Saline County, Nebraska


Transcribed by Fred Dethlefsen

From the WHO'S WHO in NEBRASKA, published by Nebraska Press Association. Lincoln, Nebraska 1940.

Many thanks to Mr. Alan Beermann, Executive Director of the Nebraska Press Association and American Press Advertising service for permission to transcribe this wonderful piece of Wayne county history for all to enjoy.

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   			Robert R. Hastings
SALINE COUNTY was created by act of the first 
Nebraska Territorial legislature, which convened Jan.16,
1855.Permanent organization was effected in 1867, the 
year Nebraska became a state.  Saline County received 
its name from the impression held by pioneers that there 
were great salt deposits within the county.  This, 
however, proved false. Immigration into Saline County 
began in the early sixties. The first election was held 
in 1862, at which time three commissioners, a county 
clerk, a county treasurer, a sheriff, a county judge and 
a surveyor were chosen.

Early settlements for the most part were on the 
eastern boundary of the county along the banks of the 
Blue river and this part of the county was settled by a 
sturdy band of Czech immigrants, whose descendants in 
many instances still reside on the original homesteads.  
Four miles south of Crete stands a fitting monument to 
these early Czech homesteaders.  Many other groups were 
attracted by the prospect of cheap land and also came to 
Saline County.

The Burlington and Missouri River railroad, now the 
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, was the first build into 
the county.  This company received land grant from congress 
and proceeded to build west of Lincoln to Kearney. The 
railroad was ompleted to Crete on June 12, 1871, to 
Dorchester on July 4, and later in the month reached 
Friend. This railroad took care of the transportation 
needs of the northern part of the county. Seeing the 
desirability of building a branch line down the Blue river 
from Crete to Wymore, the Omaha and Southwestern railroad 
company, subsidiary of the Burlington, completed a line 
from Crete to Beatrice on Dec. 22, 1871. Settlements were 
made later the southern end of the county and in 1884 the 
Nebraska and Colorado railroad, another Burlington 
subsidiary constructed a road from DeWitt to Tobias. This 
line was completed to Holdrege in 1886. In 1887 the Kansas 
City and Omaha laid trackage from Fairmont to the junction 
south of Fairbury; this cut the southwest corner of the 
county and gave Tobias both an east-west, and north-south 
line. All this track is now owned by the Chicago, 
Burlington and Quincy.

In November, 1888, the Missouri Pacific railroad 
company completed a branch line from Auburn to Crete,which 
provided transportation facilities for a large agricultural 
section of the state not previously served with a railroad.  
The Missouri Pacific received a $35,000 grant from Crete 
for building this line into the city. In  In that bond 
election, held June 18, 1887, the vote was 388 in favor 
of the bonds and twelve opposed.

Colonel Thomas Doane, first superintendent of the 
Burlington railroad, left his name permanently in the 
history of Nebraska, when, as a result of his interest 
in the at college at Crete, the school was named Doane 
College.  In 1871 the city of Crete made an offer to the 
Congregational church which resulted in the establishment 
of the college there. The offer included a frame building 
valued at $4,000 the block on which it was located,eighty 
acres of land donated by the Burlington railroad, fifty 
town lots in Crete, and cash subscriptions of $3,000, 
making a total donation of $15,000. Later the Burlington 
agreed to deed 600 acres of valuable land to Doane College 
if the school would raise $30,000 for needed improvements.  
Colonel Doane agreed to make a personal contribution of 
$10,000, providing the college would raise the $20,000 
balance as required by the Burlington offer. The money was 
raised - $10,000 from Nebraskans, $10,000 from Colonel 
Doane, and the rest from outside the state. The Burlington 
railroad deeded its 600 acres to Doane on Dec 30, 1873.  
The college since its organization has been sponsored by 
the Congregational Churches of Nebraska and today is on 
a firm financial foundation.  The ideals of the college 
expressed by its founders are well presented in a Doane 
College Bulletin, which said:
Doane Coll'ege has been responsive to the best demands of 
the times in broadening and enriching its courses, 
providing electives and improving its facilities and 
methods of instruction; and it has held true to the ideal 
of broad culture and sound mental trading.

Denominational in origin, it has never been subject 
to ecclesiastical control, nor has its work been in any 
sense sectarian.  At the same time its religious spirit 
and influence have always been strong and vital, having 
for their inspiration the words of the college motto, 
We build on Christ."

Immediately after construction of the Burlington 
railroad along the north side of the county and down 
the Blue valley there was a great flood of' immigration 
into the county.  Those who desired to enter a homestead 
or purchase land were forced to take land in the center 
or the west side of the county, more remote from the 
towns and settlements.

On July 26, 1874, came the first horde of grasshoppers.  
Fortunately the small grain had been cut and harvested.  
There was a fine stand of corn that year and gardens of 
the settlers promised rich yields. Suddenly clouds of 
grasshoppers darkened the sun. Chickens thinking the day 
was over went to roost; and when the insects alighted 
upon railroad tracks, they were so dense trains could 
not be operated.  No living plant escaped them and as 
one narrator stated, "They ate the pitchfork handles." 
A woman who saw her fine garden disappear in only a few 
hours, stated she would believe he story any person would 
tell about grasshoppers, no matter how fantastic it was.  
As the entire corn crop in 1874 was destroyed it was 
necessary to ship feed into Saline County and many 
residents were compelled to accept the bounty of eastern 
friends in order to live through the following winter.  
In 1875 a small number of grasshoppers was hatched, and 
little damage resulted to growing crops. However,in 1876, 
Saline County  again visited by a horde of grasshoppers 
which destroyed all growing crops. Again the settlers 
needed assistance to tide them over until a new crop could 
be raised.  Fortunately, in 1877 torrential rains came 
at the hatching season, ending he grasshopper scourge.  
The years 1874, 1875 and 1876 were years that tried 
men's souls. Many settlers became discouraged, packed 
their belongings and returned to their homes in the east.  
But those who remained, bound by the common tie of 
necessity, saw abundant crops in the ensuing years.

With the well built homes of today, windbreaks cross 
the land, the fine systems of communication and highways, 
it is difficult to believe the tales of suffering 
occasioned by blizzards on the open prairie in earlier 
years.  The blizzard of Easter Sunday, April 13, 1673, 
is one of the most severe spring storms ever recorded.  
The day started mild and pleasant, then a misty rain 
developed; the temperature dropped rapidly, and soon a 
blizzard as raging.  This storm surprised many settlers 
with unsheltered stock and in many instances with 
inadequate supply of provisions and fuel. The blizzard 
lasted four days, leaving a great loss of livestock in 
Saline County and much suffering among the settlers.

The famous "Blizzard of '88," which occurred on 
Jan 12, caused many fatalities throughout the state and 
was particularly severe in Saline County. It,too, began 
on a day which dawned clear and mild.  By mid afternoon, 
however, the storm was at its height.

During the autumns the danger of fire on the open 
prairies was a constant menace to settlers. Fire guards 
were plowed around all the settlers cabins, schoolhouses, 
and settlements.  The prairie fire on election day, Oct 14, 
1873, was one of the country's great tragedies. A group of 
immigrants, westward bound, had camped along Swan creek 
to cook a meal. Because of the high south wind, they were 
extremely careful, they thought, in putting out the embers 
of their fire, but after the party had moved on, a live 
ember set fire to the prairie grass and one of the most 
destructive prairie fires in the history of the county 
followed. Swept before the heavy wind, the fire raced 
northward across the county. A Mrs. Morey saw the fire 
coming in the distance, and rode horseback to the 
schoolhouse ahead of the fire.  The teacher Miss Ella 
Taylor, begged her to stay at the schoolhouse but she 
insisted on taking out of the building ten children who 
were related to her.  A short distance from the school 
house they were encircled fire. Mrs. Morey did everything 
she could the children but all except two of the party 
died from bums.  Only those who wore woolen clothing 
survived.  Had the party remained at the school house, 
all would have been saved.

The Saline County seat has been located in three 
places. Swan City was named the seat government in 1867.  
At that time Swan City was the only town in the county.  
It was located just west of the present city of DeWitt, 
and today not one stone remains upon another to mark the 
spot where this thriving community was located.

In the meantime a settlement arose very near the 
center of the county and was named Pleasant Hill. Demand 
for relocation of the county seat began after Pleasant 
Hill was founded.  On May 11, 1871, an election was 
called wherein Crete, Dorchester, Pleasant Hill and 
Swan City contested for the county seat.  No majority 
was received any of the locations voted upon, and on  
Jun 3, 1871, another election was held.  No record of 
this vote is in existence but Pleasant Hill won, and in  
July, 1871, the records were moved from Swan City to 
Pleasant Hill.  The lumber for the new court house at 
Pleasant Hill was hauled from Nebraska, City, seventy 
miles away.  The building remained in existence until 
1917.  The district court room on the second floor of 
the courthouse, was used for many social affairs in the 
heyday of Pleasant Hill.

Pleasant Hill lost its chance for a railroad when 
the Burlington built west from Crete, and again agitation 
for removal of the county seat began. On Sept. 4, 1877, 
Crete, Wilber, Pleasant Hill, Dorchester, Friend and 
Center were voted on as county seat locations, but no 
place received majority.  At another election on Sept 18, 
Crete Wilber and Pleasant Hill were voted on, and although 
none received a majority, Pleasant Hill was eliminated.  
On Nov. 6 of the same year at the time of the general 
election, Wilber won the county seat by a majority of 
230 votes.

A long legal battle followed, instituted by Crete 
residents, contesting the validity. of the election All 
parties to the action agreed to accept the decision of 
Judge Weaver at Falls City, on Jan. 28, 1878. Citizens 
from Wilber met at Pleasant Hill that day to remove the 
records to Wilber, if the decision favored them. Wilber 
adherents, 300 strong with 160 Wagons and teams, waited 
all day at Pleasant Hill, ready to load the records and 
start to Wilber.  Late in the afternoon a message was 
received purporting to come from the proper authority 
stating the action had been decided in favor of Wilber.  
The wagons were loaded with the county records and started 
for Wilber under heavy guard, reaching that town late in 
the night. The wagon bearing the county treasurers safe, 
however, went into the ditch at Turkey creek and a guard 
was detailed to remain with it until reinforcements could 
be procured from Wilber.

The courthouse erected at Wilber was completed in 
1879 at a cost of $14,000. The building stood forty feet 
by eighty-four feet, two stories height.

During the years, the building went into disrepair, 
offering an opportunity for Crete to again make a bid for 
the county seat.  On Sept. 14, 1920, a special election 
was held in which Crete received a plurality vote but 
lacked the necessary 60 percent majority.  The question 
of the county seat location, however, was far from settled.  
Crete would not concede its loss and settlement of the 
controversy was delayed until 1927, when by agreement of 
both Crete and Wilber adherents, a bond election was held 
which carried by a large majority.  The bond issue was used 
to erect a courthouse and a jail at Wilber, Thus ended more 
than a half century of dissension between the northern and 
southern parts of the county, and the best of feeling now 
prevails between Wilber and Crete.

