neb 1889; 1886-92 worked in Omaha drug stores; 1892-1903 opr & owner of drug store, Tilden; 1903-24 Madison Co clk of dist court; 1925 owner & opr of greenhouse in Madison; 1916-18, 1928-36 mayor Neb St Florists Soc; mbr since 1889 Neb Pharm Assn; past master AF&AM, mbr 45 years; IOOF; Comm Club; hobby, fishing; res Madison.

   FLEMING, CARL J: Pharmacist; b St Paul, Neb Mar 30, 1883; s of James C Fleming-Fannie Phillips; ed St Paul HS 1899; U of N, BSc 1902; became lic pharm 1904; m Ethelyn West Sept 4, 1907 San Bernardino Cal; s James C Jr, William Morris, Eugene Wesley; 1902-04 with E L Wilson, St Paul; 1904-06 with Shuback Drug Co, Columbus; 1906 ent bus in Belden, sold in 1907; 1907-08 lived in Portland Ore; 1908- owner & opr drug store, Norfolk; mbr sch bd 14 years; bd mbr YMCA 20 years; C of C; first pres Kiwanis; BPOE; Country Club; AF&AM, KT; Congl Ch; Rep; 1202 Norfolk Ave, Norfolk.

   FOSTER, MARION B: Attorney; b Wauzeka, Wis Apr 7, 1866; s of Amos B Foster-Cordelia Mumford; ed Warren Ill; Northwestern Coll, Naperville Ill; m Phoebe Susan Wills May 4, 1898 Madison; d Jane (Mrs Walter Tallquist); 1886, came from Ill to Neb; 1891-92 with Wigton & Whitham; read law in Wigton & Whitham law off, Norfolk; adm to Neb bar 1891, Norfolk; 1892-93 with John S Robinson, Madison; 1892 city atty, Norfolk; 1894-98 Madison Co judge; 1899- law prac, Madison; past pres sch bd; Comm Club; past pres 9th Judicial Dist Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; Presby; hobby, fishing; res Madison.

   FRASER, CHARLES: Insurance Agent; b Philadelphia, Penn Nov 13, 1874; s of Anthony R Fraser-Amelia Shirk; ed Madison HS; m Verbia Cleveland Mar 30, 1917 Madison; s James R; 1891-1904 helper Omaha Elevator Co, Madison; 1904-10 farmer, Madison Co; 1910- in gen ins & real est bus, Madison; Neb Real Est Assn; 1934-


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