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A. B. Woods

Letterwould seem superfluous in preparing a history of Scotts Bluff County to devote much space to the pre-settlement period, since it is much the same as that of all Nebraska. Briefly epitomized, it may be said that its first authentic history begins with the explorations at the beginning of the nineteenth century, to be exact, with the return trip of the Astorians in 1812-1813.
    Every thoroughfare across the continent beyond the Missouri river passed through the North Platte valley--the Old Oregon Trail, the Mormon Trail, the Pony Express, all their routes being along the south side of the river save that of the Mormon hegira in 1856.
   Scotts Bluff County takes its name from the more or less legendary story which appeared in one of Washington Irving's stories relating the death of one Hiram Scott, trader, who was presumably deserted by companions when he became ill and whose skeleton was later found at the spring near the foot of the landmark which has since been known as Scotts Bluff. Various other accounts in contemporary history are slightly different, but the general fact seems well substantiated.
   More accurate history is available for later years, including the various westward movements, the Indian wars, the days of the cattle barons and the invasion of land-hungry settlers, who, in 1885, began making filings in small numbers, the peak of the first influx being reached about 1888. At this time the present county, a part of the original Louisiana purchase, had been for perhaps twenty years the least known section in the new state of Nebraska. In territorial days a huge portion of it was known as Lyons County. When statehood came in 1867, this general area became Cheyenne County.
   As settlement increased, the large cattle companies were unwelcome, and in 1887 the herd law was revived, requiring settlers to fence their new farms in order to protect their meager crops from destruction by cattle, and the cattle companies were forced to remove.
    It was in 1887 that the first definite progress toward real development began. An embryo town called Gering was established. On the same day in April, 1887, its postoffice was officially named and the first newspaper, the Gering Courier, was issued. The first proposed name, offered by O. W. Gardner, promoter of the townsite and the first postmaster, was Vendome, which appellation was refused at Washington because of its possible confusion with Verdon, another postoffice in the state. This writer, young publisher of the newspaper, had to obtain a new "head" because of the change.
   County division, largely demanded by the ambitions of aspiring promoters of towns in Cheyenne County rather than the granger residents, was sought in 1887. The election held that autumn was upon a three-county division plan, but it was defeated, chiefly because Sidney, the old frontier town which was the county seat, opposed the change. The following year a new plan for a five-county division, was carried, necessitating a new location for the county seat. Three sites were proposed, One in Mitchell valley, one on the north side of the river, and one in Gering, which was at that time the only established town. None of these received a clear majority, and a second election was necessary.
   In February, 1889, with the least supported of the three sites in the first election eliminated Gering received a majority over Mitchell and became the county seat. Gering's success was based upon an offer by the townsite company to provide the county with a free bridge across the river at Gering, which promise was fulfilled and the bridge built during that summer. It may be interesting to note that this bridge, a narrow one, was replaced by another later on, and this in turn by a modem concrete span. Official figures of the road department show that the highway upon which the bridge is located is the most intensively traveled highway in Nebraska.
   The formation of the new county was accomplished by travail in the realm of financial operation. Its first grief was the result of having to try a man named Arnold for a murder committed prior to the creation of the county, and it was several years after his conviction that a reimbursement bill was passed by the state legislature to cover the $7,000 costs accruing in the trial. For a number of years county debts were paid in the form of certificates of their validity, which could be placed with obliging capitalists who discounted them exactly one-half.
   It was also in this same period that irrigation became a part of the county picture. A couple of small canals were first built, the Farmers and the Minatare, each on the north side of the river, where the topography was smooth enough to enable construction by the crude methods then possible for

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settlers' slip and scraper work. Similar projects followed, some on the south side of the river where favored areas could be reached without encountering the rugged projections from the Wildcat range on the south. The Enterprise and Winter Creek canals on the north side and the Mitchell, Gering and Castle Rock canals on the south side were in this second group.
   Water speedily began attracting additional settlers, the crops on irrigated land almost invariably being satisfactory, while the so-called dry land suffered from crop failure almost half the time. A period during which granger cattle ranging was developed to a considerable degree followed and laid the foundation for a considerable number of substantial fortunes. But with the passage of the national reclamation act in 1902 came larger plans. Again, the "lay of the land" entered into the government plans, and the first work was begun upon the north side of the river. The Farmers canal had been purchased by a group of men headed by William H. Wright, who proposed to extend it about fifty miles. This enterprise plodded along under serious difficulties and after numerous successions in management was successfully completed. The government obtained a location farther up the stream at Whalen, Wyo., and settlers were told that water would cost them $35 per acre. This figure grew steadily until it was unbearably large, but in due time concessions made by Uncle Sam brought down the construction costs and altered terms of payment.
   A similar project on the south side of the river was then taken up by the government. This was completed ten years later than the one on the north side. About 1900 the first railroad penetrated the North Platte valley, and the town of Scottsbluff was established on the new Burlington line two miles directly north of Gering. It grew steadily and after two score years is the metropolis of western Nebraska, although Gering clung to her colors and made a winning fight for existence. Gering's battle might have been lost had not the Union Pacific railroad likewise built into the valley in 1910, and made it a focal spot in valley activities.
   Growth of the irrigated area gave impetus to an important industry which began with the establishment of the first sugar factory at Scottsbluff in 1910. It was followed by another at Gering in 1916, and by three others at Mitchell, Minatare and Lyman. A little later in the irrigation development, a popular vote of water users was taken on both the north and south government projects; this authorized the Guernsey dam electric energy development. Rural electrification projects cover almost every nook and corner of the county. In 1939, the federal government erected an electric substation at Gering for the control and distribution of joint energy from the large western hydroelectric sources. Incident to reclamation a huge lake was created north of Minatare for storage purposes. This vicinity has developed into an enjoyable recreational resort.
   Recently the federal government has, with the aid of CCC labor, added much to the development of the Scotts Bluff National monument area, improvements including a paved highway which reaches to the summit, a completed water system over recreational grounds, and the establishment of the Oregon Trail museum.
   With the rapid increase in population and intensive farming operations came other developments. The dairy idea took hold of rural fancy with profitable results. During the twenties a cooperative cheese company built several local factories which were later concentrated into one plant at Gering. Other industries have followed, one of which was the development of sheep and cattle feeding on a scale so large that the packing industry is a stable business. Canning factory agitation resulted in the building of a plant. The bean industry developed so greatly that one man successfully established five sorting, grading and packing plants. Potato growing, always successful in point of production, grew into a major industry, and certified seed from the valley is sent all over the nation.
   One of the youngest counties of the state, Scotts Bluff ranks high in population, in commercial importance, in valuation, in industry, in car registrations, in paved highways, and in many other important classifications. Few modem conveniences are lacking--a far cry from the conditions when the pioneers half a century ago first drove their covered wagons out into the wide-open spaces to begin their winning struggle with the virgin soil.

   ADAMS, THOMAS B: Insurance Agent; b Ripley, W Va Mar 15, 1881; s of William Mead Adams-Martha Winter; ed Ripley W Va Normal; Concord State Normal; Massey Bus Coll, Richmond Va; m Jennie Fay Adamson 1919 Marietta O; 4 years tchr in public schs; worked in clothing store Ripley W Va; foreman Courtney Lbr Co, Charleston W Va; foreman McQuade Contracting Co, Pittsburgh Pa; foreman Manufacturers Heat & Light, Pittsburgh; 1910-17 ins agt East Liverpool Ohio; 1918-19 emp in off of solvent dept Hercules Powder Co, Nitro W Va: 1919- gen ins agt, Scottsbluff; safety dir for Scotts Bluff Co; KP; Congl Ch; secy Scotts Bluff Co Dem Central Com; hobbies, bird dogs, guns hunting; off Weller Bldg; res 2608 3rd Ave, Scottsbluff.