ACH, JOSEPH: Attorney; b Milligan, Neb Jan 2, 1911; s of 
Vaclav Ach-Agnes Vejraska: ed Milligan HS; U of N, BA 1931, 
LLB 1933; m Blanche J Fritz July 2, 1935 Geneva; s Bernard 
J, Howard F; 1933 adm to prac Neb bar and fed courts; 1933 
prac law, Milligan; 1937- prac law, Friend; 1934- city 
atty, Milligan; 1938- city atty, Friend; Fed Land Bank of 
Omaha, counsel for Saline Co; 7th Judicial Dist Bar Assn; 
Neb St Bar Assn, past mbr exec com of jr bar section; KP, 
past chancellor Stotsenberg lodge, Milligan; Rotary, 
secy; ZCBJ, pres 1938-39, del to natl conv 1937 Milwaukee 
Wis. representative of Svatopluk Czech lodge 76 of 
Milligan: hobby, travel; off First Natl Bank Bldg; 
res 503 Cedar, Friend.

AKSAMIT, FRED J: Secretary-Treasurer Milling Co; b Wilber, 
Neb July 4, 1890; s of Joseph Aksamit-Mary Zwonechek; ed 
Wilber; Capital City Comm Coll, Des Moines la 1911; 
Operative Millers Laboratories, Chicago 1913; m Mary T 
Kasi Oct 28, 1913 Wilber; s Dennis; d Jacqueline; father 
in milling bus; 1912-13 emp in mill, gained knowledge of 
bus: 1914-20 held various positions in mill; 1920- secy 
and treas Zwonechek and Aksamit Milling Co; during World 
War mill under govt control, active in Liberty Loan, ARC 
and YMCA drives; Neb Millers Assn; mbr sch bd; C of C, 
past chmn 6 years; Rotary, first secy and past pres; AF 
and AM 64, past worshipful master; life mbr Scot Rite, 
32 degree; life mbr Shrine, Sesostris temple; OES 69, past 
worthy patron 5 years; KP, past chancellor, comm; DOKK; 
Prot; hobbies, raising and propagation of fruit trees; 
res Wilber.

AKSAMIT, JOSEPH: Miller; b Nova Lips, Czechoslovakia 
Dec 13, 1863; s of Anton Aksamit-Alicia Rousher; ed 
Saline Co; m Mary Zwonechek Nov 28, 1888 Wilber; 
celebrated golden wedding anniversary Nov 28, 1938; 
s Fred J, Steve; d Emma (Mrs Emil Skrdia); with parents 
came to U S in 1866, located in Wis; 1870 came to 
Wilber; assisted father in farming and blacksmithing; 
acquired 240 A of land and after marriage in 1888 
farmed; later sold land and invested in small mill 
on Blue River at Wilber, beginning of present firm 
of Zwonechek and Aksamit Milling Co Wilber and Dewitt; 
during World War aided Liberty Loan, ARC and YMCA 
drives and placed mill I under govt contol; one son 
served O/S in US army; hobby, work; 1870 homesteaded 
8 mi NE of Wilber walked from Omaha to Wilber as RR 
ended at Omaha at that time; learned blacksmith trade 
in Czechoslovakia; while working on homestead also 
engaged in blacksmithing; res Wilber.

AKSAMIT, LEONARD REUBEN: Dentist; b Hallam, Neb Aug 16, 
1905; s of Bedrich Aksamit-Katerina Jelinek; ed Hallam; 
Wilber HS 1922; Duane Coll; U of N, DDS 1929, BA 1931: 
Chi Phi, past pres; Delta Sigma Delta: m Anna Zajicek 
July 18. 1930 McCook; s Gary Leonard; 1929- dentist, 
Crete; Lincoln Dist Dental Soc; ADA; Cornhusker Study 
Club; Davis Dental Study Club; Jr C of C, past secy; 
C of C; AF and AM 37, jr warden; ZCBJ, past VP; Sokol: 
Izaak Walton: Czech Dramatic Club; Crete city band, past 
mbr; Jolly Rarnblers Orchestra; Presby Ch; hobbies, music 
and fishing; off 115 E 13th; res 644 Linden, Crete.

ALLER, GEORGE HENRY: Director, of Music: b Shiremanstown, 
Penn Feb 12, 1871; s of Elliott Duffield Aller-Katherine 
Cramer; ed Doane Coll, priv music study under Frederic 
W Root and Frederic Grant Gleason of Chicago 1900; 
1906-07 Berlin and Paris under G B Lamperti and G Sbriglia; 
sch activities, Crete Mil Band, baseball, Adelphian Male 
Quartet. org at Doane Coll Aug 1887, gave concerts over 
Neb and adjoining states while att coll, on road 3 years, 
professional quartet singing over US; mbrs engaged in 
different vocations and quartet continued professional 
engagements with reunions every summer until death of 
C L Alter in 1937; group sang annually for 50 years without 
change in mbrship and claimed distinction of being oldest 
quartet in the world without change of personnel; m Cynthia 
May Eichelberger, Aug 27, 1896 Council Bluffs la; s Dwight 
Francis, Charles Lynn; 1895-96 music tchr in Shelby Co Ia; 
1897-1906 Franklin Acad dir of music; 1906-07 studied in 
Europe; upon return to U S, was called to PSTC as dir of 
music; spent 4 years at Boise Idaho, later at Neb Wes, 
then at Doane Coll as head of music dept 7 years, after 
which he spent 4 years as dir of sch of music, KSTC; 
during more than 12 years has given time to composing 
and furthering music of home town; org Cretonians, men's 
glee club of approximately 30 mbrs; past dir of music in 
Shelby Ia, Boise Idaho, Beatrice, Pawnee City, Tecumseh, 
Omaha and Lincoln: choir dir in 17 churches, under as 
many pastors in six denominations; now dir of choir of 
70 mbrs in Beatrice; has several compositions on market 
with others in making, edited the Male Quartet Book, Vol 
11 and Flag Song of Neb for Hinds Hayden and Eldredge Co 
of N Y; SATC music dir.  Doane Coll; C of C, honorary mbr; 
AF and AM; MWA: Meth Ch; father came to Crete as missionary 
in 1872; res Crete.

ANDERSON, MRS CHARLES LEE; b Rantoul, Ill; d of Charles F 
Guyer-Helen Lois Morse; ed Glenwood Ia, Lincoln Normal U, 
Lincoln; m Charles Lee Anderson June 3, 1896 Creighton 
(dec Dec 10, 1928) ;  s Frank B (dec 1926), Neil J, Karl 
R; d Alice (Mrs P A Youngscap), Helen, Margaret; prior 
to marriage tchr 3 years in rural schs of la and Silver 
City la; tchr in Creighton 1 year and Atkinson 1 year; 
with husband came to Crete in 1915; during World War 
took part in ARC; Womans Club, past pres; First Congl 
Ch. past dept supt of SS 7 years; hobby, home and family; 
husband was supt. of schs many years at Atkinson, O'Neill.  
Ord, Bradshaw, Culbertson and Oxford; for a time in ins 
bus in Grand Island; later traveled for William Welch and 
Co sch supply house of Chicago until his death in 1928; 
res 1008 Forest, Crete.

APFELBECK, ELMER B; Merchant and Sausage Manufacturer; b 
Wilber.  Neb Mar 20, 1906; s of Frank J Apfelbeck-Jennie 
Brabec; ed Wilber HS 1923; in Alrna Vosika Sept 8, 1926 
Lincoln; d Donna Lee, Shirley Fae, Joy EIlen,  Jean Marie; 
1923-24 with Western Electric Co, Chicago Ill; 1925 retd 
to Wilber and joined father in meat bus; 1935 with father 
and brother pur ints of Brabec; 1935- opr market as 
Apfelbeck and Sons; C of C; mbr vol fire dept; Sokol; 
mbr Wilber  baseball team 5 years; KP; hobby, athletics; 
res Wilber.

APFELBECK, FRANK J; Merchant and Sausage Manufacturer; b 
Wilber, Neb Apr 1, 1877; s of Frank Apfelbeck-Katherine 
Rezny; ed Wilber HS; Western Normal Coll, Lincoln; m 
Jennie Brabec Apr 27, 1904 Wilber; s Elmer, Stanley; d 
Irene (Mrs Walter Wick); farmed until 16 years old then 
emp by J W Wondra In meat bus; 1895 emp at Omaha in 
packing plants of Swift, Armour, Cudahy and Hammond until 
1900; 1900 emp in meat market Fremont; 1901 in markets 
at Union and Ames; 1903-35 ptr in market at Wilber; 1935 
pur int of ptr, Brabec; 1935- with sons opr under name 
of Apfelbeck and Sons, meat market and sausage mfrs; C 
of C; Wilber Swimming Pool Assn; MWA; res Wilber.

ARON, EDWARD FRED; Merchant; b Crete Neb Oct 21, 1881; s 
of Charles Aron-Barbara Dolansky; ed Crete HS 1900; m 
Frances Amelia Gilbert Aug 19, 1915 Johnson; s Charles 
Gilbert; d Genevieve (dec); while in HS took part in 
athletics; father in tailoring and clothing bus; after 
graduation with father in bus; shortly after marriage 
pur fathers ints; aided in fund drives during World War; 
Allied Clothiers, ch mbr; Comml Club; AF and AM; Scot Rite; 
Triple Four Club;   Prot;  hobby, pinochle; off 1321 Main; 
res 1220 Grove Ave, Crete.

ARON, EDWARD J; Manager Oil Co; b Crete, Neb Nov 17,1872; 
s of Thomas Aron-Elizabeth Nedela; ed Crete HS; bus coll,
Omaha 1898; m Mary R Karten Dec 26, 1899 Wilber; s Thomas 
J, Benjamin; Franklin; father came to Saline Co in 1869, 
homesteaded SW of Crete; with father on farm until 1897; 
1899-1912 farmed; 1912- leases and rents farms; 1904-30 
secy and treas of first Farmers Co-op orgn in Crete, group 
built elevator in Crete In 1908; 1911-30 mgr grain bus of 
Farmers Co-op Elevator; 1912-29 with First State Bank of 
Crete as asst cash, later cash and VP of bank; 1929 
disposed of banking int; 1930- secy-treas and mgr of F and 
M Co-op Gas and Oil Co; C of C; past dir sch bd; past pct 
assessor; ZCBJ; Sokol; Meth Ch; hobby, travel; off 248 E 
13th; res Crete.

ARON, THOMAS J; Banker; b Crete, Neb Sept 27. 1902; s of 
Ed J Aron-Mary R Karten; ed Doane Coll, BA 1925; m Lucille 
Edna Beals June 14, 1933 Crete; 1925-29 with First State 
Bank of Crete as bkkpr, later asst cashier; 1929 upon 
consolidation of First State Bank with Crete State Bank 
became asst cashier, 1933 cashier; 1935- city clk; Saline 
Co Bankers Assn, past pres; Neb and Amer Bankers Assns; 
Jr C of C, past VP, past pres; Sr C of C; VP Doane Coll 
Alumni Assn; past pres Crete HS Alumni Assn; AF and AM, 
past master; past high priest, RAM, dep grand high priest; 
R and SM; KT, Lincoln; OES; Meth Ch; hobbies, travel and 
livestock; off Crete State Bank; res 2013 Main, Crete.

BAKER, MRS SADIE C GONZALES; Librarian; b near Philo, Ill; 
d of Silas W Gonzales-Eleanor Elliott; ed Philo Ill; m 
Charles F Baker Nov 26, 1891 Crete (dec 1931); s John G; 
d Ruby E (Mrs John Wielage); came to Elmwood, Cass Co, 
1884 before bldg of RR; arrived In Crete 1888; husband 
conducted book store and later was plumber In Crete; 
Mrs Baker was sch tchr 5 years In Elmwood schs and later 
in Lincoln Co schs; 1889-91 cash for James Higton Dry 
Goods Store, Crete; 1921 librarian Crete Carnegie lib; 
son disabled in World War; only rnbr Columbian Club, one 
of oldest orgns in Crete, estab 1895; RNA, past recorder 
40 years; SBA; hobbies, needlework, reading; off Carnegie 
Lib; res 1131 Ivy, Crete.

BALZER, JACOB FRANK; Professor and Clergyman; b Mountain 
Lake, Minn June 11, 1884; s of Frank Balzer-Agatha Hiebert; 
ed Mtn Lake Minn; St James Minn HS 1903; Bethel Coll, 
Newton Kas 1905; Carleton Coll, Northfield Minn, BA 1910; 
Divinity Sch, U of Chicago, MA 1913; U of Chicago 1918-20, 
grad work 1933-34; Delta Theta Chi; Phi Beta Cappa; m 
Alleda Van der Smissen June 19, 1913 Berne Ind; d Margaret, 
Wilma, Charlotte; 1905-07 tchr rural sch,  Mtn Lake Minn; 
1910-11 with father in lbr bus at Mtn Lake Minn; 1913-18 
prof of Bible and dean of Bethel Coll, Newton Kan; May 
1914 ordained to ministry of Mennonite Ch, 1921 
ministerial standing tsfrd to St Paul Assn of Minn St 
Conf of Congi and Chris Churches; 1920-33 chmn depts of 
Bible and Sociology, Carleton Coll, Northfield Minn; 
1934-36 trade investigator, field div of NRA, Northfield 
Minn; part of that time in div of survey of changes in 
labor and trade prac standards; Jan 31, 1937 minister 
First Congl Ch, Crete and acting prof sociology and 
religion.  Doane Coll; 4-min man at Newton Kas during 
World War; Midwest Assn of Tchrs of Religion, past pres; 
mbr of Minn and Neb St Ministerial Qualifications 
Committees of Congl and Chris Chs; mbr state coms for 
young peoples work in both Minn and Neb; hobby, rock 
gardening; off 408 E 12th; res 408 E 12th, Crete.

BAMER, MRS JENNIE; Homemaker; b Ionia, Mich Jan 8, 1857; 
d of Sylvester L Blauvelt-Jane Brown; ed Ronald Center, 
Mich; m Adam Bamer Apr 15, 1872 Tobias (dec May 8, 1913); 
s Lonnie, Frank, Raymond; d Iva (Mrs Judson Wood); 1872- 
homemaker; 1884 when town of Tobias was estab moved to 
town with her family; 1884-91 first PM in Tobias; during 
World War took active part in Red Cross knitting for 
soldiers; son Raymond served during war; OES, held 
various offices; Bapt Ch, attends Tobias Cornmitnity 
Church; hobbies, tatting, crocheting; father, Civil 
War veteran, came to Saline Co with family in 1871, 
homesteaded NW of Tobias; husband homesteaded in 
Atlanta pct in 1871; res Tobias.

BARMBY, WALTER W; owner of Grain Elevator; b Clinton, 
la Sept 6.1863; s of William Barmby-Emily Dannatt;
ed DeWitt; m Alfretta Nicholas Apr 2, 1884 DeWitt; 
celebrated golden wedding anniversary in 1934; s George 
Walter,  infant son (dec); d Clara (Mrs James Norton), 
Pearl (dec); with parents came to DeWitt in 1878; 
1881-97 farmed; 1897-1906 In grain bus, DeWitt; 1906 
pur Home State Bank of DeWitt, became pres, increased 
capital and erected a new bldg In 1911, opr until bank 
holiday in 1932 when he disposed of ints; 1932- in 
grain bus in DeWitt, repurchased elevator in 1916; 
mbr town bd 20 years, chamn or mayor 8 years; past 
dir sch dist 112 many years; mbr bldg and finance com 
of St Augustine Episc Ch in 1893 when ch was built, 
warden since Its erection, oldest ch warden in age 
and point of service In Neb; AF and AM, jr warden; 
DeWitt Civic Club; hobbies, and lodge work; off Barmby 
Grain Elevator; res DeWitt.

BARTOS, STANLEY; Attorny; b Prylepi, Bohemia June 28, 
1883 s of Frank Bartos-Katherina Bauer; ed Wilber HS 
1902, U of N, LLB Order of Coif; m Theresa O Beck 
Oct 29, 1907 Wilber; s Stanley F, d Theresa Mary 
(Mrs F A Morrison), Blanche Margaret (Mrs E Fralick), 
Dorothy Nell (Mrs Robert L Davies), Mary Katherine; 
with parents came to Amer 1885 located in Lancaster Co; 
lived in dugout on land of uncle, James Smith; 1886 
moved to Wilber, father engaged tailoring; 1902-04 
tchr, Saline Co; 1907 adm to Neb bar, with brother 
F W (dec) began priv prac as firm of  Bartos and 
Bartos; 1925 firm became Bartos,  Bartos and Placek; 
1934 indep prac; owner and opr two Saline Co farms; 
city atty 8 years; mbr sch bd 4 years; Rep; hobbies, 
flowers. trees, nature study, book collecting; 
res Wilber.

BUMGARTNER, CARL W; Merchant; b Strawberry Point, 
Ia May 7, 1903; s of Carl C Baumgartner-Mary Wege; 
ed Strawberry Ia; Wartburg Acad, Clinton Ia; Wartburg 
Coll, Waverly Ia; m Irene Wendt June 8, 1927 Waverly 
Ia; s Charles William; d Ann Marie 1925-27 with J C 
Penney Co, Waverly Ia; 1927 asst mgr J C Penney Pella 
la, 1928 asst mgr, Waukon Ia, 1931-34 asst mgr, 
Hastings, 1934 mgr, Crete; C of C; Rotary; Bethlehem  
Lutheran Ch, Mo Synod; hobbies, amateur movie 
photography, golf; off 1314 Main; res 1144 Ivy, Crete.

BLATTSPIELER, ARNOLD C; Physician; b Ackley, Ia Dec 25, 
1883; s of Lucien C Blattspieler-Ida Boyenga; ed Ackley 
Ia HS; U of Northwestern U Med Sch, MD 1909 U of Vienna, 
1929; m Vera Alice Eisenhut Aug 5, 1919 Tobias; s 
Lucien Harding, S F; d Ruth Ellen Mary Lou; 1909- 
prac in Tobias; during World War active in drives for 
funds and as med adviser; Saline Co Med Soc, past pres; 
Saline-Fillmore Co Med Soc, pres; Neb St and AMA; past 
mbr sch and town bds; past police judge; Comm Club; 
AF and AM, Tobias Lodge; Scot Rite; Sesostris; Shrine, 
KP, Milligan; hobbies, raising tulips and trees; 
res Tobias.

BLAUVELT, CHARLES DWIGHT; Retired Publisher; b Varna, 
Saline Co Neb Mar 17, 1875; s of Andrew Blauvelt-Pheobe 
Wilson; ed Saline Co; Friend; Holyoke Colo; m Estelle 
V Horton Mar 11, 1915- Holdrege; d Lucille (Mrs Donald 
H Hallbeck Mary Ellen; at 12 years of a learned 
typesetting and printing with  Grant Enterprise, first 
newspaper estab in Perkins Co 1886; with family went 
to Holyoke Colo 1888, emp by Holyoke newspapers while 
in 1893 enl U S army, served in served in several US 
posts until 1898; 1899-1907 journeyman printer, foreman 
Ionia Mich Sentinel 5 years; foreman Tyler Daily Dem 
Reporter 4 years; 1906 job printer, Tyler Tex; 1907 moved 
to Arapahoe, re-estab Arapahoe Pioneer which had been 
razed by fire, later pur opposition paper Arapahoe Mirror 
which he published until 1915; 1916 pur Johnson Co Journal 
of Tecumseh, published until 1922 pur Crete News, 1938- 
ret; mbr com to determine location Saline Co Courthouse; 
wrote and published history on relocation of co seat and 
elections of Saline Co; past secy sch 2 terms; past dir 
NPA; helped estab memorial to World War veteran, 
Tecumseh; commd by Gov Neville as HG capt during World 
War; reorg Saline Co Fair and Saline Co Poultry Assn; 
one of orgs Tuxedo Park Assn; Crete; brought 2 summer 
meetings of NPA to Crete; rededicated NPA bldg in
Tuxedo Park on 50th anniversary, 1936 org and 1st pres 
unit which became Kenneth A Curtis post 2, Amer Leg 
Tecumseh; aided in development of Doane Coll campus; 
C of C dir 2 terms; past dir Rotary; hon mbr Crete 
Life Saving ; Prot; hobby, helping young start in 
newspaper work; res 1010 Grove, Crete.

BLUE, MAX JOHN; Chiropractor; b Prague, Neb July 28, 
1896; s of Henry Blue-Anna Vasina; ed Prague; Wahoo 
HS Creighton U; Palmer Sch Davenport Ia, DC, PhC; Delta 
Sigma Chi; m Emma Peterson Apr 7, 1922 Fremont; s Billy 
Dale;1916-17 sch tchr near Valparaiso; 1917-19 sgt in 
U S army med corps, O/S I year; disch Aug 1, 1919; 1919 
in accounting dept Swift and Co Omaha; 1923-prac 
chiropractic, Crete; Neb Chiropractic Assn; Tel Jed 
Skokol; Amer Leg, past comm, holder 20 year mbrship 
award, mbr state dept exec bd, mbr Americanization 
com; C of C Comml Club, dir and secy, past treas; dir 
Izaak Walton; Neb State Central Com, chmn Saline Co 
Central Com; honory mbr Y D Club; AF and AM; hobby, 
civic affairs; res Crete.