   ADCOCK, ORA ELLSWORTH: Merchant; b Lucas Co, Ia Nov 26, 1888: s of William Ellsworth Adcock-Ida Emma Jones; ed Russell Ia HS 1904; m Carrie Elizabeth Franklin Nov 5, 1913 Scottsbluff; s Orie Cash; 1897-1904 worked for Ewald & Rockey Gen Store, Russell Ia; 1904-05 clk D L Hinsheimer Clothing & Dry Goods Store, Glenwood Ia; 1905-08 clk Hinshiemer & Lufkin Store, Fairfield; 1908-12 traveling salesman with M E Smith & Co of Omaha; 1912- owner & opr gen store, McGrew; 1924 opr farm lands & stock feeder near McGrew; 1924-35 org & opr Farmers State Bank, McGrew; past mbr city coun 10 years; AF&AM 295, KT & past master RAM, Gering; pres Comm Club since orgn; Fedn of Neb Retailers, Assoc C of C of N Platte Valley, past VP;


in Nebraska

Scotts Bluff

treas Castle Rock Irrigation Dist; Chimney Rock Pub Power Dist, dir; Chris Ch; Rep; hobby, work; res McGrew.

   AINLAY, JOHN ALBERT: Chief of Motor Fuel Division; b Holdrege, Neb June 20, 1908; s of William John Ainlay-Katie Ellen Albert; ed Farnam HS 1926; U of N 1929; m Margaret Mae McNickle Aug 1, 1927 Sterling Colo; s Duane Keith; 1929-33 chemist, Great Western Sugar Co, Scottsbluff; asst chief, youngest asst chief chemist with entire co; 1933-39 chemist for state, in charge field work, dept of agr; June 1939- chief of motor fuel div; Sept 1939 gave address on inspection of fuels & its relation to tax collection before N Amer Gasoline Tax Conf; Congl Ch; hobby, chemistry, study in private laboratory; off State House, Lincoln; res Scottsbluff.

   ALLEN, CHAUNCEY HOPKINS: Druggist; b Atchison Co, Mo Apr 12, 1881; s of Chauncey H Allen-Susan Regal; ed Nebraska City HS 1900; m Mabel Gertrude Swift Sept 6, 1906 Nebraska City (dec 1933); s Amos C, Donald E; 1897-1900 while att sch worked in drug store, Nebraska City; 1900-01 with drug firm, St Louis Mo; 1901-17 co-owner Henry Schwake Drug Co, Nebraska City, sold int 1917; 1917 co-owner Collins Drug Co, Malvern Ia; 1918-23 traveling representative E E Bruce & Co, whol drugs, Omaha, territory northern Neb, southern S D, northwest Wyo; 1923- owner & mgr Allen Drug Store, Mitchell; AF&AM 2, Nebraska City, RAM, Omaha; Comm Club; Kiwanis, 1st pres; mbr Neb Pharm Assn; Meth Ch; Rep; father (dec 1889) mbr 24th Neb Inf during Civil War, later resided Brownville, Peru & Nebraska City; off Allen Drug Co; res Mitchell.

   ANDERSON, HERK V: Merchant & Manager Poultry Marketing Association; b Wilsonville, Neb May 30, 1890; s of John V Anderson-Anna Belle Maughlin: ed Wilsonville HS; U of N, short course in agr; m Ruby May Burt Jan 8, 1913 Wilsonville; s Harold Burt, John Dale; d Willa M; 1908-16 farmed with father in Furnas Co; 1916-17 homesteaded near Henry; 1917- owner & opr H V Anderson Gen Mdse Store, Henry; also engaged in gen farming & stock feeding SW of Henry, raises turkeys; 1924- mgr North Platte Co-op Poultry Marketing Assn since orgn; 1937- pres Great Northern Turkey Growers Assn since orgn, assn includes seven states; mbr town bd since 1917, chmn several years; MWA; Meth Ch; Indep; hobbies, turkeys, turkey raising; father early Furnas Co settler, came from Ia 1883; res Henry.

   ANDERSON, LEE COOK: Merchant & Farmer; b Washington, Ia May 4, 1883; s of John V Anderson-Anna Belle Maughlin; ed Furnas Co; WilsonvilIe HS; m Lena Parker June 27, 1906 Wilsonville; s Robert P, Everett H; d Esther Marie; 1900-16 owner & opr farm in Furnas Co, also stock raiser; 1916- owner & mgr L C Anderson hdw & impl bus, Henry; son Robert with father in bus since 1931; owner of farms near Henry, active in cattle & sheep feeding, past 20 years; mbr sch bd 23 years; Colo-Neb Lambfeeders Assn; Meth Ch; Indep; hobby, livestock raising & feeding; res Henry.

   ANDERSON, MYRON: High School Superintendent; b Osceola, Neb Oct 14, 1897; s of Eric Anderson-Ulrika Samuelson; ed Omaha South HS 1916; U of N, BA 1921 & MA 1934; Colo St Tchrs Coll, Greeley 1936; Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi; m Mildred Davis Aug 17, 1925 Chicago; s Richard Davis; 1922-23 tchr & coach Bridgeport; 1923-29 prin & coach Mitchell schs; 1929- supt Mitchell schs; during World War, anti-aircraft OTC, Co K Fort Monroe Va, 3 mos in service, commd 2nd lt in reserve; Amer Leg, past comm; past pres Comm Club; pres Kiwanis; Assoc C of C of North Platte Valley, pres; past secy, past pres 6th dist of NSTA; NEA; AF&AM; hobby, hunting; off HS; res 1402 19th Ave, Mitchell.

   ASHBROOK, HARRIETTE: Writer; b Manhattan, Kas Aug 5, 1898; d of Letchar Lee Ashbrook-Susan Brady; ed Brownell Hall, Omaha; U of N, BA 1920; Gamma Phi Beta; Theta Sigma Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; past reporter on Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln; Colgary Alberta, Albertan; Boston Telegram; Brooklyn Eagle; also formerly emp in publicity & trade promotion work for Harper & Brothers, Coward-McCann, Ind & G P Putnam's Sons, publishing cos in New York City; author of The Murder of Cecily Thane, The Murder of Steven Kester, The Murder of Sigurd Sharon, A Most Immoral Murder, Murder Makes Murder, all of these books published by Coward-McCann, Ind, New York City; res Mitchell.

   ATKINS, AUBURN HUGH: Attorney; b Sidney, Neb July 17, 1898; s of Auburn W Atkins-Lulia Barnhart; Bridgeport HS; U of N, LLB 1923; Phi Gamma Delta; m Ione Scofield Dec 26, 1932 Sidney; s Tommy M; d Susan A; 1923 adm to Neb bar, 1924 adm to Wyo bar; 1924 dep co atty, Natrona Co Wyo; 1925-32 prac law, Bridgeport, part time as ptr of Vern R Coulter; 1932- prac law, Scottsbluff; atty & dist mgr Union L & S Assn of Lincoln; past city atty, Bridgeport 4 years; AF&AM 285, Bridgeport; Rotary, past pres; Scotts Bluff Co, Western Neb, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; during World War 3 mos training SNTC at U of N; Amer Leg; Episc Ch; Rep; parents came to Sidney in 1870's, father rancher, Cheyenne Co commr & mbr state fair bd several years; off 13 W 16th; res 1927 Second Ave, Scottsbluff.

   ATTEBERY, FRED M: Cattle Feeder; b Crete, Neb Oct 13, 1882; s of Willis Attebery-Mary Belle Mauzey; ed Crete HS 1902; Doane Coll, 1902-03; m Myrrh Hanson Sept 4, 1907 Cheyenne Wyo; d Mildred Hanson (Mrs Phillip Schneider), Ruth Beatrice; 1903-04 druggist with H H Cone, Ashland; 1904-06 druggist with Palace Pharm, Cheyenne Wyo; 1906-18 owner & opr drug store, Mitchell; 1914- cattle feeder near Mitchell; has topped Chicago market, 34 out of 35 shipments in 1938 & 23 out of 24 shipments in 1939; 1938 topped market 31 consecutive times & estab world record; in 9 years of shipping has topped market 142 times, world record; during 9 years sold 2343 head of cattle at peak market prices, another world record; Hotel New Yorker displays Neon sign "We Serve Attebery, Nebraska Beef"; beef also featured by Jack Dempsey's restaurant, by railroads & steamship lines & Palmer House in Chicago; pres Scotts Bluff Co Fair bd; AF&AM 263, past senior warden, Scot Rite, 32o; Amer Natl Livestock Assn; pres Scotts Bluff Co Agri Assn; Federated Ch; Rep; hobbies, agr, cattle feeding; father came from Ill to Neb following Civil War, freighted Lincoln Journal Press, 2nd newspaper in state, from Nebraska City to Lincoln by ox team; resided on site which is now Lincoln City Hall; res Mitchell.