BORS, FRED V; Auto Parts Dealer; b Wilber, Neb Oct 18, 
1892; s of Charles Bors-Mary Homolka; ed Wilber HS; 
Creighton U, PhG; registered pharm Neb and III 1916; 
m Sylvia Anderal June 14, 1916 Omaha; s Julian A; 
aided father in farming until family moved to Wilber 
1909; 1916 pharm, Melcher Drug Co. Omaha, later mgr 
Pickett Loring Drug Co; May 1, 1917-Mar 1924 owner and 
opr Bors drug Store, Crete; 1924 with Walgreen Drug Co, 
Chicago; s of John H Brt, Wilber; 1929 aquired Stastny 
Drug Co and consolidated stores under name of Bors 
Drug store which he optd until Sept 1935 when he sold 
ints; 1936-38 secy Saline Co Abstract Assn; Aug 1, 
1938- Western Auto Assoc Store; mbr city coun 1926-29; 
advance councilor BSA, troop 101; Rotary, past secy, 
past pres, chmn boys work com; org and ch mbr Wilber 
Gun Club; past secy C of C; AF and Am Scot Rite 
32 degree; RAM; York Rite; Sesostris Shrine; Prot; 
hobby, gardening; res Wilber.

BORS;  JAMES; Auto Dealer;, b Wilber, Neb Sept 2, 
1891; s of Peter Bors-Christina Kranac; ed Milligan 
HS 1906; Fremont Normal; m Marie Bulin Apr 8 1913 
Wilber; d Arlene C, Deloris M; in boyhood aided 
father on farm S of Milligan; 1910-11 rural sch tchr 
near Milligan; 1911-12 with Spalding Lbr Co, Milligan; 
farmed idep on home place; 1921 opr Ford agcy, 
Milligan; 1921 with brother Joe estab auto agcy, 
Exeter; 1933 tsfrd agcy to David City, sold ints to 
brother 1934; 1931-opr Ford agcy, Wilber; KP, 
Milligan; DOKK, Hastings; org and past pres C of C; 
Rotary, past pres; Wilber Gun Club; Saline Co Dem 
Central Com; hobby, travel; res Wilber.

BOUCHAL, LOUIS J; Publisher; b Wilber, Neb Apr 28, 
1880; s of Alois Bouchal-Anna Polnicky; ed Wilber 
HS; U of N; m Sylvia Sasek June 8, 1929 Louisville 
Ky; s Norman Louis; 1889 with parents came to Wilber; 
1898-1901 tchr, Saline Co; 1901-03 tch LeSueur Co 
Minn; 1906-12 dep P M, Wilber; 1911-23 Saline Co 
supt of schs; had charge of various drives during 
World War; 1923 supt of schs,  Huntley; 1923-27 supt 
of schs, Blue Springs; 1927-36 Wilber P M; 1936- 
owner and publisher Wilber Republican, one of few 
papers in US holding mbrship in Amer Press Half 
Century Club; NPA; C of C; Rotary, past secy; sch 
bd secy 3 years; AF and AM, past master and past 
secy; RAM; OES, worthy patron; ZCBJ; Luth Ch; 
res Wilber.

BRANDNER, E LOWELL; Publisher; b Leoti, Kas May 6, 
1915; s of A R Brandner-Pearl Finch; ed Selkirk Kas; 
Leoti Kas HS; Emporia Kas St Tchrs Coll, BSc and BA 
1937; Kappa Sigma Epsilon; active in journalism during 
HS and coll; editor The Bulletin, student newspaper 
and The Sunflower, yearbook at Emporia, also The 
Handbook; 1937-38 tchr of journalism and English, 
Williamsburg Kas HS; 1938 with Leoti Kas Standard; 
Jan 1, 1939- owner, and publisher Western Wave, in 
56th year of continuous publication and holds mbrship 
in Amer Press Half Century Club; NPA; Presby Ch; 
hobby, newspaper work; res Western.

BROLLIAR, SAMUEL; Publisher and Clergyman; b 
Perrysville, 0 Feb 25, 1852; a of William Brolliar-
Sarah Miller; m Florence Idell Garton Jan 5, 1879 
Wilber (dec Dec 23, 1929) s Earl M, Francis M, 
Walter, Ernest, Infant sun (dec); d Gertie Morella 
(Mrs Henry White), Gladys Marie (Mrs Robert Hawes); 
m Julia Keller Dec 16, 1933 Wilber; June 2, 1863 
came to Saline Co settled near Wilber; appr,to 
farmer and engaged in farm work until 1870; 1877-1920 
farmed indep; 1920 in various occupations, Wilber; 
1925 with J A Wild opr Saline Co Democrat, now editor 
and publisher, also pastor reorganized Church of 
Latter Day Saints; recalls Indian raids of 1864 and 
the prairie fire of 1873; past road supvr; during 
the World War, active in drives for funds; hobbies, 
gardening, visiting, reading; res Wilber.

BROWN, WILLIAM ARTHUR; Mayor and Publisher; b Loup 
City, Neb July 8. 1889; a of Edward Arthur Brown-
Lavinia Goldsworthy; ed Loup City; Internatl 
Typographical Sch, Chicago; m Weir Eugenia Lenox 
Sept 3, 1913 Friend; d Grace Elizabeth (Mrs Stanley 
Taylor), Sarah Lavinia; as a boy aided in off of 
Sherman Co Times Independent; 1909 bill clk in state 
legislature, Lincoln; 1990-11 linotype opr, Lincoln 
Daily Star and Claflin Printing Co; 1911-22 publisher 
Friend Sentinel in ptrship with father, 1922- 
publisher since death of father; 1926-27 pres NPA, 
assn brought natl conv to Neb; NPA representative to 
N H conv July 1928; mbr bd of edn 3 years; past mbr 
city coun 3 years; mayor of Friend 4 terms; during 
World War active in drives for funds and was 4-min 
man; Meth Ch, mbr state bd of trustees, 1928-32 mbr 
gen trustee; father publisher Sherman Co Times 
Independent, member legislature; off Friend Sentinel 
516 Cherry, Friend.

BUCK, CHARLES WALLACE; Farmer; b in dugout near DeWitt 
Neb Feb 18, 1869; s of Charles Harvey Buck-Ophelia 
Henrietta Knox; m Emma Beckner Feb 26, 1896 DeWitt; s 
Charles Wallace Jr, Glenn A; d Luella (Mrs Arthur 
Farrell); 1896- farmer DeWitt; 1901- agt for Farmers 
Mutual Ins Co of Neb; dir DeWitt Pavilion Assn 19 
years, an org and mbr bldg com; Norris Rural Pub 
Power Dist, Secy; mbr DeWitt Brass Band, 40 years; 
DeWitt Swine Breeders Assn, past secy; DeWitt Poultry 
Assn, past secy- during World War active in drives 
for funds; Independent Order of Good Templars, past 
mbr; MWA, DeWitt Civic and Comml Clubs; Farm Bur; 
since org 1919 mbr Saline Co redistricting bd; mbr 
sch bd 28 years; secy Farmers Elev 16 years; Agri 
Conservation Com, pct chmn and del to co meetings; 
mbr ofcl bd Meth Ch 40 years, SS supt many years; 
hobby, work as local historian for DeWitt Times News 
since Oct 1926; parents came to DeWitt by covered 
wagon on Oct 12, 1868; res DeWitt.

BURRAGE, DWIGHT GRAFTON; Educator; b Pittsford, Vt 
Aug 3, 1873; s of Joseph Burrage-Mary Closson; ed 
Pittsford Vt; Worcester Mass; Amherst Mass Coll, 
BA 1897, MA 1899; U of N, PhD 1920; grad work 
Harvard U, U of' Wis; U of Mich; U of Colo; U of 
Vt; Peabody Tchrs Coll, Nashville Tenn; U of la; 
U of Cal; Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Beta Kappa; 1884 with 
parents came to Worcester, Mass; 1897-99 tchr In 
Amherst Mass HS; 1899-1902 prin East Jaffrey N H HS; 
1902-06 prin Peacham Vt Acad; 1906 came to Crete as 
registrar and instr at Doane Coll. 1906-09 instr in 
Greek and Latin. 1909- prof of Greek and Latin; 
1916-17 on leave of absence, lst sem U of N, 2nd 
semester substituted for head of Latin dept Carleton 
Coll, Northfield Minn; 1912 summer spent in travel, 
visiting classical sites in Italy and Greece; 1935 
summer In England and Scotland; during World War 
YMCA secy for Doane Coll SATC; Amer Philological 
Assn; Amer Inst of Archeology; Classical Assn of 
the Middle West and South; First Congl Ch; hobbies, 
reading, history and literature of England; ancestor, 
John Burrage of Norfolk England settled in Boston Mass 
in 1637 and later was opr of ferry between Boston and 
Charlestown Mass; res 800 E 12th, Crete.

BUSBOOM, BEHREND HENRY; Farmer and Implement Dealer; 
b Crete, Neb Feb 9, 1890; s of Behrend Henry Busboom-
Johanna Sleep; ed Crete HS; m Elizabeth Schultz Dec 11, 
1912 Crete; s Edward, Clarence, Gordon; d Evelyn (Mrs 
Leslie Juricek), Dorothy (Mrs Albert Boden); parents 
settled near Crete in early 70's; aided father in 
farming several years; 1912- indep farmer; 1927-in 
impl bus Crete; Farmers Union, past chmn; Saline Co 
Farm Bur, dir; Saline Co Extn Bur, ex officto ofcr; 
1935-37 mbr Neb legislature; Saline Co Agri 
Conservation Com, chmn since 1936; Comml Club; dir 
Lincoln PCA; mbr sch bd 20 years, Congl Ch, past secy 
and past tres; hobbies, reading, athletics; 
off Courthouse; res Crete.

CALVERT, ALFRED BRUCE; School Principal; b Humboldt, 
Neb Apr 24, 1906; s of John Calvert-Agnes Davis; ed 
Neb Wes, BA 1928; U of N, MA 1936; Everett; Beta 
Theta Phi; Phi Delta Kappa; rn Blanche Larson Dec 27, 
1927 Ashland; s Alfred, Thomas; d Gretchen; 1928-32 
athletic dir and coach, Pierce HS; 1932-36 prin and 
athletic dir Pierce HS; 1936- prin Crete HS; apptd 
by state legislature as mbr of bd to study bldg needs 
of state educational Institutions; NSTA, treas dist 1, 
1938-39; AF and AM; Rotary; Jr C of C; ofcl bd Meth 
Ch; hobby, sports. officiates, at football and 
basketball contests; winner of 30 cups in tennis, 
1931 state doubles champion; 1936 with Wilbur Hagen 
held championship in tennis at Lincoln, also state 
doubles championship while in coll; twice intercollegiate 
singles and doubles champion; champion North Central 
Conf 1 year; father at age of 54 played with him in 
championship finals 1925; off Crete HS; 
res 807 Ivy, Crete.

CARLSON, CARL OLOF; Educator and Curator; b Carlstad, 
Sweden Mar 5, 1876; s of Carl Anton Carlson-Hilda 
Dorothea Nygren; ed Carlstad Sweden and Franklin Co 
Neb; Franklin Acad 1899; Doane Coll, BA 1902; 
Columbia U, MA 1918; U of Heidelberg, Germany 1906-08 
(Carola Rupert U at ]3aden); grad work, U of  N, 1930; 
Alpha Omega; m Dorothy Jean Lindsay Aug 9, 1914 Mt 
Vernon Ohio; 1883 with parents came to Amer; settled 
on farm in Franklin Co; 1902-05 instr in Greek and 
German, math and athletics at Franklin, Acad; 1906-06 
instr In math, physics and chemistry Doane Coll at 
Crete; 1908-10 prof of biology at Doane Coll, Crete, 
1910- chmn dept of biology; 1917-18 on leave spent 2 
summers in research at Marine Biological Station, Woods 
Hole Mass; 1917-18 Columbia U, grad asst in zoology; 
1924-25 on leave substituted for Dr Geo R LaRue, lnstr 
in dept of zoology, U of Mich; 1924-25 summer substituted 
for Prof Okkelberg instr in embryology, U of Mich; 1909 
Neb Acad of Science, VP 1915, secy 1916, pres 1917; 1933- 
fellow AAAS, mbr since 1917; Amer Microscopic Soc; Amer 
Genetic Assn; Wilson Ornithological Club; hobbies, hand-
craft and carpentry, 40 years a philatelist and 
photographer, mbr LincolnCamera Club; off Doane Coll; 
res Boswell Ave, Crete.

CASSEL, ALBERT THOMAS; Treasurer and Business Manager 
Doane College; b Nebraska City, Neb Feb 5. 1870; s of 
Job W Cassel-Mary Harmon; ed Nebraska City HS; Doane 
Coll, BA 1894; Delta Kappa Rho; m Mary Richards Oct 2, 
1912 Lincoln; s Don; d Jean R; 1894-95 with MoP RR at 
Weeping Water; 1896-1900 asst cash Farmers Bank of 
Nebraska City; asst cash Bank of Palmyra, also estab 
Bank of Roca; 1900-05 asst cash and paymaster, Anaconda 
Copper Co In Butte Mont; 1905-06 traveling representative 
for Omaha Packing Co, hdqrs at Hot Springs SD; 1906-25 
cash Bank of Palmyra; 1925- treas and bus mgr Doane 
Coll, Crete; C of C; past pres Rotary; pres cemetery bd; 
Izaak Walton; during World War holder of govt award for 
activities on Liberty Loan drive; AF and AM 94, past 
secy  Scot Rite 32degree; Sesostris Shrine; hobbles, 
landscaping, music; off Doane Coll; res 842 E 11th, Crete.

CHLEBOUN, PAUL EDWARD; Veterinarian; b Stanton, Neb 
Aug 17, 1909; s of Fred Chleboun-Anna Stokalasa; ed 
Stanton HS; Kas St Coll, DVM 1934; Phi Kappa Phi; 
Gamma Sigma Delta; m Monica Dworshak July 8, 1935 
Crete; s Thomas; d Joyce Ann; 1934-35 with USDA at 
Albuquerque N M; 1935- prac, Crete; city meat and 
health inspector; Neb St Veterinary Med Assn; Jr 
C of C; Comml Club; Presby Ch; hobby, hunting; off 
and res 208 W 13th, Crete.

CHRISTIANS, JOE; Chief of Police; b Crete, Neb Jan 1, 
1882; s of Christian Christians-Mary Kubin; ed Crete; 
m Sophia Lutz May 6, 1923 Lincoln; on leaving sch 
served in Sp-Amer War in Philippines Co F, 28th US 
inf; during World War in U S- army machine gun co, 6th 
inf, 5th div 18 mos O/S; was in major engagements, 
wounded twice, recd citation of govt; disch as 1st 
sgt; comm firing squad, Amer Leg Post 147; William 
Lewis Post, USWV, Lincoln; in construction bus until 
1930; 1930-chief of police, Crete; Sacred Heart Cath 
Ch; hobbies, fishing and shooting; 
res 935 Sycamore, Crete.

COLLETT, WILLIAM SWART; Banker; b Dewitt la Mar 23, 
1867; s of Jacob Collett-Anna Mary Swart; ed Clinton 
Co la; m Hattie J Link Aug 13, 1890 Millard (dec); s 
Chester Harley; m Ethel Hall May 1, 1907 Sutton; s 
William Hall, Phillip K; d Avis Eileen; mother left 
a widow and as a boy helped support family by farming; 
came to Neb in 1883; 1883-85 emp in gen store at Mead; 
1885-86 emp in drug store at Mead;1887-90 postal clk 
in railway service.Omaha to Ogden; 1890-93 owner and 
opr drug store at Mead; 1894-1902 owner and opr drug 
store Bancroft; 1902-07 owner and opr bank, Trenton; 
1907-08 with McCook Natl Bank; 1908- with Crete State 
Bank, now pres; mbr sch bd 20 years and past pres; 
chmn bldg corn for Crete HS; chmn bldg corn Crete 
Carnegie lib; chmn Crete ARC and Liberty Loan drives 
during World War; Neb State Bankers Assn. past pres, 
group 1; Amer Bankers Assn; Rotary; C of C; AF and AM; 
York Rite; trustee and mbr exec com Doane Coll; Congi 
Ch; Past mbr Dem State Central Corn; off Crete State 
Bank; res Crete.

CONRAD, ALEXANDER ARTHUR; Physician and Surgeon; b Crete, 
Neb Apr 6, 1890; s of Arthur Conrad-Dora Broz; ed Crete 
HS; Doane Coll; Creighton U, MD 1915; Harvard U 1926; 
Phi Rho Sigma; in Eugenia Haight June 12, 1918 Shawnee 
Okla; d Mary Jean, Patricia Margaret; 1915-16 Interne 
St Vincents Hosp, Portland Ore; July 1916- prac Crete; 
during World War was active in drives for funds; city 
phys past 21 years; local surg CB and Q RR; local 
examiner ARC; phys, Doane Coll; Saline Co Med Soc, past 
pres; Neb St Med Assn, past VP, councillor and past pres 
7th dist; secy sch bd; ch mbr and past pres Rotary; Comml 
Club, past pres; Izaak Walton; AF and AM, York Rite; 
parents early pioneers, father (dec 1907)phys in Crete 
many years local surg for CB and Q RR; Congl Ch; hobbies, 
woodworking and wood-carving off Miller Bldg; 
res 1126 Hawthorne, Crete.                               

Honey Creek Ia Sept 8 , 1906; s of George H 
Darrington-Christina Peterson; ed in Honey Creek 
Ia; Hammill Bus Council Bluffs Ia; m Frances 
Bardsley June 14, 1923 Neola la; s Eldon; d Jean; 
1921 worked on fathers farm, did custom shelling of 
corn for neighbors, later sold auto accessories; 1922 
with Fairmont Creamery Co, Omaha as bkkpr, 1928 tsfrd 
to plant to acquire prac knowledge of bus until 1929; 
tsfrd to Crete as poultry and egg buyer, 1930 made 
territory mgr, 1936- tsfrd to Sioux City la as 
territory mgr; 1938- gen mgr Crete; Neb St Dairymens 
Assn; Amer Butter Inst; US Poultry and  Egg Inst; Neb 
Assn of Ice Cream Mfrs; Farm Bur; Rotary, past pres  
C of C; AF and AM; Congi Ch; hobbies golf, fishing, 
hunting, travel; off Fairmont Creamery; 
res 627 Boswell Crete.

DAVIS, HARVEY ADDISON; Civil Engineer; b Otranto, Ia  
Aug, 30 1891; s of Willis Henry , Davis-Delia Fletcher; 
ed Otranto Ia; Cedar Valley Seminary, Osage Ia; U of 
Ia; BE 1913, CE 1923; Theta Xi; Legionary of 
Meccasacius; m Genevieve E Krache Aug 9, 1916 Pine 
Island Minn; s Harvey Charles; while att U of la 
spent summers with Frank Forbes, Northwood la in 
engineering work; 1912 preliminary and loction surveys 
with RR co in Minn 1913-14 with Black Hawk Construction 
Co of Waterloo Ia; 1914-15 Natl Co NW of South Bend 
Ind, hdqrs Albert Lea Minn. construction supt of 
waterworks installation at Sanborn and Vesta Minn  
1915-16 in priv prac as engr Northwood Ia, drainage 
work; 1916-18 with M Tschirgi and Sons of  Cedar Rapids 
la on projects at Brooklyn, Strawberry Point and 
Dubuque Ia; construction supt and resident engr, Farley 
Ia; 1918-19 supt of construction Rochester Minn power 
dam; 1919-20 supt Omaha Structural Steel Bridge Co, 
Wahoo and Cozad 1920-21 resident engr I R Morarity 
Grand Island; 1921- priv prac, hdqrs Crete, paving, 
sewers, electric power plants in Neb, la, SD and Colo, 
consulting engr; past 14 years Saline Co surveyor; 
during World War active in fund drives; assoc mbr 
ASC E Rotary; C of C; KP; licensed engineer in la, 
Neb and by reciprocity in entire US, name in Who's Who 
in Engineering 1925-31; Universalist Ch; hobby, 
athletics; off and res 825 E 12th, Crete.

DAVISON, ODA ALVIN; Manager Produce Co; b Blue Mound, 
III Sept 6, 1890; s of Cornelius Buel Davidson-Anetta 
Hewitt; ed Dorchester HS; Lincoln Auto Sch; m Ruth 
Curtis Jan 15, 1915 Lincoln; s Donald Alvin, Gerald; 
d Wilma; 1911-19 auto mechanic, Lincoln; 1919 in chg 
mechanical dept Nelson Bros Produce Co, Lincoln, 
traveled Neb and la; 1920 in chg of plant Marysville 
Kas; 1921 traveling representative and buyer, Lincoln;
estab produce bus in Crete; 1934-37 owner and opr Blue 
Valley Produce Co of Crete; mbr Comml Club Rotary, treas; 
AF and AM, sr warden lodge 37; steward Meth Ch; hobbies, 
boating, hunting; off 1344 Main; res E 13th, Crete.
DEJML, VACLAV; Sausage Manufacturer; b Prague 
Czechoslovakia Mar 17, 1906; s of Joseph Dejml-Bessie 
Patak; ed Wilber- HS 1925; m Viola Chrastil Aug 12, 
1935 Wilber; 1908 came with parents to Amer,located in 
Wilber; while at sch and during vacations assisted 
uncle Frank Dejml in carpentry trade; 1925 with Kunc's 
Market of Wilber; upon retirement of J F Kunc became 
ptr of R K Kunc in Kunc and Dejmil Market and Sausage 
Mfg Plant; C of C; mbr- vol fire dept; Sokols; ZCBJ; 
Wilber Gun Club; Wilber Swimming Pool Assn; KP, past 
chancellor comm; hobby, bowling; off Kunc and Dejml; 
res Wilber.