   ATTEBERY, OLIVER THOMAS: Stock Raiser & Stock Feeder; b Saline Co, Neb Mar 13, 1884; s of Willis Attebery-Belle Mauzey; ed Crete HS 1903; Doane Coll, 1903-05; m Ellelia Schrock June 1908 Crete; 1898-1905 emp in drug store, Crete; 1905-06 learned pharm while emp in drug store, Ashland; 1906 registered pharm in Neb by examination; 1906-07 registered pharm in Wyo by examination; emp in drug store in Cheyenne 1 year; 1907-38 owner & mgr Attebery Drug Co, Morrill, total 40 years in bus, ret 1938; 1911- in cattle & ranch bus near Morrill, sheep feeder past 15 years; past chmn Morrill city coun 2 terms; AF &AM 271, past master; Rotary; C of C, past pres; Assoc C of C of North Platte Valley; Indep; res Morrill.

   AYARS, JOHN G: Pharmacist; b Beaver City, Neb Nov 26, 1884; s of John Judson Ayars-Mary Elizabeth Seaman; ed Beaver City HS 1902; Grand Island Bus Coll 1903; Fremont Coll of Pharm, PhG 1910; m Lola Marie Burt Sept 10, 1912 Cambridge; s Frank W; d Rowene; 1898-1902 worked on dairy farm near Beaver City, 1902-03 waiter in hotel in Grand Island; 1904-06 homesteaded in Chase Co; 1907-08 clk, Tom Larson Drug Store, Wilsonville; 1910-12 Pharm Hummer Drug Co, Cheyenne Wyo; 1912- 13, 1914-15 pharm with Randall Drug Co, Rawlins Wyo; 1913-14 pharm. with drug store at Red Lodge, Mont; 1915-16 owner & opr drug store, Afton Wyo; 1916-17 pharm in drug store, Provo Utah; 1917-21 farmed near Henry; 1921- owner & opr Ayars Drug Store Mitchell; past mbr city coun; past mbr sch bd 9 years; Comm Club; AF&AM 263; Neb & Amer Pharm Assns; NARD; Fedn of Neb Retailers; Federated Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing, sports; off 1326 Center Ave; res 1427 19th Ave, Mitchell.

   BAKER, JAMES OMAR: Retired; b Whiteside Co, Ill June 6, 1852; s of Reuben Baker-Elizabeth Hubbart; ed Ill, Adrian Mich Coll; m Emily Robinson 1872 Fenton Ill (dec 1878); d Charlotte (dec 1879); m Minnie Brolliar Dec 23, 1880 Fenton Ill (dec 1937); 1872-78 farmed near McFadden Ill; 1878-84 in merc bus, Ill; 1884 came to Neb, sold lots at founding of Phillips; 1886-88 pur right-of-way for CB&Q RR between Aurora & Grand Island, later near Cheyenne Wyo; 1888-1901 cash Bank of Phillips; 1900-01 with J W Wend came to North Platte valley & estab banks at Bridgeport, Bayard, Mitchell & Minatare, sold int 1903 to pur irrigated land; 1903- mgr farm interests; dir Bridgeport State Bank; AF&AM 262, mbr 52 years, Scot Rite, Alliance; Tangier Shrine; MWA; Royal Highlanders; Dem; hobby, gardening; res Mitchell.


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   BAKER, LEROY: Manager Wholesale House; b Lincoln, Neb Feb 11, 1888; s of Winfield S Baker-Mary L Ricketts; ed Lincoln HS 1904; LBC 1918-21; m Clara I Allensworth Aug 12, 1910 Lincoln; s Harold E, Louis W, Jack E, Donald L; 1906-17 emp by Lincoln light & water dept, became chief clk of light dept; 1917- asst mgr Raymond Bros Whol Co at Scottsbluff, July 5, 1930- mgr, also 2nd VP Lincoln & Scottsbluff firms of Raymond Bros Whol Co; Lions; C of C; BPOE 1367; UCT; LOOM, 459; Scottsbluff Country Club; Episc Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; off Raymond Bros Wholesale Co; res 1502 5th Ave, Scottsbluff.

   BALTES, GEORGE: Farmer & Rancher; b Dane Co, Wis Jan 18, 1864; s of Anton Baltes-Mary Reuter; ed Wis log cabin sch; m Fannie Chalupa Feb 17, 1895 Alliance; s Glenard A, Harold R, Lawrence G. Kenneth J (dec); d Mamie, Emma Violet; reared on farm in Wis; 1886 preempted claim in present Scotts Bluff Co; 1886-88 did dry land farming with oxen near present site of Scottsbluff when Sidney was nearest town; 1888-94 rode range. freighted for P-F Cattle Co in eastern Wyo; 1894- farmer, rancher near Scottsbluff, owns 296 A irrigated land, 16 sections ranch land in Sioux Co; past dir Enterprise Ditch CO; past mbr sch bd dist 10, hauled sod to build first schoolhouse; BPOE; Farmers Union; Cath Ch; Dem; res Scottsbluff.

   BANCROFT, REV GEORGE SAMUEL: Clergyman; b Wood River, Neb July 6, 1901; s of George Bradley Bancroft-Hattie Almira Sheldon; ed Teachers Coll HS, Lincoln 1921; U of N, BA 1927; Omaha Seminary, BTh 1930, MTh 1932; m Naomi O Beckenhauer Nov 4, 1922 West Point; s Dwight Raymond; d Jeanne Ruth; 1917-20 worked at various jobs in Lincoln; 1921-30 emp in P O, Lincoln & Omaha; 1930-35 pastor Pollock S D Memorial Church; 1935- pastor Presby Ch at Scottsbluff; since 1930 active in young peoples religious conference, dean of conferences in S D & Neb since 1935; mbr of council, moderator Neb synod; past moderator, mbr natl missions com Box Butte presbytery; Kiwanis, past pres, past chmn child welfare com: PTA; past mbr dist com in BSA, mbr local com, past scoutmaster; dir Neb Prisoners Aid Soc; dir Westminster Foundation, Presby Ch; Rep: hobby, literature; res 2017 list Ave, Scottsbluff.

   BARBOUR, NEAL ANDRUS: Stockman & Farmer; b Weeping Water, Neb Dec 22, 1886; s of Wilburn Barbour-Nellie Andrus; ed Scottsbluff HS; U of N, BSc 1911; m Lois E Owen June 19, 1914 Baker City Ore; s Wilburn Owen; d Jane Aldyth; 1911- owner & mgr in ptrship with father farm & stock feeding ints in Scotts Bluff Co, raising purebred Herefords & sheep; 1922- pres Scottsbluff Natl Farm Loan Assn; past pres C of C; 1939 represented Scottsbluff factory dist on govt com for sugar beet allotment; dir Scottsbluff Non-Stock Potato Growers Assn; AF&AM 265; Lions, pres 1939; Scottsbluff Country Club; Presby Ch; 1939 one of 3 Neb mbrs of Natl Rep program com; hobbies, golf, hunting; off & res Scottsbluff.

   BARBOUR, WILBURN MARSHALL: Farmer, Stockman; b Ipava, Ill Jan 25, 1858; s of William Barbour-Cynthia Carter; ed Neb; m Nellie Andrus Feb 1885 Weeping Water (dec); s Neal Andrus, Charles B; d Ethel (Mrs William Bristow); 1865 came to Otoe Co, then to Lincoln, then to Cass Co; 1887- farmer & stockman Scotts Bluff Co; 1889-1927 pres Enterprise Irrigation Dist which he helped org; org, pres Scottsbluff Drainage Dist since 1918; mbr Scottsbluff sch bd during bldg of first sch bldg; Scotts Bluff Co commr 2 terms in early 1900's; 1918-30 mbr Neb legislature, mbr finance & irrigation committee; 1931 voluntarily retired from politics; org, dir many years Indep Lbr Co, now Waite Lbr Co, Scottsbluff; org, dir 12 years Irrigators Bank; 1934 with Virgil Reading & Frank Abeg & others helped org First State Bank, dir until bank was sold 1938; with sons now owns & oprs 900 A farm land, raises potatoes, purebred Herefords; IOOF, joined at Weeping Water 1885, now mbr at Scottsbluff; Neb Livestock Breeders & Feeders Assn; Rep; res Scottsbluff.