DOANE, LESLIE STANNARD; Secretary Abstract Association; 
b Wilber, Neb July 14, 1908; s of J R Doane-Elizabeth 
Harvey; ed Wilber HS 1927; m Genevieve Stetson Nov 24, 
1932 Western; s Douglas Duane; d Delores Diane; during 
HS mbr HS orchestra, band and glee club, sr class pres; 
June 1, 1927-31 asst in off of Saline Co clk; 1931-35 
Saline Co dep clk; 1934-38 Saline Co register of deeds; 
1938- secy Saline Co Abstract Assn; Neb Title Assn; mbr 
vot fire dept; Horseshoe Club; Wilber Swimming Pool Assn, 
ch mbr; past mbr C of C band; dir Hungry Five brass band, 
featuring foreign music; past mbr dance orchestras; past 
master AF and AM 64; Luth Ch; past conductor SS orchestra; 
hobbies, home carpentry, music; res Wilber.

DREDLA, THOMAS JOSEPH; Attorney; b Crete, Neb Nov 21, 
1892; s of Anton Dredla-Bessie Drasky; ed Crete HS; U 
of N, LLB 1915; in Elsie Shebl Sept 15, 1915 Lincoln; s 
Thomas Joseph Jr; d Marion Elizabeth 1915 adm to Neb bar; 
1915 prac law, Crete; 1916-21 city atty; 1918-22 and 
1927-31 Saline Co atty; atty for Crete State Bank, 
Farmers State Bank of Kramer; counsel for Crete Mills; 
vice-chmn Neb St examining board to administer merit 
system under dept of assistance and child welfare; dir 
7th Judicial Dist Bar, Assn, chmn of com on  inquiry; 
Amer Bar Assn; chmn Saline Co Rep Central Com; IOOF; 
AF and AM; KT; Sesostis Shrine; ZC BJ; hobbies, world 
travel, amateur motion pictures; off 224 E 13th; 
res 1342 Grove Ave, Crete.

ECKERT, EDWARD HERMAN; Police Judge; b Dramburg, Prussia, 
Germany May 11, 1858; s of Wilhelm Eckert-Emilla Glanz; 
ed Pyritz Seminary, Germany; m Henriette Schaare 1903 
Crete; step-d Hertha Schaare; 1878-82 sch tchr, Germany; 
1882 came to Amer and farmed near Fontanelle; 1884 tchr 
German Acad of Crete, learned English language by 
attending lectures of Prof Perry, Doane Coll; 1886-89 
emp by T H Miller, Crete; 1889-98 bkkpr First Natl Bank; 
1898-99 with Crete State Bank; 1900 with Mr Casselman 
estab Irrigators Bank of Gering, tsfrd short time later 
to Scottsbluff, cash; 1901 with First Natl Bank, Crete, 
short time; real estate bus; 1924-police judge and JP; 
mbr city coun 6 years C of C chmn finance com; mbr sch 
bd 2 years; KP, trustee; DOKK; Sons of Hermann; Congl 
Ch; hobby, KP activity; res 943 Ivy Ave, Crete.

ELLIOTT, FRED J; Retired; Chicago, III Jan 23, 1866; s 
of James Taylor Elliott-Eleanor Bean; ed Saline Co; m 
Ethel D Kilgore Apr 15, 1903 Wilber (dec Nov. 3, 1933); 
s Dr Clarence Kilgore, Harold Charles; parents settled 
May 6, 1870 near Wilber; came by covered wagon, aided 
father on farm, assumed responsibility at age 16, 
continued until death of father 1890; with mother owned 
farm unitil 1924; active in farming until 1929; retired 
and moved to Wilber, Sept 1937; sch bd mbr 34 years; 
formerly active in Farmers Alliance; mgr Farmers 
Elevator, Wilber 3 years; hobbies, politics, reading, 
collecting Saline Co historical facts; res Wilber.

ERET, EMIL JAMES; County Attorney; b Dorchester, Neb 
Oct 27, 1908; s of James Eret-Barbara Kohout; ed 
Dorchester HS; U of N, BA 1930; U of Mich, LLB 1933; 
letterman, track mgr U of N; N Club; Theta Chi; m 
Ardis Potter June 1, 1935 Kansas City Mo; 1933-prac 
law in Crete since admission to Neb bar; 1934 Saline 
Co atty; Saline Co Bar Assn, past secy; 7th Judicial 
Dist Bar, Assn; Neb St Bar, Assn, exec coun jr section; 
Amer Bar Assn; Neb Co Attys Assn, VP, past secy; Comml 
Club; Jr C of C, director and pres; AF and AM; KP; Prot; 
hobby, reading; parents settled in Saline Co in 80's; 
res Crete.

FERGUSON, JOHN; County Commissioner; b Girard, Neb Feb 
26, 1873; s of Robert Ferguson-Margaret MeFarland; ed 
Concord; m Minnie Decker, Wagner- Feb 28, 1929 Dorchester; 
1872 parents settled in Monroe pct, father farmed; as 
lad aided father and continued farming; dealer in 
livestock; now leases or rents farm properties; 1932- 
Saline Co commr; an org, past dir and VP Bank of 
Dorchester, later sold ints; SE Neb Co Commrs, Assn; 
Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks, Co Registers of Deeds 
and Co Highway Commrs; IOOF; Congl Ch; hobby, travel; 
res Friend.

GARDNER, ARTHUR CLYDE; Publisher; b Sac City, la Mar 18, 
1893; s of Francis Wayland Gardner-Susie Jessie Pratt; 
ed Kas; Neb; m Bernice Downing June 29, 1922 Beaver 
Crossing; s Wayland Downing, Franklin Robert; d Bernice 
Louise; learned typesetting at age of 10; 1912 with 
Albion News, 1919 pur half int in News, sold 1922; 1922 
pur Elgin Review, published it until 1936; 1938 owner 
and opr, Crete News; NE Neb Press Assn, past pres; NPA, 
past dir; C of C; Rotary; during World War, ent US army 
Sept 5, 1917, Co H 355th inf, disch Feb 7, 1919; past 
comm Amer Leg, Elgin post, holder 20 year, mbrship award, 
mbr- post 147 Crete; past master AF and AM, Elgin; Congl 
Ch; hobby, politics; res Crete.

GILLASPIE, GLEN A; Junior High School Principal; b 
Beatrice, Neb June 6, 1902; s of Ariel Alexander 
Gillaspie-Alta Phoebe Clough; ed Cortland HS; Doane 
Coll, BA 1929; U of N; U of Southern Cal; Delta Kappa 
Pi; m Muriel Elva Bloodgood July 6, 1933 Newark; with 
Davey Tree Surgery Co while in coll, also with C E 
Bender's Confectionery of Crete; 1929 English tchr, 
Crete 1930- prin Crete Jr HS; 1930-34 asst scoutmaster 
since 1934, holds 6 scout training certificate, 5 
years mbr veteran scouting assn, active in scout camp 
work; mbr Crete life saving many years; NSTA; Jr C of 
C, ch mbr; AF and AM; RAM, past high priest; Congl Ch, 
1929-36 tchr SS class of HS boys; hobbies, woodcarving, 
coin and stamp collecting; off HS; 
res 1144 Forest, Crete.

GREGORY, GEORGE ALBERT; Retired; b near, Hillsdale, 
Mich Nov 19, 1851; s of George A Gregory-Jane Ann 
Bross; ed Mich; Doane Coll, BSc 1882; grad work 
Chicago U, Amherst U; Yale U; m Mary Matrassa Foss 
Dec 16, 1884 Crete (dec Feb 18, 1936); d Annadora 
Foss, Mary Alberta (Mrs E Z Stowell); Mar 1874 came 
to Crete; 1874-76 farmed 80 A farm near Harvard; 
1882-94 tchr Gates Coll, Neligh; 1895-1900 supt of 
schs, Medford Ore; 1900-10 supt of schs Neligh; 1910-17 
state inspector of normal training work in HS; 1916-19 
supt of schs Crete; 1919- ret from ednl work, owner and 
opr nursery; developed Gregory method of rapid addition; 
an org, past pres and life mbr Saline Co Poultry Assn; 
Saline Co Hist Soc; hobbies, wood chopping, reading; 
res RFD 1, S Boswell Ave, Crete.

GRIMM, JAMES J; Attorney; b Pleasant Hill, Neb June 10, 
1878; s of Joseph H Grimm-Esther Elizabeth Hess; ed 
Wilber HS 1895; U of N, LLB 1901; m Mrs Alma J Zimmerman 
Feb 28, 1918 Atlantic la; s Marvin J; d Jeanne Maybelle 
(Mrs B W Mooberry), Betty June (Mrs Robert Hager); step-s 
Paul Zimmerman; step-d Minnie Zimmerman(Mrs Neal Shephard); 
1901 ent prac of law in Wilber upon admission to Neb bar; 
1911-25 Saline Co judge, re-elec 5 times; resigned from 
NNG 1907, major; 4-min man in chg of 4-min speakers 
during World War; mbr legal advisory bd; Saline Co and 
Neb St Bar Assns; C of C; mbr sch bd; AF and AM; Prot; 
hobby, gardening; parents settled near Pleasant Hill 
1874; father, prac law there and at Wilber until death, 
1911, brought first Galloway bull into Neb, ext land 
owner; res Wilber.

GUGGENMOS, FRED A; owner Investment Co; b St Paul, 
Neb June 15, 1886; s of Lewis Guggenmos-Barbara 
Keller; ed Howard Co; m Rose Petersen Oct 6, 1908 
Council Bluffs la; s Fred A Jr; assisted father on 
farm in boyhood; 1904-08 with Citizens Natl Bank 
of St. Paul, first salary $5 per mo, teller at time 
of resignation; 1908-12 cash Farmers State Bank, 
Wolbach; 1912-20 VP Dannebrog State Bank; 1920-25 
asst cash Omaha Natl Bank; 1925-34 pres Citizens 
State Bank, Dorchester; 1934- org and opr Citizens 
Investment Co of Dorchester; mbr city coun; AF and AM; 
York Rite; KT; life mbr Tangier Shrine; Prot; hobbies, 
fishing, hunting; res Dorchester.

HACKER, FRANK XAVIER; Manufacturers Agent; b Dubuque, 
la June 13, 1861; s of Fred Hacker-Catherine Johnson; 
ed Dubuque and Waterloo Ia; m Mary Goswiller Jan 16, 
1883 Waterloo la (dec Dec 11, 1905); s Frances Aloysius, 
Herbert Theodore; d Mary (Mrs Pat Heagney, dec), Bertha 
(Mrs G Earl Henton); m Susan Goswiller Oct 20, 1920 
Waterloo clk short time in groc store, Waterloo la; 
1878-81 appr in coppersmithing and tinsmithing with 
IC RR at Waterloo la; 1882 with brother Joseph in hdw 
bus, Waterloo Ia; 1883-87 bought half lnt in bus oprd 
under name of Hacker Bros, Waterloo la; 1887 came to 
Friend; 1887-92 with brother in hdw bus; 1892 bought 
brothers int, continued to opr bus until 1913; 1902 
added groc, queensware, plumbing and heating dept; 
1912 disposed of groc dept and year later disposed of 
hdw dept; 1913-15 travelled; 1915- mfrs agt; 1917- int 
financially in F D Kees Mfg Co of Beatrice, mfrs of hdw 
specialties; 1917- secy and dir of Co; org of Neb Retail 
Hdw Assn, dir many years and past pres; 3 terms mayor 
of Friend; mbr sch bd 18 years; org, past dir and past 
VP DLD Highway Assn; org and pres 25 years vol fire 
dept; org and past pres C of C; 1907 erected bldg and 
oprd San Carlo Theatre; during World War took part in 
activities and sent two sons, one commd capt in US army, 
the other In USN; Cath Ch; past chmn Saline Co Dem 
Central Com; hobbles, gardening and hunting; 
res 217 3rd, Friend.

HALLSTEAD, GERALD J; County Judge; b Petersburg, Neb 
July 28, 1903; s of Lewis B Hallstead-Sophia J Emde; 
ed U of Mich; U of N, LLB 1929; Sigma Pi; PHI Delta 
Phi; m Ruth Osterhout July 25, 1937 Crete; 1929 adm 
Neb bar also to prac in state and fed courts; 1929-32 
with Midwest Finance Co, Crete; 1932-36 in priv prac 
at Crete; 1937- Saline Co judge; Saline Co, 7th Judicial 
Dist and Neb St Bar Assns; Neb Co Judges Assn, dir and 
mbr exec coun; 1935 pres Jr C of C, largest per capita 
in U S; pres Neb Jr C of C; recd distinguished service 
award of U S Jr C of C 1935; Rotary, dir; chmn ARC, 
adviser Life Saving Corps of Crete; Dem, past pct chmn, 
chmn 2 terms Presidents Birthday Ball corn; AF and AM; 
RAM; hobbies, amateur movie photography; 
off Courthouse; res Wilber.

HAMILTON, FRANK T; Physician; b Mercer Co, Penn Sept 25, 
1876; s of John H Hamilton-Mary Sloss; ed Mercer Co Penn; 
Mt Herman, Mass Boys Sch 1897-98; Betts Acad, Stamford 
Conn 1898-1900; Hahnemann Med Coll, Chicago, MD 1904; 
m Minola Moelier Sept 2, 1909 Friend; s Perry(dec 1914), 
Robert M; d Erma, Dorothy (Mrs M Frank Miller), Harriet; 
1904-08 priv prac, Youngstown 0; 1908- phys, Friend; 
Saline Co Med So, past pres; Neb St Med Assn; fellow 
AMA; IOOF, past grand and past trustee; mbr civilian 
med corps during World War and active in drives for 
funds; mbr sch bd 15 years; city phys; deacon First 
Congl Ch; hobbies, home and family; off First Natl 
Bank Bldg; res Friend.

HANNES, HARRY E; Publisher; b Geneva, Neb July 5, 1874; 
s of William G Hannes-Hannah Walker; ed Geneva; m Emma 
L Graham May 28, 1932 Friend; learned printing trade 
with Geneva Democrat and on leaving sch was emp on the 
paper; later journeyman printer with various papers in 
middlewest; 1900-24 emp on Friend Telegraph, 1920-owner 
and opr; served in Sp-Amer with  Co G, Ist Neb vol inf 
J P past 13 years; police magistrate; Prot; Rep, 
secy-treas Saline Co Central Com, past 10 years; hobby, 
horticulture; off Friend Telegraph; 
res 214 Cedar, Friend.

HARDEMAN, EARL BROOK; Postmaster; b Ralston, Tenn 
June 24, 1884; s of Alonzo D Hardeman-Elizabeth Norman; 
ed Martin Tenn HS; Georgia Robertson Christian Coll, 
Henderson Tenn, BSc 1904; m Frances Maria Dunlap 
Oct 11, 1912 Tecumseh; as boy emp in tobacco factory at 
Ralston Tenn at $1.50 per week, later emp in stores; 
1905 came west, first located in Okla, then NM, 
remained In Albuquerque until 1909; 1909- became 
traveling representative for Shapleigh Hardware Co 
St Louis Mo; came to Neb for Sbapleigh Hdw Co and 
located at Tecumseh 1910-13; 1913 with Bond and Nohl 
Gen Mdse Co, Espanola N M; 1914-20 located at Grand 
Island as traveling representative for Paxton and 
Gallagher, whol house, Omaha; 1920-34 oprd a variety 
store at Crete; 1934- P M Crete; Neb League of Dist 
P Ms; Neb ch of Natl Assn of P Ms of US; C of C; 
Izaak Walton; Rotary; AF and AM; RAM; Tecumseh KT; 
Sesostris Shrine; Chris Ch; chmn Saline Co President's 
birthday com, also chmn Crete com; hobbies, golf, 
fishing and hunting; off U S PO Bldg; 
res 127 E 13th, Crete.

HARTMAN, JESSE; Physician; b Mottsville, Mich Mar 6, 
1872; s of Henry Hartman-Helen Traverse; ed Mich, 
tchrs certificate; U of N Coll of Med, MD 1909; Long 
Island Coll of Med, N Y; m Clara Deltze July 15, 1908 
Lincoln; s Russell, Edwin; 1902 came to Neb, lived in 
Lincoln until 1909; 1909- prac med, Crete; city Phys 
10 years; AF and AM; Prot; hobbies, fishing and travel, 
has visited 45 states in past 20 years; off Crete 
State Bank Bldg; res 643 Grove, Crete.

Nov 27, 1888; s of George H Hastings-Helen Mary 
Richardson; ed Crete HS; Doane Coll, BA 1910; U of N, 
LLE 1913; Delta Chi; m Edith M Lapp July 28. 1915 
Lincoln; d Anna Mae; June 16, 1913- prac law, Crete; 
C of C; Rotary, pres 1938-39, gov 19th dist 1935-36; 
Doane Coll trustee since 1932; mbr bd of edn 1920-26, 
pres 1925-26; Saline Co, 7th Judicial Dist,and Neb St 
Bar Assns; Amer Bar Assn, past chmn Americanization com; 
AF and AM 37, master 1918-19; 1920-21 high priest RAM; 
First Congl Ch, pres bd of trustees since 1937; hobby, 
study of early Amer history, writer of Saline Co history 
for Who's Who in Neb; off 119 West 13th; 
res 1010 Grove Ave, Crete.

HAVLOVIC, JOSEPH J; Merchant; b Wilber, Neb May 20, 
1890; s of Joseph Havlovic-Antonia Brabec; ed Wilber; 
m Anna Kral May 27, 1920 Lincoln; s Robert, William, 
Donnie; d Evelyn; as boy helped father in blacksmith 
shop until family moved to farm SE of Wilber; on leaving 
sch was emp with plasterers and brick-layers in bldg 
trade; 1916-17 clk In store of C J Bors of Wilber; 1919 
in groc bus; 1920-23, 1924-28 emp in plasterers trade at 
Crete; 1923 in groc bus at Geneva; 1928 in merc store, 
Wilber; C of C; during World  War joined US army Feb 1918 
stationed at Vancouver Wash. 5 mos, served 13 rnos O/S 
on western front, in action at Meuse-Argonne, 
Alsace-Loraine, Verdun and other places awarded victory 
medal, disch June 21, 1919; Amer Leg; hobbies, swimming, 
fishing, travel; family came to Saline Co 1870 father 
was blacksmith; res Wilber.                  

HEWIT, GEORGE LINUS; Dentist; b Friend, Neb Oct 26, 
1885; s of Dr Hamilton Werth Hewit-Bertha A Bader; 
ed Friend HS 1902; U of DDS 1910; Kappa Sigma; m 
Wilhemina Caroline Deines June 7, 1907 Dorchester; 
s Dr Linus Worth; d Helen Frances; 1909-10 with uncle 
Dr Ed Hewit of Oconowoe WI in prac; 1910-20 in priv 
prac at Beaver Crossing; 1920- prac at Friend; has 
farm ints in Saline, Sherman Red Willow Cos; past 
city treas mayor of Beaver Crossing; pres 2 years, 
secy 3 years of sch bd at Friend; past mbr SE Neb 
Dental Soc; past mbr Neb St and ADA; dental examiner 
during World War in Seward and Saline Cos; AF and AM, 
Scot Rite, Sesostris Shrine; IOOF; father now  now of 
Lincoln, early pioneer in Saline Co and Friend, prac 
in Friend 30 years, ret in 1906; 
off First, Natl Bank Bldg, res Friend.

HEYHOE, ALBERT GEORGE; Educator; b Swaffham, Norfolk, 
England; s of George Heyhoe-Lucy Whiskered priv sch 
in England, pub sch of Swaffham; Dartmouth BA 1906, 
MA 1908; Bangor Theological Seminary BD 1915; Yale U 
1916-18; U of Colo, summer session; U of Southern Cal,
summer sessions; Chicago Theological Seminary 1927; 
U of Chicago 1927-28; Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude 
and special honors in philosophy at Dartmouth; m A 
Almena Wilgus, Philadelphia Penn; s Gordon, Kenneth 
Wilgus, Winston Brainerd; 1906-08 asst in philosophy, 
Dartmouth 1908-09 tnstr in Biblical literature 
Christian Evidences; 1909-1919 prof of Biblical 
Literature and Christian Evidences Doane Coll Crete; 
1919-32 dean of men and prof of philosophy and 
psychology; author Relation of Mind and Body Syllabus 
and  Workbook for an Introduction to the Ethics of the 
Individual, also various magaizne articles; in Who's 
Who In Amer Edn; during World  War active in Liberty 
Loan drives past mbr Amer Philosophical Assn, past mbr 
Neb Schoolmasters Club, past mbr Neb Aced of Sciences; 
Mid Western Psychological Assn; AAAS Neb Assn of 
Church Colleges; Nebraskana Soe; past mbr Rotary Coll 
YMCA, past councillor; past trustee  of Crete pub lib; 
MWA; Blue Valley Assn of Congl Ministers; First Congl 
Ch, past moderator of the Neb conf and chmn of course 
of study com; hobbies, travel and research work; 
off Doane Coll, res Crete.