   BARTON, SAMUEL THOMLINSON: Farmer; b Lincolnshire, England Jan 12, 1864; s of Fredrick Barton-Mary Thomlinson; ed Mills Co Ia; m Mary Alberta Heft June 17, 1888 Council Bluffs Ia; s Harry C, Chester Roy, Samuel R, Robert G; d Mary Elton (Mrs W L McMillan), Eunice Mae (Mrs R G Neeley), Daisy A (Mrs R C Eyerly), Ruth A (Mrs C A Henatsch) Helen E (Mrs D O Edgar); 1883-1962 farmed in Ia; 1902- farmer Scotts Bluff Co, opr dairy farm since 1917; instrumental in establishment of sugar beet factories in North Platte valley & also in the success of dairy bus of valley, has sold many purebred bulls; mbr Gering sch bd many years, also mbr sch bd in Ia; 1938 he & wife celebrated golden wedding anniversary; Episc Ch; Dem; hobby, reading; res Gering.

   BEEBE, HARVEY: Retired; b Monroe Co, Ia, Sept 21. 1864; s of Jerry Beebe-Fernetie Chedester; ed Monroe Co Ia; m Ida Mae Billings Nov 24, 1889 Albia Ia; s Ralph, Virgil, Walter, Clarence, Leo; d Mabel (Mrs Carl Smith), Bessie (Mrs Merle Peck), Goldie (Mrs Keith Ruggles), Aida (Mrs Leon Lemoskie); 1885 came to western Neb, then went to Chugwater Wyo broke horses & was cow puncher 3 years; 1887-88 mail carrier from Sidney to Y Cross Ranch on Bear Creek; 1889-1922 farmed in Scotts Bluff Co, fed stock & bought & sold horses several years; 1922- emp in various vocations also in feeding, buying & selling stock; past road overseer several years; IOOF, past noble grand; Rep; hobby, good horses; res Scottsbluff.

   BELLAMY, RICHARD C: Druggist; b Tarkio, Mo May 29, 1883; s of Richard H Bellamy-Katherine Clements; ed Arapahoe HS 1901; Creighton U PhG 1905; m Ruby Jo Robinson Apr 8, 1925 Gering; 1901-07 resided in Omaha, worked in clothing store; 1908-12 with father in drug bus, Arapahoe; 1912-13 worked in Grand Island & Hastings drug stores; 1913-20 worked for W E Clayton Drug Store, Grand Island; 1920- in drug bus, Gering, owner drug store since 1925; AF&AM 201; Comml Club; Neb Pharm Assn mbr; Episc Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; res 1432 10th, Gering.

   BELLINGAR, EUGENE L: Potato Grower & Distributor: b Yuma, Colo June 23, 1892; s of E A Bellingar- Katherine Lewis; ed Clinton Mo; m Georgians Covington Apr 21, 1917 Torrington Wyo; d Margaret Virginia; 1894-1909 resided Clinton Mo; 1909-11 clk in father's hotel, Torrington Wyo; 1912-14 clk in grocery store, Morrill; 1915-17 homesteaded near Torrington Wyo; 1917- in potato bus, Morrill, ptr of Paul Covington since 1918, Bellingar & Covington, potato distributors; owner 4 farms, 600 A irrigated land; AF&AM, 271; Scot Rite 32o; C of C; hobbies, improving farms, raising potatoes & livestock, hunting, fishing; res Morrill.

   BIRD, WALTER MEREDITH: Executive; b Newtonville, Mass Apr 9, 1885; s of John Q Bird-Mary H Still; ed Newton Mass HS; Harvard U, BSc 1908, grad work 1908-09; m Hortensia C Lopez Sept 25, 1918 Brooklyn NY; s Walter M Jr; d Jane, Mary H; 1909-10 with engineering corps, mining in Minn Iron range; 1910- with various public utility companies in various positions & various states: Florida, 1910-12, 1916-21, 1926-28; Texas, 1912-15, 1916; Mass 1915, Georgia 1921-22, Ia 1923-24, Ky 1925, Nova Scotia 1928-31, Washington 1931-36, 1936- pres Western Public Service Co, central off at Scottsbluff; pres Neb Electric Assn; dir Mo Valley Electric Assn: Rocky Mountain Electric Assn; AF &AM, Scot Rite, Shrine; BPOE; C of C; Rep; hobby, golf: off Western Public Service Bldg; res 2430 Broadway, Scottsbluff.

   BLACKBURN, CHARLES HIRAM: Merchant: b Mitchell, Neb Nov 11, 1906; s of Charles H Blackburn-Marian Atkins; ed Mitchell HS; Colo St Coll, Fort Collins 1925-26; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Kappa Kappa Psi; m Laura L Jones June 1929 Cheyenne Wyo; s Joe; 1926-28 resided in Chicago; 1928-29 salesman Van Norman Machine Tool Co of Minn, 1929-32 dist mgr at Kansas City Mo, 1932-33 mfrs agt with hdqrs at Kansas City Mo; 1933- owner & mgr Blackburn Auto Supply, Scottsbluff; mbr city coun since 1938; 1937 pres Jr C of C, past 5 years active in local & state Jr C of C work, 1938 recipient of natl distinguished service award for comm service; LOOM; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, boating; off 17 W 18th; res 2413 13, Scottsbluff

   BLACKMAN, JAY ELLSWORTH: Manufacturer; b Lincoln, Neb Sept 25, 1904; s of E E Blackman-___; ed Lincoln HS 1922; Neb Wes, BA 1927; Columbia U, MA, Everett; m Theo Mae Best 1930 Aurora; s Arthur Ellsworth; 1927-28 prin Phillips HS; 1928-30 prin Aurora HS: 1930-33 supt of schs, Gibbon; 1933-36 supt of schs, Gering; 1936- owner Hydrozo Products Co, Gering; res 1630 O, Gering.

   BOMGARDNER, HENRY I: Auto Dealer; b LaJunta, Colo May 26, 1893; s of Charles W Bomgardner-Mary E Behymer; ed LaJunta Colo HS; Dartmouth Coll, 1913-15; U of Syracuse, 1915-17; Phi Gamma Delta; m Mabel Cooley Sept 21, 1918 Oyster Bay, L I, N Y; s Charles Henry; d Jane Elizabeth; auto dlr at La


in Nebraska

Scotts Bluff

Junta Colo: 1922- Ford dlr Scottsbluff; mbr state advisory bd Neb Motor Vehicle Dlrs Administration; mbr bd of edn; represented Rocky Mountain Ford dlrs at factory-dlr conference 1939; BPOE 1367; C of C, past pres 2 terms; Scottsbluff Country Club, past pres several terms; during World War with US mine force, New London Conn, in naval aviation, US naval aviator 984, disch May 19, 1919; Presby Ch; Rep; off 20th & Broadway; res 2510 3rd Ave, Scottsbluff.

   BRASHEAR, HENRY CARTWRIGHT: Farmer & Stock Feeder; b Franklin, Penn Aug 3, 1859; s of R A Brashear-Sarah Ann Seaton; ed Franklin Penn HS; m Lenore Golden Aug 18, 1884 Franklin Penn (dec May 4, 1939); s Robert Ayres (dec), John William; 1876-86 mfr, dlr in tin & glassware, Franklin Penn, by means of itinerant traders covered western Penn & eastern O; 1886 homesteaded Scotts Bluff Co; cattle raiser, captured & sold wild horses, sheep feeder past 20 years, recently began cattle feeding; owner & mgr 3 farms; instrumental in bldg of Mitchell Ditch; Rep; hobbies, baseball, softball; res Scottsbluff.

   BRAZIEL, GEORGE: Farmer & Stock Raiser; b Scotts Bluff Co, Neb Jan 24, 1896 s of Perry Braziel-Ida Rayburn; ed Morrill HS 1911; 1911-21 farmer, stock raiser near Lyman; 1921-26 owner & opr garage, Lyman; 1926- farmer, stock feeder near Lyman; AF&AM 322; Colo-Neb Lambfeeders Assn; Natl Wool Growers Assn; hobby, good stock; parents came to western Neb in 1880's, father was first mayor of Lyman; res Lyman.

   BROADHURST, GEORGE WILLIAM: Bank Cashier & Vice-President; b Tie Siding, Wyo Mar 24, 1882; s of William J Broadhurst-Clara McLean; ed Tie Siding; U of Wyo, Laramie 1904-06; m Mary Campbell June 10, 1907 Saratoga Wyo; s John William; d Edith (Mrs Floyd H Bennett); 1898-1904 worked on cattle ranch in Wyo & Alberta Canada; 1906-07 steno in USDA forest service off, Saratoga Wyo; 1907-19 bkkpr & cash Saratoga State Bank, Saratoga Wyo; 1919-20 asst cash First Nail Bank, Cheyenne Wye; 1920-21 cash Bushnell State Bank; 1921-24 mgr Kimball Co Securities Co, Kimball; 1924-31 cash Bank of Kimball; 1931-33 cash Valley State Bank, Valley; 1933-36 cash First State Bank, Gothenburg; 1936- cash & VP First Natl Bank, Minatare: past mbr city council Saratoga Wyo; Kiwanis, past pres; Lions, VP, past pres at Kimball; Rep, past mbr Central Committee: hobby, hunting; res Minatare.

   BROWN, CHESTER BERNARD: Farmer & Bean Shipper; b Kenosha, Wis Dec 2, 1891; s of O B Brown-Cartha Marker; ed Scottsbluff; Gering; m Susan Rush Dec 27, 1917 Hot Springs S D; s Bernard James, George Gregory; d Catherine Loraine; family moved from Wis, took tree claim on present site of Scottsbluff, father farmed until retirement; 1905-17 worked on cattle ranges of Wyo, Mont, S D; 1917-farmer near Morrill on father's farm, also has property in Wyo; 1923- estab & oprd first bean-processing plant in western Neb, has built industry to five plants located at Torrington Wyo, Morrill, Gering, Minatare & Bayard; recently installed only photo-electric sorting machines in world, using Great Northern beans; Rotary; C of C: Fed Farm Bur; Cath Ch; Indep; res Morrill.

   BROWN, HORACE E: City Clerk; b Mt Pleasant, Ia May 19, 1867; s of Richard T Brown-Katherine N Allen; ed Tecumseh; Kansas City Sch of Pharm; m Mae A Lindsey Dec 31, 1890 Boise Idaho; s Richard James (dec), Raymond Lindsey; 1887-88 emp in drug store at Tecumseh: 1892-1905 owner & opr drug store, Louisville; 1905-35 owner & opr Brown Drug Co, Scottsbluff & Gering, 2 sons assoc with him many years; oldest druggist in Neb, reg 1888; 1936- city clk; AF&AM 265, ch mbr & first secy, mbr 35 years; Scot Rite, 32o; Tangier Shrine, KCCH; Neb League of Municipalities; Episc Ch; Rep; father served with 4th Ia cavalry in Civil War; with Sherman on march to the sea; pioneer of Tecumseh & Johnson Co: uncle T W H Miller, early Tecumseh resident served as capt in Mex & Civil Wars; off 11 W 16th; res 1824 3rd Ave, Scottsbluff.

   BRUMMETT, IVAN HARRISON: Oil Dealer; b Spickard, Mo June 11, 1892; s of W W Brummett-Ina Middleton; ed Lincoln Mo HS; Sweeney Auto Sch, Kansas City 1917-18; m Edna Yach, May 5, 1912 Lincoln Mo; d Lois Mildred (Mrs E P Leach) 1913-18 homesteaded & farmed near Chugwater Wyo; 1918-20 with DeWitt Motor Co, Mitchell; 1920-22 owner & opr Trail Battery & Tire Shop; 1923-29 owner & mgr Henry Garage, Henry; 1929-30 owner Chevrolet Garage, Bayard; 1929- local representative of Continental Oil Co, hdqrs Henry; owner & opr six retail stations located at Lyman, Henry, Mitchell, Morrill; secy Comm Club; Assoc C of C of North Platte Valley, mbr highway com; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, flowers, gardening, softball, basketball; res Henry.

   BURROWS, OLIVER PRITTY: Real Estate, Loan & Insurance Agent: b Otisville, Ia Aug 26, 1871; s of Chester William Burrows-Jane Gurney; ed Dows Ia HS 1890 (first graduating class); Cedar Rapids Bus Coll 1897-98; m Gertrude MacDonald Aug 14, 1907 Sauk Center Minn; s Donald O, Gurney E; d Gertrude 33: 1890-97 tchr Wright Co Ia; 1898-99 steno for BCR&N RR & for Quaker Oats Co at Cedar Rapids Ia; 1900-01 bkkpr with First Natl Bank, Breckenridge Minn; 1901-05 worked in real est off, Breckenridge Minn; 1905-06 bkkpr in M F Murphy loan off, Grand Forks N D; 1906-07 bkkpr with U S Reclamation Service at Williston N D & Huntley Mont; 1907-11 special fiscal agt for U S Reclamation Service at Mitchell, 1911-16 chief clerk; 1916- opr real est, ins rental & loan off; past mbr Mitchell sch bd 16 years, pres 5 years; mbr vol fire dept 20 years, pres several years; past police judge 3 years; past JP 16 years; Scotts Bluff Co commr for 3rd dist; Scotts Bluff Co Fair bd, asst secy 16 years, secy 9 years; pres Neb St Vol Firemen's Assn; Comm Club, ch mbr, past secy 15 years after orgn of club which is oldest comm club in North Platte valley; IOOF, past noble grand, past secy 23 years, oldest lodge in North Platte valley; AF&AM 263, past secy 15 years, Scot Rite 32o, Tangier Shrine; mbr Scotts Bluff Co & Neb Real Est Dlrs Assns; during World War chief registrar of Mitchell, 4-min man, active in bond drives: Meth Ch, treas several years; hobby, gardening; off 1340 Center Ave; res 1458 Center Ave, Mitchell.

   BUTLER, ROY: Deputy Sheriff & Mayor; b Bloomington, Neb July 25, 1892; s of Joel A Butler-Mary E Kinney; ed Bloomington, Scotts Bluff Co; m Alma L Kent Mar 7, 1917 Trenton; s Harlan L, Donald K; 1908-17 rancher Scotts Bluff Co; 1917-37 owner & opr auto bus, Gering; 1937-39 owner & opr lbr bus in Wyo: 1939- deputy sheriff Scotts Bluff Co; 1930-36 mbr city coun; 1936- mayor of Gering; Lions, ch mbr; IOOF, past noble grand, past grand master; grand representative to sovereign grand lodge; BPOE; Neb Sheriffs & Peace Ofcrs Assn; Rep; hobby, fishing; parents came to Franklin Co 1875, Scotts Bluff Co 1901; off Courthouse; res 710 M, Gering.

   CAMPBELL, C S: Manager Sugar firm; b Monte Vista, Colo Feb 8, 1890; s of J S Campbell-Phila Pope; ed Monte Vista HS 1908; Wooster U, Wooster O; Colo Coll, Colorado Springs, BA 1912; Phi Gamma Delta; m Estella Klein Sept 12, 1912 Wooster O; s Dr L S, Bruce; 1916 in traffic dept Great Western Sugar Co, Denver; 1917-20 asst dist mgr Neb dist Great Western Sugar Co; 1920- mgr Mitchell Factory of Great Western Sugar Co, also mgr Lyman factory 1936-38; dir First Natl Bank of Mitchell; dir First Natl Bank of Morrill; mbr sch bd 1924-38; AF&AM 263; Scot Rite 32o Tangier Shrine; Comm Club; Rep; hobby, archeology; res Mitchell.