HOJER, EMIL M; Pharmacist; b Crete, Neb Dec 10, 1906; 
s of J Hojer-Terezia Longova; ed Dorcherter HS; Doane 
Coll BA 1930, won letter in football and track; 1928 
mbr champion track team Neb Collegiate Athletic Conf; 
U of N; 1933 became lic and registered pharm in Neb; 
Sigma Zeta; Tau Sigma Zeta; m Arline Marie Nespory Aug 
18, 1935 Crete; while attending coll emp by Bors Drug 
Store of Wilber; 1934 pur Thomas Pharm at Blue Springs, 
moved complete stock to Crete; Apr 1, 1934- owner and 
opr H and H Pharm; Neb Pharm Assn; Comml Club; Sr C of 
C; Jr C of C; AF aand AM 37, sr deacon; Sokol, activity 
com, dramatic club; ZCBJ, Dorchester; Meth Ch; hobbies, 
woodwork, photography, fishing and hunting; parents 
pioneers of Saline Co; res 1121 Juniper, Crete.

HORNER, EBEN JAMES; Dentist; b Harvard, Neb July 13, 
1893; s of Taylor Horner-Mary Weir; ed Laredo Mo HS 
1914; U of N, DDS 1919; Xi Psi Phi; m Frances Thompson 
Aug 30, 1919 Clay Center; d Betty Jean, sch tchr, Clay 
Co; priv prac at Lincoln; 1921-25 prac at Chester; 1933- 
priv prac, Dorchester; Lincoln Dist Dental Soc; Neb St 
and ADA; chmn of Saline Co 4H Clubs; BSA, scout master 
of troop 278 Dorchester; during World War ent service 
of US army at Camp Funston, disch; re-enl in rned res, 
sent to U of N; Amer Leg 264; Dem, chmn pct corn, secy 
Saline Co Central.Com; hobby, boys and girls work, 
character  building; res Dorchester.

HOUSER, EDWARD HENRY; Funeral Director and Furniture 
Dealer; b Swanton Neb Nov 9, 1886; s of John Houser-Rosie 
Huletz; ed Wilber HS 1906; m Florence Davey June 12, 
1912 Kansas City Mo; foster d Leone Davey; 1891 family 
came to Wilber; as lad emp in W F Cervny gen mdse 
store; 1907 tchr near Wilber; 1908 with Tincher and 
Dickinson Bros Clothing Store, Wilber; 1909 with Neb 
Clothing Co, with father in impi bus, Wilber; 11920-22 
traveling representative for Internatl Harvester Co; 
Aug 22, 1922- pur int of Ed Huletz and with Jake Havel 
opr under name Havel and Houser Furn and Undertaking; 
Saline Co Funeral Dirs Assn; past bd mbr C of C; mbr 
sch bd; past pres Rotary, 100% attendance record 10 
years; ch mbr Wilber Gun Club; Wilber municipal band; 
an org and supvr of construction Wilber swimming pool; 
Bsa coucillor; past master AF and AM; Scot Rite 32degree; 
Sesostris Shrine; OES; hobbies, hunting, fishing; 
res Wilber.

HROCH, CHARLES B; Bank Cashier; Oct 13, 1887; s of 
John W Hroch Elizabeth Zajicek; ed Omaha comml Coll; 
m Mary Bartos Dec 12 1910 Omaha (dec Dec 13, 1926) 
s Charles F; m Blanche Cookingham June 4 1928 Osceola; 
d  Peggy Gene; 1907 with Schmoller and Mueller Piano 
Co, Council Bluffs la; 1908 with A Hospe Music Co, 
Lincoln; 1909-10 with Cerveny Bros Gen Mdse Co. 
Wilber; Dec 12, 1910-1922 bkkpr and asst cash Bank 
of Wilber, C of C; still owns family homestead and 
has original homestead certificate 1, 1875 and signed 
by Pres U S Grant; family settled in Saline Co; Ne St 
and Amer Bankers Assns; FDIC; KP; ZCBJ; Sokol; Wilber 
Gun Club; hobby, work; res Wilber.

HUTSON, LLOYD DALTON; Territory Manager; b Gilead, 
Neb Nov 21, 1899; s of Fred J Hutson-Mary Catherine 
Phillips; ed Gilead; Chester; Crete; Concordia Kas 
HS; m Helen Caswell Oct 31, 1921 Kansas City, Mo; d 
Betty Jean, Mary Elizabeth; while in HS emp by 
Fairmont Creamery Co at Concordia, Kas after sch 
hours; 1918-19 with Neb Portland  Cement Co, Superior; 
1919 with Great Western Sugar Co. Sterling Colo, 
1920-21, 1922-25 with Indep Creamery Co, Council 
Grove Kas; 1921-22 with Meriden Creamery Co, Kansas 
City Mo; 1925 butter maker, Herington Kas creamery; 
1926-36 territory supt for Fairmont Creamery at Crete, 
1936- territory mgr; Izaak Walton; AF and AM; IOOF; 
Meth Ch; hobbies, travel, fishing, hunting; 
res 431 E llth.  Crete.

JELINEK, VIT J; Florist; b Crete, Neb Sept 18, 1890; 
s of Vit Jelinek-Mary Schleis; ed Crete; m Anne E 
Richtarik Nov 25, 1915 Lincoln; d Vita Ann, Jean 
Joan; worked on farm until 1915; 1916 emp by Durak 
Bros recreation parlors, then pur bus and oprd until 
1924; 1920 ent florist trade; 1922 built greenhouses, 
continued as florist; Neb St Florists Soc; Society of 
Amer Florists and Ornamental Horticulturists; FTD; 
Izaak Walton, VP 4th dist; Sokol; VP bd of edn; mbr 
vol fire dept; 1919-20 and 1935-36 mbr city coun; 
Rotary; helped finance BSA camp; bd rnbr Saline Co 
Agri Assn; C of C; KP, chancellor comm; hobbies, 
hunting, football; 1864 father came to Crete and was 
first Bohemian homesteader in Saline Co to be recorded 
in Washington, D C; res 1041 Main, Crete.

JOHNSON, ALBERT LITLE; President Milling Co; b Albany, 
Wis June 19, 1864; s of Andrew Johnson-Mary Ann Litle; 
ed York; U of N; Elliott Bus Coll, Burlington Ia; m 
Harriot Elizabeth Patmore Aug 1885 Valparaiso; s Dr 
Rodney Knox, Port A, Benjamin Litle; d Ruth (Mrs E L 
Stancliff); 1866 came to Neb, 1883 came to Crete; 
1883-with Crete Mills, 1895 named mgr, now pres; mill 
has grown from 125 bbl per day capacity and $3500 
annual payroll to 1300 bbl daily capacity and $250,000 
payroll; products shipped in cariots to 38 states E 
to Maine, S to Fla, W to Cal and N to Canada; Mills 
in oprn 70 years, oldest in Neb from standpoint of 
continuous oprn; under govt control during war; several 
employees have 25 to 30 years service record, one with 
orgn 56 years; friends of Mr Johnson gathered in Lincoln 
June 19, 1937 to commemor-ate his 50th year with Crete 
Mills, Hugh Butler of Omaha presided, exgov S R McKelvie 
of Lincoln prin speaker; Neb Millers Assn; Millers Natl 
Fedn; C of C, Omaha, Lincoln, Crete; Neb St Hist Soc, 
life mbr; SAR; 44 years trustee Neb Wes; mbr sch bds 
Crete and Uni Place; during World War, one son in U S 
army, another in USN; both he and wife mbrs ARC since 
1917; hobbies, work, horseback riding, travel; father 
and oldest brother, Rodney, came to Neb 1865 with 
one-horse wagon and afoot, located at present 
Valparaiso, hauled lbr from Rock Bluff for first 
frame house west of Platte River and manufactured 
from cottonwood trees on farm first shingles used 
in Lincoln; off Crete Mills; res 1112 Grove, Crete.

JOHNSON, RODNEY KNOX; Physician and Surgeon; b 
Valparaiso, Neb Apr 18, 1886; s of Albert Litle 
Johnson-Harriot Elizabeth Patmore; ed Crete HS; Neb 
Wes, BSc 1908; U of Mich, MSc 1923; Hahnemann U. 
Philadelphia Penn, MD 1926; Army Med Coll, Carlisle 
Barracks - Penn 1931; Alpha Sigma; Phi Kappa Tau; m 
Mary Louise Crowe June 26, 1908 Merriman; s Albert 
Litle II, Rodney Karl, Steven, Merrit, Donald P; d 
Lois (Mrs E F Lindenmayer), Mary Louise; acct and 
ofer for father in Crete Mills until 1912; 1926-27 
interne West Jersey Hosp, Camden N J; 1927- prac med, 
Friend; Rotary, pres; Izaak Walton; in BSA work 18 
years, vice-chmn Cornhusker area and chmn Blue 
Valley dist of area; SAR; mbr NNG 14 years, capt 
commanding Co I 110th med regiment past 9 years; 
1935 chief med dir Republican River Valley flood 
relief; med service in Omaha street car strike; med 
dir Crete Mills; local surg and examiner CB and Q 
RR; Saline Co Med Soc, secy and treas past 10 years; 
Neb St and AMA; Saline Co 4-H clubs; mbr sch bd 6 
years; pres park bd; during World War active in 
drives for funds in Seattle Wash; AF and AM 73; 
Meth Ch; hobbies, movie photography and flower 
gardening; off 413 Pine; res 419 Pine, Friend.

JOYNER, NEVILL McCAA; Physicion and Surgeon; b Mason, 
Tenn Mar 24, 1899; s of Rev Nevill Joyner-Elizabeth 
McCaa; ed Racine Wis Mil Aced and Coll, 1919; U of 
S D 1920; U of N, BSc 1925, MD 1926; Phi Rho Sigma; 
m Jean Blish June 6, 1927 Lincoln; s William; 1926-27 
interne Clarkson Memorial Hosp, Omaha; 1927-29 priv 
prac at Axtell; 1929 prac with Lathrop Clinic, Casper 
Wyo; 1930- priv prac at Friend; city phys 3 years; 
during World War 1918-19 in SATC at Racine Wis Coll; 
Amer Leg; Saline Co Med Soc, Neb St Med Assn; fellow 
hobbies, sports; res Friend.

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