   CAMPBELL, DELBERT O: Postmaster; b Palmer, Neb Mar 23, 1887; s of John F Campbell-Matilda A Penrose; ed Palmer; m Pearl M Chiles July 20, 1910 Chapman; d Delores (Mrs M D McCallum), Virginia Faith, Eleanor Jean; farmed with father until 1917; 1917-21 in merc bus with firm of Tidd & Campbell, Callaway; 1921-23 visited west coast; 1923-24 in ins bus, Grand Island; 1924-27 in merc bus Huntley Wyo; 1927-36 in merc bus with Mr Tidd, Lyman; 1936- P M at Lyman; AF&AM 322; Lions; Natl Assn of P Ms; Episc Ch; Dem: hobbies, hunting & fishing; res Lyman.

   CAMPBELL, RALPH E: Farmer & Stock Feeder; b Central City, Neb Nov 23, 1897; s of Runey C Campbell-Etta A Thornburg; ed Gering HS; m Cecelia M Swan Dec 31, 1919 Jersey City N J; during World War, 1917-19 with engineers in France & Germany: Amer Leg 36; VFW 1681; vice-comm Mil Order of the Cootie; LOOM 459, Scottsbluff; pres Central Irrigation dist; placing judge at Scotts Bluff Co Fair many years; Indep; hobbies, grazing & feeding livestock; father pioneer settler in Gering comm, cowboy, first settler in present Scotts Bluff Co, co sheriff several years; res E of Gering.

   CANNON, MELVILLE CHARLTON: Merchant; b Colorado Springs, Colo Aug 12, 1900; s of Robert Cannon- Jessie Jolly; ed Colorado Springs HS 1918; Colo Coll, Colorado Springs


Scotts Bluff

Who's Who

1918-20; Phi Gamma Delta; m Catherine Carter Jan 29, 1929 Scottsbluff; s Theodore Charlton, William Carter; 1921-22 worked for Colorado state highway dept, Colo Springs; 1922 salesman 6 mos for Tri-Motor Co, Burlington Colo; 1923-29 salesman for Bomgardner Cover Inc, Scottsbluff; 1929- managing ptr of B&C Motor Co, Mitchell; dir Scotts Bluff Co Fair bd; Neb Auto Dlrs Assn; Comm Club, pres; during World War, SATC at Colo Coll, 3 mos in service; Amer Leg; Federated Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Mitchell.

   CAREY, RAYMOND BURDETTE: Superintendent of Schools; b Hoisington, Kas Dec 7, 1887; s of John Carey-Zaidee Ella Gifford; ed Hebron HS 1906; Neb Wes, BA 1913; U of N, MA 1930; Phi Delta Kappa; m Myrtle Helen Thompson June 5, 1915 Hebron; s Max R, Alan D, Robert D; d Margaret Jean, Doris Ella; 1907-11 homesteaded Saskatchewan, Canada; 1913-14 prin Humboldt HS; 1914-15 prin Falls City HS; 1915-17 prin Fairbury HS; 1917-22 supt, Ashland schs; 1922-25 tchr, Omaha Tech HS; 1925-31 prin Beatrice HS; 1931-32 dean Grand Island Jr Coll; 1932-35 supt Stromsburg schs; 1935- supt Gering schs; 1931-32 conducted statewide survey for NSTA of tching of English in Neb HS; published 2 articles on management of extra-curricular activities in Nation's Schools Magazine 1933; NEA; Supts & Prins Assn of Neb; NSTA, pres dist 1, 1931, VP 1930; North Platte Valley School Administration Assn, secy; C of C; mbr local Wyo & Neb BSA area coun; AF&AM, past master: North Platte Valley Churches, pres; Meth Ch, steward, SS supt outstanding church sch in western Neb; Rep; hobbies, travel & sports; off Gering HS; res 1855 12th, Gering.

   CARPENTER, TERRY: Oil & Gas Dealer; b Cedar Rapids, Ia Mar 28, 1900; s of Bert C Carpenter-Martha Harris; ed Cedar Rapids Ia; m Hazeldeane Carruthers Sept 1930 Denver; s Gary C Terry C (dec); resident of Scottsbluff since 1917; 1930-38 owner & mgr oil & gas bus; 1938- pres Terry Carpenter, Inc; bus now includes 15 retail gas stations in Neb, Wyo, & Colo, refinery, creamery, bottling works, gen store, coal yard and employs 150 people; also has liquor store & chick hatchery; 1933-34 US congressman from 5th Neb dist; BPOE 1367, past exalted ruler; AF&AM, Long Beach Cal; LOOM, dictator; Scottsbluff Country Club; Dem; 1936 nominee for US senate; 1938 nominee for Neb lt gov; off S Broadway; res 1811 2nd Ave, Scottsbluff.

   CARR, JAMES MARTIN: Lumber Dealer; b Lexington, Neb June 30, 1875; s of James Peter Carr-Ada Martin; ed Lexington HS 1893 (2nd graduating class); LBC 6 mos; m Ada Johnson Oct 21, 1901 Lexington; d Dorothy I (Mrs W S Trumbull); 1893-1900 clk with Penney Merc store, Lexington; 1900- ptr of Mr Neff in lbr bus, Scottsbluff, oldest bus concern in city; past mbr sch bd 6 years; past mbr city coun several years; C of C past dir; ch mbr; Rotary; BPOE 1367, ch mbr; MWA; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn, past dir; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, ranching; off 1319 & 1321 Broadway; res 1818 3rd Ave, Scottsbluff.

   CARTER, EDWARD FRANCIS: Associate Justice of Supreme Court; b Middlebranch, Neb Mar 11, 1897; s of Edward Charles Carter-Allie Waring: ed Beaver City HS 1915; U of N, LLB 1919; Phi Alpha Delta, Order of Coif; m Vera Hofrichter June 2, 1920 Bruning; s Lyle Allen, Robert Leroy, Edward Francis Jr; d Dolores Jean, Barbara Jean; 1919-27 prac law, Bayard; 1927-35 apptd & served as judge dist 17, resigned 1935; 1934- assoc justice of Neb supreme court; Scottsbluff, Lincoln, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; C of C; Lions, past pres Bayard & Scottsbluff; Hiram Club, pres 1938; Amer Inter-Professional Inst; AF&AM, 201 Scottsbluff, past master, grand senior warden; Scot Rite 32o at Alliance; RAM at Gering; during World War, Camp Kearney Cal, disch 1918; Amer Leg Lincoln post; Rep, Morrill Co chmn Central Com 1924-27; Congl Ch; hobby, golf; off Capitol Bldg; res Gering & 1900 A, Lincoln.

   CAVEN, ALBERT JAMES: Merchant; b Holyoke, Mass Feb 8, 1888; s of John Charles Caven-Elizabeth J Smith; ed Belle Center Ohio HS; m Sylvia Walker June 1920 Greeley Colo; orphaned when 4 years old, reared in Belle Center O by R S Sloan family; 1905-07 farmed in Okla; 1907 fireman CB&Q RR, Sterling Colo; 1907-12 with Armour Packing Co, also Marshall-Wells Hdw Co, Portland Ore; 1912-17 traveling supt Western Commissary Co, Lewiston Mont; 1919-26 mbr Sterling Lbr & Investment Co, Iliff Colo; 1926- owner & mgr Caven Hdw, Gering; mayor of Gering 1932-36: during World War 1917-19 served in US army Co D 10th engineers, O/S 18 mos; AF&AM, Portland Ore; RAM Gering; OES; C of C, past treas; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; Amer Leg; VFW; Episc Ch; Rep; off 1344 10th; res 1620 N, Gering.

   CHAMBERS, ROBERT OTIS: Field Representative Loan Corporation; b Sidney, Neb May 8, 1889; s of Charles P Chambers-Susan Sanderson; ed Sidney HS 1906; CSTC 1915; m Helen W Schroeder May 29, 1912 Greeley Colo; s Robert E, Fredrick C, Glen D; d Dorothy H; 1906-09 tchr, Cheyenne Co; 1909-16 prin Kimball grade sch; 1911-16 prin & supt Minatare HS; 1915-20 owner & opr Minatare Free Press; 1918-20 ptr of F W Smith in real est, ins & loan bus at Minatare; 1920- opr real est, ins & loan bus; 1923-25 supt Minatare schs; 1933- with HOLC in various capacities in western Nebraska; Lions; Assoc C of C of North Platte Valley, pres 1930-31; Neb St Irrigation Assn, pres 1930-31; Fed Irrigation Congress, pres 1939; Pathfinder Irrigation Dist, dir since 1927, pres bd 10 years: North Platte Valley Real Est Bd at Scottsbluff, pres 1929-30; helped org Chimney Rock Public Power Dist, pres since orgn; IOOF, past noble grand; mbr city coun 1926-27; mayor of Minatare 1927-31; past mbr vol fire dept, secy 1914-23; city clk 1916-25; past liquidating secy of Farmers Union Co-op Sugar Co 1922-23; Federated Ch; Dem, chmn Central Com 1930-34; hobbies rocks & canes; res Minatare.

   CHATFIELD, NEWTON LESLIE: District Engineer; b Kankakee Co, Ill Mar 25, 1882; s of I N Chatfield-Elizabeth A Mead; ed Littleton Colo HS 1899: Colo St Coll, Fort Collins, BSc 1902; Sigma Phi Epsilon; m Dorothy Hibbard Dec 28, 1905 Pueblo Colo; s Newton H, Raymond C, Leslie E; 1902-03 draftsman, Colo Fuel & Iron Co, Pueblo Colo; 1903-05 draftsman for Great Western Sugar Co at Fort Collins, Colo; 1905-07 in ordnance dept of US govt at Rock Island arsenal; 1908- with Great Western Sugar Co, at Fort Collins until 1912, in Denver until 1917, in Scottsbluff since 1917 as traveling engineer & dist engineer; C of C; Rotary; Scottsbluff Country Club; AF&AM 19, Scot Rite, 32o, Omaha; OES, Scottsbluff; Meth Ch, trustee; Rep; hobby, music; res 2102 3rd Ave, Scottsbluff.

   CLARKE, SYE C: Railway General Agent; b Langdon, Mo Dec 12, 1880; s of Thomas Clarke-Josephine M Carnes; ed Atchison Co Mo; m LaVisa E Shackelford July 31, 1902 Tarkio Mo (dec); s Thomas Arnold; 1901-11 agt & telegrapher CB&Q RR, located at Langdon Mo, Minatare, Curtis, Scottsbluff, Mitchell, Torrington Wyo; 1911-25 station agt with UP RR, Gering; 1925-28 trainmaster, Gering; 1928-29 gen agt UP RR in chg of operating & traffic depts, hdqrs at Gering; Feb-Sept 1939 special representative to pres W M Jeffers of UP RR, Omaha; Sept 1, 1939- gen agt UP RR, Gering, BPOE 1367; C of C, Gering & Scottsbluff; Ak-Sar-Ben; ORT; Rep; off UP Bldg; res 850 R, Gering.

   CLOUGH, CHARLES ELLIS: Bank President; b Wamego, Kas Aug 24, 1873; s of Charles Ephraim Clough-Elizabeth Pardee; ed Longmont Colo HS; Colo St Coll, Fort Collins; m Abigail S Hills June 19, 1900 Alliance, ceremony performed by bride's stepfather, Rev John Calhoun Sloan, pioneer western Neb missionary & minister; family moved from Colo & ranched near Fort Laramie Wyo, wintered one year on site of city of Scottsbluff; 1892-1900 ranched near Alliance, Box Butte Co; 1900-02 ranched in Sheridan Co; 1902-37 hdw mcht in Minatare, at time of retirement was oldest mcht in years of management in North Platte Valley; 1938- pres First Natl Bank of Mintare; KP; Presby Ch; Rep; father oprd old London Ranch, Fort Laramie Wyo; res Minatare.

   COLEMAN, BEACH: Attorney; b Columbia Co, Penn May 15, 1871; s of John C Coleman-Elizabeth Amerman; ed Ulysses HS 1890; Neb Wes B Litt 1895; U of N LLB 1897; Phi Delta Phi; m Mae McFadden Jan 5, 1898 Holbrook; d Ada Lee; 1898-99 prac with Walter J Lamb, Lincoln approximately 7 mos; 1899-1906 traveling salesman; 1906- prac law Scottsbluff; past mbr city coun several years; past mbr sch bd several years; city atty 2 terms; past mgr Fairview Cemetery 15 Years; AF&AM 265, Scot Rite, KCCH of Alliance, Tangier Shrine; past pres Lions; Scotts Bluff Co & Neb St Bar Assns; Meth Ch, trustee, past steward, past state del of gen conf; Dem; hobby, fishing; off 1515 Broadway; res 1508 4th Ave, Scottsbluff

   COLSON, WESLEY CLARENCE: Pharmacist & Mayor; b Stromsburg, Neb Apr 10, 1895; s of John Colson-Alice Nuquist; ed Stromsburg HS 1915; U of N PhG 1920; Phi Delta Chi; m Bertha Green Dec 31, 1919 Stromsburg; s James Wesley; 1915-


in Nebraska

Scotts Bluff

16 clk with N L Nordstrom Drug Store, Stromsburg; 1916-17 with Cone Pharm, Lincoln; 1919-20 with Cone Pharm & with Chapman Drug Co; 1920-21 owner & opr Colson Drug Store, Stromsburg; 1921-22 homesteaded in eastern Wyo; 1922-26 pharmacist with Brown Drug Store, Scottsbluff; 1927-28 ptr of C L Carter in Red Crow Drug Store, Scottsbluff; 1928-30 ins agt, Scottsbluff; 1930 owner & opr Colson Pharm, Minatare; during World War in med detachment 314th engineers, 89th div, O/S 16 mos, in service 18 mos; Amer Leg 139, past Comm, 2 years past Comm Post 5; VFW, Scottsbluff; dir Lions; mbr Neb & Amer Pharm Assns; past mbr city coun; mayor since 1936; vol fire dept, past chief 2 years; North Platte Valley Fire Assn past pres 1 year, Federated Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting; father came from Ill to Neb 1872, settled in Polk Co, owner first carry-all carriage in county, owner one of first autos in Polk Co, pur 1911; res Minatare.

   COLTER, WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER: Mayor; b Elmo, Mo Sept 27, 1890; s of Erasmus Colter-Melissa L Horn; ed Elmo Mo HS; m Edith McComb Sept 1916 Council Bluffs Ia (dec); 1911-17 with two plumbing concerns at College Springs Ia; 1917-19 with L W Cox & Co, Scottsbluff; 1919-23 owner & mgr plumbing bus at College Springs Ia; 1923-24 with McCreary Bros, Scottsbluff; 1924- owner & opr W C Colter Plumbing & Heating, Mitchell; 1935- mayor of Mitchell, instrumental in installation of curb & gutter, paving, cemetery improvements, refinancing city indebtedness & payment of $40,000 on debt; IOOF 259; Kiwanis; Comm Club; MWA; Neb Master Plumbers Assn; Mitchell Valley Comm Club; Dem; res Mitchell.

   CONKLIN, LEONARD L: Pharmacist; b Hardy, Neb Dec 23, 1886; s of Ed Conklin-Lucy Perkins; ed Ashton HS 1903; LBC 1903; Creighton U, PhG 1905; m Nina Noble Sept 7, 1910 Chappell; s Leonard N, Jack E; 1905-07 oprd drug store for W C Blackmore, Sutherland; 1907-08 in Dan Atchison drug store, Big Spring; 1908-11 with Wertz & Davidson, Chappell, purchased store: 1911- owner & opr drug store, Minatare; has farm ints near Minatare; chmn com instrumental in bldg Great Western Sugar Co in Minatare; Neb Pharm Assn; mbr sch bd 1915-28; mbr city coun 1915-28; past mayor; Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, sports; res Minatare.

   COOK, JOHN BRADFORD: President & Manager Packing Company; b Beatrice, Neb Mar 24, 1897; s of Daniel Wolford Cook-Elizabeth Case; ed Beatrice HS 1914; U of N BA 1918; Phi Kappa Psi; m Edna Coffee Feb 4, 1918 Chadron; s John Bradford; d Elizabeth Jame, Marilyn Coffee (dec); 1919-21 in real est & farm loan bus, Scottsbluff; 1921-27 owner & mgr Cook Lbr Co; 1927-29 owner & mgr Platte Valley Tele Corp; 1931-37 owner & mgr Platte Valley Packing Co; 1938- pres & mgr Cook Packing Co, plant built during 1937, went into operation 1938, one of most modern plants in middle West; during World War, 1918 ent naval service 6 mos; AF&AM; RAM; Meth Ch; hobby, "as little work as possible"; res 2216 4th Ave, Scottsbluff.

   COOPER, ALBERT LLOYD: Physician & surgeon; b Hayes Co, Neb Sept 3, 1889; s of James Albert Cooper- Josie Angell; ed Fairbury HS 1907-11; U of N BSc 1917, MD 1919; interne at Uni Hosp, Omaha 1919-20; Phi Rho Sigma; Alpha Omega Alpha; m Elsie Yost June 14, 1917 Fairmont; s L John, Albert Y, Dorsey E; d Catherine J; 1911-12 tchr, Jefferson Co; 1920-24 prac med at Morrill; 1924- prac med at Scottsbluff; past mbr city coun; med examiner of mil training camps; mbr Wyo-Neb dist BSA, head of health & safety dept; dir Wintercreek Irrigation Canal Co; Certified Potato Growers Assn, active in developing better growing conditions & better seed potatoes; C of C; Kiwanis, mbr since orgn: AF&AM 271, Scot Rite, 32o, Alliance; Scotts Bluff Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn councilor 12th dist; AMA, pres phys finance co-op; NAA; during World War in med reserve of US army at Fort Omaha 18 mos; Amer Leg 5; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, research in paleopathology, sports, aviation; off 1602 Broadway; res 1920 1st Ave, Scottsbluff.

   COVINGTON, ROBERT T: Banker; b Brownville, Neb Oct 26, 1902; s of Robert C Covington-Georgianna Patton; ed Morrill HS; m Mary Kerlin June 3, 1927 Denver; s Robert Worth; d Mary Ann; 1920 with First Natl Bank in Morrill, bkkpr, now cash; AF&AM 271; Rotary; Comm Club; Neb Bankers Assn; mayor of Morrill; chmn town bd; hobbies, carpentry, raising German short hair pointers; res Morrill.

   DAGGETT, ELMER ORVILLE: Manager Irrigation District; b Custer Co, Neb Feb 4, 1894; s of Charles Grant Daggett-Nevada Sterner; ed Broken Bow HS 1908-12; Custer Coll, Broken Bow 1912-15; m Della McLain Sept 18, 1919 Scottsbluff; s Doyle Orville; 1916-17 with First Natl Bank, Gering; 1917-19 with First Natl Bank, Scottsbluff; 1919- with Farmers Irrigation Dist at Scottsbluff, mgr since 1932; past mbr city coun 2 years; Kiwanis, past VP; AF&AM 265; Neb St Irrigation Assn; during World War, in co E 8th ammunition train of 8th div, in service 10 mos; Amer Leg 5: Chris Ch, trustee; Rep; hobbies, fishing, sports; res 1815 4th Ave, Scottsbluff.

   DAVIS, SCOTT W: Real Estate Dealer & Barber; b Weeping Water, Neb Nov 29, 1868; s of Jesse Davis-Tinna Bates; ed Weeping Water; m Lizzie Kennedy Nov 19, 1890 Lincoln; s Willie K (dec), Dr Waldron S, Jesse M, Harold T; d Adelade R (Mrs ___ Barr), Gladys M (Mrs ___ Bitting) (dec); 1892-1905 barber, Louisville; 1905-14 owner & opr barber shop, Scottsbluff; 1914-19 oprd barber shop, Minatare, resided in Scottsbluff, owned pool hall in Bayard; 1919-20 in real est bus, Colo; 1921-23 in real est bus, Scottsbluff; 1923-27 lived in Colo except for winter of 1926-27 in Omaha; 1928- in real est & barber bus in Minatare; past mbr town bd, Louisville; BPOE, Scottsbluff; IOOF, Scottsbluff; KP, past grand master arms; MWA, Scottsbluff; Oregon Trail Memorial Assn; Lions; C of C, Scottsbluff; KC, Scottsbluff; Cath Ch; Rep; hobby, chess; res Minatare.

   DAVIS, WILLIAM C: Retired; b Cherokee Nation, Okla Territory Oct 23, 1849; s of Jim Davis-Mary Ann Robinson (Cherokee Indian); m Ella Waters (dec 1884): m Betty Ostberg (dec); m Belle Nolan (dec); s Tom, Arva, Harry; d Anna; 1875 came from St Francis Co Mo to western Neb & Wyo; 1876-78 with US govt as mail carrier from Fort Laramie to Fort Robinson, repeatedly attacked by Indians during this service, had five horses shot from under him & in several engagements single handed stood off parties of 11, 9, 7 Sioux Indians with 45-75 calibre Winchester, an 11 pound gun; once rescued companion, Tom Powers, from burning at stake by 28 Indians, by firing at Indians from nearby rocks, killing 13, driving away remainder, bears scalp scar from arrow; later emp by several cattle companies in Scotts Bluff Co & vicinity; recently was picked up & dropped by small tornado on ranch near Morrill, suffered broken leg; res Morrill.

   DAVISON, HARRY WILLIAM: Insurance & Loan Agent; b Ainsworth, Neb Feb 1, 1892; s of William M Davison-Effie A Briggs; ed Ainsworth HS 1909; Doane Coll BA 1913; m Cornelia Culver Dec 12, 1916 Aurora; s Culver; d Suzanne C; 1913-16 messenger of City Natl Bank, Lincoln; 1916-33 with Platte Valley State Bank, Scottsbluff; 1933- in ins & finance loan bus, Scottsbluff; past mbr city coun: past mbr BSA coun; C of C; Country Club; Neb Assn of Ins Agts; Neb Assn of Personal Finance Cos; Congl Ch, past secy, past trustee: hobbies, horses, sports; parents came to Brown Co in early days; off 9 W 17th; res 1824 7th Ave, Scottsbluff.

   DAY, EDWARD WHITFIELD: Clergyman; b Garrison, Ia Sept 15, 1887; s of Frank Edward Day-Flora Jamison; ed Ia & Okla Territory; Albion Coll Acad 1906; Lawrence Coll, Appleton Wis 1911-12; U of Denver 1912-15, all Rocky Mtn fullback, active in debate & oratory; Ia Wes, Mt Pleasant BA 1919; Boston U Sch of Theology 1919-21; soloist Boston Apollo Club: Sigma Chi; Pi Kappa Delta; m Eleonora Frantz Jan 21, 1916 Lafayette Colo; d Eleonora (Mrs Melvin LaKrapes), Deborah; m Victoria Ablan Sept 29, 1934 Minneapolis Minn; 1909-11 tchr & coach, Lamar Colo; 1911-12 supply minister Amity Mo Meth Ch; 1912-15 student pastor near Denver; 1915-16 minister at Eddyville Ia; 1916-18 athletic coach at Ia Wes; 1919-21 in chg of music at Winthrop Meth Ch, Boston; 1921-22 pastor Meth Ch Renville Minn; 1922-24 pastor at Wauwatosa Wis Meth Ch during which time new 120 thousand dollar church was built; 1924-29 owner opr piano store at Detroit & Royal Oak Mich: 1929-32 pastor Warren Ave Congl Ch, Chicago; 1933-35 pastor Congl Ch at Dodge Center Minn; 1935-37 pastor at Geneva; 1937- pastor Comm Congl Ch, Scottsbluff; during World War enrolled in SATC, in service 6 mos; holds honorary DD degree from Huntington Coll Ind, given him in 1921 Kiwanis; AF&AM 267; KT, Chicago; KP; North Platte Valley Ministerial Assn, pres; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, writing verse; res Scottsbluff.

   DEAN, QUENTIN WARREN: Merchant; b Swink, Colo Aug 11, 1906; s of Don S Dean-Mary B Partridge;


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